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This page describes how to register for LAr shifts in the control room. Please contact Adam Gibson, Jessica Leveque, or Caroline Collard with questions.

This page has been updated for January-June 2010 shifts.

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Latest Shift Calls

November 25 general call for control room shifts from January 4 to June 1, 2010. The email announcing the call is available in the hn-atlas-lar-general archive.

2010 shifts are open for limited pre-booking, for those with permission from the LAr Run Coordinator via their Group Representative. An email was sent out announcing this, to Group Reps, on November 12 or 13.

2010 shifts were pre-booked for a few people finishing their 2009 shift commitments.

August 12, 2009 general call for control room shifts from October 12, 2009 to January 4, 2010. The email announcing the call is available in the hn-atlas-lar-general archive. Still a few spaces left from Dec 20 - January 4.

Requirements for Taking Shift

You must be a member of the LAr Community. To take LAr shifts, you must have performed all of the following steps. You can sign up for shifts first, and work on your access afterwards. The actual shift signup procedure is described at "Booking Shifts in OTP".

Gain Access to Point1

You will need access to Point1 and the control room. Completing all these procedures from the beginning will take 2-4 days in person at CERN (some steps can be completed remotely).

To get into the control room, you should sign up for "ATL_CR" access in EDH.

EDH is the system at CERN that is used for submitting requests. You can find it here: If you can not log in to EDH, you need to start by getting your CERN accounts set up. Here is a good place to start: or talk with the ATLAS Secretariat.

  • If you have had ATL_CR before, you should check to make sure it is not expired. If it is expired, you can renew it easily in EDH, under "Access Request"
  • To get ATL_CR for the first time, you must take the CERN safety courses and request the access on EDH.
    • First take the ``Basic safety course'' (offered two times each day in English and French) in person, at CERN. More details on the courses can be found at the safety website (it may now be possible to take all of the safety courses online).
    • Next, take the ``Level 4A for ATLAS'' course online. The link for the 4A course is here. You can do this anywhere.
    • Log in to EDH using your NICE password. If you cannot, please contact the ATLAS secretariat for help.
      • Click "Access Request" (or "Demande d'accès")
      • Click "+Add" to request a new access.
        • Access Zone: ATLAS CONTROL ROOM (ATL_CR)
        • Start Date: leave empty to take the date of approval as the default
        • End Date: leave empty to get the longest period allowed
        • Justification: "Taking LAr shifts in the Control Room"
      • Click "OK" to close the window.
      • Now you need to send the request. On the top of the window are circular icons, click the one for "Send". You will need to type a password. If you need help with this, contact the ATLAS secretariat. They can tell you how to get the password.
      • To view the status of your request, from, select the "Documents Created By Me" search. It will NOT show up anymore under "Required Access" (should say "Requested" access...)

You will also need access to the LAr satellite control room, which is located next to the main control room. To get this, you have to take your CERN ID to S. Auerbach, in Building 124, office R-011. Tell him you are requesting access to 3159-R012 for LAr shifts. He will place your ID into a machine and add the access rights for you. All access expired in the summer (June?) of 2008. So, even if you once had access you may need to visit S. Auerbach again.

On the day of your shift, you should arrive at the ATLAS Control Room, in Building 3162.

Obtain a Point1 Account and e-log accounts

Once you are on the shift schedule, one of the operations people will contact the TDAQ SysAdmins (( on your behalf. You should get an email that confirms that you have the accounts before your shifts. You will no longer need a separate password -- your NICE password will also work in Point 1.

The e-log no longer has a separate account, instead using your P1 account. See for details.

Training and "Permanence" for Shifters

You should read the LAr Shifter Training slides available online. You should also look through the pages linked from the main shifter page and the LAr Operation manual that is linked there. The LAr Operation manual changes frequently. If you haven't been on shift in a while, expect to refer to the manual - don't rely solely on your memory! Before your first shift browse through the last week of the elog, especially LAr entries. Indeed, each day before your shift you should browse through the previous 24 hours of the elog.

We no longer organize "in-person lecture" style training sessions. Instead, we offer a weekly "permanence" question and answer session, including the latest information from the LAr Operations team. They take place in the Satelitte Control Room.

  • every Tuesday between 11:00 and 12:00
Your presence at one of the permanence sessions is MANDATORY before your first block of "LAr Shifter" shifts, and is recommended for all. To be clear : any permanence before the start of your shifts is OK, not necessarily the one immediately before your first shifts (of course this one is better, but not always feasible due to travel, etc.).

Much of your training will be hands-on. Learning by doing, and with advice from experienced shifters. Experienced shifters should expect to train new shifters, as part of their shift experience. New shifters should ask lots of questions, and make sure that they stay actively involved (don't leave it all to the experienced shifter!).

