ATLAS UK People and Activities

A page listing the activities of members of the ATLAS UK Higgs, SM, top and exotics groups.

Italicised persons are not known to have been recently active.

List of Working Groups

First Table: Higgs group First Table: Higgs group

Person Status Activity
Kostas Nikolopoulos   H->bb (mono-H), h->cc, h->aa/Za, h-> ZZ-> 4l, h->Q+γ, Q=Y,J/ψ,φ,..., Φ->mumubb
Chris Hawkes   h->Q+gamma, Q=Y,J/psi,phi,...
Paul Thompson   h->bb (Vh, and mono-h), h->cc, h->mumu/emu/ee, A->ZH, Φ->mumubb
Andy Chisholm   h->cc,BSM h->Q+gamma, Q=Y,J/psi,phi,etc
Rhys Owen   BSM h->Q+gamma, Q=Y,J/ψ,φ,etc, h-> ZZ-> 4l
Steve Worm   Higgs invisible, Higgs portal DM (monojet)
Elliot Reynolds PhD student (4th year) h->aa/Za , h->cc , h->Za(hadrons)
Daniel Briglin PhD student (4th year) hh->bbγγ(prospects)
Russell Turner PhD student (3rd year) h->ee/mumu/emu
Govindraj Virdee PhD student (2nd year) BSM h->Q+gamma, Q=Y,J/ψ,φ,...
Cameron Simpson-Allsop PhD student (1st year) TBD Higgs (starting)
Robert Ward PhD student (1st year) BSM h->Q+gamma, Q=Y,J/ψ,φ,... (starting)
Antonio Costa PhD student (1st year) h->mumu (starting)
Hasib Ahmed Postdoc ttH(yy)
Phil Clark Academic ttH(yy)
Matt Heath PhD (3rd year) ttH(yy)
Liza Mijovic Postdoc ttH(yy)
Victoria Martin Academic ttH(yy), ttHH(bbbb) prospects
Alan Taylor PhD (4th year) ttH(yy), HH (bbyy), ttHH(bbbb) prospects
Emily Takeva PhD (2nd year) ttH(yy)
Ben Carter PhD (1st year) ttH(yy) (just starting)
Sarah Boutle Postdoc ttH(Htobb)
Will Breaden Madden PhD (writing up) ttH(Htobb)
Sam Crawley PhD (writing up) ttH(Htobb)
Tony Doyle Academic ttH(Htobb)
Mike Fenton PhD (writing up) ttH(Htobb)
Mark Owen Academic ttH(Htobb)
Aidan Robson Academic VH(to bb)
Andy Buckley Academic VH(to bb)
Chloe Gray PhD (writing up) VH(to bb)
Dwayne Spiteri PhD (3rd year) VH(to bb)
Eva Bouhova-Thacker Postdoc H -> tautau (CP)
Harald Fox Academic HH -> bbtautau, H-> tautau (CP)
Andy Wharton Postdoc HH -> bbtautau
Adam Parker Postdoc HH -> bbtautau
Sebastiano Spinali Student (Y2) HH -> bbtautau
Carl Gwilliam Postdoc HH -> bbtautau, SM H->bb, mono-H->bb, H->taumu (tau e)
Emily Graham Student (Y3) HH -> bbtautau
Uta Klein Academic H->taumu (tau e) (Run-II)
Joseph Patton Student (Y1) H->taumu (tau e) (Run-II)
Nikolaos Rompotis Academic A->ZH (H≠h125), BSM Higgs combination/interpretation, h->Z axion, BSM Higgs sub conv
Alan Chan Student (Y2) A->ZH (H≠h125)
Jan Kretzschmar Academic H to mumu
Hanna Borecka-Bielska Student (Y2) H to mumu
Andy Mehta Academic SM VH->bb, SM-H->mumu, H-&gt, HH -> bbtautau, VH, H&gt invisble
Rustem Ospanov Postdoc (Left 2017) ttH(multilepton)
Ian Connelly Post-doc (Left 2018) dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Rhys Roberts PhD (Graduated 2018) ttH(multilepton)
Johnny Raine PhD (Graduated 2018) ttH(bb)
Andrew Pilkington Academic H->diphoton differential cross sections and EFT
Stephen Menary PhD (Graduating 2018) H->diphoton differential cross sections and EFT
Yang Qin (Quake) Post-doc SM 4top search; Heavy H+ -> tb search
Emily Orgill PhD (4th year) Heavy H+ -> tb search
Chris Hays Academic Higgs combination, H->WW, HH->WWbb
