-- AlexanderFedotov - 30-Aug-2010

     LXPLUS News     

This is a collection of LXPLUS announcements one gets when logging into an LXPLUS machine (MOTD's -- Messages Of The Day -- they can also be found in /etc/motd-archive/* ).

The table below is an SLC5 version (there is another branch for SLC4: More... Close
*      LXPLUS Public Login Service         Website:  http://cern.ch/plus      *
*    Scientific Linux CERN 4.8 x86_64      Support:   helpdesk@cern.ch        *
*                                                                             *
*    Reminder: You have committed to obey the Computing Rules                 *
*                               http://cern.ch/ComputingRules                 *
*                                                                             *
*    * To select the SLC5 LXPLUS, login to lxplus5.cern.ch                    *
*    * To select the SLC4 LXPLUS, login to lxplus4.cern.ch                    *
Thu Jul 22nd: Routine SLC4 update applied including acroread, libtiff and
Mon Jul 26th: Routine SLC4 update openldap, firefox, libpng, seamonkey 
              and thunderbird.
Mon Aug  2nd: Routine SLC4 update: seamonkey, glibc, firefox, ftp, nscd.
Mon Aug 16th: Routine SLC4 update: freetype and tcsh updated.
Mon Aug 16th: git clients installed.
Mon Sep  6th: Routing SLC4 update including acroread, freetype, nss 
              and openoffice.
Thu Sep 30th: Due to recent events all SLC4 machines within lxplus4
              will be rebooted and reinstalled this afternoon.
              Service will maintained through out but only 30 minutes notice per
              node will be given.               
Thu Oct  7th: Five nodes removed from lxplus4 and moved to lxplus5.
Mon Oct 18th: Routine SLC4 upgrade including freetype, cups, gpdf, xpdf,
              postgresql-libs, acroread.
Mon Nov 15th: Routine SLC4 upgrade including mysql and arc-server.
Wed 24th Nov: SLC4 LxBatch service will close on 13th December.
              SLC4 LxPlus service will close on 14th December.
              See http://cern.ch/ssb for more details.

date News
05-Aug-2010 python-PSI installed. Python System Information.
09-Aug-2010 More git clients installed including git-svn, git-cvs, git-gui, gitk and emacs-git
10-Aug-2010 More dvcs clients installed: mercurial ( hg ) and bizaar ( bzr)
10-Aug-2010 python-pycurl, python-crypto and python-paramiko installed.
11-Aug-2010 netcdf and cmake installed.
16-Aug-2010 Routine SLC5 update, new openldap, vnc, krb5, nscd, glibc and freetype updated.
16-Aug-2010 gsl-devel installed. Extra files for GNU Scientific Library.
17-Aug-2010 perl(XML::DOM), perl(XML::RegExp) version changed.
17-Aug-2010 python-imaging and ipython (interactive python) installed.
17-Aug-2010 python-simplejson update.
19-Aug-2010 freeglut-devel installed.
23-Aug-2010 Routine SLC5 update including updates to OpenJDK , cups, freetype, gdb and tomcat5 servlets. A new kernel is also present but no lxplus wide scheduled reboot is planned.
23-Aug-2010 stgit installed: Patch Stack for GIT repositories.
30-Aug-2010 Routine SLC5 update. acroread and apr updated.
30-Aug-2010 All acronjobs running on lxplus are now executed "nice" so as to favour interactive work.
31-Aug-2010 python-sqlalchemy and python-sqlalchemy0.5 installed.
06-Sep-2010 Routine SLC5 update. Updates to python-simplejson, httpd, patch, poppler and a kernel.
06-Sep-2010 All SLC5 lxplus machines will be reinstalled over the next 3 weekends. 24 hours notice will be given per host. Next weekend (11/12th) lxplusNNN mod(3) == 0 will be reinstalled.
07-Sep-2010 mysql-devel installed.
08-Sep-2010 For all shells "ls --color" is no longer the default for "ls".
14-Sep-2010 Routine SLC5 update including significant cmake upgrade.
15-Sep-2010 Next weekend (18/19th) lxplusNNN mod(3) == 1 will be reinstalled. Twenty four hours notice will be given per node.