Types of LAr Shifts

We have two categories of LAr control room shifters: "LAr Experienced Shifter" and "LAr Shifter". The shift crew will consist of two experienced shifters, and one other shifter. These shifters share the two desks in the Main Control Room (and perhaps space in the Satellite Control Room).

The "LAr Shifter" position requires no experience. After taking two blocks as "LAr Shifter" you are automatically qualified (no test required!) as "LAr Experienced Shifter".

To book shifts, you must be in the ATLAS author database, and then your name has to be added (by Adam Gibson, currently) to the list of eligible LAr shifters in OTP. In practice, you'll be added to the "LAr Shifter" and "LAr Experienced Shifter" lists simultaneously. A new shifter should book their first two blocks of shifts as "LAr Shifter" and at least four additional, later, blocks as "LAr Experienced Shifter". (I recommend that you book all six blocks at the same time, before they fill up and make your schedule potentially less convenient).

Please be considerate of others, and including some of the less popular blocks in your schedule (night shifts, weekend shifts, weekend night shifts).

Your six blocks should booked with no gaps greater than two months between shifts - you're most effective as a shifter when you have recent experience! Otherwise you will have to repeat the two blocks of "LAr Shifter".

If your last 2009 shift falls within this two month window, you may book all six of your blocks as "LAr Experienced Shifter".

The minimum number of shift blocks for 2010 is six (18-24 shifts). But we encourage people to take more! In general, having more experienced shifters will lead to smoother operations, better data quality, and higher data taking efficiency.

We'd also like to encourage people to volunteer as "super shifters". These people, graduate students, postdocs, or others, would volunteer to take a large number of shifts. We have had a number of such people involved in the past. They have been very helpful in assuring stable and effective operations, and moving the LAr operations effort forward. We think it's a very good way to gain a solid perspective of the LAr, and of ATLAS more broadly. We appreciate all of our shifters, especially those who take more than the minimum required number of blocks. But, if you take twice the requirement (twelve blocks in 2010) we'll call you a "Super Shifter". If you're interested, you can contact Adam (, who may be able to help with booking. Otherwise, just book them!

LAr shifts in the future

For now, we are calling only for control room shifters. Remote shifting is under discussion for the future.

Dates and Times of Shifts

The current shift call is for January 4, 2010 to June 1, 2010 (with a few shifts remaining from the last call, December 20-January 4). As discussed above, someone taking shifts governed by this shift call must take at least six blocks of shifts, and the six blocks should include gaps of no larger than two months. If your last shifts are in April or May it's possible to complete your six blocks in July and August of 2010. If that's your plan please contact Adam Gibson ( so that he can facilitate booking of the 2010 shifts.

Shifters are encouraged to take more than the required six blocks!

ATLAS shift rules, and the definitions of shift blocks, are given at linked here, or here if you're inside the P1 network. Many are enforced directly in OTP.

New shifters (i.e. "LAr Shifter") may take their first shift blocks at night. There will be more experienced shifters to accompany you.

As discussed above, a new shifter will take two blocks as "LAr Shifter" and then at least four blocks as "LAr Experienced Shifter". (In total at least 18-24 eight hour shifts.) If your last 2009 shifts fall within two months of your first 2010 shifts, then you may take all six 2010 blocks as "LAr Experienced Shifter".

The shift times are: Day shifts: 06:45 - 15:00, Evening shifts: 14:45 - 23:00, Night shifts: 22:45 - 7:00 (allowing for 15 minutes of overlap with the previous shift)

The night (Owl) shift associated with a particular date follows the evening shift. So, the November 10th night shift begins on November 10th and ends on November 11th.

Booking Shifts in OTP (Operation Task Planner)

You can book your shifts on the OTP accordingly:

  1. Recommended browsers are Firefox and Internet Explorer
  2. Log on to the OTP using your EDH user name and account
    • If you are not able to access OTP, see the steps to take in the FAQbelow.
  3. On the bottom of the page you should find "Book my shifts"; please click here.
    • If you do not see any links appear under "Book my shifts," (you only see a line with titles like "Id," "Status," "Owner"...) you are not yet added to the list of LAr shifters. Please send your name to us and we will add your name in OTP. Please email your name and institute to (removing NOSPAM) and he will add you.
  4. Select the shift period that interests you. There may be a few LAr periods open at any given time. All shifts will be visible from all periods, but you can only book them if you select the appropriate period on the "Book my shifts" page. (A "feature" of OTP!)
  5. You will get a new page called "Shift Booking" on which you find your name and photo. Click on the appropriate task (e.g. 529008 for LAr Experienced Shifter, 529009 for LAr Shifter).
  6. A schedule opens up (change the starting month, and number of months, as necessary to see the shifts of interest)
  7. On the calendar, the dates of available shifts are indicated by a red box.
  8. Choose your shift blocks, at least four, as described above.
  9. The boxes will turn green to indicate the shift has been booked. If the block turns yellow/orange, the shift is overbooked. Please do not take the shift.
    • If there is a red box and you can not click it and turn it green, you are in the wrong "shift period". Go back to the first screen, and under "Book my Shifts" choose the period of dates that includes the shifts you want to take.
  10. When you've booked your shifts, click the button "Save Shift Booking" below your picture. If you make an error, just click "Cancel" and try again. You should see a box that says "Save Successful."
  11. Verify that your name is on the schedule by following the steps below.

