--++ vidyo

*New vidyo room*:
* CMSPD_Weekly_meeting
* <a href="https://client-select.web.cern.ch/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fvidyoportal.cern.ch%2Fjoin%2Fyab4qpOADR" target="_blank">direct link<img alt="" border="0" height="12" src="https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/external-link.gif" width="13" /></a>
* PIN 1055
(old vidyo room: vidyo link PIN 1055)

---++ News:

proposal/suggestion to our group leader for furniture (chair).


meeting at everyday at P5 from today. 21th july tutorial for Slide test activities. Alberto is coming at 29th July (stay for two weeks)


Situation of Clean room, allocated 75k for three years position. Nicolo talked to the director, to have someone to work on this.

Anomaly detection from tommaso, schedule a presentation for what he have done.


Mechanical frame produced at bolonga, take up to two or three weeks. Data will be streaming here to padova at the end of july.

New activities within INFN group: ML-INFN from group of Quinto.(algo+infastrucsture). Training and sharing knowledge. discuss at 2 o'clock.

---++ Framework & production

today federica will update the cloud for three days, everyone need to shutdown the VM.

Lustre licenses status? plan to change to the new filesystem.

---++ Analysis

---+ B physics

Martino is on medical visit.

Pablo chatting on offline DQM code to be included to the CMSSW code. EPR credit offer??

jet tagger (alberto), working on documentation, on the overlap of jet and lepton. Enrico is on technical detail. Hevjiv is implementing a new method from the machine learning point of view.

---+ Heavy New Physics

change of human power. contact person will trying to finalize on the analysis. need to process all dataset. working on syst.

---+ VBS

Latino framework and SY framework on development. electroweak standard model scatter signal. post-processing step.

---+ WH_SS

signal generation on 2016 (LO mutlijet) complete.

background 2016 + 2017 stable (proceed with preliminary analysis)

---+ Same sign dileptons

No news.

---++ EPR

Sherpa generator: b-enriched sample , exotica sample generation. (on-going)

---++ Trigger+triggerless

subchapter to sector test. deploy 40 MHz take place at cms at october. Marco belato responsible for the new version of minicrate. clarification is needed with the spanish college to deploy the firmware and the 40 MHz readout.

Technician is at cms. Gaia is spending a summer at cern helping out. Once the hardware is setup , the readout can be exercised.

---++ Detector

---+ DT

---+ Timing Layer

---+ Tracker/tracking

Tracking POG: dicsucc for MC for ultra-legacy. working with MTD group on reconstructing tracking. discussing on filter and seeding with CNN. a pHD student is placed to study RUN3.

4 more servers for GPU. HPC-physics.

---++ A.O.B.

-- SiewYanHoh - 2019-07-15

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