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LHC fast facts

This is a repository of LHC-related info.

CMS basics (source: wiki)

  • Compact Muon Solenoid
  • 25m long, 15m diameter, 12.5 ktons
  • 3600 scientists from 180 institutes (40 countries)
  • 4T solenoid magnet

Trigger basics

  • LHC rate: 40 MHz (NB: This is just 1/25ns.)

Decision times (2012):

L1 2.5 x 10-6 s
L2 40 x 10-3 s
EF 4 s

Tau fast facts

This is a repository of tau-related info.

Tau basics (source: pdg)

  • Mass: 1,776.82 0.16 MeV
  • Mean lifetime (T): (290.6 1.0) x 10-15 s
  • cT = 87.11 m

b-hadron basics (for comparison) (sources: pdg, LHCb conf):

  • B, B0
  • Mass: 5279.25 0.17 MeV, 5279.58 0.17 MeV
  • Mean lifetime (T): (1.641 0.008) x 10-12 s, (1.519 0.007) x 10-12 s
  • cT: 492.0 m, 455.4 m


Tau-pertinent mesons (h/t delphi and Rutgers)

Meson Composition Tau decay fraction Decay (self-fraction)
ρ(770) ud-bar 25.83% π π0 (~100%)
a1(1260) ? 18.23% π π π (49.5%)
a1(1260) ? 18.23% π π0 π0 (50.5%)


Twiki genesis

AlexanderTunaMeetings is begun. 20 May 2013.

VBFTriggerLepHad2012 is begun. 12 Feb 2013.

PennTauElectronVetoTrain2012 is begun. 27 Nov 2012.

PennTauHiggsTauTau2012 is begun. 10 Nov 2012.

TuesdayIdentificationMethods is begun. 27 Sep 2016.


  • Ad-hoc: Made up.
  • Bremstrahlung: At ATLAS, when an electron emits a photon via material interaction. German for "braking radiation".
  • Color flow: Describes how freely internal colored particles travel in a diagram. VBF: minimal color flow. ttbar: hella color flow.
  • Gamma: Photon.
  • Heavy flavor: Relatively heavy quarks (or heavy-quark-initiated jets) like t, b, c.
  • ISF: Integrated simulation framework. Gives the user the freedom to fully simulate some aspects of the process and fast simulate others.
  • ISR/FSR: Initial/final state radiation. The radiation is typically photons or jets.
  • Light flavor: Relatively light quarks (or light-quark-initiated jets) like u, d, s. Gluons (gluon-initiated jets) are included.
  • Nominal: Baseline, standard, un-new
  • Sea quark: In a proton-proton collision, this is a quark which popped out of the vacuum (ie, not a valence quark).
  • Valence quark: In a proton, this is one of the actual uud quarks.

Template for task force twiki

task force scope analyzers mailing list twiki talks duration
flattening framework write framework for converting (D)xAOD to flat ntuples and applying CP recommendations Vince, David, Ulla, Michel, Clara atlas-phys-higgs-h-to-tt-asg HSG4ASG 2014-06-23, 2014-06-13 dunno
trigger give analysis feedback to (tau) trigger community Alex, Quentin no no no dunno
mtautau explore feasibility of BRT m(tautau) Matthew, Quentin, Alex no no 2014-06-16 dunno

Operations Problems 2016

Run 299584: Broken power board on RPC A-side, 4/32 trigger sectors down. ( Run 299340, 299343: Broken optical transceiver in MDT MROD (

Scratch notes

How to mess with oks in git

Thanks Jared:

Also classic:

cd ~/
mkdir -p oks/$tdaqrelease   #If you don't have it
cd oks/$tdaqrelease
export TDAQ_DB_USER_REPOSITORY=$(pwd) muons #This will download the whole muon folder there
oks_data_editor muons/partitions/    #Standalone Partition


How to avoid a black background when uploading images with transparency to mattermost

Resize your image to be 128x128 or smaller.

The black background only appears when mattermost needs to resize for you.


How to crop an image from the command line

> identify image.jpg 
image.jpg JPEG 720x482 720x482+0+0 8-bit DirectClass 100KB 0.000u 0:00.009
# top 5px
# bottom 7px
# right 14px
# left 3px
> convert image.jpg -crop 703x470+3+5 output.jpg


How to make a gif from a set of images

convert -delay 20 -loop 0 *.jpg myimage.gif

And in case you'd like to preserve transparency by refreshing on each frame: add -dispose Background

h/t and

How to enable vector< vector< int > > in ROOT C++

    // ROOT black magic
    if (channel_rates) {
      std::cout << "ROOT: Generating dict for vector<vector<int32>>..." << std::endl;
      gInterpreter->GenerateDictionary("vector<vector<uint32_t> >", "vector");
      std::cout << "ROOT: Done." << std::endl;

How to force a gif to loop

convert -delay 5 -loop 0 cosmicparrot_unlooping.gif cosmicparrot.gif

convert is from ImageMagick.


How to recover a lost file on afs


afs_admin recover <full_afs_path> 

  • NB: "(f)" next to it = ("full backup")
  • NB: It recovers from tape. Slow af. O(hour(s))
  • NB: There is a daily backup here:

How to workaround annoying Firefox error: Firefox is already running

find ~/.mozilla/ -name .parentlock
# delete that lockfile


How to mess with CVMFS

Thx RK.