16-Sep-2010 All of lxplus5 will be rebooted and reinstalled starting from now 15:00 CEST. 30 minutes notice per node will be given.
http://cern.ch/it-support-servicestatus/ for more deatils.
16-Sep-2010 All of lxplus5 has now been reinstalled.
The previusly planned reboots for this weekend are cancelled.
17-Sep-2010 At 11:20 CEST lxplus310 was unintentionally rebooted.
17-Sep-2010 Plugins for fuse filesystems disabled. Following yesterday's reinstall fuse was unintentionally disabled. It is now available on lxplus302,312,314 and will be available on each node with the next reboot.
17-Sep-2010 'meld' a visual diff program has beed installed.
21-Sep-2010 'pylint' installed - checks python coding style.
'mx' installed -- Extra python tools and addons.
26-Sep-2010 Routine SLC5 upgrade includes updates to: ImageMagick, bzip2, expat, smbclients, nss, ksh, openmotif, popt, rpm, openssh and vim.
Also the mozilla suite is updated, i.e. firefox, xulrunner, nspr and thunderbird.
26-Sep-2010 An updated arcd has been installed. arcd is responsible for executing acrontab jobs.
04-Oct-2010 html2ps, perl(Image::Magick) and libpaper all installed.
07-Oct-2010 Five more nodes moved into lxplus5 from lxplus4.
13-Oct-2010 Old /etc/motd messages moved to /etc/motd-archive/
Routine SLC5 upgrade including updates to: fakeroot , ghostscript, gnome-session , perl , tkinter , and python , xorg-x11-server-{Xvfv,Xnest} .
15-Oct-2010 git2cl installed. Converts git logs to GNU ChangeLog format.
gnome-screensaver installed.
18-Oct-2010 Routine SLC5 update including acroread , python-crypto , freetype , postgresql-libs and tomcat5-servlets.
18-Oct-2010 Around 15 nodes within lxplus were disrupted over the weekend due the partial failure of a network switch. Over the night 15th-16th October in particular the lxplus alias contained some "bad" nodes. Normal service is now restored.
05-Nov-2010 Default memory stack limit increased from 4 GB to 8GB.
Maximum memory stack limit increased from 0.75 to 1.5 * physical RAM of each machine.
08-Nov-2010 Routine SLC5 upgrade including:
zsh , apr, compat-gcc-34, glibc, python26 , tkinter26, tetex, Django, less , nscd, pidgin ImageMagick, kdebase, acroread, java-openjdk, firefox, thundirbird, xulrunner, cups, perl-SOAP-Lite and a new kernel for next reboot.
09-Nov-2010 Installed python-suds, python26-test, python26-sqlalchemy, and python26-simplejson.
12-Nov-2010 lxplus firewall rules changed to permit better access to non-CERN.CH AFS cells
15-Nov-2010 Routine SLC5 update including gnome-screensaver , openmotif and tcsh .
16-Nov-2010 First ( lxplus401/2 ) of a new set of hardware added to lxplus.
These nodes have 64GB of RAM, 16 Cores and 2.5TB of /tmp/
17-Nov-2010 Eight more new nodes have been added to lxplus5.
18-Nov-2010 Today all SLC5 lxplus nodes will be rebooted and reinstalled due to circumstance beyond our control.
Each node will receieve one hour notice before reboot.
18-Nov-2010 All lxplusEVEN nodes have now been reinstalled.
All lxplusODD nodes will reboot at 16:30 CET today.
18-Nov-2010 LxPlus SLC5 machines have now all been reinstalled.
18-Nov-2010 All 48 new lxplus5 nodes have now been enabled.
19-Nov-2010 From Monday 22nd a new account management system will be in place replacing CRA.
Manage all your CERN accounts, passwords and resources
yourself through
The migration for existing LxPlus users will be transparent.
22-Nov-2010 Routine SLC5 upgrade including distcc , freetype , e2fsprogs, tkinter and python .
23-Nov-2010 CPU limits per process have been increased from 24 to 48 hours.
23-Nov-2010 Various GIS software installed:
GDAL: Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
ProJ4: Cartographic Projections Library
GEOS: Geometry Engine
GeoTiff: Georeferenced TIFFs.
ODGI: Open Geographic Datastore Interface
CFITSIO: IO lib for FITS data files.
