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Action Items:


  • Time for nominee for CMS Italia is finished. Fabrizio knows the list. Official list on Nov 4th. Dellavalle, Tabarelli, Della Ricca, Bilei, Lista are probably part of the list.

  • New spokeperson: italian candidate will be Carlin (Pieri is not from italian institute). Dellavalle was concerned about the fact that the italian presence in various levels is already high.

Framework & production

(Marco Z.)
  • 2017 ntuples: B-Physics is ready but no action has been done on ALPHA framework (high pT).
  • we have to start looking at nanoAOD and understand how to use this new format/modify the current framework
  • better to start thinking on about instead of wait for the final dataformat. Meeting/discussion will start.


Dibosons, VZ resonance (V=W,Z)

  • finishing thesis. almost at the end. first draft should be ready soon.

B physics

  • Bs/JPsiPhi : code comparison with Giacomo.
  • Roberto started to look at a sample to see if it is reasonable to re-do analysis on 13TeV data.
  • Alberto is going on with dark matter

Dark Matter

  • bb Dark Matter: working on integrating dark matter analysis (Fermi's one) on new framework (Fermi's one). To target all channels.
  • from Dec onward, a master student will start working on dark matter too.
  • about Siew's work:
    • he could continue/finish dark matter stuff and then move to a common effort based on Padova priority.
    • Franco: Marco, Paul and Siew have to define which will be their next analysis effort.

hh4b (non resonant)

  • attended a school on statistical learning by T.Hastie last week (in padova stat dept). Very interesting.
  • presentation to hbb next Wed in order to proceed to pre-approval
  • presentation to padova group next Thurs.

Same sign dileptons

  • finishing answers to convenors' answers
  • presentation to padova group next Thurs.

Multiple leptons

  • (Ezio) see-saw, paper accepted by journal


Flavor tagging

  • CMSSW pull request almost close. It will be included in the upcoming MC and data processing.
  • presentation to the group in the upcoming Thurs.


  • student will be able to work to conclude the job in next 2-3 weeks.
  • full view of the status within end of November (conference in Okin. mid Dec.)



  • commissione 1 has prepared a list of borse per laureandi e neolaureati. check them out! (additional points for people that intend to get a PhD)
  • (Ezio) new responsible for masterclass needed!
  • (Marco) a kick-off meeting will be organized with Meschi before his seminar (franco, marco, marina, roberto, sandro, montecassiano(?), nicola P(depending on EU constraints) + 1-2 youngs ).
  • master degree in data science ('') is gonna start in 18/19. need to identify people interested in teaching/provide inputs. 30+10(non EU) students.
  • seminar Dissertori on Nov 15th, Tommaso on Dec 15th, Meschi on Dec 22nd.

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