How to password-less login to lxplus

  • Do the usual id_rsa for ssh keys? Not sure if this is necessary
  • kinit -f $USER@CERN.CH
  • Add this to your ~/.ssh/config/

  GSSAPIAuthentication yes
  GSSAPIDelegateCredentials yes

How to VNC from OSX to lxplus

In my local bashrc:

export CERNUSER="tuna"
    if ! klist -s; then
        kinit -f $CERNUSER@CERN.CH
    echo "Randomly choosing a port and lxplus node..."
    # jot for OSX, shuf for Linux
    # the ports between 0 and 30 are mostly occupied :(
    PORT=$(jot -r 1 30 99)
    MSG="Press [Enter] to exit. To run:"
    RUN="open vnc://localhost:59${PORT}"
    GEO="-geometry 2560x1600"
    CHK="\$( /usr/sbin/ss -l -t | grep \":..${PORT}\" )"
    SAD="Port $PORT is occupied on \$HOSTNAME. Sorry! Please try again."
    CMD="if [[ $CHK ]]; then echo $SAD; else vncserver :${PORT} -localhost $GEO && sleep 1 && echo $MSG && echo $RUN && read DUMMY && vncserver -kill :${PORT}; fi"
    ssh -L $OPT $HOST $CMD

In my lxplus bashrc:

    for FI in $(ls $HOME/.vnc/ | grep pid); do
        # => ssh lxplus718 "vncserver -kill :7"
        HOST=$(echo $FI | sed 's/\*//')
        PORT=$(echo $FI | sed 's/.*' | sed 's/\.pid//')
        echo $FI
        ssh $HOST "vncserver -kill $PORT"

Run `vclean` occasionally to clean up dangling vnc sessions.

How to ERS


How to use class functions for nefarious purposes


error: invalid use of non-static member function


How to tell apache a new directory is okay for web content


chcon -R -t httpd_sys_content_t MY_WANNABE_WEB_DIR

How to set up python3 with cvmfs

lsetup "lcgenv -p LCG_94python3 x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt Python"

How to replace "0.0" with "-" in the post-fit tables

for FI in tables/misc/*postFit.tex; do sed -i 's/ 0.0 / - /g' ${FI}; done

How to merge EVNT files --outputEVNTFile EVNT.merge.pool.root --inputEVNTFile EVNT.0000.pool.root.1,EVNT.0001.pool.root.1

NB: If you're subsequently analyzing the merged EVNT file, make sure your merging and analyzing releases are similar.

How to run a job on NET3

 qsub -V -q tier3 

  • -V copies the environment
  • -q sends jobs to the tier3 cluster

How to view the ART signals from VMM0 on mini-SAS breakout board


How to install Xilinx cable drivers (incl. parallels virtual machine)

# cd to the Xilinx installation dir
find . -name install_script
cd $(find . -name install_script)
cd install_drivers
sudo ./install_drivers


And how to check if they're already installed:

ls -al /etc/udev/rules.d

Look for rules like 52-digilent-usb.rules, 52-xilinx-pcusb.rules.


How to better navigate NET3

How to power the CTF via cables

  • Latch onto the cables in the back
  • Hot pin is in the middle
  • Ground pin is in the corner

How to log onto anything Greek


How to get command line metadata from AMI / pyami

asetup AthAnalysis,21.2,latest
lsetup PyAMI --help

How to pip install something locally which already exists globally

I'm going to regret having two python installations.

 pip install --user <PACKAGE> --ignore-installed 

How to tell emacs to recognize your Option key on OSX

 Terminal -> Preferences -> Profiles -> Keyboard -> Use Option as Meta key 

How to log onto Harvard RC without leaving the command line

  • Visit to receive an email with your RC info
  • Follow the link from the email, and find your secret token (as the name implies, this should be kept secret!)
  • Download the oathtool, which the RC GUI uses under the hood to generate verification codes: brew install oath-toolkit
  • Whenever you want to ssh, first run the oathtool and pipe the decision into the clipboard: oathtool --totp --base32 YOUR_TOKEN | pbcopy
  • ssh as normal, with the knowledge that Ctrl+V will paste your time-sensitive Verification Code

How to develop in a common area with many users

find . -type d -exec chmod a+rwx {} \; # Make folders traversable and read/write
find . -type f -exec chmod a+rw {} \;  # Make files read/write

How to reset / unset / undo the colz color palette


How to unfuck rucio list-content

rucio list-content data16_13TeV.periodI.physics_Main.PhysCont.DAOD_HIGG3D1.grp16_v01_p2840 | grep "data16" | tr -d "|" | tr -d " " | sed 's/DATASET//g' | sed 's/data16_13TeV://g'

How to git

Fetch upstream changes for your fork:

git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master

Get rid of deleted branches:

git remote prune origin --dry-run
git branch -d  branch_I_want_deleted 

If git tells you "error: The requested URL returned error: 401 while accessing BLAH" and "fatal: HTTP request failed" on a non-lxplus machine, try kinit.