Dependencies: xerces-c, librx, unixODBC.
24-Nov-2010 SLC4 LxBatch service will close on 13th December.
SLC4 LxPlus service will close on 14th December.
See http://cern.ch/ssb for more details.
01-Dec-2010 pexpect installed, a python version of expect .
02-Dec-2010 /opt/atlas,cms,lhcb and sft are available via cvmfs for testing on lxplus253,414 and 437
02-Dec-2010 colordiff installed - yet another comparison tool.
openssl-devel(i386) installed
06-Dec-2010 Routine SLC5 upgrade. No updates.
08-Dec-2010 wxPython, wlxGTK and wxBase installed. GUI toolkit.
13-Dec-2010 Routine SLC5 upgrade including apr-util , phonebook , gnome-screensaver , gtk2 , krb5-libs , thundirbird and php-cli
13-Dec-2010 Change in LxPlus account resolving, should be transparent.
14-Dec-2010 SLC4 LxPlus and LxBatch services are now closed.
10-Jan-2011 Routine SLC5 update including firefox, xulrunner, thunderbird, openssl, bind-utils, wxBase, wxGTK and Django-South.
A restart of firefox and thunderbird is advised.
12-Jan-2011 Eleven nodes added to lxplus5
14-Jan-2011 A hard limit of 16384 processes per user per node has now been introduced. The global system limit remains at 32768.
17-Jan-2011 Routine SLC5 update including m2crypto and wxBase/GTK. A new kernel (2.6.18-194.32.1.el5) and OpenAFS client has been configured for next reboot.
17-Jan-2011 Extra aspell dictionaries installed including Slovenian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Croatian, Spannish, Greek, German, Danish, Czech, Catalan Sweedish and Bulgarian
19-Jan-2011 Old /etc/motd messages moved to /etc/motd-archive/
19-Jan-2011 Ten lxplus nodes will be made available shortly for testing significant software updates SLC5.5 -> SLC5.6 . More details will follow.
20-Jan-2011 Ten lxplus nodes are now availble for preview of a significant upgrade from SLC 5.5 to 5.6.
lxplus248,lxplus256,lxplus304,lxplus312,lxplus408,lxplus416, lxplus424,lxplus432,lxplus440,lxplus448 (mod(8)=0)
These nodes will not appear behind lxplus.cern.ch during this phase.
Updated software includes:
Django, gettext, libgomp, libsdtc++, openssh gcc (4.1.2), gcc44(4.4.0), cpp, gfortran, g++ gettext, ghostscript, glibc, gdb, cups, httpd, pcre, python(2.4), python-pycurl, python-urlgrabber, screen, tkinter and a new kernel(2.6.18-238.1.1.el5)
Use rpm -qa --last for a full list.
The preview period is expected to be one week.
20-Jan-2011 The ten nodes above also have svn clients upgraded from 1.4 to 1.6. This may require some care during migration.
See: http://cern.ch/svn/news/svnannounce_9.html
Again the preview period is expected to be one week.
25-Jan-2011 On Friday 28th January the SLC5.6 updates detailed as available for preview above including SVN 1.6 will deployed across all of lxplus.
28-Jan-2011 All of lxplus5 is now running SLC5.6 including svn 1.6.
See above for details what was included in SLC5.6.
01-Feb-2011 Old /etc/motd messages moved to /etc/motd-archive/
01-Feb-2011 Today lxplus will use a new kerberos realm for authentication.
The migration should be transparent for users.
07-Feb-2011 SLC5 upgrade including pnago, openoffice, curl, cups, coreutils, java-1.6.0-openjdk and sl-release.
With sl-release update /etc/redhat-release now contains 5.6
07-Feb-2011 Over next few days lxplus will reboot to kernel version 2.6.18-238.1.1.el5 . Progress 13/90 nodes complete.
09-Feb-2011 Over next few days lxplus will reboot to kernel version 2.6.18-238.1.1.el5. Progress 48/90 nodes complete.
14-Feb-2011 Routine SLC5 update - no updates.
14-Feb-2011 BLOCKING OF LXPLUS ACCOUNTS on 28th February
Please note that users who have NOT YET DONE the Computer
Security Course will be BLOCKED from using LXPLUS on
February 28th 2011!!!
