aHVV for HTT

MC samples

  • contact these Andrei, Yuta, Ben, Cecile (HiggsTT MC contact)
  • Take LHE files that were produced by Ben, and others, and run them through pythia and tauola following standard prescription

Instructions for MC samples

source /cvmfs/cms.cern.ch/cmsset_default.sh
export SCRAM_ARCH=slc6_amd64_gcc481
if [ -r CMSSW_7_1_22/src ] ; then 
 echo release CMSSW_7_1_22 already exists
scram p CMSSW CMSSW_7_1_22
cd CMSSW_7_1_22/src
eval `scram runtime -sh`

export X509_USER_PROXY=$HOME/private/personal/voms_proxy.cert
curl -s --insecure https://cms-pdmv.cern.ch/mcm/public/restapi/requests/get_fragment/HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414 --retry 2 --create-dirs -o Configuration/GenProduction/python/HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414-fragment.py 
[ -s Configuration/GenProduction/python/HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414-fragment.py ] || exit $?;

scram b
cd ../../
cmsDriver.py Configuration/GenProduction/python/HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414-fragment.py --filein lhe:15980  --fileout file:HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414.root --mc --eventcontent RAWSIM --customise SLHCUpgradeSimulations/Configuration/postLS1Customs.customisePostLS1,Configuration/DataProcessing/Utils.addMonitoring --datatier GEN-SIM --conditions MCRUN2_71_V1::All --beamspot Realistic50ns13TeVCollision --step GEN,SIM --magField 38T_PostLS1 --python_filename HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_1_cfg.py --no_exec -n 48 || exit $? ; 
cmsRun -e -j HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_rt.xml HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_1_cfg.py || exit $? ; 
echo 48 events were ran 
grep "TotalEvents" HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_rt.xml 
grep "Timing-tstoragefile-write-totalMegabytes" HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_rt.xml 
grep "PeakValueRss" HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_rt.xml 
grep "AvgEventTime" HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_rt.xml 
grep "AvgEventCPU" HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_rt.xml 
grep "TotalJobCPU" HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_rt.xml 
cmsDriver.py lhetest --filein lhe:15980:0 --mc  --conditions MCRUN2_71_V1::All -n 1000000 --python lhetest_0.py --step NONE --no_exec --no_output
cmsRun lhetest_0.py & 

for job in `jobs -p` ; do
    wait $job || exit $? ;

echo "nothing" ;cmsDriver.py Configuration/GenProduction/python/HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414-fragment.py --filein lhe:15980  --fileout file:HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414.root --mc --eventcontent DQM --datatier DQM --conditions MCRUN2_71_V1::All --beamspot Realistic50ns13TeVCollision --step GEN,VALIDATION:genvalid_all --magField 38T_PostLS1  --fileout file:HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_genvalid.root --mc -n 1000 --python_filename HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_genvalid.py  --no_exec || exit $? ;
cmsRun -e -j HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_gv.xml HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_genvalid.py || exit $? ; 
echo 1000 events were ran 
grep "TotalEvents" HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_gv.xml 

cmsDriver.py step2 --filein file:HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_genvalid.root --conditions MCRUN2_71_V1::All --mc -s HARVESTING:genHarvesting --harvesting AtJobEnd --python_filename HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_genvalid_harvesting.py --no_exec || exit $? ; 
cmsRun HIG-RunIISummer15GS-01414_genvalid_harvesting.py || exit $? ; 


For VH samples (Ben):

WHiggs0L1_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16058
WHiggs0L1fWH05ph0_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16059
WHiggs0M_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16060
WHiggs0MfWH05ph0_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16061
WHiggs0PH_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16062
WHiggs0PHfWH05ph0_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16063
WHiggs0PM_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16064
ZHiggs0L1_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16065
ZHiggs0L1fZH05ph0_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16066
ZHiggs0M_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16067
ZHiggs0MfZH05ph0_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16068
ZHiggs0PH_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16069
ZHiggs0PHfZH05ph0_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16070
ZHiggs0PM_Undecayed_M-125_13TeV-JHUgenV6 16072
where the number fills in XXXXX in /eos/cms/store/lhe/XXXXX.

For VBF samples, they were copied by the H->TT MC contacts earlier

official place so McM can see them.
The numbers below correspond to XXX in /eos/cms/store/lhe/XXX.