Gabija Zemaityte Student Higgs combination, H->WW
Kla Karava Student Higgs combination, H->WW
Hayden Smith Student Higgs combination, H->WW
Cigdem Issever Academic HH->WWbb, boosted ggF H->bb
Lydia Beresford Postdoc Boosted ggF H->bb
Nurfikri Norjoharuddeen Student HH->WWbb
Daniela Bortoletto Academic H->ZZ and VH(to bb)
Ian Shipsey Academic H->ZZ; Higgs width and H to mumu
Giacomo Artoni Postdoc H->ZZ
Mariyan Petrov Student H->ZZ;invisible Higgs
Luigi Marchese Student HZZ Higgs width
Luigi Vigani Student H->ZZ
Ricardo Wlker Student H->ZZ
Cecilia Tosciri Student VH(to bb)
Luca Ambroz Student VH(to bb)
Maria Giovanna Foti Student VH(to bb)
Miha Zgubic Student H to mumu
Eram Rizvi Academic H to mumu
Antony Fray PhD (4th Year) H to mumu
Jon Hays Academic VH(bb) HH(bbtautau)
Adrian Bevan Academic VH(bb) HH(bbtautau)
Natasha Hehir PhD student (1st year) HH(bbtautau)
Tom Charman PhD student (2nd year) VH(bbtautau)
David Englert PhD student (4th year) HH combinations
Rodrigo Gamboa Goni PhD student (4th year) VH/HH(bbtautau)
Ulla Blumenschein Academic H(tautau), AZh(bb)
Tong Qiu PhD student (1st year) AZh(bb)
Monika Wielers Academic HH->bbgg Upgrade
Tim Adye Researcher Higgs combinations
Ben Sowden PhD (started Oct 2013) dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Callum Kilby PhD (started Oct 2014) dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Adam Bozson PhD (started Oct 2015) dilepton ttH (H-bb)
David Thomas PhD (started Oct 2016) dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Michele Faucci-Giannelli Post-doc dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Glen Cowan Academic dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Pedro Teixeira-Dias Academic dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Ian Connelly Post-doc (left RHUL Oct 2016) dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Josh Thomas-Wilsker Post-doc (left RHUL Oct 2016) dilepton ttH (H-bb)
Christos Anastopoulos Academic H to 4l
Trevor Vickey Academic MSSM H->tautau, H+->taunu and HH->bbtautau
Tulay Cuhadar Donszelmann Postdoc H to 4l and H to Zgamma
Thomas Powell PhD Student (3rd Year) H to 4l
Guillermo Hamity PhD Student (3rd Year) MSSM H->tautau and H+->taunu
Theo Zorbas PhD Student (2nd Year) MSSM H->tautau
Jon Butterworth Academic VH(to bb)
Nikos Konstantinidis Academic HH to 4b, HH to bbtautau
Katharine Leney Post-doc HH to bbtautau
Tim Scanlon Academic VH(to bb)
Ava Lee PhD Student VH(to bb)
Sam Van Stroud PhD Student VH(to bb)
Andy Bell Post-doc VH(to bb)
David Wardrope Post-doc HH to 4b
Sinead Farrington Academic H->mumu BSM, H->tautau CP
Paul Harrison Academic Top -> b c bbar decays
Bill Murray Academic Boosted H->bb inclusive
Chris McNicol PhD student (2nd year) H->mumu BSM
Ligang Xi Post-doc H->mumu BSM, H->tautau gamma
Bryn Roberts PhD Student (1st Year) Top -> b c bbar decays
Adomas Jelinskas PhD student (4th year) MSSM H->tautau
Eleanor Jones PhD student (1st year) Boosted H->bb
Vangelis Vladimirov PhD Student (2nd Year) Top -> b c bbar decays
Lily Asquith Academic ttH (H->bb)
Emma Winkels PhD student (4th year) ttH (H->bb)
Daniel Kelsey PhD student (3rd year) ttH (H->bb)