Please check here and do it online:
15-Feb-2011 lpadmincern updated - cern printer configuration.
16-Feb-2011 Routine SLC5 update including: cpp, gcc, krb5-libs, gfortran, libstdc++ , postgresql and another lpadmincern.
16-Feb-2011 LxPlus reboots to kernel version 2.6.18-238.1.1.el5 now complete.
17-Feb-2011 Some machines within LxPlus are becoming unresponsive for 30 minutes or so. To allow diagnosis some forced crash dumps will be collected from affected machines terminating all sessions on those machines.
23-Feb-2011 iotop installed. Like top but for per process i/o
28-Feb-2011 SLC5 update including libgomp, fuse, gcc44, OpenJDK, libstdc++44, python-imaging, rdesktop, subversion
07-Mar-2011 SLC5 update including Django, fuse, gnome-screensaver, java-OpenJDK, ksh, quota and tomcat5-servlets
08-Mar-2011 Old /etc/motd messages moved to /etc/motd-archive/
09-Mar-2011 /opt/atlas , cms, lhcb, alice and sft available across all of LxPlus via CVMFS.
14-Mar-2011 SLC5 update: Includes firefox, thunderbird, smbclient, libtiff, rpmlint and git clients.
Restarting firefox and thunderbird is recommended.
git from 1.5 to 1.7 is significant see - http://goo.gl/kYNwd
A new kernel (2.6.18-238.5.1.el5) is also enabled and 10 nodes or so will be rebooted to this version.
17-Mar-2011 New policy for AFS home directory permissions from now on.
17-Mar-2011 Obligation to pass CERN Security Course from now on.
21-Mar-2011 SLC5 updates incuding pcre, python26, tkinter26, subversion, and tomcat5-servlets-api.
23-Mar-2011 New software installed: python26-nose, dvipng114 and t1lib .
25-Mar-2011 New software installed: xerces-c-devel and python26-virtualenv
28-Mar-2011 SLC5 updates: openldap, firefox, thunderbird, xulrunner .
A restart of your firefox sessions is recomended.
05-Apr-2011 SLC5 updates: acroread, arc-server, ksh, libtiff, lpadmincern, tzdata.
05-Apr-2011 highlight installed, a source code formater.
11-Apr-2011 SLC5 updates: cvsps (CVS patch stack)
11-Apr-2011 IBSimu installed, ion beam simulator.
11-Apr-2011 cython and python26-Cython installed. C modules for python.
11-Apr-2011 python26-numpy installed.
13-Apr-2011 python26-imaging installed.
18-Apr-2011 SLC5 updates: giflib, glibc, nscd, openssh, sed, screen and paps.
18-Apr-2011 New fonts installed: xorg-x11-fonts-100dpi, xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi, xorg-x11-fonts-Type1 and xorg-x11-fonts-truetype
18-Apr-2011 ICEwm ( icewm ) has been configured to use alpine instead of pine.
26-Apr-2011 SLC5 updates - avahi, gnome-vfs2, nautilus, lapack and blas (linear algebra).
A new kernel is configured: 2.6.18-238.9.1.el5
and 10 nodes will be rebooted to this version.
09-May-2011 SLC5 updates - highlight, emacs, gdbm, glibc, tetex, vnc xorg-x11, firefox, thunderbird and xulrunner.
Restarting firefox and/or thunderbird is recomended.
18-May-2011 MySQL-python installed.
/cvmfs/geant4.cern.ch repository enabled.
23-May-2011 SLC5 updates: apr, autofs, cpuspeed, gdb, httpd, OpenJDK, kdebase, lpadmincern, nss, python(2.4.3), rdesktop, tkinter, wxPython and zlib.
23-May-2011 A preview SLC6 based LxPlus service is now available
26-May-2011 protobuf installed, Google's Protocol Buffers
30-May-2011 SLC5 updates: busybox, kdebase, ksh, poppler.
30-May-2011 kdegraphics including kpdf installed.
15-Jun-2011 SLC5 updates: xinetd, talk, systemtap, gimp, apr and cern-wrappers.
15-Jun-2011 A new kernel is now installed - 2.6.18-238.12.1.el5. 10 nodes will be rebooted to this version.
