Automatic procedures in place

From March 2nd 2017 a emergency control has been added to JAP by Dr. Cai. 8 command files have been uploaded to JMDC to allow the shutdown of the tracker frontend electronic, one for each power group.

Current status
At the moment no grouping for power group is in place. Only one of the 8 files is not empty, Tracker_Group_0 which will be triggered by Sensor A reaching the tracker high temperature limit (35 degrees) and shuts down all the frontend for layers 2 to 9.
The subdivision into power groups will be added in the near future, with the posibility to trigger each power group on a different sensor. For this, specific command files have to be prepared.

Fallback manual procedures
In any case, on the JMDC memory you can also find two files
  1. TOFF_2_9 turns off the tracker frontend for layers 2 to 9
  2. TON_all turns on the tracker frontend for all layers

-- ValerioFormato - 2017-03-02

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