Second Table: Top group

In bold the person to contact for information on Top activities in the group

Institute Person Activity
Birmingham Miriam Watson 13 TeV top quark spin correlations in dilepton channel + supervising dilepton charge asymmetry
  Jacob Kempster Top UK Convener, Top Disk and Derivations Manager, Dilepton: SUSY interpretation of spin correlation, charge asymmetry, reconstruction with machine learning, ntuple coordination
  Robert Vallance (Ph.D. third year) Dilepton charge asymmetry studies, dilepton differental cross-section
  Alexis Stampekis (Ph.D. first year) to be decided
  Chris Hawkes general interest/supervision
Edinburgh Michele Faucci Gianelli l+jets and all-hadronic resolved diff X and mass extraction
  Serena Palazzo l+jets and all-hadronic resolved diff X and mass extraction
Glasgow Mark Owen ttH, differential cross section in boosted topology , ttZ
  Sarah Boutle, post-doc ttH, software development and boosted channel
  Anna Duncan (writing up) $t\bar{t}$ resonances
  Federica Fabbri, post-doc Top UK Convener, ttbar cross section, ttZ
  Michael Fenton (Ph.D. fourth year) ttH, differential cross section in boosted topology
  Jonathan Jamieson (Ph.D. second year) differential xs + additional jets, boosted topology
  Laurynas Mince; (Ph.D. first year) ttZ boosted topology, just started
  Adam Rennie (Ph.D. first year) diff substructure measurement in boosted topology (l+jet), just started
  Albert Borbely (Ph.D. first year) ttH (H->bb) all hadronic, just started
  Neil Warrak (Ph.D. second year) 2D spin correlation in ttbar events
  Ian Connelly, post-doc ttH (H->bb), software development and various channel
  Andy Buckley b-jet Fragmentation 13 TeV
  Chloe Gray (Ph.D. fourth year) b-jet Fragmentation 13 TeV
Lancaster Guennadi Borissov Test of Lepton Flavour Universality in top quark decays
  Izaac Sanderswood (Ph.D 2nd year) Test of Lepton Flavour Universality in top quark decays
Manchester Yvonne Peters Color flow in ttbar, ttHbb in dilepton
  Jacob Rawling (Ph.D. 4th year) Dead cone
  Emily Orgill (Ph.D. 4th year) H+ in ttbarbbbar search
  Jay Howarth Top Properties convener, Rare Top processes focus group coordinator, Spin correlations; ttbar differential cross sections, ntuple coordination, Top MC tuning
  Nicolas Scharmberg (Ph.D. 3rd year) ttHbb dilepton
  Callum Birch-Sykes (Ph.D. 1st year) Top MC tuning
RHUL Veronique Boisvert top cross section, top mass, CP violation, all using SMT + diff. cross sections
  Lewis Wilkins (Ph.D., 2nd year) Top mass using SMT, Jet/ETMiss Liaison
  Francesco Span ttbar differential (l+jets, all-hadronic, resolved, boosted), top pole mass+ stat methods / unfolding+ top tagging performance
  Adam Bozson (Ph.D., 3rd year) ttbar differential all hadronic resolved + unfolding methods
Sheffield Calum Macdonald ttV (V=W,Z)
  Baptiste Ravina (PhD., 2nd year) ttV (V=W,Z)
  Matthew Anthony (PhD., 2nd year) ttV (V=W,Z)
  Dan Tovey ttV (V=W,Z)
  Alvaro Lopez Solis ttV (V=W,Z)
Sussex Kerim Suruliz ttV (V=W,Z)
  Antonella De Santo ttV (V=W,Z)
  Iacopo Vivarelli ttV (V=W,Z)
  Thomas Stevenson ttV (V=W,Z)
  Kate Shaw ttV (V=W,Z)
  Meirin Evans ttV (V=W,Z)
  Lily Asquith ttH
  Emma Winkels ttH
  Dan Kelsey ttH
Warwick Paul Harrison Top -> b c bbar decays
  Bryn Roberts (PhD 1st Year) Top -> b c bbar decays
  Vangelis Vladimirov (PhD 2nd Year) Top -> b c bbar decays