16-Jun-2011 /cvmfs/atlas-nightlies.cern.ch is now availble.
20-Jun-2011 SLC5 updates: busybox, java, perl, subversion.
22-Jun-2011 boost141 installed. An additional newer version of boost.
23-Jun-2011 python-argparse installed.
24-Jun-2011 perf ( More... Close a Performance analysis tools for Linux ) installed: Userspace kernel call monitoring.
27-Jun-2011 xrootd-clients updated from 20090930.1117 to "3.0.4-1"
lxplus245, 252, 306, 307, 309 and 313. To be updated everywhere shortly.
04-Jul-2011 SLC5 updates including firefox and thunderbird.
05-Jul-2011 xrootd-clients updated to 3.0.4 on lxplus and batch.
18-Jul-2011 SLC5 updates including curl, glibc, kdenetwork, krb5, python-argparse, ruby, nscd.
19-Jul-2011 The *80 batch queue on the lxbatch service have now been decommissioned. http://cern.ch/go/Z7kL
25-Jul-2011 All of lxplus will be rebooted over the next few days to clear out stale processes.
08-Aug-2011 The CVMFS provided /cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch is switching to the new atlas layout at 16:00 today. http://cern.ch/go/Nml8
11-Aug-2011 SLC5.7 availble for testing in lxbatch now and lxplus tomorrow on the 12th. http://cern.ch/go/f7XK
28-Aug-2011 LxPlus and Batch updating to SLC5.7. Updates include: bash, boost, cmake, coreutils, cpp, e2fsprogs, firefox, gcc-*, glibc, gzip, kdebase, krb5-libs, ksh, libpng, libstdc++, libxml2, man, openmotif, openssl, python-simpljson, python-sqlaclemy, python-suds, rsync, valgrind and new kernel = 2.6.18-238.12.1.el5
05-Sep-2011 SLC5 update including curl, openssh and tzdata.
05-Sep-2011 Slight update to LSF clients.
19-Sep-2011 "tig" a console git repository browser installed.
26-Sep-2011 SLC5 update including ghostscript, python (2.4)
10-Oct-2011 /cvmfs/atlas-condb.cern.ch now available via CVMFS
04-Dec-2011 SLC5 updated including bind, cern-wrappers, expect, freetype, ftp, gawk, glibc, hepix, hmaccalc, less, libexif, openldap, openmotif22 and phonebook .
04-Dec-2011 cx_Oracle updated to new SLC5 version 5.1.
09-Jan-2012 SLC5 updated including acpid, bzr, fetchmail, gtk2, java-1.6.0-sun, lftp, libpurple, tomcat5-servlets
12-Jan-2012 libtermcap-devel.i386 and libreadline.i386 installed.
06-Feb-2012 SLC5 update including acroread, busybox, distcc, firefox, iftop, libxml2, openssl, php-cli, ruby, t1lib, thunderbird, and xulrunner
13-Feb-2012 python26-mysqldb installed. Python 2.6 MySQL access.
28-Feb-2012 SLC5 update including ghostscript, glibc, mysql and kernel (2.6.8-274.17.1)
14-Mar-2012 libxml++, libsigc++ and glibmm22 installed.
20-Mar-2012 SLC5 update including firefox, ImageMagick, MySQL-python, binutils, boost, cpp, cups, curl, cvs, file firefox, flash-plugin, gcc, gcc44, gdb, ghostscript, glibc, glx-utils, httpd, iotop, iptables, java-1.6.0-openjdk, krb5, ksh, libpng, samba, libstdc++, libvorbis, libxml2, lsof, mesa, openldap, openmotif, openssh, openssl, perl, php, poppler, python, rdesktop, rpm , ruby, strace, thunderbird, unixODBC, xmlrpc-c, xulrunner
23-Mar-2012 ImageMagick downgraded
17-Apr-2012 cgdb installed, curses interface to gdb.
19-Apr-2012 Around 10 lxplus machines are being reinstalled at a short notice of around 2 hours.
07-May-2012 SLC5 update including acroread, autofs, coreutils, firefox, flash-plugin, freetype, glibc, gnutls, ksh, libgcrypt, libpng, samba, libtiff, openoffice, openssl, popt, python-sqlalchemy0.5, rpm, thunderbird, tomcat5-libs, wget
07-May-2012 SLC5 update kernel 2.6.18-308.4.1.el5 installed.