* VBFpseudoscalar (VBFHiggs0M_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6) -> the first name is in Heshy's directory name and the one in parenthesis is the sample name

* VBFfa2VBF0.5 (VBFHiggs0PHf05ph0_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6)

* VBFlambda1 (VBFHiggs0L1_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6)

* VBFa2 (VBFHiggs0PH_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6)

* VBFflambda1VBF0.5 (VBFHiggs0L1f05ph0_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6)

* VBFscalar (VBFHiggs0PM_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6)

* VBFfa3VBF0.5 (VBFHiggs0Mf05ph0_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6)

0PM stands for 0^+_minimal

Yuta's mjj>200 files:

GluGluH2JetsToTauTau_M125_13TeV_CPmixing_sm_JHU  15980
GluGluH2JetsToTauTau_M125_13TeV_CPmixing_pseudoscalar_JHU  15981
GluGluH2JetsToTauTau_M125_13TeV_CPmixing_maxmix_JHU  15982

I have saved all VBF and HJJ here: /store/group/lpcggntuples/aHVV_htt/saveLHE

Private Gen status for 300K events (April,2017)



For H+JJ samples Andrei/Heshy has LHE samples without the m_JJ cut. H+JJ samples are gluon fusion samples. but with explicit modeling of 2 jets at the matrix element level. If V(qq)H(TT) analysis is to be done in addition to VBF, then making a cut mJJ>200 GeV on the H+JJ sample does not make sense any more. This is because mJJ for the VH samples will be around 80-90 GeV (W and Z masses) and H+JJ would be the main background to VH. Note: the central production of H+JJ samples did not have any tight m_JJ cut, and the 200 GeV was a special cut applied by Yuta.

Private Gen status at crab for 50K events

More... Close

proc sample name (VBFHiggs0*_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6) eos-dir GenSim (done/gen) DigiReco AOD MiniAOD
pseudoscalar M 16229 49/50 done done 49000
a2VBF0.5 PHf05ph0 16230 46/50 done done 46000
lambda1 L1 16231 44/50 done done 44000
a2 PH 16232 47/50 done done 46000
lambda1VBF0.5 L1f05ph0 16233 44/50 done done 43000
scalar PM 16234 46/50 done done 46000
a3VBF0.5 Mf05ph0 16235 48/50 done done 47000

sample name (GluGluH2JetsToTauTau_M125_13TeV_CPmixing_*_JHU) eos-dir crab-GenSim (done/gen) crab-DigiReco crab-AOD crab-MiniAOD
sm 15980 50/50 submitted
pseudoscalar 15981 50/50 submitted
maxmix 15982 48/50 submitted

ggF and VBF: well advanced within the SM HTT. Future, followed by studying VH production in tautau decay

  • tau decays in JHUGen samples (presumably done by Tauola, i.e. LHE -> Pythia & Tauola) does not agree with those expected from POWHEG samples (which is also relying on Tauola for decaying taus). Reason could be Meng provided explanation is in mdtau set to 240 in JHUGen samples. It needs to be verified that after removing this cut in JHUGen samples, the problem with tau decays is resolved and it agrees with those from POWHEG.
    • in tauola, mdtau = 0 - all decay modes, mdtau is the variable that handles tau decay mode. remove following line in ExternalDecays module. mdtau = cms.int32(240),



  • then there are three steps: skimming, svfit and analysis
    • FSA skimming for each final state
      • goto /afs/hep.wisc.edu/home/kaur/CMSSW_8_0_26_patch1/src/SMHTT2016/mt/Skim/Mar7
      • do ./Make.sh skim_mt.cc
      • then edit and run python prepare_run2.py
      • then sh do_submit.sh
    • SVfit mass calculation:
      • checkout: https://github.com/truggles/SubmitSVFit
      • MY working area : /afs/hep.wisc.edu/home/kaur/CMSSW_8_0_25/src/SubmitSVFit/test
      • run SVFitStandAloneFSATauDM inputFile=/nfs_scratch/kaur/mutau_sv/Out_VBF0PM/VBF0PM9.root newOutputFile=1 newFile=tmpOut2.root recoilType=0 doES=1 isWJets=0 metType=-1
      • or for condor do
        • gsido mkdir /hdfs/store/user/kaur/SKMD_Apr18/VBF0PM,
        • gsido rsync -ahP /nfs_scratch/kaur/mutau_sv/Out_VBF0PM/ /hdfs/store/user/kaur/SKMD_Apr18/VBF0PM/,
        • python svFitSubmitter.py -sd /hdfs/store/user/kaur/SKMD_Apr18/VBF0PM -es=0 -r=0 -iswj=0 -mt=-1 --jobName svFit_Apr18

