DPDAnalysis is a simple analysis framework based on ROOT. It can be used to analyze ATLAS D3PD data (ROOT TTree data format).

Package Organization

Package is lightweight. Consists of a core module which forms the basis on which users can develop and maintain their package(s). core provides a way of interfacing multiple TTree objects (found in the D3PD's) and accessing the data. core also provides analysis skeleton. All user modules are derived from DPDAnalysis base class. The user module typically consists of a Begin, ProcessEvent, and End methods. Typically the user may want to book histograms, configure the analysis in Begin. Begin is called once per user-module before event-loop execution.

Event Loop

Event loop is implemented in Process method and called for every event. Since arbitrary number of TTrees are supported, the event loop usually runs over a TTree (or TChain) that has the most number of entries. For all the other TTrees, the event access is synchronized until they run out of entries. Once they do, the last entry is returned for the remainder of the event-loop until processing TTree with most number of entries completes.

Data Preparation

  • TOP_NTUP (D3PD's) produced using TopInputsD3PDMaker are slimmed using the slimmer.
  • script to slim D3PD's and write out a smaller ROOT-tuple
  • More info about slimming can be found here.
  • A list of branches required for top analysis is in PhysicsBranches.txt
  • Here's an example script to run the slimmer on grid. Modify according to requirements.
prun --athenaTag=16.0.1 --exec "./ %IN -f PhysicsBranches.txt -o myTopD4PD.root" \
--inDS user.wbell.mc09_7TeV.108343.st_schan_enu_McAtNlo_Jimmy.merge.NTUP_TOP.e534_s765_s767_r1302_r1306_tp15_6_13_3_2_0001/ \
--outDS user.venkat.mc09_7TeV.108343.st_schan_enu_McAtNlo_Jimmy.D4PD.2010.11.16.v01 --nGBPerJob=6 \
--outputs "my*.root*"
  • Note: test locally before submitting the jobs. I have a sample file to test (on pcazNN @ CERN)
  • To run on this file, use the following commands ln -s /raid01/venkat/dataset/user.wbell.mc09_7TeV.108346.st_Wt_McAtNlo_Jimmy.merge.NTUP_TOP.e624_s765_s767_r1302_r1306_tp15_6_13_3_2_0001.101028222214/user.wbell.003248.EXT0._00003.NTUP_TOP.root ./ user.wbell.003248.EXT0._00003.NTUP_TOP.root -f PhysicsBranches.txt -o output.root

Getting Started

Checkout packages from SVN repository

Tip, idea Green led You may use the script to checkout and compile the necessary packages from SVN OR

  • You can setup a suitable ATLAS software release/cache (on a SLC5, x64 machine)
  • setup ATLAS release in the usual way
    cd ~/cmthome/
    source setup -tag=,AtlasProduction,slc5,gcc43,mydpd
    Sample requirements file for setting up and compiling DPDAnalysis
  • Check out packages from SVN repository
    export SVNROOT= $SVNGRP
    cmt co Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/core
    cmt co Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/util
    cmt co Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser
    export SVNROOT= $SVNOFF
    cmt co AMS.DataQuality/GoodRunsLists
    cmt co Reconstruction/Jet/JetUncertainties
    Sample log-file of SVN checkout using CMT.

Red led Make sure you have SVN access to checkout the packages. You must have an AFS account for this step.
Red led If your afs username doesn't match your login name then you have to follow these additional steps
export SVNGRP=svn+ssh://
export SVNOFF=svn+ssh://
Green led If you find it tedious to enter your password when prompted (multiple times)'s password you may want to obtain and cache your credentials using kinit $USER@CERN.CH and then checkout the above packages.

Compile all packages

  • if you are using ATLAS setup, its easy to compile. Just cd into cmt directory in user package and compile
    cd $TestArea/Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser/cmt/ ; cmt bro make; cd -

Sample log-file of compiling using CMT

Before running the program

  • Create a link to JESUncertainty.root Warning, important Not required if you are using topuser-00-02-02 or later. Refer to the list tags below
    cd $TestArea; ln -s Reconstruction/Jet/JetUncertainties/share/JESUncertainty.root
    See JESUncertaintyProvider for details

  • If running on data edit
    =$TestArea/Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser/config/grl.config= and modify the following line and specify a full path to the XML good runs list file. This step is not necessary if running on MC. You can find predefined grl's here GRL Lists
         grl.GoodRunsXML: Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser/config/mygoodruns.xml
  • If running on data edit
    =$TestArea/Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser/config/topanalysis.config= and modify the following Set false for data, and true for MC
         top.IsSimulation: true
  • Make a file list
    ls /afs/ > $TestArea/

Running the program


cd $TestArea -f -c Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser/config/topuser.config
For help on command line options --help

On the grid using PANDA run

for prun (Version: 0.2.96 or higher)

  • Tip, idea Green led You may want to use the scripts/ if you need to submit jobs in a batch (several dataset containers).
  • Just copy this script to your test area and type in ./ for help.

