Centrally Produced Simulation samples for Upgrade studies

A set of reference samples are centrally produced for studies of the upgrade detectors. They comprise smallish samples for specific detectors, tracking and particleID evaluation and later on a few reference key physics channels to study the impact of the technology choices across the range of the LHCb physics programme.

Reference physics channels

At this early stage, a subset of the physics channels has been identified to be used to test the production chain and develop the reconstruction algorithms. These are the following channels:

  • Bs0→φφ
  • B0→K*0μμ
  • D*+→D0(→KSπ+π)π+
  • Bs0→φγ.

Beam conditions

Upgrade simulations are made for collisions of 7+7 TeV protons, with 25 ns spaced bunches and 2808 filled bunches.

The crossing angle is assumed to be horizontal (beam1/beam2) due to the LHCb magnet (field pointing down) and related MBXW compensator and MBXWS correctors. The sign on the angle is flipped in the case of field pointing up. An external vertical crossing angle of is assumed to ensure no parasitic collisions occurs in the Long Straight Section (LSS8).

Initially only one of the polarity of the magnet will be simulated, magnet down. Only for very special studies the other polarity will also be produced.

and are not yet known and are related to the virtual Luminosity needed at the start of fill and to the procedure that will be used for the luminosity leveling during the fills. Since may vary between 3 and 15 m, in order to simulate the most difficult conditions to reconstruct a is chosen since it will give a narrower primary vertex transverse distributions. A normalized emittance of is chosen as it may be possible to reach after LS2 and also makes for a smaller beam size.

The number of total/visible collisions per bunch crossing, will depend of the chosen constant Luminosity it will be decided to run the Upgrade detector. In order to cover both the initial and what is at the moment considered the ultimate luminosity a few central samples will be produced for both 3.8 and 7.6 corresponding to a Luminosity of and with 2400 colliding bunches (2808 filled bunches - 408 not colliding in IP8), 25 ns bunch spacing, ) and a total cross section from Pythia of . The latest official nominal scheme is summarised in the table below.

An explanation of and their relations is available at this page.

Parameter Value
beam energy 7TeV
# bunches colliding in IP8 2400
bunch Z RMS 90mm
half angle horizontal 135 urad
half angle vertical 120 urad
luminosity 2e33 Hz/cm2
bunch charge 1.2e11 protons

Derived parameter Value
nu 7.596 (for sigma_total 102.5 mb)
bunch X,Y RMS 37.70 um

Detectors configurations

A few different detectors configuration are produced and can be found in the book-keeping via part of the name of the *Simulation Conditions*. A full explanation is given in the description of the simulation conditions itself.

The following possible options and their combinations are currently available of which the subset to be simulated is extracted:

  • Current Velo, Velo Pixels (VP), Velo Light Strips (VL)
  • RICH1 without Aerogel and with PMTs
  • Current TT, Upstream Tracker (UT)
  • Magnetic field as in current detector
  • Beam pipe as in current detector, or with lighter SF2 and SF3 supports
  • IT and OT as in current detector, Fiber Tracker covering whole T stations (FT)
  • RICH2 with PMTs
  • Calorimeters as in current detectors, or in Gauss it is also possible to switch off SPD and PRS
  • Muon System as in current detector
  • Upstream region (BLS+BCM, RB84) and Downstream region (RB86) as in current detector (not normally simulated)
  • Infrastructure as in current detector (not normally simulated)

Processing steps

Initially only sim files (i.e. the output of Gauss) will be produced. As soon as Boole will be ready also xdigi files can be made. Eventually once A first version of Brunel will be ready dst (or xdst) files for physics channels to be processed by the physics analysis will be produced.

An explanation of the various files types is available in this page

List of samples to be or being produced.

The following samples will be produced to evaluate and compare the performance of different detector technologies.