    • then analysis,
      • MY area: = CMSSW_8_0_26_patch1/src/SMHTT2016/mt/Analyze/=
      • do ./Make.sh FinalSelection2D_relaxed.cc
      • ./FinalSelection2D_relaxed.exe TauTau_13_Out_ggH125-ggH1250.root files_nominal/_apr18VBF125.root VBF125 qqH125 1
      • python Unroll_2Drelaxed.py

UW skimmed and svFit samples:

  • Tyler: VBF samples I have been using are here: /hdfs/store/user/ndev/LFV_feb18_mc/VBFHToTauTau_M125_13TeV_powheg_pythia8_v6-v1/
    • You will still need to skim those ntuples and svFit them. If you want already skimming tautau channel ntuples see: /hdfs/store/user/truggles/svFitMar20_SM-HTT/Recoil2_TES1_WJ0/TauTau_13_Recoil2_TES1_WJ0-VBFHtoTauTau125_*_tt.root
    • Data files here: /hdfs/store/user/truggles/svFitFeb17_SM-HTT/Recoil0_TES0_WJ0/TauTau_13_Recoil0_TES0_WJ0-dataTT-*
    • You can find all of my background samples in the same general folder structure. hdfs/store/user/truggles/svFitMar20_SM-HTT The strange directory "Recoil0_TES0_WJ0" tells which recoil type was applied, if tau energy scale was applied and if the sample is wjets.

  • Cecile:
    • mutau ntuples here: /hdfs/store/user/caillol/smhmt_svfitted_20march/
      • but there are two branches missing (eta and phi for H) that I use to reconstruct HIGGS: higgs.SetPtEtaPhiM(pt_sv, eta_sv, phi_sv, m_sv)
    • eta and phi of the Higgs in these files: /hdfs/store/user/caillol/smhmt_svfitted_DESYlike_Lauralike/

Datacards and root files from HTT

to develop MELA discriminator for limit setting

NTuples with all the FSA variables plus MELA discri.

  • variables of interest: mjj (dijet mass), m_sv (higgs mass - using svfit), njets (# jets), KD_bsm_mlt (MELA D_0-), KD_int (D_CP)
  • = cd /afs/hep.wisc.edu/home/kaur/CMSSW_8_0_26_patch1/src/ZZMatrixElement/MELA/test/= (workign area)
  • VBF-0PM: treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_VBF0PM.root
  • VBF-0M : treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_VBF0M.root
  • treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_VBF0Mf05ph0.root
  • VBF-0PH: treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_VBF0PH.root
  • VBF-0PHf05ph0: treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_VBF0PHf05ph0.root
  • treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_VBF0L1f05ph0.root
  • treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_VBF0L1f05ph0.root
  • treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_HJJMIX.root
  • treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_HJJPS.root
  • treeME_mrgd_svFit_June8_HJJSM.root

Fill tree variables into 3d histos

  • get my code : https://github.com/lovedeepkaursaini/aHVV_HTT/blob/master/Fill3D.C, and https://github.com/lovedeepkaursaini/aHVV_HTT/blob/master/Fill3D.h
  • run root .L Fill3D.C+, Fill3D l, l.Loop()

Unroll 3d to 1d

Smoothening of templates

  • to learn how to produce templates for a given coupling strength and smooth the templates to reduce the effect from the stat. uncertainties of the samples.
  • get https://github.com/jbsauvan/TemplateBuilder for building the templates
  • Ulascan's example: /afs/cern.ch/work/u/usarica/public/forHTT/fL1Example, json files for input/output are located in run/fL13D/builder_7(8)TeV/*.json

Data-cards and workspaces (H-ZZ-4l)

  • Instructions from Ulascan:
- You need to first create templates. For initial studies, you might not need systematics, 
or only add those you already know are not related to fa3 limits (e.g. bkg systematics, production cross section uncertainties). 
While  might not know much about the technical details of your setup, I could suggest that at least a comparison of the fa3=0, fa3=1 
and interference templates with different signal jet systematics is instructive to say wich ones can be kept as shape+normalization 
and which ones do not need to vary shape. For making templates, you can use the TemplateBuilder I pointed to you earlier. 
I also include Heshy in this thread, so that he can also help with more instructions on how to create templates. 
Pardon my ignorance, but which processes do you consider in your analysis?


