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SciFi Tracker Upcoming Events

(last update (BL) 04/06/2018)

  • C-frame prototype (spring 2018)
  • C-frame PRR, Summer 2018
  • Final System Test Beam, July 2018

SciFi Tracker Organisation

With the approval of the TDR by the LHCC in June 2014 the SciFi tracker activity has become a LHCb project. The participating SciFi institutes are listed here(pdf) . The following figure shows an organigramm of the project:


The SciFi project consists of different individual work-packages wich are grouped in five different project areas :

  • Production planning and logistics (F.Blanc, T.Kirn)
    • Modules (S:Bachmann)
    • Coldbox (A.Pellegrino)
    • Silicon PMs (G.Haefeli)
    • Electronics (P.Perret)
    • Cooling Blocks (C.Insa)
    • Cables and pipes (M. v. de Kraats)
    • Frames (T.Mittelstaedt)
    • Servies (S.Jakobsen)
  • Assembly and commissioning (B.Leverington, S.Jakobsen, U.Uwer)
    • Module finishing (S.Bachmann)
    • Electronics (X.Han, W.Vink)
    • Mechanical frame assembly (B.Leverington, T.Mittelstaedt)
    • Services, cabling and piping (S.Jakobsen, C.Insa, M.v. de Kraats)
    • Controls and monitoring (L.Gruber, N.Tuning)
      • Online (M. Feo)
    • Survey and alignment (F.Blanc)
  • Cavern preparation and installation (A.Pellegrino, P:Perret),
    • Piping and cabling (A.Pellegrino)
    • Bridge and table (A.Saputi)
    • Services (S.Jacobsen)
    • Tooling (A.Saputi)
  • Integration and commissioning (contact N.Tuning)
    • DSS (S. Jacobsen)
    • DAQ/Tell40 (O. Le Dortz)
    • Controls and monitoring (L.Gruber)
      • Online (M. Feo)
  • Simulation and reconstruction (S.Esen).

The people listed here coordinate the corresponding project-area and work-packages. The Technical Meeting with the coordinators of the project areas ensures the communication acreoss the project areas.The SciFi project is currently lead by U.Uwer (PL) and A.Pellegrino (deputy PL):

Twiki pages for the work-packages can be accessed here:

Project Schedule

Gantt charts (Microsoft Project and pdf versions) and milestone lists can be found here (old/out of date).

Naming and labelling SciFi components

All major items (e.g. mats, modules, cold boxes, etc.) shall be identified and labelled using the LHCb and CERN wide convention described in this document. These labels serve also as unambiguous identifiers of equipment which needs to be entered and removed from the point 8 underground area. If, unexpectedly, unlabelled 'minor equipment', like a cable tray, a fibre support plate etc. needs to be removed, it will receive a label in an ad-hoc way.

Further details regarding special rules for cables and specific part naming and Labeling can be found here: SciFiLabeling

Mailing lists

Hardware (old)
Electronics (PACIFIC)
Technical Meeting (restricted)
Test beam
Engineering and Integration
C-frame assembly & testing
Controls and Online
Add yourself via:

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions and answers can be found on the SciFiFAQ page.

Test beams

Organisation of the CERN and DESY test beams: See here.

Reviews and Documents / EDMS

Links to PRR, EDR, TDR and EDMS documents can be found here


Conference contributions

Conference list, material (logo, template, pictures) : see SciFiConference

Meetings / Indico

Since July 2014 SciFi meetings should be booked in the follwoing category ( Home » Experiments » LHCb Meetings » SciFi )

Before this date, most meetings can be found in ( Home » Experiments » LHCb Meetings » LHCb Upgrade )

A list of meetings in the early phase of the project can be found here: see SciFiEarlyMeetings


* Sunes photos*

Student Theses

Experimental and simulation studies of crosstalk between scintillating fibres for the SciFi Tracker of the LHCb Upgrade
Jan Broll (Masterarbeit, TU Dortmund,2018)

Simulation Studies for the Scintillating Fibre Tracker of the LHCb Experiment
Martin Bieker (Masterarbeit, TU Dortmund,2018)

The LHCb SciFi Tracker: studies on scintillating fibres and development of quality assurance procedures for the SciFi serial production
Janine Menne (PhD thesis, TU Dortmund, 2018)

Studies for the LHCb SciFi tracker: Investigation of SCSF-78 scintillating fibres performances and development of a novel class of highly efficient scintillating fibres
Laura Gavardi (PhD thesis, TU Dortmund, 2017)

CP violation studies in three-body charmless B± decays and contributions to the LHCb SciFi Tracker
Ana Bárbara Rodrigues Cavalcante (PhD thesis, CBPF, 2017)

Simulation studies of scintillating fibre mats for the LHCb upgrade
Stephan Escher (Masterarbeit, TU Dortmund, 2017)

Performance studies of irradiated scintillating fibre modules and quality checks during serial production for the LHCb SciFi Tracker
David Müller (Masterarbeit, Heidelberg Uni., 2017)

Studies for the LHCb SciFi Tracker - Development of Modules from Scintillating Fibres and Tests of their Radiation Hardness
Robert Ekelhof (Doctorarbeit, TU Dordmund, 2016)

Commissioning of a test stand for quality assurance of fibre modules using cosmic rays for the SciFi detector upgrade
Lukas Witola (Bachelorarbeit, Heidelberg Uni., 2016)

Measurements of Scintillator Fibre Tracker Mat Quality for the LHCb Tracker Upgrade
Laura Victoria Klein (Bachelorarbeit, Heidelberg Uni., 2016)

Scintillating Fibre and Silicon Photomultiplier Studies for the LHCb upgrade
Mirco Deckenhoff (Doctorarbeit, TU Dortmund, 2015)

Studies of the non-ionizing radiation hardness and temperature dependence of Silicon Photomultipliers for the LHCb Tracker Upgrade
David Gerick (Masterarbeit, Heidelberg Uni., 2014)

Characterisation of silicon photo multiplier arrays for the LHCb Scintillating Fibre Tracker Upgrade , Axel Kuonen - June 2014 ( PDF file: 13.4 Mbytes)

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