During the LHCb Core Software meeting of the 12/12/2018 (https://indico.cern.ch/event/779237/), in view of the upcoming deployment of the new environment configuration tool LbEnv, the following policy was decided:

  • bash is the officially supported shell
    • It should be used for production jobs
    • It will be used in all environment tools integration/regression tests

  • tcsh support of the existing code will be done on a best effort basis, i.e. when time allows and not critical
    • New features will not be ported
    • Deprecation warnings will be added to LbEnv when sourcing from tcsh

  • Support for bourne compatible shells such as zsh will be done on a best effort basis
    • We will avoid using really bash-specifics constructs
    • we will rely on users to come to us with merge requests as we will not investigate all shells

-- BenjaminCouturier - 2018-12-12

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