Third Table: Standard Model group

Institute Person Activity
Birmingham Contacts: Paul Newman  
  Andy Foster, Nandish Gorasia, James Kendrick, Paul Newman diffraction with ALFA, AFP
  Nansi Andari W Mass
  Dave Charlton, Daniel Lewis Zγ (llγ)13 TeV
Cambridge Contacts: Richard Batley, Pat Ward  
  Jonatan Rosten ZZ 13 TeV (4l)
  James Cowley Z(→ll)γ 13 TeV
  Christina Potter SM Summary plots
Glasgow Contacts: Craig Buttar, Andy Buckley  
  Andy Buckley, Chloe Gray, (Chris Pollard) V+HF (boosted) 13 TeV
  Andy Buckley, Chloe Gray, (Chris Pollard) b-jet fragmentation 13 TeV
  Andy Buckley b-jet soft-drop mass and angularities
Liverpool Contact: Max Klein, Uta Klein, Jan Kretzschmar  
  Uta Klein Low, peak and High mass NC and CC DY + theory
  Uta Klein, Max Klein, Jan Kretzschmar, Harry Lyons W mass, W pT, W, Z cross sections in 5,13 TeV low mu runs
Manchester Contact: Andy Pilkington, Terry Wyatt, Darren Price  
  Darren Price VBF W 7, 8 and 13 TeV, ssWW
  Darren Price, Terry Wyatt, Jonathan Crane, Julia Iturbe, Andy Pilkington Vector Boson Fusion Z 13 TeV 2015 fiducial
  Darren Price, Terry Wyatt, Jonathan Crane, Andy Pilkington VBF Z 13 TeV 2016 differential measurements / colour flow 2016
  Yang Qin ttbar and Z xsection ratios, 7, 8 and 13 TeV (joint with TOP)
  Jonathan Crane Luminosity Measurements through Vertex Counting
  Stephen Menary Luminosity measurement using track counting
  Rhys Roberts Luminosity calibration using luminous region information in vdM scans.
Oxford Contact: Mandy Cooper Sarkar, Chris Hays
  Mandy Cooper Sarkar, Claire Gwenlan pdf sensitivities
  Francesco Giuli Low mass DY 13 TeV
  Chris Hays W mass
QMUL Contact: Eram Rizvi, Ulla Blumenschein  
  Eram Rizvi Low mass DY 13 TeV
  Eram Rizvi High mass DY and EFTs at 13 TeV
  Eram Rizvi sin2thW from cross-sections at 8TeV
  Eram Rizvi High mT W production 13 TeV
  Andres Ramirez Morales High mT W production 13 TeV
  Jesal Mandalia High mT W production 13 TeV
  Ulla Blumenschein Z+jets (collinear) 13 TeV
  Ulla Blumenschein V+HF 13 TeV
  Jake Oliver V+HF 13 TeV
Sheffield Contact: Ian Dawson  
  Ian Dawson Double Drell Yan (Z+Z) DPI
  Kristin Lohwasser EW diboson
  Philip Sommer EW diboson
  Hannes Mildner EW diboson
  Alix Fell EW diboson
  Mark Sutton Parton distributions, jet trigger
  Mario Campanelli 8 TeV incl. jets
  Mario Campanelli semi-leptonic WV + aTGCs 8 TeV
  Emily Nurse, Stefan Richter 13 TeV ZZ (+jets)
  Gavin Hesketh, Josh Mcfayden Z + jets 13TeV
  Gavin Hesketh, Josh Mcfayden g->bb
  Gavin Hesketh, Louie Corpe Unfolding Leptoquark analysis
  Jon Butterworth, Emily Nurse, Zara Grout, Christian Gutschow, Joanna Huang, Vasilis Konstantinides, David Yallup fiducial MET + X categorised analysis
  Jon Butterworth, Zara Grout, Emily Nurse 4 lepton line shape
  Tim Martin Underlying event with K and Lambda