EventType Channel (DecFiles) Detector configuration Beam Conditions No. of events Output type Purpose Status Location
30000000 minimum bias VP + UT + FT (no preference for rich) tbd 1M (10 M would be even better) xdst trigger timing and retention Watch on hold until tracking algorithms are more advanced  
13104013 Bs_phiphi=CDFAmp,DecProdCut,hpt400 VP + UT + large IT + OT + without aerogel nu=3.8 with spillover 10k sim once geometry is ready No geometry not yet available  
13102201 Bs_phigamma=DecProdCut baseline nu=7.6, spillover 100k xdst Calo PID    
27163221 Dsst_Dsgamma,KKpi=DecProdCut baseline nu=7.6, spillover 100k xdst Calo reco    
11124003 Bd_Kstee=phsp,DecProdCut baseline nu=7.6, spillover 100k xdst Calo PID    
22262001 D0_Kpipi0=DecProdCut baseline nu=7.6, spillover 100k xdst Calo PID    

Done Samples

Unless otherwise indicated, all samples now use the Upgrade Baseline geometry:

  • VP1 (new geometry)
  • UT (new geometry)
  • FT (Monolayer)
  • Calo with no Spd/Prs
  • Muon with no M1

FT Spillover Samples

Pythia 6

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-25ns-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104011/XDST 29800 88.36
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-25ns-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104011/XDST 10498 55.95
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu11.4-25ns-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104011/XDST 10200 78.57

Pythia 8

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104011/XDST 11900 34.59
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104011/XDST 10298 54.89
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu11.4-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104011/XDST 10150 78.73

UPT/Upgrade Velo TDR Samples

Old UT, nu=3.8, Pythia 6, No Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia6/Sim08c-UTv0/Digi13/Reco14U4/11114001/XDST 112249 114.28
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia6/Sim08c-UTv0/Digi13/Reco14U4/30000000/XDST 119750 69.32

Old UT, nu=7.6, Pythia 6, No Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-Pythia6/Sim08c-UTv0/Digi13/Reco14U4/11114001/XDST 101000 157.33

nu=3.8, Pythia 6, Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-25ns-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/11114001/XDST 103899 308.67
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-25ns-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/30000000/XDST 102499 255.80

nu=3.8, Pythia 6, No Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/11114001/XDST 105249 107.75
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/30000000/XDST 103000 60.86

nu=3.8, Pythia 8, Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13102201/XDST 104698 303.65
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104013/XDST 204095 594.14
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104015/XDST 101998 297.06
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/27165175/XDST 205494 609.14

nu=3.8, Pythia 8, No Spillover

bkPath EventsSorted ascending Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104013/XDST 61250 64.33
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13102201/XDST 109747 113.92
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/30000000/XDST 120248 82.10

nu=7.6, Pythia 6, Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-25ns-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/11114001/XDST 103896 555.09

nu=7.6, Pythia 6, No Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/11114001/XDST 108499 170.23
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/30000000/XDST 108749 121.23

nu=7.6, Pythia 8, Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13102201/XDST 103994 553.28
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104013/XDST 200785 1072.84
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13104015/XDST 101296 541.10
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-25ns-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/27165175/XDST 201995 1084.32

nu=7.6, Pythia 8, No Spillover

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/13102201/XDST 100750 169.93
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade-MagDown-Nu7.6-Pythia8/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/30000000/XDST 103500 134.75

Upgrade Calo Samples

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade.VP1.UT.FT.noPRSnoSPD-MagDown-Nu11.4-Pythia6/Sim08a/Digi13/Reco14U3/13102201/XDST 100249 199.94
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade.VP1.UT.FT.noPRSnoSPD-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia6/Sim08a/Digi13/Reco14U3/13102201/XDST 123250 118.17
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade.VP1.UT.FT.noPRSnoSPD-MagDown-Nu7.6-Pythia6/Sim08a/Digi13/Reco14U3/13102201/XDST 100497 148.10

Velo TDR Samples:

bkPath Events Size
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade.Velo.TT.ITOT.RICHMinimal.M1.SPD-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/11114001/XDST 103750 122.73
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade.Velo.TT.ITOT.RICHMinimal.M1.SPD-MagDown-Nu3.8-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/30000000/XDST 116997 80.20
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade.Velo.TT.ITOT.RICHMinimal.M1.SPD-MagDown-Nu7.6-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/11114001/XDST 111493 201.24
/MC/Upgrade/Beam7000GeV-Upgrade.Velo.TT.ITOT.RICHMinimal.M1.SPD-MagDown-Nu7.6-Pythia6/Sim08c/Digi13/Reco14U4/30000000/XDST 105749 135.76

The previous Velo request information is archived here.

The previous sim-only request information is archived here. The previous xdigi request info is archived here.

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