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Documentation for 2009 collision data analysis

Muon POG

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Muon Identification in CMS

Muon Reconstruction in CMS

Muon identification and isolation

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DPG-PH Muon Meeting 2010.01.25

** Look at the muon ID code and all the available selectors

** Look at the cut on ecal and hcal iso variable for different samples. Depends on the number of jets.

** Relative isolation has improve in collisions. Look behaviour between ecal,hcal,tk and relative iso.

Muon POG Working Group 2010.01.28

Muon POG release validation

Top dilepton

Top Quark Physics twiki

Top Physics Commissioning Tasks with Early Collision Data

Trigger Tables

Expectations for tt → dileptons in the early phase of CMS (01/05/2008)

Measurements of the tt cross section in the dilepton channels with L = 100 pb−1 using the CMS detector (14/05/2008)

Expectations for observation of top quark pair production in the dilepton final state with the early CMS data (10/06/2009)

Data-driven methods to estimate the electron and muon fake rate contributions to lepton analyses (21/03/2009)

Muon charge ratio analysis

See Muon charge ratio twiki page.

CADI entry MUO-10-001

Related talks

Update on ttbar with Summer 09 at 10 TeV and 7 TeV MC samples (Oviedo/IFCA) (P. Lobelle, 2010.01.28)

How to improve the memory consumption of the T&P code

We have to differents steps that reduces the memory consumption of the actual T&P code. The firts step is to use the lates updated code from Manuel Calderon. You will find a detailed information of the modifications and memory gaining in the last presentation here. The second step is produce a skimmed T&P ntuple using the new utilities from Stefan Wunsch, see last talk here.

Steps to obtain lowerMemoryForBinnedFit for TnP analysis

1. Make a clean install of the TnP code following instruction from previous section.

2. Merge the last update from Manuel:

  • Get the PhysicsTools/TagAndProbe, and use the new “lowerMemory” branch:

git cms-addpkg PhysicsTools/TagAndProbe

cd PhysicsTools/TagAndProbe/src

git cms-merge-topic manuelcbs:lowerMemoryForBinnedFit

  • Compile the code:

cd ../../../

scram b –v –j 10

Skim the T&P trees

With the program skimTree, you can reduce T&P ROOT files by applying cuts on a specified input tree and copy the result to an output ROOT file. As well, you can remove branches from the tree completely. This is mainly done to reduce the file size and therefore to reduce the needed processing time for TnP studies. Note, that you can load multiple files at once from your local storage device or EOS and merge them together in the output.

The tool can be found under: (in a branch called updateSkimTree)

An example of how running the script is:

/skimTree inputTree.root outputTree.root -r "all" -k "HighPt Medium2016 PF TMOST Tight2012 Track_HP abseta combRelIsoPF04dBeta dB dzPV eta mass pair_newTuneP_mass pair_newTuneP_probe_pt pair_probeMultiplicity pt relTkIso tag_IsoMu22 tag_combRelIsoPF04dBeta tag_nVertices tag_pt tkPixelLay tkTrackerLay weight" -c "mass>60&&tag_combRelIsoPF04dBeta<0.2&&tag_combRelIsoPF04dBeta>-0.5&&tag_pt>23&&tag_IsoMu22==1&&pt>20&&abseta<2.4”

Under construction.

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PowerPointppt YB+2_Sect4_10.ppt r1 manage 195.0 K 2007-11-23 - 09:57 AliciaCalderon Gobal Muon Cosmic
Unknown file formatdb cosmicMC_Boff_fullsample.db r1 manage 65.0 K 2008-03-17 - 13:27 AliciaCalderon cosmicMC_Boff_fullsample.db
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Unknown file formatext earlyttdilepton100pb2008 r1 manage 238.0 K 2010-01-22 - 15:59 AliciaCalderon Di-lepton cross section at 100/pb
Unknown file formatext earlyttdilepton2008 r1 manage 410.8 K 2010-01-22 - 15:58 AliciaCalderon Di-lepton cross section at 10/pb
Postscriptps r1 manage 11.1 K 2007-11-13 - 16:09 AliciaCalderon Hits
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