Fourth Table: Supersymmetry group

Institute Person Activity
Birmingham Jack Lindon SUSY compressed spectra (monojet)
  Steve Worm SUSY compressed spectra (monojet)
Sheffield Mark Hodgkinson Study of particle flow jets in sbottom searches
  Calum Macdonald sbottom and stop searches, background studies
  Alvaro Lopez Solis stop and sbottom searches
  Baptiste Ravina stop 0L
  Matt Anthony stop 0L
  Harry Moss 0-lepton inclusive, jet smearing, sbottom
  Dan Tovey 0-lepton inclusive, stop 0L
  Evangelos Kourlitis sbottom, 0L + ≥3 b-jets
  Davide Costanzo sbottom, 0L + ≥3 b-jets
Liverpool Monica D'Onofrio (Academic) Sbottom and stop searches , DM and SUSY EWK
  Yanyan Gao (Academic) Dark Matter and SUSY EWK
  Matt Sullivan (Y2 student) Dark Matter and SUSY EWK
  Hamish Teagle (Y1 student) Sbottom Searches, SUSY EWK
Oxford Alan Barr SUSY searches and phenomenology
  Claire Gwenlan Jets + MET searches; SUSY phenomenology
  Moritz Backes gauginos
  Koichi Nagai MultiJets + MET
  Jon Burr MultiJets + MET & MET trigger
  Jesse Liu Higgsinos, Sleptons, pMSSM
  Mike Nelson MultiJets + MET & top tagging
Cambridge Christopher Lester Mass measurements, (s)Lepton Flavour Violation, RPV long lived
  Tina Potter 4L RPV/EWK SUSY, Higgsino signatures, Upgrade
  Sarah Williams 2/3L EWK SUSY, Higgsino signatures
  Claire Malone Stop 1L analysis (3-body decays)
  Holly Pacey 2/3L EWK SUSY
Sussex Antonella De Santo EWK SUSY, Leptonic final states
  Batool Safarzadeh EWK SUSY, Leptonic final states
  Fabrizio Trovato EWK SUSY, Leptonic final states
  Nicola Abraham EWK SUSY, Trilepton final states
  Mario Grandi Direct Stau, C1N2 in tau final states
  Daniela Maria Koeck Direct Stau, C1N2 in tau final states
  Fabrizio Salvatore Stop 0-lep, Tau final states, direct stau, C1N2 in tau final states
  Iacopo Vivarelli Stop/sbottom, EWK SUSY in 3L
  Samuel Jones stop -> charm final state, soft tagging
  Kerim Suruliz Stop/sbottom
  Mario Spina soft tagging
QMUL Marcella Bona DM+hf
  Alison Elliot DM+hf
  Eddie Thorpe DM+hf

