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Take note!

This is an old version of the LBCF FAQ page. The new version lives on the Point 1 network:

Silly shifter questions & regulations

Before shifts: what to do ?

Before the shifts start:

  1. check your access rights to ATL_CR (Atlas Control Room)
  2. look through the most recent LBCF, LUCID, ZDC, BCM instructions:

If need to contact the LBCF shifts coordinator in a harry, look for the phone here.

Atlas Control Room (ACR): How to find it?

  1. Building Location
  2. Web cams

IMPORTANT: try to speak in a low voice !

Please try to speak in a low voice with your desk(s)-colleagues so long you are in the control room ! IMHO: this should became an official prescription in the shift regulations, that only a shift leader would speak loudly among 20-25 shifters. It is rather hard to stand for several hours many various discussions around neighboring desks.

Computing questions & problems

Computer on shift: pc-atlas-cr-03; (IP: This computer has many restrictions to use the web and not allows to arrange the bookmarks. frown

Proxy configuration for the firefox

In Mozilla-firefox window open "Edit" --> "Preferences".

In the "Firefox Preferences" pop-up window go to the "Network" folder and press "Settings..." button.

In poped-up "Connection settings" window select "Automatic proxy configuration URL" and fill there:

fig1 fig2

Copy files to / from Point-1. How?

You could have a look in Atlas Poit1 FAQ page, but better just follow this simple and clear examples:

  • From point-1 computer to
  • From to point-1 computer:
    • [pc-atlas-cr-03]$ scp -p file_to_copy user_name@atlasgw:/atlas-home/1/user_name/.
    • The atlasgw is a cluster of gateway computers. (You can check with: ping

Control Plots: at the beginning of your shift!

Starting the shift please make once the snapshots with the following plots of 8 hours history and upload these snapshots into the Logbook.

ATLAS - control plots

1) DCS: ATLAS Backgrounds

2) DCS: ATLAS Hit rates

3) OHP: Histograms --> Luminosity --> "LumiAlgoHit" --> PMT_Counts_Hit

4) DCS: ATLAS --> LHC -->Instantaneous Luminosity -->

LHC - control plots

5) OP Vistars: LHC performance

6) DCS: ATLAS --> LHC --> LHC intensities & ATLAS BPTX intensities

Rate of L1 and L2 - control plots

7) DAQ Panel --> Trigger Presenter --> Global Plots

8) DAQ Panel --> Monitor Partition --> Load Panel --> "IguiPanels.DFPanel.DFPanel"
This plot is not archived, but points starts to appear when you open the page and select L1 and L2

Beam Position Monitors - control plots : angle and position

9) DCS: ATLAS --> LHC --> Instrumentation --> Beam Position
To zoom the plots and adjust the scales, click on "Other" --> "Zoomed Window" fig9 fig10

Early shift-beginner questions

DAQ Panel: How to load on the screen?

Left-bottom corner on the main LBCF desktop:
LBC FWD General TDAQ DCS SLIMOS Monitoring Tier0 Sys.Admin

Click on: TDAQ   ⇒   "DAQPanel"

RUN Number & Status: How to load on the screen?

Switch to   "DAQPanel"   and click on the   "RC Status" .

New shift: How to sign-in ?

Open   General   button in the left-bottom side of the main display and click on the   "RunCom Tool" .
  • Make sure in the left side of the "RunCom Tool", that you are in the "FD-Lumi" folder, to be signed-in as a FD-Limi shfter.
  • If the previous shifter was not signed off press the "sign off" button.
  • Press "new Shifter" button.
  • Fill your name in the pop-up window. Press "OK". The frame aroud your name becames blue and is marked as "signed in".
  • Press "ready" button
  • In pop-up window named "signin-FD-Lumi" confirm "Check" column with a tick and press "OK".
  • In pop-up window with the question: "Insert .CheckList output into ATLOG ?" press "NO".
  • Now you should see the green frame around your name, marked as "ready".
Coming on the shift LOG-IN at "Atlas Logbook" with your username and password.
To logout press "Logout" in top-left corner of the Atlas Logbook page.

Histograms: LUCID pedestals & calibration:

Switch to   "DAQPanel"   and click on the   "OHP"   (DAQPanel: 1-st column X 4-th row).

Alarm screen: How to open?

Open   FWD   and click on the   "FWD DCS Alarms"

Logbook: How to open?

Open   General   and click on the   "ATLAS Logbook"

TWiki LBCF manuals and help: How to find?

Open   General   and click on the   "ATLAS Operation". Under "AtlasOperation" twiki page find "Luminosity and Beam Conditions"   →   "Manual: shifter"

DCS manager for LUCID & ZDC (written under PVSS platform): How to open?