Get an older version of a file:

git checkout HASH_ID -- path/to/file.txt

How to consolidate your slurm jobs root files

for sample in */; do
    echo ${sample}
    mkdir -p ${sample}/data/
    for job in $(ls -1 ${sample}); do
        [ ${job} == "data" ] && continue
        for rootfile in $(find ${sample}/${job} -name "*.root*" | grep "data\-"); do
            echo " - " ${job}
            mv ${rootfile} ${sample}/data/${job}_$(basename ${rootfile})

How to count dataset events from the command line

for ds in $(dq2-ls mc15_13TeV.3641*DAOD_HIGG3D1*p2812/ | sort); do 
    do printf '%10s  %s\n' $(ami show dataset info ${ds/mc15_13TeV:/} | grep totalEvents | tr -d 'totalEvents:') ${ds}

How to make your directory web viewable

cd ~/www/directory_of_interest/
echo "Options +Indexes" >> .htaccess 

How to recursively move files

This is useful when a directory has hella subdirectories in svn, and you wanna overwrite all the files and subfiles, but you don't wanna fuck with the .svn/ folder.

for fi in $(find . -type f); do 
    mv ${fi} ${svn}/${fi}

How to check what packages are used in a derivation release without asetup

grep Derivation /cvmfs/*/${cache:0:6}/*/${cache}/AtlasDerivationRelease/cmt/requirements

How to rucio

rucio add-container dq2-register-container
rucio attach dq2-register-datasets-container
rucio list-content dq2-list-datasets-container

How to check a package version for a given release, Rel.21 edition

> grep Hough /cvmfs/*/21.0.6/InstallArea/*/packages.txt
/cvmfs/ MuonHoughPatternTools-01-00-31
/cvmfs/ MuonHoughPatternEvent-01-00-04
/cvmfs/ MuonLayerHough-00-00-28

How to overwrite an output line in bash (e.g. progress bar)

while true; do 
    echo -ne "$(date)\r"
    sleep 1

How to clean up a big directory of ESDs where something could be broken

mkdir check
for file in data16_13TeV.* ; do --fast ${file} | grep -i "failed to open" > check/${file}.txt
    if [[ -s check/${file}.txt ]] ; then 
        echo "rm -f $file" >>

How to diff recursively

diff -r dir_1 dir_2 | grep diff

Remove the pipe if you want to see the diffs in full glory.

How to tell vivado about your license

  • Browser
  • Go to
  • Support -> Downloads & Licensing
  • License solution center
  • Xilinx Product Licensing Site
  • Click desired licence
  • Generate Node-Locked License
  • Select the computer to run on, Next, Next (OR ADD NEW HOST)
  • Download license using terribly small download button (blue down-pointing arrow)

  • Vivado
  • Help -> Manage Licenses
  • Load License
  • Copy Licence
  • Boom.
  • View License Status to see whats available.

How to upload a new reference at P1

scp image.png atlasgw:.
ssh atlasgw
ssh vm-atlas-www-edit-01
cp blah.png /www/ALL/prod/webscripts/${DET}/webref/run_276689/blah.png

How to ask for the total size of many directories (i.e. datasets)

> du -sm mc15_13TeV.36110* | awk '{ total += $1 }; END { print total/1024 " GB" }'
116.439 GB

How to ask rucio what datasets you requested

rucio list-rules --account tuna

How to convert svn diff to something patch-able

svn diff --diff-cmd /usr/bin/diff -x "-i -b" PhysicsAnalysis/HiggsPhys/Run2/HWW/HWWxAODCode/HWWCommonxAODConfig/python/ > patch_isLHVeryLoose.patch

How to EOS from Harvard

export KRB5_CONFIG=${HOME}/krb5.conf
kinit ${USER}@CERN.CH
xrdcp -r root:// ./

How to MMTP


where ${XILINX_VIVADO} is the installation directory, e.g., /tmp/tuna/Xilinx/Vivado/2015.1.


Build the project:

source ${vivado}/Xilinx/Vivado/2015.1/

svn co $SVNNSWELX/TriggerProcessor/firmware/mm/trunk/ ./firmware/
cd firmware/scripts/
vivado -mode batch -nojournal -nolog -notrace -source implementation/vivado_project_import_horx.tcl
cd ../projects/mm_top_horx/

--- Open Project -> mm_top_horx.xpr (1-5 minutes. critical messages are apparently okay.)
--- Tools -> Compile Simulation Libraries (1-5 minutes. default settings are okay.)
--- # If this fails, especially on herophysics: consider making your Simulator=Questasim, instead of Modelsim
--- Run Simulation -> Run Behavioral Simulation (critical messages are apparently okay.)

echo "Good to go. Project built but not yet compiled."
cd mm_top_horx.sim/sim_1/behav/
vsim -64

--- do
--- do ../../../../../scripts/simulation/user/tuna/ # change paths as desired

Building a lookup table (LUT):

  • vivado
  • Open your project
  • Project Manager => IP Catalog
  • Vivado Repository => Memories & Storage Elements => RAMs & ROMs => Block Memory Generator
  • Port A Width :: size of words in the LUT (e.g. the LUT holds 16-bit words)
  • Port A Depth :: depth of the LUT (e.g. the LUT holds 1024 words)
  • NB: check the Read Latency in the summary. The selected output registers can affect this.
  • This will create IP in your PROJECT.srcs/sources_1/ip/ directory with whatever name you supplied
  • Move this to your IP repository (e.g. cores/ip/) to save it in SVN
  • Update the COE file paths in the .xci and .xml files since you moved it
  • Update your project building tcl file to load this IP upon building the project

