HV2FEI4 Assemblies

PCB name PCB version HV2FEI4 irradiated location status HV2FEI4 status FEI4 FEI4 wafer FEI4 type/ number Date of wirebonding comments
C01                   never existed
C02   v1 0 CERN working? working? VGAKHXH 38? (see photo)   first good v1 CCPD
C03                   PCB not existing
C04                   PCB not existing
C05 PCBv3 v1 + v1 0 CERN not working working VGAKHXH 43 2013-04-15 sensor crooked, low sensor tuning was possible (100mV)
C06 PCBv3 v1 + v1 0 CERN dismounted dismounted VGAKHXH 33 2013-04-15 badly glued HV2FEI4 is wirebonded
C07 PCBv3 v1 1.00E+015 CERN working working VGAKHXH 52 2013-05-08  
C08 PCBv3 v1 1.00E+016 CERN not working? working? VGAKHXH 53 2013-05-08  
C09 PCBv3 v2 0 CERN working working VGAKHXH 32 ?   first good v2 CCPD
C11 PCBv4 v2 0 CERN debugging not finished working? ? ? Oct. 2013? (formerly DE1)
C12 PCBv4 v2 0 Glasgow debugging not started not checked     2014-01-30 “Glasgow board” (formerly D03)
C13 PCBv3-mirrored v1 yes, which dose? CERN debugging not finished working VGAKHXH 35 2014-03-26 “mirrored” sensor
C14 PCBv3-mirrored   yes: which does? CERN debugging not finished debugging not finished VGAKHXH 45 2014-03-26 “mirrored” sensor
C15 v5 v2 0 CERN         2014-07-03  
C16 v5 v2 0 CERN debugging not checked        
C17 v5 v2 ? CERN            
C18 v5 v2 ? CERN            
C19 v5 v2 0 CERN OK OK     2014-08-22  

not on PCB yet   v2 0 CERN – Lab 023 ? ? VGAKHXH 54   single CCPD not glued on any PCB, HV2FEI4 glued together with FEI4 nr 32? (which is on C09)


  PCBv3-mirrored   0 CERN - -       PCB produced and assembled, no FEI4 or sensor on it

      0 CERN   not checked VGAKHXH 44   single FEI4A in gelpack
      0 CERN   not checked VGAKHXH 34   single FEI4A in gelpack

Discontinued assemblies

PCB name PCB version HV2FEI4 irradiated location status HV2FEI4 status FEI4 FEI4 wafer FEI4 type/ number Date of wirebonding comments
M01 PCBv2 v1 0 CERN CCPD taken off the PCB no FE-I4       Ivan's bricolage

Wirebonding scheme AMS CCPD to HVCMOS2FE -I4B SCC v2

Pad Function Net Pad Function Pad Function Pad Function
0 SerOutDown HVCMOS_SRout            
1 NwellRing NwellRing/GND            
2 VN ISRC0            
3 Vpload ISRC1            
4 VPFB ISRC2            
5 VNFoll ISRC3 B1 SO     D1 VP
6 BLRes ISRC4         C1 VN
7 Icomp ISRC5         B1 Casc
8 VddaBias HVCMOS_VDDA            
9 VSSA HVCMOS_VSSA 1 vssa 1 vssa 1 vdda
10 Vdda HVCMOS_VDDA 2 vdda 2 vdda 2 vssa
11 GND GND 3 gnda 3 gnda 3 gnda
12 Vcasc HVCMOS_Vcasc_chip 4 Vcasc 4 ThTw 4 casc nmos
13 ThPlow HVCMOS_ThPLow_chip 5 HVPlus 5 VPlusTw 5 Sens Bias
14 Gate HVCMOS_Vgate_chip 6 Gate 6 Gate 6 Vplus
15 BL HVCMOS_BL_chip 7 BL 7 BL    
16 Th HVCMOS_Vthr_chip 8 Th 8 Th    
17 GND GND            
18 Sout HVCMOS_SoutOrSub         8 SUB Pix
19 GND GND 9 gnd 9 gnd    
20 Vddd HVCMOS_VDDDorSub 10 vdd 10 vdd 9 SUB Guard
21 HV HVCMOS_Vbias 11 SUB 11 SUB 10 SUB
22 Srin HVCMOS_SRdi 12 Sin 12 Sin 11 Sin
23 Ld HVCMOS_SRld 13 Ld 13 Ld 12 Ld
24 CkConfig HVCMOS_SRclkPix 14 CkC 14 CkC 13 Ck2
25 CkDAC HVCMOS_SRclkGlo 15 CkD 15 CkD 14 Ck1
26 MonOutP HVCMOS_Mon_P B7 MonP B? MonP    
27 nReset VMI2 16 VMi2 16 VMi2    
28 VdddIO HVCMOS_VDDA            
29 VddaIO HVCMOS_VDDA            
30 Monitor HVCMOS_Mon 17 Mon 17 Mon    
31 Injection HVCMOS_inj 18 Inj 18 Inj 15 inj
32 GND VMI1 19 VMi1 19 VMi1 16 gnda
33 Vdda VMI0 20 VMi0 20 VMi0 17 vssa
34 VSSA VPLUS 21 VPl 21 VPl 18 vdda
35 AmpOut HVCMOS_AmpOut 22 AmpOut 22 AmpOut    
36 VddaBias HVCMOS_VDDA            
37 Pbias HVCMOS_Pbias_ADC            
38 GND GND            
39 IPUP ISRC6         19 mn0
40 WGT0 ISRC7         20 mn1
41 WGT1 ISRC8         21 mn2
42 WGT2 ISRC9            
43 LSBdacL ISRC10            
44 MonOutN HVCMOS_Mon_N B8 MonN B? MonN    
45 BackBias BackBias/GND            


