Analysis Results for the systematic shift in φ

When matching L1MuonParticle information to HO Rec Hits there appears an asymmetry in the matching.

The matching is performed as follows:

  • Take an L1 Object within |η|<1.25 (HO acceptance)
  • Loop over all HORecHits
    • Find a hit that lies within a Grid of +/- one HO tile and shows more than 0.2 GeV (to suppress noise)
    • If another Hit within the range shows more energy than a previously found hit, take the larger energy hit
When plotting Δη vs. Δφ between the L1 information and the HORecHit one can observe that the distribution of values tends towards positive Δφ. The Δφ is calculated by subtracting the L1-φ from the HO-φ.

The L1Muon coordinates are binned:

  • φ bins ≈ 0.0425, center at 0
  • η bins = 0.1, center at 0.05 and -0.05

There is a shift in counting iφ in HO, meaning that Sector 1 consists of iφ 71,72,1,2,3,4. But as the analysis is done using the CMS η and φ this should not play a role except the calculation detId to phi is wrong.

Possible Sources of the shift:

  • Binning
    • Did several checks with different binnings but the effect did not disappear
  • Charge effect
    • But then it is not clear, why the shift is in the same direction for different charges
  • Alignment
  • δ-electrons
    • Did simulations with B-Field set to 0T and the shift was still there. However, the setup for 0T should be checked

The sanity checks with HO and L1 showed that when shooting a 1TeV muon at (η,φ) = (0.0435,0.0435) without magentic field the L1MuonParticles show mainly a φ of 0.

1 SanityChecks

Simulation with (η,φ) = (0.0435,0.0435)


Fig 1.1: Histogram of the φ values occuring at HO.


Fig 1.2: Histogram of the φ values occuring at L1MuonParticles.

Simulation with (η,φ) = (0.0435,0.087)


Fig 1.3: Histogram of the φ values occuring at HO.


Fig 1.4: Histogram of the φ values occuring at L1MuonParticles.

2 Simulation No PU MuMinus

  • N Events: 2167328

Fig 2.1: Average Energy seen in HO around a given L1 Direction. The binning width is HO-Width/2. ≈ 0.0435, which corresponds in phi to the L1-Muon binning. The bins are centered around zero.


Fig 2.2: Average E_Max seen in HO tiles around a given L1-Muon direction. The L1-ηφ-information is taken and in a range of a 5x5 grid, the HORecHit with the largest energy deposit is chosen. The numbers in the bins is the total number of counts in that bin.


Fig 2.3: Same plot as Fig. 1.1 but here, only L1Objects were taken into account that were successfully matched to a tight pat::muon. The matching was done by ΔR with a maximum cone size of 0.3. The image has a different axis range but the color scale is the same.


Fig 2.4: Same plot as in Fig 1.1 but plotted per Wheel.


Fig 2.5: Same plot as in Fig. 1.3 but plotted per Wheel.

3 Simulation No PU MuPlus

  • N Events: 200000
The plots show the same distributions as for the above plots but with a different dataset. averageEnergy_NoPUMuPlus.gif

Fig 3.1:


Fig 3.2:


Fig 3.3:


Fig 3.4:


Fig 3.5:

4 Simulation PU 52

5 2015D Single Muon Dataset

  • N Events: 2167328
The plots show the same distributions as for the above plots but with a different dataset.


Fig 5.1:


Fig 5.2:


Fig 5.3:


Fig 5.4:


Fig 5.5:

6 Studies of the Δφ = 1 effect

ηφ for matches with Δφ = 1


Fig 6.1: ηφ in L1MuonParticle Coordinates for the matches where Δφ is one. There seems to be a structure at negative φ.

Δφ vs. pT


Fig 6.2: Δφ vs. pT of the matched L1MuonParticle. As the contribution for Δφ = 1 gets stronger for lower pT this argues for the fact that it may be a charge-introduced effect.


Fig 6.3: Δφ vs. pT of the matched L1MuonParticle for matching with tight L1Muon objects only. As the contribution for Δφ = 1 gets stronger for lower pT this argues for the fact that it may be a charge-introduced effect.

-- AndreasKunsken - 2016-02-02

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