Confirming Shift Schedule

To confirm the shift schedule, please proceed in the following way:
  1. Log on to the OTP using your EDH user name and account (same as above)
  2. On the blue menu bar on top of the page, please click on the top right button "Reports" then underneath, "Task Schedule Reports"
  3. A search menu appears, for "Tasks:" enter "529008, 529009", click the check box for "Group by Weeks" and choose the correct range of dates.
  4. Click on "Get Reports" to see the Schedule -- look for your name.
    • If your name is NOT on the schedule, please go back and book the shifts again. You should see "Save Successful" when you save your shifts.
  5. It's a good idea to save a copy of the schedule -- on most computers you can say "Print" and then "Save as/Print to PDF" to save a copy, or take a screenshot, or print it out the old-fashioned way. This will help us report the problem if your shifts later disappear from the schedule, as some have.
  6. A "Personal Schedule Report" is also available from the "Reports" menu, but only displays your shifts for the next month.
  7. Automatic email reminders are sent out by OTP, but you shouldn't rely on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can not log in to OTP. What do I do?
The most likely explanation is that you are not correctly entered in the ATLAS member database. Consult the member database with user name "atlas" and the usual password (ask someone in your group if you don't know the "atlas" user's password) at: If you are not there, contact your own supervisor or direct line-manager for your University or Lab -- only they should help you get entered into the ATLAS database.
  • If you are in the ATLAS database, but cannot log in to OTP, try logging in to EDH: If you cannot log in there either, you have a problem with your NICE/AFS password. You should go here: and follow links for "Forgot your password?" or "Change your password."
  • If you are in the ATLAS database, and you can log in to EDH, but you cannot log in to OTP with the same user name and password, your CERN account is not linked to your ATLAS account. Please email the secretariat at (removing NOSPAM) and tell them you are in the ATLAS DB but cannot log in to OTP.

I don't see myself listed for the job I want to book for. For example, I do not show up as a "LAr Shifter" Can I add myself?
No. You can not add yourself to the LAr shift tasks. When you try, you will not be able to save. If you want to be added, please email your name and institute to (removing NOSPAM) and he will add you.

I'm not able to book in OTP because I can't log in, or I'm not yet on the OTP eligibility list for the shift I want. Can I still reserve my shift?
Email us and we'll try to accommodate your request.

Am I signing up to say "I'm available for these dates, tell me what shifts are mine."?
Nope! You're actually signing up for the shifts you will take.

Is there any confirmation of my shift? How I know if I am on the schedule?
You should generate and save a copy of the "report" (see above ) to see the full schedule, which should include your name on the dates that you booked. You may get an email from us before your shift with more explicit instructions re training, etc. If not, show up with the necessary requirements completed. New in 2009: you may get automatically generated emails reminding you of yours shifts. But, don't rely on them. The details are still being worked out.

In OTP I'm able to sign up for more than one type of shift (e.g LAr Experienced Shifter, LAr Shifter). Which shift should I take?
If you're eligible for LAr Experienced Shifter (you've already booked two blocks as LAr Shifter, or are eligible for calibration shifts), please sign up for that role. We need more people in the LAr Experienced slots, so it's important that they sign up for that role. If you'd like to take shifts, but can only find openings for the less experienced shift role, please contact A. Gibson.

I have some general problem with OTP. Perhaps I booked shifts and they later disappeared. Where can I complain?
For now, please first contact A. Gibson, J. Leveque, or C. Collard with such complaints or questions. We can try to help you understand what happened, and then someone (sometimes Adam or Isabelle) will report OTP problems. This reporting, by Adam or Isabelle, can be done with an email to including "ATLAS OTP" in the subject line.

What if I signed up for shift and now, I can not make it? Can I switch one shift or two?
Please email adam.gibson AT to figure out how to solve the problem. If you want to take most of the shifts, but you can not make it for one of them, you can arrange a trade with someone else on LAr. That person MUST be at the same level of qualification -- if it is a LAr Experienced Shifter shift, they must also be qualified as LAr Experienced Shifter. It is best to change with someone else who will be on shift in the same week or two. You MUST inform A. Gibson about the shift change so that we know who to expect in the control room on what days. Use this swapping only for special cases. If A. Gibson doesn't reply, contact the LAr shift phone, that is, the LAr run coordinator on duty (16 2582).

Likewise, if you are suddenly unable to make it to the control room (your flight's canceled, you're in the hospital, etc.) call the LAr shift phone (16 2582 aka +41 (0) 76 487 2582).

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