  • setup your testarea. same area you are using to test topuser locally will suffice for grid submission
  • setup panda. see here for for setup
  • check to make sure you are using a recent prun version using: prun --version
  • compile all packages using cmt (must do before job submission)
    cd Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser/cmt; cmt bro make; cd -;
  • submit job using prun (modify your user name and --inDS and --outDS accordingy)
       prun --useAthenaPackages \
       --match "*D3PD*root*" --exec "echo %IN | -g -c ./Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser/config/topuser.config" \
       --inDS \
       --outDS \
       --outputs "my*.root"
  • for a list of all available options for prun you can do prun --help and use them with the above shown above.

instructions for prun (< 0.2.96)

You need to setup PANDA. You also need to clean the $TESTAREA

cd $TestArea
find -name $CMTCONFIG | awk '{print "rm -rf " $1}'
this removes the i686 directories

rm -rf InstallArea
this removes the InstallArea

to submit to the grid

cp /raid/johns/testarea/DPDAnalysis/ .
cp /raid/johns/testarea/DPDAnalysis/ .
at some point, these files should be placed in the core/share area in SVN

edit as you wish

the 21 gets appended to your job name and the ANALY_BNL_ATLAS_1 is the site


A ROOT file containing histograms and ntuple of topological variables. See output file contents.

Merging output

Merge functionality is provided. Merging histograms and ntuples is accomplished using the following commands. Assuming one wants to merge myoutput.1.root and myoutput.2.root, the following commands are equivalent and yield a merged_output.root. Merging works for arbitrary number of input files. By default, only histograms are merged. See merge.config for options.


echo myoutput.1.root myoutput.2.root | -m
ls myoutput*.root | -m
ls -c1 myoutput*.root > files.list; -m -f files.list

On the grid using PANDA run

for prun (Version: 0.2.96 or higher)

   prun --useAthenaPackages \
   --match "*D3PD*root*" --exec "echo %IN | -m -c ./Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/core/ROOT/merge.config" \
   --inDS \
   --outDS \
   --outputs "merged*.root"

Previous Datasets

List of Tags

Newest tag always contains latest updates. Please use those unless otherwise specified. The code is in SVN repository. Links below: A list of tags for specific Athena releases is tabulated:

List of tags for 2011 data analysis

Athena core util topuser Comment 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-05-04 2011 data analysis for PLHC

List of tags for 2010 data analysis

Athena core util topuser Comment 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-05-00 re-processed 2010 data analysis for PLHC 00-00-10 00-00-04 00-01-00 use these tags together 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-01-03 fix for grid issue on DE, IT sites. Pileup histograms/tables for note III, and fixed highestPtSum 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-02-00 QCD tool update with e/mu. Full sample validated for v5 D3PD tag only for D3PD's with new branches and branch names 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-02-01 Split histograms into pre/post b-tag 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-02-03 run analysis with nominal, jesplus, jesminus settings
16.0.1 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-02-05 macros to make data v. mc comparison and topological likelihood
16.0.1 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-02-08 build likelihood discriminant, extract signal fraction using fitter and estimate sys/stat uncertainties
16.0.1 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-02-13 added hitfit, included topxsec cuts
16.0.1 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-03-00 new ttres cuts 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-03-02 fixed and storing truth info, added additional variables to topotree 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-04-00 rel 16. mc challenge updates, updated reading of branches from new tree, JERProvider tool 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-04-01 rel 16. lepton sf, multijetJES, MMQCD, scripts & share dirs, new lhood fitter 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-04-02 rel 16. bug-fix in jes 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-04-03 added useful scripts 00-00-11 00-00-04 00-04-07 final update for Pre-Moriond data analysis

Backward compatibility for older ( < v5) D3PD

  • With topuser tags >= 00-02-00, it is possible to use older D3PD's by enabling a switch in the topanalysis.config. By default (top.D3PDVersion: 5). Set it equal to a version number (>=2) as shown below.
        top.D3PDVersion: 2



  • D0 Color Scheme
  • Binning for basic plots
  • Alternate scheme used in ICHEP 2010
        color_index=5;  // diboson
        color_index=92;   // W+j
        color_index=95;  // Z+j
        color_index=62;   // sigle top
        color_index=619;   // other
        ttbar is empty with a black line.
  • JES calculation
          Method to scale jets and correct MET
          pxJetsBefore = Sum(jet_px_before)
          Scale the jet 4vec (keep the sign of px,py,pz components same)
          pxJetsAfter = Sum(jet_px_after)
          DeltaPx = pxJetsAfter - pxJetsBefore
          Old_MEx = -Sum(px_allobjs) = -Sum(jet_px_before) - Sum(px_all_other_objs)
          New_MEx = -Sum(jet_px_after) - Sum(px_all_other_objs)
                  = -pxJetsAfter - Sum(px_all_other_objs)
                  = -(DeltaPx + pxJetsBefore) - Sum(px_all_other_objs)
                  = -DeltaPx + Old_MEx
          Similarly find New_MEy; New_MET = sqrt(New_MEx^2 + New_MEy^2)
          Old_SumET = Sum(abs(pt_all_objects)) = Sum(abs(jets_pt)) + Sum(abs(pt_of_other_objs))
          New_SumET = Sum(abs(jets_pt_new)) + Sum(abs(pt_of_other_objs))
                    = Sum(scaleF *abs(jets_pt)) + Sum(abs(pt_of_other_objs))
                    = [scaleF * Sum(abs(jets_pt))] + Sum(abs(pt_of_other_objs))
                    = [(1 +- delta) * Sum(abs(jets_pt))] + Sum(abs(pt_of_other_objs))
                    = Old_SumET +- [delta * Sum(abs(jets_pt))]

-- VenkateshKaushik - 24-Jun-2010

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