Declare this in your vhdl code like:

  component rom_mxlocal_C_L
    port (
      clka  : in  std_logic;
      addra : in  std_logic_vector(5 downto 0); -- depth of LUT (e.g. 2^6 = 64 words)
      douta : out std_logic_vector(17 downto 0) -- size of LUT elements (e.g. 18-bit words)
  end component;

How to run OHP and DQMD outside P1

ssh -Y
ssh -Y atlasgw

source /det/tdaq/scripts/
exec ohp -p ATLAS -c /atlas/moncfg/tdaq-06-01-01/muons/ohp/muon.ohp.xml & 
/sw/atlas/tdaq/tdaq-06-01-01/installed/x86_64-slc6-gcc49-opt/bin/dqm_display -p ATLAS & 

How to recursively remove all files matching a given pattern

rm $(find . -name "*~")
rm $(find . -name "*.pyc")
# etc

How to get unisim for your modelsim simulation

  • Setup the Xilinx environment
  • Setup the ModelSim environment
  • Open Vivado and do Tools -> Compile Simulation Libraries
  • Check that it worked by looking at compile_simlib.log
  • In your project environment, do:
    • vmap unisim ${XILINX_VIVADO}/ids_lite/ISE/unisim

How to go from an outdated fork to a pull request (git)

git clone
cd xAODAnaHelpers/
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream 
git merge upstream/master
git push origin master 
git checkout -b jelpers
e scripts/ 
git add scripts/ 
git commit -m 'jelpers -> helpers'
git push origin jelpers

How to convert a hex number to a 32-bit binary

$ "{:032b}".format(0x1301)

How to unfuck your git push origin master

$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
$ git remote rm origin
$ git remote add origin
$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

How to find the OHP xmls for muon and DQ desk





How to do shit with slurm on pleiades

Check the active jobs:

  • squeue -u all -p pleiades

Summarize running, idle, and pending jobs: showq-slurm -p pleaides

  • showq-slurm -p pleaides

Send the output to a particular directory:

  • sbatch --workdir=${workdir} ${executable}

How to calculate the maximum number of bunches in the LHC

> lhc = 27 * 1000
> c = 3e8
> spacing = 25e-9
> lhc / (c*spacing)

How to unfuck your athena development

If you are told mkdir: cannot create directory `/share': Permission denied, make sure you are not doing asetup within the package directory.

How to find out OTP allocations

Go to OTP, click Browse, find the OTP task you want.

How to do stuff with the TGC online

tracing stuff:

  • grep Computer /atlas/oks/tdaq-05-05-00/muons/segments/TGC/GNAM/*xml
  • ls /logs/tdaq-05-05-00/ATLAS/
  • /det/tgc/data/gnam/TGCGnamTriggerProfile_278748.root

find computer: grep Computer /atlas/oks/tdaq-05-05-00/muons/segments/TGC/GNAM/*xml find logs: ls /logs/tdaq-05-05-00/ATLAS/ find root files: /det/tgc/data/gnam/TGCGnamTriggerProfile_278748.root

algorithms: /det/muon/sw/tdaq-05-05-00/TGCGnam/TGCGnamDQMF/src/

configs [atlasgw]: /atlas/oks/tdaq-05-05-00/muons/segments/DQM/

input histograms:

OHP histograms: /atlas/moncfg/tdaq-06-01-01/muons/ohp/muon.ohp.xml

mkdir -p $HOME/db/tdaq-05-05-00
export TDAQ_DB_USER_REPOSITORY=$HOME/db/tdaq-05-05-00 muons/segments/DQM/ -m "update thresholds" -u 

How to set a variable on a twiki

  • Go to the bottom of the page
  • Click "More topic actions"
  • Click "Edit settings" under "Edit topic preference settings"
  • Then add something like:

   * Set HISTPATH =

h/t Lisa.

How to find the generator filter efficiency

> grep "GenFiltEff\|Filter Efficiency" log.generate
06:33:34 Py:EvgenFilterSeq    INFO Filter Efficiency = 0.004064 [2101 / 516990]
06:33:34 Py:EvgenFilterSeq    INFO Weighted Filter Efficiency = 0.003853 [0.001387 / 0.359899]
06:33:34 MetaData: GenFiltEff = 3.852751e-03

How to then take an average from the command line:

for dir in user.jzhong.MttSlice_999001.evgen*/*/; do 
    cd ${dir}
    str=$(grep "GenFiltEff" log.generate)
    echo ${str: -12}
    cd ../../
done | awk '{total+=$1; count+=1} END {print total/count}'

How to set the x-axis on a ROOT graph (TGraph, TMultiGraph, et al)

# doesnt work
# multi.GetXaxis().SetRangeUser(0, 1)

# works
multi.GetXaxis().SetLimits(0, 1)

SetRangeUser will do nothing and also not throw a warning/error. Why? Because fuck ROOT.

How to get stuff out of a P1 computer

echo "message" | mail -s "subject" -a "attachment.pdf" -c ","

Shoutout to Sarb.

How to stop your TCanvas's from disappearing

Is your TCanvas going out of scope? Are the histograms within the TCanvas going out of scope? All things are possible.

for obj in [hist1, hist2, canvas]:
    ROOT.SetOwnership(obj, False)

Josh knows all things.

How to merge xAODs or ESDs

> rcSetup
> xAODMerge output.root input_1.root input_2.root

It does not like wildcards. Shoutout to Joey and Khilesh.

Shoutout to Jochen.