- The combine setup you need is



There is already a PR to the main repository from the branch, which is pending te completion of the 4l analysis  but it is pretty much usable. 
There will be changes to this branch, but the changes I will be making mainly concern standardizing physics model names, 
adding offshell model etc that may or may not affect you. In case they do, I will let you know immediately, as I let Heshy and others know.


The physics model is MultiSignalSpinZeroHiggs:



The parameters of interest are called CMS_zz4l_fai1/2 (though I am planning to change them over the weekend to zz2e2mu_fai1/2
 in case there is ever a combination with ATLAS). Other than that, there is not much name change anticipated in this model.


The datacard makers we have run so far are pretty specific to 4l, but I am coming up with a more generic one here:



This datacard maker is anticipated to work for both onshell Higgs and offshell treatments, 
where interference with background become sizable and therefore relevant. In the next few days, I will also commit an example input format and templates so that the datacard maker is usable by you and others.


Dat-cards and workspaces Hbb

  • Instructions from Ben to make the ZH lines in Figure 4 of the paper HIG14035:
setenv SCRAM_ARCH slc5_amd64_gcc472 
cmsrel CMSSW_6_1_1 
cd CMSSW_6_1_1/src 

git clone https://github.com/benjaminkreis/HiggsAnalysis-CombinedLimit HiggsAnalysis/CombinedLimit

scramv1 b clean; scramv1 b

MY NOTE: go to a new version of combine in SL6

INSERT THIS:  https://github.com/benjaminkreis/HiggsAnalysis-CombinedLimit/blob/master/python/HiggsJPC_combo.py

some datacards and root files: cp /uscms_data/d1/jstupak/fa3Combo/CMSSW_6_1_1/src/HiggsAnalysis/CombinedLimit/VHbb/cards/zhDR_p0plusp1_050915_correlatedBkg_sigThrsld2.5_deCorrdMedHighNuis_correctVV .

create the workspace from these datacards and root files.  For ZH,
text2workspace.py -m 125.6 datacard_Zh.txt -P HiggsAnalysis.CombinedLimit.HiggsJPC_combo:twoHypothesisHiggs --PO=muFloating -o myworkspace.text2workspace.root -v 7

expected fa3^ZH scan:
combine -M MultiDimFit myworkspace.text2workspace.root --setPhysicsModelParameters cww_zz=0.5,r_ww=1,r_box=1,r=1,r_qq=1 --freezeNuisances r_ww,cww_zz,r_box,r_qq --setPhysicsModelParameterRanges CMS_zz4l_fg4=0,1 --algo=grid --points 50 -m 125.6 -n 1D_exp -P CMS_zz4l_fg4 -t -1 --expectSignal=1

observed fa3^ZH scan:
combine -M MultiDimFit myworkspace.text2workspace.root --setPhysicsModelParameters cww_zz=0.5,r_ww=1,r_box=1,r=1,r_qq=1,wh_medBoost_trend=.3,wh_highBoost_trend=-.8,zh_medBoost_trend=.18,zh_highBoost_trend=-0.23 --freezeNuisances r_ww,cww_zz,r_box,r_qq --setPhysicsModelParameterRanges CMS_zz4l_fg4=0,1 --algo=grid --points 50 -m 125.6 -n 1D_obs -P CMS_zz4l_fg4

draw them by opening the resulting root file and doing

Get nevents

less myfile.lhe | grep "" | wc -l

less VBFHiggs0PHf05ph0_M-125_13TeV-JHUGenV6_0.lhe.xz | grep "<event>" | wc -l

merge lhe's

merge them with the tool described at the end of this little section: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMSPublic/SWGuideSubgroupMC#1_2_Using_pLHE_campaigns

Tool to compute couplings


-- LovedeepKaurSaini - 2017-02-09

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