B->ppbartaunu analysis

People working on this:

Mark Smith, Matthew Tilley, Mitesh Patel, Ryan Newcombe

-- MarkElliotSmith - 2017-12-04






Stripping Info:

For the restripping campaign the two fake proton lines (opposite and same-sign) and the TOPO line have been restripped. The changes are:

  • Tighten the track $\chi^{2} / DOF$ cut from 6 to 3 on the protons. This cut should be applied offline anyway.
  • Tighten the $p\overline{p}$ vtx $\chi^{2}$ cut from 10 to 8.
  • Change prescale on the fake proton lines from 0.15 to 0.06 to keep within the rate.
  • Fix to include both sign of fake proton (take wrt to the muon) - previously we had only taken one which missed a large chunk.
  • Include 3 and 4 body TOPO HLT2 in the topo line.
Ensure that the vtx $\chi^{2}$ and track $\chi^{2}$ are consistently applied to all the samples!



Data Location:

Run 1 for FF fit

  • 2011 - /LHCb/Collision11/Beam3500GeV-VeloClosed-Mag[Up,Down]/Real Data/Reco14/Stripping21r1p1a/90000000/SEMILEPTONIC.DST
  • 2012 - /LHCb/Collision12/Beam4000GeV-VeloClosed-Mag[Up,Down]/Real Data/Reco14/Stripping21r0p1a/90000000/SEMILEPTONIC.DST
The stripping lines are bhad2PMuXLine and bhad2PMuXFakepLine .

Run 2 for R(pp)

  • 2018 - J/psi K - /LHCb/Collision18/Beam6500GeV-VeloClosed-Mag[Down,Up]/Real Data/Reco18/Stripping34/90000000/LEPTONIC.MDST
  • 2018 - stripping 34 - /LHCb/Collision18/Beam6500GeV-VeloClosed-Mag[Up,Down]/Real Data/Reco18/Stripping34/90000000/SEMILEPTONIC.DST
  • 2018 - stripping 34r0p1 - /LHCb/Collision18/Beam6500GeV-VeloClosed-Mag[Up,Down]/Real Data/Reco18/Stripping34r0p1/90000000/SEMILEPTONIC.DST
  • 2017 - stripping 29r2 - /LHCb/Collision17/Beam6500GeV-VeloClosed-Mag[Up,Down]/Real Data/Reco17/Stripping29r2/90000000/SEMILEPTONIC.DST
  • 2016 - stripping 28r1p1 - /LHCb/Collision16/Beam6500GeV-VeloClosed-Mag[Up,Down]/Real Data/Reco16/Stripping28r1p1/90000000/SEMILEPTONIC.DST
The stripping lines are B2PPbarMuForTauMuLine, B2PPbarMuForTauMuTopoLine, B2PPbarMuForTauMufakePLine, B2PPbarMuForTauMuSSfakePLine, B2PPbarMuForTauMuSSLine, B2PPbarMuForTauMufakeMuLine

Note stripping 34r0p1 should be used for the fake proton for both charge combinations. We are still waiting for the restripping of the other years.

DEC files of interest

The GEN level cuts on the background modes should be:

# tightCut.Cuts = {
#'[p+]cc' : " in_range( 0.010 , GTHETA , 0.400 )& ( GPT > 750 * MeV ) & (GP > 14600 * MeV)" ,
#'[mu-]cc' : " in_range( 0.010 , GTHETA , 0.400 ) & (GP > 2900 * MeV)"
# }

Mode No File Comments Outstanding Issues Generated
$ \tau $ signal 12513060   No GEN cuts EvtGen model  
$\mu$ normalisation 12513050   No GEN cuts EvtGen model  
$\Delta$ cocktail 12813411 Bu_Delpbarmunu,pX=TightCut2.dec GEN cuts EvtGen model  
$N^{*}$ cocktail 12813401 Bu_pNstmunu,pX=TightCut2.dec GEN cuts EvtGen model  
$B^{0}\to p\bar{p}DX$ 11774004 - needs committing Bd_D0ppbarX,Xmunu=TightCut.dec GEN cuts    
$B^{+}\to p\bar{p}DX$ 12773002 - needs committing Bu_D+ppbarX,Xmunu=TightCut.dec GEN cuts    
$p\Lambda_{c}^{*}\mu\nu$ 12877401 - needs committing Bu_Lcpipipbarmunu,pX=TightCut2.dec GEN cuts $p_{T}$ cut on muon  
$p\Lambda_{c}\mu\nu$, $\Lambda_{c}\to pX$ 12875412 Bu_Lcpbarmunu,pX=TightCut2.dec GEN cuts    
$p\Lambda_{c}\mu\nu$, $\Lambda_{c}\to pK\pi$ 12875010 Bu_Lcpbarmunu,pKpi=TightCut.dec only has acceptance $\theta$ cuts    
$p\Lambda_{c}\mu\nu$, $\Lambda_{c}\to pK^{0}\pi^{0}$ ----        
$ppD\mu\nu$ 12572000   GEN cuts need fixing plus more D modes $p_{T}$ cut on muon  

HistFactory extras

There is a nice set of slides introducing HistFactory here: https://indico.cern.ch/event/509900/contributions/2031935/

That link also includes a patch for HistFactory to implement Barlow-Beeston in more than 1 dimension. There are some more patches and speed gains to be found at https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/viewauth/LHCbPhysics/HistFactoryInfo

I have only tested the BB fix (HistFactoryModelUtils.cxx) - I couldn't get the other speed patches to work.

Compiling ROOT

Compiling ROOT can be a bit of a pain. The compilers on slc6 are ancient so you need to point CMake in the direction of an LCG installation to use instead. Also make sure you enable all the options.

  • Extract the ROOT source code to some directory (i.e. ~/root_source)
  • In the source directory you need to alter the CMakeLists.txt to use a reasonably modern version of gcc and g++ by adding the following:
    • SET(CMAKE_C_COMPILER /cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/lib/lcg/releases/gcc/6.2.0binutils/x86_64-slc6/bin/gcc)
      SET(CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER /cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/lib/lcg/releases/gcc/6.2.0binutils/x86_64-slc6/bin/g++)
  • You need to alter your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to pick up the correct libraries etc (note this is for C shell but I am sure you can figure it out for bash):
    • setenv PATH /cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/lib/lcg/releases/gcc/6.2.0binutils/x86_64-slc6/bin\:$PATH
      setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH $LD_LIBRARY_PATH\:/cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/lib/lcg/releases/gcc/6.2.0/x86_64-slc6/lib64/\:/cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/lib/lcg/releases/gcc/6.2.0/x86_64-slc6/lib/\:/cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/lib/lcg/releases/gcc/6.2.0/x86_64-slc6/lib64/\:/cvmfs/lhcb.cern.ch/lib/lcg/releases/LCG_92/xrootd/4.7.0/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/lib64
  • Now copy in the code patches you wish to use (i.e. for HistFactory)
  • Make a new directory into which ROOT will be compiled (i.e. ~/myROOT) and cd into it.
  • Configure cmake
    • cmake -DAll=ON ~/root_source
  • Now you need to alter CMakeCache.txt so that it picks up the correct libraries for some things
    • //Path to a library.

      //Path to a library.

      //Path to a library.

      //Path to a library.

      //Dependencies for the target
  • Now compile!
    • cmake --build .
  • At some point the compilation may segfault or throw some other fit. Don't worry - just run the last command again and it should pick up where it left off.
  • Now make sure you are using your newly installed ROOT version:
    • source ~/myROOT/bin/thisroot.csh
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