How to delete a wildcard of datasets from Penn

> echo "be careful"
> echo "rucio is dumb"
> for dataset in $(rucio-ls PATTERN* | grep -v "/" | sort) ; do dq2-delete-replicas ${dataset/user.tuna:/} UPENN_LOCALGROUPDISK ; done

How to translate p0 to Z0 and back

p0 = ROOT.RooStats.SignificanceToPValue(2)
Z0 = ROOT.RooStats.PValueToSignificance(0.01)

h/t Tae.

How to make Helvetica the default font for matplotlib on OSX

In terminal:

> cd /System/Library/Fonts/
> brew install fondu
> sudo fondu Helvetica.dfont
> rm ~/.matplotlib/fontList.cache

In script:

from matplotlib import rcParams
rcParams[''] = 'sans-serif'
rcParams['font.sans-serif'] = ['Helvetica']
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Shoutout to:

How to deal with xAOD bullshit

How to convert tex file to webpage

Shoutout to Sarah and Zach.

scp ${USER}@lxplus:/afs/ ./
python -i main.tex -o webpage
cd webpage/
for file in *txt; do echo "<p>" >> test.html ; cat ${file} >> test.html ; echo "</p>" >> test.html ; done

How to add SVN rights

Go to Go to the repo and add users. Don't forget to Commit Changes to SVN.

How to map/reduce TTrees (brainstorm)

name = "physics"
trees = analyze(input_tree, ["%s_%i" % (name, icore) for icore in xrange(mp.cpu_count())])

if hadd_method:
    chain = ROOT.TChain(name)
    for tree in trees:
    chain.Merge(output_filename, 0, "keep")

if jackknife_method:
    treelist = ROOT.TList()
    for tr in trees:
    tree = ROOT.TTree.MergeTrees(treelist)

The function (TChain.Merge) is used by hadd.

How to avoid a stupid red outline on your fitted TF1

TH1.Fit() draws this by default. Turn it off with the "N" option.

How to avoid OSX asking for usr+pw for the system keychain multiple times

Drag the relevant certificate from the System keychain to the login keychain.

How to troubleshoot plots looking weird in latex

command status example
pstopdf $(doc).ps okay okay
ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE=a4 $(doc).ps $(doc).pdf not okay x-axis, sqrt(s) weird

This is because ROOT's eps files are built with an old postscript standard. If I run eps2eps on the ROOT-generated eps file, either conversion command works fine.

How to futz around with truth d3pd maker

cmt co PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/TruthD3PDMaker # Gets the head
# TruthD3PDMaker # Gets the version currently in the release
cd PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/TruthD3PDMaker/cmt
cd $TestArea

How to delete equivalent subdirectories from one directory in another

for dir in ${dir1}/*/ ; do rm -rf ${dir2}/$(basename ${dir})/ ; done

How to make all your failing grid jobs succeed

Switch from --athenaTag=17.2.7 to --rootVer=5.34.07.

How to check packages of a given release

> asetup
> cmt show versions Reconstruction/MissingET
Reconstruction/MissingET MissingET-03-03-15 /cvmfs/
Reconstruction/MissingET MissingET-03-03-08 /cvmfs/
> echo ${dimitris}

How to get a new grid certificate

Use firefox. Go to the cern grid certificate authority, and look for the section about Firefox Usage. Be sure to export as a p12 file.

Then do the bullshit on every machine.

openssl pkcs12 -in cert.p12 -clcerts -nokeys -out $HOME/.globus/usercert.pem
openssl pkcs12 -in cert.p12 -nocerts -out $HOME/.globus/userkey.pem
chmod 400 $HOME/.globus/userkey.pem
chmod 600 $HOME/.globus/usercert.pem

How to hadd together (zip up) two output directories

mkdir ${outdir}
for dir in ${indir1}/*/ ; do echo "mkdir ${outdir}/$(basename ${dir})" ; done
for dir in ${indir1}/*/ ; do hadd ${outdir}/$(basename ${dir})/hadd.root ${indir1}/$(basename ${dir})/hadd.root ${indir2}/$(basename ${dir})/hadd.root ; done

How to see files of a dataset at a site

dq2-list-file-replicas mc12_8TeV.169502.AlpgenJimmy_Auto_AUET2CTEQ6L1_TVBF_ZeeNp2.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1733_s1581_s1586_r3658_r3549_p1344_tid01200398_00 FZK-LCG2_PERF-TAU

How to compile and link something on osx

> g++ helloworld.cpp -o helloworld
> ./helloworld
Hello World!

How to turn on line numbers in emacs

  • download setnu.el
  • move setnu.el to ~/.emacs.d/
  • load setnu.el by adding (load "~/.emacs.d/setnu") to the ~/.emacs file
  • turn setnu on by default by adding the following lines to the ~/.emacs file:

(add-hook 'find-file-hook 'turn-on-setnu-mode)
(add-hook 'find-file-not-found-hooks 'turn-on-setnu-mode)

How to figure out the parent dataset of a local file

dq2-list-parent-datasets srm://

How to tell python where to install stuff


How to re-draw canvas axis (axes) in ROOT

In case histogram attributes are drawn on top of the axes.


