VELO Simulation To Do List

Please contact Tomasz and Chris if you want to volunteer!

  • The charge deposited in the silicon as calcuated by GEANT is incorrect. Study alternative GEANT parameter settings with delta ray production (if fix can be found can be applied to ST also). David Hutchcroft volunteered

  • Pulse Shape timing offset - taking account of TOF of particles for main event and spillover event. David Hutchcroft working on this

  • Add history information to the MC Hits, i.e. noise, signal, x-talk,spill-over - as already done for RICH and muons.

  • Improving parametrisation of the pulse shape - make use of the ST tool ?

  • ADC count calibration - electron to ADC calibration is assumed to be linear in simulation, data shows this is clearly not true.

  • Improve the noise simulation - include the strip capacitance variation, compare with data

  • Resolution retuning, once test-beam results final (currently tuning looks not too bad).

  • X-talk - current simulation has 5% symmetric x-talk, clearly incorrect. Wish to simulate any residual x-talk after FIR filter applied.

  • Noise threshold for full simulation of 4500 e- is applied - option can be set to 0 e- for noise studies, but adding a switch option would be neater.

  • Simulate Pedestal, Common Mode, x-talk - NOT for standard simulation but could be useful for studying TELL1 algorithms ?

  • Add radiation damage effects to silicon simulation (low priority at moment)

-- Main.parkes - 16 Aug 2007

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