Fifth Table: Exotics group

Institute Person Activity
Birmingham Jack Lindon Monojet dark matter, dark energy, extra dimensions
  Steve Worm Monojet dark matter, dark energy, extra dimensions, pheno
Glasgow Saverio D'Auria tt resonances
  Anna Duncan tt resonances
  Chris Pollard VH resonances
  Paul Mullen VH resonances
Edinburgh Christos Leonidopoulos group leader
  Andreas Sogaard diboson resonances (VV, VZ), Dark Matter (boosted jet + ISR photon)
  Xanthe Hoad W_R + Heavy neutrino (just completed PhD)
Ben Wynne Postdoc W_R + Heavy neutrino
Lancaster Iain Bertram Jets + MET searches (extra dimensions, leptoquarks, ...)
  Ben Whitmore (Y2 student) Jets + MET searches (extra dimensions, leptoquarks, ...)
Liverpool Uta Klein Z' and W' searches, W'+Z' combination, HVT
  Ellis Kay (Y4 student) W' searches, W'+Z' and VV/VH combinations, HVT
  Michael o'Keefe (Y1 student) W' electron channel searches
  Carl Gwilliam 3rd generation LQLQ -> btaubtau, axions, V' combinations
  Emily Graham (Y3 student) 3rd generation LQLQ -> btaubtau
  Monica D'Onofrio LQ searches (3G and mixed res.), DM + HF searches, axions
  Adam Jaspan (Y1 student) LQ (mixed resonances) searches
  Andy Mehta LQ (mixed resonances) searches
  Yanyan Gao DM + HF searches, axions
Oxford Cigdem Issever Search for new physics in final states with sumet > 1TeV
  Todd Huffman Dijet resonances; Novel b-tagging methods; resonant diHiggs searches
  James Frost Dijet Resonance searches
  Beojan Stanislaus (3rd year DPhil student) Di-Higgs -> 4b final state (resolved regime)
  Santiago Paredes Saenz (3rd year DPhil student) HH to 4b (boosted regime)
UCL Jon Butterworth Vector Boson Fusion
  Louie Corpe Long lived particles (calorimeter-based), leptoquark unfolding
  Gabriel Facini Exotics group co-convener
  Christian Gutschow MET + j(j) cross section ratios
  Gavin Hesketh Long lived particles (calorimeter-based), leptoquark unfolding
  Katharine Leney LPX subgroup convenor, RS graviton interpretations of di-Higgs analysis, LQ3 re-interpretations of other ATLAS analyses
  Alex Martyniuk Hadronic diboson resonances: VVJJ, VHqqbb
  Marco Montella Single VLB in all-hadronic final state
RHUL Tracey Berry Z'-> ee, G->ee, CI->ee and combinations with ee, mm and gg channels
  Liam Duguid X->ee (Contact Interactions) and combination with mm
  Daniel Hayden Z'-> ee, G->ee and combinations with ee, mm and gg channels
Cambridge Andy Parker Extra Dimensions
  Christopher Lester Semi-Classical Black Hole Search
  Sarah Williams Semi-Classical Black Hole Search
  Ben Brunt Semi-Classical Black Hole Search
  Chiao-Ying Lin di-boson resonances, lvqq
Sussex Mark Sutton TeV BSM heavy boson models
Manchester Alex Oh di-boson resonances
  Savanna Shaw di-boson resonances, llqq
  David Lack di-boson resonances, llqq
  Rebecca Pickles Unfolded MET+jets  
  Candice Basson DM+bb searches, Unfolded MET+HF jets  
  Darren Price Unfolded MET+jets, MET+HFjets, Vector Boson Fusion Z'->l+l-, LNV VBF lljj,
  Andy Pilkington Unfolded MET+jets and MET+ ll
  Matous Vozak Unfolded MET+ll
  Terry Wyatt VBF Z'->l+l-, Unfolded MET+jets
RAL Monika Wielers displaced heavy neutral leptons; W' ->lnu, Z' ->ll upgrade studies
  Julie Kirk displaced heavy neutral leptons
  Craig Sawyer displaced heavy neutral leptons
  Bill Murray X->VV->JJ
Warwick Joe Ennis -> VV->JJ
  Bill Murray X->VV->JJ

Sixth Table: B Physics group

Institute Person Activity
QMUL Adrian Bevan B to K*mumu angular analysis
  Marcella Bona B(s) to mumu
Sussex Alex Cerri B(s) to mumu, A1 tp mumu
  Fabio Tresoldi B(s) to mumu
  Oliver Winston B(s) to mumu
Lancaster Maria Smizanska Bs(J/psi phi) CPV, Lifetimes B+(JpsiK +),Bd(J/psi K0*) and Bs(J/psi phi)
  Adam Barton Bs(J/psi phi) CPV, Lifetimes B+(JpsiK +),Bd(J/psi K0*) and Bs(J/psi phi)
  Andy Wharton Bs(J/psi phi) CPV, Lifetimes B+(JpsiK +),Bd(J/psi K0*) and Bs(J/psi phi)
  Roger Jones Bs(J/psi phi) CPV, Lifetimes B+(JpsiK +),Bd(J/psi K0*) and Bs(J/psi phi)
  James Walder Bs(J/psi phi) CPV, Lifetimes B+(JpsiK +),Bd(J/psi K0*) and Bs(J/psi phi)
  Guennadi Borissov Bs(J/psi phi) CPV, Lifetimes B+(JpsiK +),Bd(J/psi K0*) and Bs(J/psi phi)
  Malcolm Skinner Bs(J/psi phi) CPV, Lifetimes B+(JpsiK +),Bd(J/psi K0*) and Bs(J/psi phi)
  Eva Bouhova-Thacker Lifetime difference in Bd system
  Michael Beattie Heavy quarkonium production
  Vato Kartvelishvili Heavy quarkonium production, associated production of quarkonium
RAL Alastair Dewhurst Bs(J/psi phi) CPV
  Julie Kirk Bs(J/psi phi) CPV
Manchester Darren Price Associated quarkonium production, searches for low mass states
Birmingham Miriam Watson Associated production, including W+J/psi 8 TeV
UCL Gavin Hesketh, Josh Mcfayden g->bb
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