25-Jun-2012 SLC5 update include ImageMagick, binutils, cpp, doxygen, expat, euca2ools, firefox, gcc, gdbm, java, openoffice, openssl, php-cli, python, python26, subversion, wget
26-Jun-2012 squirrel installed - http://squirrel-sql.sourceforge.net/
26-Jun-2012 xrootd clients updated to 3.2.2
29-Jun-2012 pyfits installed - Python interface to FITS.
02-Jul-2012 SLC5 update including e2fsprogs, latex2rft, telnet, file.
07-Aug-2012 castor client updated to 2.1.13-0 on 10% of lxplus.
18-Oct-2012 SLC5 updates including alpine (pint) , cyrus-sasl, euca2ools, firefox, flash, gdb, gimp, glibc, gnome-session, hepix, java-1.6.0-openjdk, kdebase, latex, libtiff, libxml, libxslt, mutt, openldap, openoffice, phonebook, qt, rdesktop, tetex, thunderbird, zlib and zsh
30-Oct-2012 xfreerdp installed, another windows TS client.
openoffice.org-pyuno installed, python openoffice bindings.
05-Dec-2012 SLC5 updates - python26, euca2ools, thunderbird, openafs, oracle-instantclient.
18-Dec-2012 lxplus will be completly reinstalled over the next two days. See: http://cern.ch/go/rQb8 for updates.
07-Jan-2013 SLC5 updates - cern-get-sso-cookie, kernel, openafs, oracle.
13-Feb-2013 SLC5.8 -> 5.9 update - autofs, busybox, firefox, ftp, flash, gcc-*, glibc, gnutls, gtk+, hsqldb, httpd, java-1.6.0-sun, ksh, lftp, libstdc++, libtiff, m2crypto, mysql, pam, perl-WWW-CERNSSO, python, ruby, tcl, tomcat5, vim-*
13-Mar-2013 The SLC6 lxplus service lxplus6.cern.ch will be redirected to new machines: See http://cern.ch/go/8wrZ
19-Mar-2013 The SLC5 lxplus.cern.ch service will rebooted over the next week.
26-Apr-2013 Old /etc/motd messages moved to /etc/motd-archive/
06-May-2013 The lxplus Alias lxplus.cern.ch will be redirected to SLC6 machines. http://cern.ch/go/F7kM
22-Jul-2013 SLC5 update including acroread, bash, boost141, curl, firefox, git, flash, glibc, java-sun, java-openjdk, gnutls, mesa, nss, perl, php, pidgin, thunderbird.
28-Feb-2014 As the majority of batch resources have been migrated to SLC6 and the SLC5 batch resources are decreasing please consider moving to lxplus6 for batch submission.
27-Mar-2014 There will be rolling reboots of the LCPLUS5 (LXPLUS SLC5) nodes from today 27 March until 1 April. These reboots are needed in order to upgrade to CVMFS 2.1. Sorry for the inconvenience.
14-Aug-2014 Termination of SLC5-based central Plus (lxplus5) and Batch services:
Recently, following observed usage patterns, we have increased the capacity of SLC6-based resources, and significantly reduced SLC5-based ones.
We are now planning for terminating the SLC5-based services towards end of September 2014.
Users, who still feel an urgent need for SLC5-based Plus (lxplus5) and/or Batch services beyond end September, are kindly invited to make their needs known by contacting the service desk no later than September 14.
16-Sep-2014 Termination of SLC5-based central Plus (lxplus5) and Batch services:
We are planning for terminating the SLC5-based services towards end of September 2014.
Thanks to all users who provided feedback; we are in the process of analysing it. Further feedback (contact the service desk) may still be considered on a best-effort basis.
01-Oct-2014 Termination of SLC5-based central Plus (lxplus5) and Batch services:
After analysing the user feedback we are preparing for terminating the SLC5-based services during October 2014.
05-Oct-2014 Termination of SLC5-based central Plus (lxplus5) and Batch services:
After analysing the user feedback, the stoppage of the SLC5-based central Plus (lxplus5) service has been scheduled for Monday 13th October 2014.

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