ALFA Beam Based Alignment

Preparation (e-mail from Sune Jakobsen)

The ALFA beam based alignment for β* = 19 m optics is scheduled to happen Monday (7.06.2015) morning at 8:00. Some details of what this implies for operation is available on the agenda for tomorrows daily run meeting:

After alignment of the first station it is foreseen to position it at about 6 sigma and take OD-alignment data while the other stations are being aligned. A scan of the gain (via high voltage) is planned to see if “cross talk/noise” could be lowered with a smaller gain to provide better OD data quality. We might also add other commissioning of the OD if times/rates allows.

Alignment on 9.06.2015 (e-mail from Sune Jakobsen)

The ALFA beam based alignment for β* = 19 m was done during the night. Some details is available here:

from Summery of Roman Pot alignment:

"It was observed for beam 1 that the number of sigma measured at the Roman Pots was about 1 larger than at the primary collimator."

The run is also summarized in the ATLAS weekly RC:

*A huge amount of ALFA PEB (partial event building) data was collected. This also included data with the TRT and with LHCf triggering combined with ALFA.*

There is still one loss map which include ALFA to do.

-- GrzegorzPawelGach - 2015-06-09

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