Simulation Validation

This pages is intended to held the information needed for validation of the simulation, from MC samples to generator and reconstructed distributions and reference/documentation to tools.

Validation Tests

  Analysis Gauss Who Geant4 Who
1 Hadronic cross-section        
2 Hadronic interaction probability Target: MakeEvents* - opts file within standard Gauss      
3 Hadronic Multiplicity Target: MakeEvents* - opts file within standard Gauss      
4 ECAL     'TestEm3' Tim
5 ECAL     'TestEm5' Tim
6 Multiple Scatering in thin layers Muon/MuonMoniSim   -  
7 Bremsstrahlung tests     -  
8 dE/dex in thin layers (Sim/SimChecks/EmValidation) G -  
9 Rad length monitoriting (incl. maps) radlengthtool - dep on target package??((Sim/SimChecks/rad_length_scan*.py)      
10 Sajan Cherenkov tests        
11 Marco A RIVET tests        
12 Alessio's tests        

Samples for validation

A set of samples are necessary for validating a new production version, new versions of Geant4 and of generators. The production of these samples should become automated and the results published on a dedicated web page. This samples are produced by the production system, so that the all chain is exercised.

Two different macro-sets are produced depending on what need to be validated:

  • particle-gun, min bias and inclusive samples (sim+digi)
  • physics samples (dst files)

The list of samples to be produced routinely should be populated by the MC physics working groups contacts, the detectors, trigger and reconstruction software contacts.
The list of sample produced for MC09 can be found here.

Distributions for validation

Tools for validation and tuning

MC production histograms: monitoring tools

Instructions to use of the Online Tools (OnlineHistDB, Presenter) for monitoring the MC histograms can be found here. Work in progress, under construction May-Be-Not-Up-To-Date

Rivet and Professor

A dedicated package called GenTune is available from Gauss v42r2 for tuning of generators against published data, using Rivet. Instructions and documentation are available from this page.

-- GloriaCorti - 24-May-2011

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