How to skim events from a AOD filter-files --output pool.root --selection ~/public/eventdisplaysCERN2013/runevent.txt data12_8TeV.*/*.root*

What to do when "X is abstract and can not be instantiated"

> import ROOT
> ROOT.gROOT.ProcessLine(".x $ROOTCOREDIR/scripts/load_packages.C+")
> tool = ROOT.Root.TElectronLikelihoodTool()
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
TypeError: TElectronLikelihoodTool is abstract and can not be instantiated

Current solution: complain to Kurt, hn-atlas-EGammaWG, and hn-atlas-PATHelp. The problem is TCalculatorTool or some shit.

How to find where datasets (replicas) live on the grid

> dq2-list-dataset-replicas mc12_8TeV.147806.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_Zee.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1169_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1344_tid01106023_00

How to turn ROOT types into generic types

> ROOT.TClassEdit.ResolveTypedef("Bool_t", True)

Relevant cross-sections for Htautau

Source: Table 1

Process Cross section (pb)
Wlnu+jets 12.22 x 103
Zll+jets 1.15 x 103
ttbar 129.6
single top (t) 28.4
single top (s) 1.8
Wt 22.4
WW 20.76
WZ 6.8
ZZ 1.55
gg H tautau lh 0.56
VBF H tautau lh 0.045
WH H tautau lh 0.020
ZH H tautau lh 0.011

Single-object L1 menu in 2012

h/t Sarah for her sleuthing skills

Muon Electron Tau Jet CFJet FJet
L1_MU4 (MU4) L1_EM6 (EM6) L1_TAU8 (HA8) L1_J10 (J10) L1_J15CF (J15CF) L1_FJ15 (JF15)
L1_MU6 (MU6) L1_EM10VH (EM10VH) L1_TAU11 (HA11) L1_J15 (J15)   L1_FJ30 (JF30)
L1_MU10 (MU10) L1_EM12 (EM12) L1_TAU11I (HA11I) L1_J20 (J20)   L1_FJ50 (JF50)
L1_MU11 (MU11) L1_EM14VH (EM14VH) L1_TAU15 (HA15) L1_J30 (J30)   L1_FJ75 (JF75)
L1_MU15 (MU15) L1_EM16V (EM16V) L1_TAU15I (HA15I) L1_J50 (J50)    
L1_MU20 (MU20) L1_EM16VH (EM16VH) L1_TAU20 (HA20) L1_J75 (J75)    
  L1_EM18VH (EM18VH) L1_TAU40 (HA40) L1_J100 (J100)    

How to bookkeep skims at Penn

python --metadata="h_n_events" --ptag=p1344 --tags="skim-all.v02-00" --input="/xrootd/srm/atlaslocalgroupdisk/user/tuna/mc12_8TeV/" --samples=mc.ggFHs,mc.VBFHs,mc.ZeeNpXs,mc.ZmumuNpXs,mc.ZtautauNpXs,mc.ZeeVBFNpXs,mc.ZmumuVBFNpXs,mc.ZtautauVBFNpXs,mc.ZeeTVBFNpXs,mc.ZmumuTVBFNpXs,mc.ZtautauTVBFNpXs,mc.WenuNpXs,mc.WmunuNpXs,mc.WtaunuNpXs,mc.tops,mc.dibosons

How to "flatten" directory structure of TNTs at Penn

We want:

user.tuna.dataset/job_000/tnt.root --> user.tuna.dataset/job_000.tnt.root


# Did jobs finish?
for dataset in * ; do echo $dataset ; for job in $dataset/job_* ; do ls $job/tnt.root ; done ; done
# Move them.
for dataset in * ; do echo $dataset ; for job in $dataset/job_* ; do echo "mv $job/tnt.root $job.tnt.root" ; done ; done

How to configure Ubuntu to read exfat file systems


Unable to mount XX GB Filesystem
Error mounting: mount: unknown filesystem type 'exfat'


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:relan/exfat
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fuse-exfat


How to make 256 colors available in terminal emacs

env TERM=xterm-256color emacs -nw

How to do a for loop in bash

for file in *eps
    epstopdf ${file}

How to steer where TeX looks for files

export TEXINPUTS=.:$HOME/code/tex/:$TEXINPUTS


How to divide a TH1F with binomial errors


How to add a ssh key on bitbucket

[User icon in the top-right] -- [Manage account] -- [SSH keys] -- [Add keys]

SSH keys can be generated with ssh-keygen -t rsa and retrieved with cat ~/.ssh/

On github, bitbucket

"I use github for public stuff and bitbucket for private stuff. The community is overall much bigger on github but github charges $ for private repositories. Private repositories are free on bitbucket."

- Noel, 20 Jan 2013

How to use athena software to break GRL into periods

source /afs/
voms-proxy-init -voms atlas
asetup,here --period=[PERIOD] --project-tag=[TAG] [GRL]

An example period arg is A. An example project tag arg is data12_8TeV. Note that setting up dq2 is necessary for pyAMI login.

How to ask ls to only show directories

ls -d */

How to make correlation plots with bin content printed in large black text

import rootlogon
th2 = file.Get(...path to TH2...)

How to dq2-get a list of datasets

dq2-get -F list_of_datasets.txt -f *root*

How to break up a file into smaller chunks

Use Josh's killer script Example:

python --input-dir=`pwd` --output-dir=`pwd`/chunks --treename=tau --nout=10

How to turn on grid superpowers

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas:/atlas/phys-higgs/Role=production

How to check electron ID bit words

It can be valuable to know why an electron failed PID. TRT? BLayer? The isEM bitwords are magic for this. The following shows how to manipulate the bitwords in pyroot x rootcore.