The SCC can be configured for various HV/HRCMOS sensors by several THT jumpers and 0Ohm SMD resistors.

FE-I4 operation


  • VCasc: Except for H18CCPDv2 VCasc is generated on chip and does not need to be supplied by the board.
    => For all chips except H18CCPDv2 do not set the VCasc jumper

Monitor line

The monitor signal from the CCPD is amplified via a two stage amplifier, then discriminated and sent to the corresponding KEL pin (TODO). After the first amplifier the signal has a baseline of around 1.8V with the monitor signal on top. Therefore the discriminator threshold has to be set accordingly.

  • Option 1 (Voltage divider)
    Choose R50 and R51 according to V_mon_th = 3.3V R51/(R50 + R51). They should be around 100k.
  • Option 2 (Voltage supply from GPAC card reusing VCasc line) (TODO: Kel pin)
    Remove R50 and R51 and set Rcmpthr
  • Option 3 (discouraged, Current supply from GPAC) (TODO: Kel pin)

Test points

mv multi ge      

Board input Component Alternative Wirebonding pad Function H18v4 Function H35v1 Comment
GND Rmi2b CONCCPDv4 VMI2 VMinus2 (STime)    
HVCMOS_nReset Rmi2      
GND Rmi1b VMI1 VMinus1 (STime)    
GND Rmi1   GNDA  
GND Rmi0b VMI0 VMinus0 (STime)    
HVCMOS_VDDA Rmi0   VSSA VDDA, VSSA swapped on H35
HVCMOS_VDDA Rplub (bottom) VPLUS VPlus (STime)    
HVCMOS_ThPlow Rplub (top)      
HVCMOS_VSSA Rplu   VDDA VDDA, VSSA swapped on H35
HVCMOS_Vbias Rsubguard2     SUB Guard if needed
HVCMOS-Sout Rsubpix   HVCMOS_Soutorsub      
HVCMOS_Vbias Rsubpix2     SUB Pix if needed
HVCMOS_ThPlow Sel_ThPlow 1-2   HVCMOS_ThPlow_chip      
Hvpos (LEMO) Sel_ThPlow 2-3   HVPlus   Do not use with SUB/HV
HVCMOS_Vcasc VCasc   HVCMOS_VCasc_chip     VCasc generated on chip
HVCMOS_Vthr VThr   HVCMOS_Vthr_chip Global threshold Global threshold  
GND Rmon0   ISRC6   Pull down mon 0  
Vmon0 Pin header     mon 0  
ISRC6' Rsc6        
GND Rmon1   ISRC7   Pull down mon 1  
Vmon0 Pin header     mon 1  
ISRC7' Rsc7        
GND Rmon2   ISRC8   Pull down mon 2  
Vmon0 Pin header     mon 2  
ISRC8' Rsc8        
HVCMOS_VDDA, GND R50,R51   HVCMOS_mon_comp_THR     Voltage divider
HVCMOS_VCasc Rcmpthr       VCasc by GPAC
CompTHRIn, GND RcmpthrIn, R51       Generate voltage via ISRC11 flowing over R51 to GND, use high quality resistor
AmpMon _out mon_amp_sel 1-2   HVmonSelect 1-2 HVCMOS_mon_ADC    
Comp_out mon_amp_sel 2-3   HVmonSelect 2-3 Mon (Pin header)    
GND Cvp   ISRC3      
GND Cvn   ISRC4      
GND Ccasc   ISRC5      
GND Cthplow   HVCMOS_ThPlow_chip      

-- BranislavRistic - 17 Jun 2014

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