New vidyo room:

(old vidyo room: vidyo link PIN 1055)

Action Items:


* Group budget is enough to cover the last round of CMSPD expenses before the end of the year.
* Commissione1 will start providing bursaries for 3-months periods to be spent at CERN for under-28 students.
* Next long-meeting is on Thursday at 2:30 PM

Framework & production


B physics

* Discussion in Genova with all BsJpsiPhi groups on the next steps on the studies started by Alberto.
* Talk in Genova by Alberto, well received.

Charged Higgs to top-beauty

Dibosons, VZ resonance (V=W,Z)

* 2016 combination ongoing. Working on the implementation of the VW semi-leptonic analysis into the lot (technically complex), and move to APP soon.

4B full hadronic

* Andres will give a Talk on Higgs coupling conference next week
* Trying to get the Algorithm by Pablo into real-world analyses, in DM studies with public data. Making also efforts on understanding which groups might be interested in using this in CMS analyses.
* Mario Galanti is working on electron-tagging, so Andres could get in touch with him to discuss if it is worth discussing on this topic

Heavy New Physics

* Approval of the analysis scheduled for Wed 21 Nov during UPSG.


* Implemented Jet-lepton cleaning from NanoAOD nutples.
* Working on the porting of the analysis using the BigData tools.

Same sign dileptons

* Investigating some issues on the ttbar in 2017 data -> more on this on Thursday



* Presentation to be scheduled at CMS Trigger meeting soon...
* Will start working on integrating new KCU15 boards to get to a more CMS-DAQ-like mock up system. Need some feedback from Andrea T. about this, will get in touch with him.



* There will be a discussion on an Articolo36 contract for the electronic engineer position (CMS DT upgrade + Garfagnini's groups interested) in the next few days.

Luminosity & Bril

Timing Layer

* Production of a Mock-up tray is ongoing.
* Received money from Commissione1 for RD of Timing, not fully exploited so far.


* Discussion about Phase2 HLT tracking in today's TRK POG.


* Tommaso attended a ML workshop. Interesting Weak supervision method, which weights events differently and can perform unsupervised classification without the need to MC modelling of signals in categories with different contribution to signal.

* Enough funds for "missioni" for the end of the year
* Movie at CPX about CERN and life of local "fauna". If people want, can attend and answer questions from the public after the projection

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