Load egamma PID defs

import ROOT
import os
ROOT.gSystem.Load('%s/lib/' % os.environ['ROOTCOREDIR'])
from ROOT import egammaPID

Check whether [CUT] passed [MENU]++

if [MENU BITWORD] & (0x1 >> egammaPID.[CUT]) == 0:
    print 'You passed %s!' % [CUT]


    ClusterEtaRange           =  0 /* cluster eta range */
    ConversionMatch           =  1 /* matching to photon (not necessarily conversion--the name is historical) */
    ClusterHadronicLeakage    =  2 /* cluster leakage into the hadronic calorimeter */
    ClusterMiddleEnergy       =  3 /* energy in 2nd sampling (e.g E277>0) */
    ClusterMiddleEratio37     =  4 /* energy ratio in 2nd sampling (e.g E237/E277) */
    ClusterMiddleEratio33     =  5 /* energy ratio in 2nd sampling (e.g E233/E237) */
    ClusterMiddleWidth        =  6 /* width in the second sampling (e.g Weta2) */
    ClusterBackEnergyFraction =  7 /* energy fraction in the third layer */
    ClusterStripsEratio       =  8 /* fraction of energy found in 1st sampling (NB: not used in fact for electrons)*/
    ClusterStripsDeltaEmax2   =  9 /* energy of 2nd maximum in 1st sampling ~e2tsts1/(1000+const_lumi*et) */
    ClusterStripsDeltaE       = 10 /* difference between 2nd maximum and 1st minimum in strips (e2tsts1-emins1) */
    ClusterStripsWtot         = 11 /* shower width in 1st sampling */
    ClusterStripsFracm        = 12 /* shower shape in shower core 1st sampling */
    ClusterStripsWeta1c       = 13 /* shower width weighted by distance from the maximum one */
    ClusterStripsDEmaxs1      = 15 /* difference between max and 2nd max in strips */
    TrackBlayer               = 16 /* B layer hit */
    TrackPixel                = 17 /* number of Pixel hits */
    TrackSi                   = 18 /* number of Pixel and SCT hits */
    TrackA0                   = 19 /* distance of closet approach */
    TrackMatchEta             = 20 /* eta difference between cluster and extrapolated track in the 1st sampling */
    TrackMatchPhi             = 21 /* phi difference between cluster and extrapolated track in the 2nd sampling */
    TrackMatchEoverP          = 22 /* energy-momentum match */
    TrackTRThits              = 24 /* number of TRT hits */
    TrackTRTratio             = 25 /* ratio of high to all TRT hits for isolated electrons */
    TrackTRTratio90           = 26 /* ratio of high to all TRT hits for non-isolated electrons (not for new ++ menus) */
    TrackA0Tight              = 27 /* distance of closet approach for tight selection (not to be used in new ++ menus) */
    TrackMatchEtaTight        = 28 /* dEta between cluster and extrap track in the 1st sampling for tight selection (not used in new ++ menus)*/
    Isolation                 = 29 /* isolation */
    ClusterIsolation          = 30 /* calorimetric isolation */
    TrackIsolation            = 31 /* tracker isolation */

Relevant info:

Package: atlasoff/Reconstruction/egamma/egammaEvent/tags/egammaEvent-03-06-38

XP with KG round 3: Tar magic

Issue: Tar doesnt like absolute paths:

tar cvzf tar.tar.gz /afs/
tar: Removing leading `/' from member names

Untarring yields an unwarranted directory structure afs/[FILES].

Solution: The -C option helps here.

tar -cvzf tar.tar.gz -C /afs/ tmp/

Untarring yields the desired directory structure: tmp/[FILES].

XP with KG round 2

    # Configure shipping the framework to the grid                                                                                                   
    runfolder = parent_folder_name+'/run'
    kw['RunDirName'] = runfolder

    # If the shipment doesnt already exist, make it                                                                                                  
    if not os.path.isdir(runfolder):

        # Make a full copy of the analysis directory                                                                                                 
        for f in glob.glob(curdir + "/*"):
            #if os.path.isfile(f):                                                                                                                   
            if not 'output' in f and not '.svn' in f and not 'ntuple.root' in f:
                if 'libs' in f:
          ['ln', '-s', f, '.'])
                elif os.path.isdir(f):
          ['cp', '-R', f, '.'])                                                                                           
                    copytree(f, runfolder, ignore=ignore_patterns('*.pyc', '.svn', '.git'))

        # Tar the package                                                                                                                            
        tar_command = ['tar', 'cvzf', 'inTarBall.tar.gz']
        for excl in exclude_files:
            tar_command.append('--exclude="*%s*"' % excl)

XP with KG

# Make a full copy of the analysis directory                                                                                                     
    runfolder = parent_folder_name+'/run'
    kw['RunDirName'] = runfolder
    if not os.path.isdir(runfolder):
        for f in glob.glob(curdir + "/*"):
            #if os.path.isfile(f):                                                                                                                   
            if not 'output' in f and not '.svn' in f and not 'ntuple.root' in f:
                if 'libs' in f:
          ['ln', '-s', f, '.'])
                elif os.path.isdir(f):
          ['cp', '-R', f, '.'])                                                                                           
                    copytree(f, runfolder, ignore=ignore_patterns('*.pyc', '.svn', '.git'))

Trouble with skype on imo

Issue: I receive a call while logged onto skype via imo. I hear an incoming call, and I press accept, but no call is received.

