My notes on XDAQ monitoring

This documents configuration of monitoring of a simple quantity (EventCounter or StateName) of the TTCci application.

  • make sure /etc/slp.conf has the correct server address, at the time of writing, this was:
net.slp.DAAddresses =
  • make sure the slp daemon is running (if not, start it with sudo /etc/init.d/slp start)
  • in the application tag (e.g. for RCT):
    • changed the group from 'profile' to 'ttc' for the TTCci application.
    • add a tag publish="true"
    • add a tag service="TTCci_RCT"
  • make sure you run the xplore application in the same xdaq process, copy e.g. /opt/xdaq/share/ttczone/profile/ttc-mi.profile as profile and use it.
  • Check with
   slptool -i $(hostname -f) findsrvs service:peer:http  | grep -i vmepcs2b16-01
that you see the corresponding applications published.

  • The profile about also has a sensor application in it. Click on the sensor application and select the 'Infospaces' tab. You should see all items in infospaces, e.g. StateName or EventCounter.

  • create the flash list: copy e.g. ttczone/flash/ttc-mi-monitoring.flash to ttczone/flash/ttc-rct-monitoring.flash . Change infospace=".." to infospace="xdaq-application:lid=40" .
  • change the id attribute of the xmas:flash tag
  • copy ttczone/sensor/ttc-mi-monitoring.sensor to ttczone/sensor/ttc-rct-monitoring.sensor . Edit the file by setting the location of the flash file to the location of ttczone/flash/ttc-rct-monitoring.flash . Don't forget to change also the part after the # sign with the id you have put in ttc-rct-monitoring.flash .
  • In the profile mentioned above, the sensor application is configured to look for sensor files in ttczone/sensor (the autoConfSearchPath tag). Remove this and add the explicit location of the sensor file (like in ttczone/profile/general-sensor.profile). Make sure that there is a publish tag in this file !! (e.g. copy and adapt from ttczone/profile/general-sensor.profile).
  • restart the xdaq process with the sensor.
  • Go to the sensor application on ttc-trigger and check whether you see a line urn:xdaq-flashlist:ttc_mi_monitoring in the 'flashlists' tab.
  • on ttc-mi (where the pulser lives), add the new flash list to ttczone/pulser/ttc.pulser and restart the pulser.
  • go to the pulser application (at the time of writing it was here). Click on the Wait until the 'pulse events' tab, wait until the flashlist ttc_rct_monitoring/ttc has a non-zero time (i.e. is not 01-01-1970) by periodically reloading. You should then see the flashlist also appear in the 'statistics' and 'sensors' tab.

  • make sure that the sensor publishes to the correct group (ttc at the time of writing) !
  • In our setup, in order to propagate from the 'ws-eventing' for the group ttc to general, make sure you add the flashlist also in /ttczone/sensor/general-sensor.sensor !!! (otherwise, the flashlist does not appear on the las...)

  • ALSO do not forget to add the flash list to the las !

  • how to declare that the flash list should take the quantity from the ParameterQuery/infospace ?
    Put a sensor in the same xdaq process (?!)

  • After adding a quantity to the flash list, restart the application containing the sensor and restart the general-las (on ttc-mi).

Modified/added files after I got this to work:

  • added files on ttc-trigger (i.e. subsystem specific):

  • modified files (on ttc-trigger, i.e. subsystem specific):

  • modified files (on ttc-mi, i.e. general monitoring):

SLP (srvloc) debugging

tshark -i eth0 -V -R srvloc udp
grep Predicate: /tmp/log
grep 'Internet Protocol, Src:' /tmp/log | cut -d\  -f4 | sort -u

Example SLP communication

on ttc-mi:

  • xdaq.exe on port 5007 (xmas::store ?) sends "Service Request"

    gets back:Service Reply from srv-C2C03-20.cms (
    URL: service:peer:http://vmepcs2b16-05.cms:5003/urn:xdaq-application:lid=400

Some insights from wiresharking

  • The pulser seems to send SOAP messages like the following to the sensor (not the cell !):
    <wsa:to xmlns:wsa="">http://vmepcs2b16-05.cms:9800/urn:xdaq-application:lid=11</wsa:to>
    <xmas:pulse xmlns:xmas="">
      <xmas:sample flashlist="urn:xdaq-flashlist:ttc_mi_monitoring" tag="ttc"/>

  • The sensor seems to discover the ws-eventing (probably from SLP), e.g. from a sensor's log:
 INFO  ttczone.cms.vmepcS2B16-01.p:2000.xmas::sensor::Application.lid(11)  - Subscribed to 'http://vmepcs2b16-05.cms:5001' for filter '//xmas:sam
ple[(@flashlist='urn:xdaq-flashlist:ttc_rct_monitoring')]' in dialect ''

  • The sensor seems then to send the flashlist contents to the ws-eventing (with a multi part message where one part is the following soap message and another part is the flashlist content in exdr format):
    <wsa:Action xmlns:wsa="">urn:xdaq-application:lid=400</wsa:Action>
    <wsa:To xmlns:wsa="">http://vmepcs2b16-05.cms:5003</wsa:To>
    <xmas:report xmlns:xmas="" xmlns:xmas-sensor="">
      <xmas:sample flashlist="urn:xdaq-flashlist:ttc_rct_monitoring" originator="http://vmepcs2b16-01.cms:2000/urn:xdaq-application:lid=11" tag="ttc" version="1.0.0"/>

  • Starting up an application with a sensor e.g. produces the following SLP requests:
    • URL: service:peer:http://vmepcs2b16-01.cms:2000/urn:xdaq-application:lid=11
-- AndreHolzner - 20 May 2009
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