Open   FWD   and click on the   FWD DCS FSM

KSnapshot: How to arrange the snapshots?

All pictures you would like to make with the KSnapshot will be saved under the crlum username. As a usual shifter you can arrange these pictures (for example to remove them, or put in a certain subdirectory) ONLY from the KSnapshot application ITSELF. Pressing "Save as" a pope-up window with a list of files and directories will appear. A "New Folder" icon could be found on top near the "Home" and "Reload" buttons. To remove the picture - select it with the mouse, then right mouse click and select "Move to Trash".

Actual Magnets Settings: where to find?

It is useful to know which magnets are ON or OFF.
Look in :
and click on "Magnet system overview" there. To find out the current magnets status: open web page and click on Magnets in the Infrastructure column or walk to the DCS desk and ask the DCS shift person there.

Magnets settings for LUCID: where to find?

Switch to   DCS manager (FWD DCS FSM)   click on FWDLCD and check the HIGH VOLTAGE SET in the middle of the screen.  

L1 Trigger Rates: where to find?

Look in:
Here click on "Trigger Rates" and then on "L1 Rates"
In   "DAQPanel"   click on the   "Trigger Presenter"   button and wait till the pop up window named "Trigger Rate Presenter" will appear.


  • Start x-terminal
  • Execute source /det/l1calo/scripts/
  • enter l1rates

Trigger Presenter in "DAQPanel" does not work

* In left side of the   "DAQPanel"   find "TriP Opt" field and enter /atlas/moncfg/tdaq-02-00-03/trigger/trp/trp_gui_conf.xml there.

  • If this configuration is not passed along with the other configurations in the TDAQ panel the Trigger Presenter will return empty rates.

History of run messages, alarms, etc: LOG MANAGER

In   "DAQPanel"   click on the   "Log Manager"   button and wait till the pop up window named "Log Service Manager" will appear. In the left side change directory to crrc and put the selection criteria like Run Number, Application and message type (Fatal, Errors, Warnings, etc) in the top menus of the "Log Service Manager" window.


Desktop 1

1) LHC overview: OP Vistars

In Konqueror Browser:   "Bookmarks" --> "General" --> "OP Vistars"   or directly
(At the moment, end of November 2009 it works better from outside than from the ACR!)

2) PVSS: Atlas Backgrounds

From the left-bottom corner on the main LBCF desktop press: LBC --> "Beam Condition DCS"
The PVSS will be started and in several seconds the PVSS window titled "ATL_FORWARD:fwUiAtlasFrame" will appear. Find the small active frame there on top of the panel titled "LHC". Press on "LHC" filed marked with small white color box. Then in left-top corner select "ATL_BACKGROUND".

3) FWD DCS Alarms

From the left-bottom corner on the main LBCF desktop press: FWD --> "FWD DCS Alarms"
The PVSS will be started and the PVSS table titled "Vision_1:ATLASAlarmScreen" will appear.

4) PVSS Lucid Panel

From the left-bottom corner on the main LBCF desktop press: FWD --> "FWD DCS FSM"
The PVSS will be started and the PVSS table titled "ATL_FORWARD:fwUiAtlasFrame" will appear. Select "LCD" on the top-left. Look in the histograms in right-bottom.

Desktop 2

One would find all these panels in the same procedure as described for PVSS panels in Desktop-1.

1) LHC overview: OP Vistars

2) PVSS: Atlas beam background panel

3) PVSS: Atlas hit rate panel

4) PVSS: ZDC rate panel

Desktop 3

1) TDAQ: DAQ Panel

From the left-bottom corner on the main LBCF desktop press: TDAQ --> "DAQPanel"

2) TDAQ: Atlas partition monitoring panel

In the top-right field of the DAQPanel press Monitor Partition .

3) TDAQ: OHP panel

In the right field of the DAQPanel press OHP .

4) TDAQ: DQMD panel

In the right field of the DAQPanel press DQM Display .

Desktop 4

1) ATLAS Logbook

From the left-bottom corner on the main LBCF desktop press: General --> "ATLAS Logbook"

2) Generic Browser

3) Free space

4) RunCom tool

From the left-bottom corner on the main LBCF desktop press: General --> "RunCom Tool"


Screen is LOCKed and asks for username and password

Press "Alt"+"Tab" and move with keeping "Alt" and pressing "Tab" to the activate the keyboard for the corresponding window.


The only solution is to call system administrator: 164851. Be ready to report the LBCF desk PC name: pc-atlas-cr-03 which you find also typed on the keyboard.

-- AnAst - 21-Oct-2009

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