Solution: imo was being blocked by Flashblocker. Click the upper-half panel to enable the flash.

Draft of MC bookkeeping

sample # events from stream # events passed skim eff sum weights sum skim weights eff dp3d skim skim status
ZtautauNp0 6605586 5985688 0.906 6605586.0 5985688.0 0.906 mc12_8TeV.107670.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZtautauNp0.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107670.ZtautauNp0.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZtautauNp1 1334896 1334896 1.000 1334896.0 1334896.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107671.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZtautauNp1.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107671.ZtautauNp1.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZtautauNp2 404900 404900 1.000 404900.0 404900.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107672.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZtautauNp2.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107672.ZtautauNp2.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZtautauNp3 110000 110000 1.000 110000.0 110000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107673.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZtautauNp3.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107673.ZtautauNp3.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZtautauNp4 28999 28999 1.000 28999.0 28999.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107674.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZtautauNp4.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107674.ZtautauNp4.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZtautauNp5 10000 10000 1.000 10000.0 10000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107675.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZtautauNp5.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107675.ZtautauNp5.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau180M250 150000 150000 1.000 150000.0 150000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158731.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_180M250.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158731.DYtautau_180M250.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau250M400 150000 150000 1.000 150000.0 150000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158732.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_250M400.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158732.DYtautau_250M400.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau400M600 149999 149999 1.000 149999.0 149999.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158733.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_400M600.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158733.DYtautau_400M600.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau600M800 150000 150000 1.000 150000.0 150000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158734.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_600M800.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158734.DYtautau_600M800.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau800M1000 144998 144998 1.000 144998.0 144998.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158735.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_800M1000.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158735.DYtautau_800M1000.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau1000M1250 144998 144998 1.000 144998.0 144998.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158736.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_1000M1250.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158736.DYtautau_1000M1250.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau1250M1500 150000 150000 1.000 150000.0 150000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158737.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_1250M1500.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158737.DYtautau_1250M1500.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau1500M1750 149996 149996 1.000 149996.0 149996.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158738.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_1500M1750.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158738.DYtautau_1500M1750.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau1750M2000 149998 149998 1.000 149998.0 149998.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158739.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_1750M2000.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158739.DYtautau_1750M2000.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau2000M2250 149898 149898 1.000 149898.0 149898.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158740.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_2000M2250.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158740.DYtautau_2000M2250.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYtautau2250M2500 149996 149996 1.000 149996.0 149996.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.158741.Pythia8_AU2CTEQ6L1_DYtautau_2250M2500.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.158741.DYtautau_2250M2500.NTUP_TAU.e1518_s1499_s1504_r3658_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZeeNp0 6604283 6579283 0.996 6604283.0 6579283.0 0.996 mc12_8TeV.107650.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZeeNp0.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107650.ZeeNp0.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZeeNp1 1329994 1329994 1.000 1329994.0 1329994.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107651.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZeeNp1.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107651.ZeeNp1.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZeeNp2 404798 404798 1.000 404798.0 404798.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107652.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZeeNp2.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107652.ZeeNp2.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZeeNp3 109998 109998 1.000 109998.0 109998.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107653.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZeeNp3.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107653.ZeeNp3.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZeeNp4 30000 30000 1.000 30000.0 30000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107654.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZeeNp4.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107654.ZeeNp4.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
ZeeNp5 10000 10000 1.000 10000.0 10000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.107655.AlpgenJimmy_AUET2CTEQ6L1_ZeeNp5.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.107655.ZeeNp5.NTUP_TAU.e1218_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all.v03* Yes / Done
DYee120M180 499999 499999 1.000 499999.0 499999.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129504.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_120M180.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129504.Powheg_AU2_DYee_120M180.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee180M250 100000 100000 1.000 100000.0 100000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129505.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_180M250.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129505.Powheg_AU2_DYee_180M250.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee250M400 99999 99999 1.000 99999.0 99999.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129506.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_250M400.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129506.Powheg_AU2_DYee_250M400.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee400M600 99999 99999 1.000 99999.0 99999.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129507.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_400M600.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129507.Powheg_AU2_DYee_400M600.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee600M800 99998 99998 1.000 99998.0 99998.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129508.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_600M800.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129508.Powheg_AU2_DYee_600M800.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee800M1000 100000 100000 1.000 100000.0 100000.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129509.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_800M1000.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129509.Powheg_AU2_DYee_800M1000.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee1000M1250 99998 99998 1.000 99998.0 99998.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129510.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_1000M1250.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129510.Powheg_AU2_DYee_1000M1250.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee1250M1500 99897 99897 1.000 99897.0 99897.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129511.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_1250M1500.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129511.Powheg_AU2_DYee_1250M1500.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee1500M1750 94497 94497 1.000 94497.0 94497.0 1.000 mc12_8TeV.129512.PowhegPythia8_AU2CT10_DYee_1500M1750.merge.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130/ user.tuna.mc12_8TeV.129512.Powheg_AU2_DYee_1500M1750.NTUP_TAU.e1248_s1469_s1470_r3542_r3549_p1130.b-off-04.skim-all* Yes / Done
DYee1750M2000 99998
First Name Alexander
Last Name Tuna



Skype ID






Country Switzerland
Status Update

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