New vidyo room:

(old vidyo room: vidyo link PIN 1055)

Action Items:


Funding arrived for mission from here to the end of the year. No problem in funding. Remind for the cms week budapest early fee is 27 (this Friday).

Framework & production

No special news.


B physics

KstarMuMu presentation tomorrow at the bpag meeting. Alessio is working on alternative methods for describing efficiencies. Mia produced some plots on the parking data. Issues with storage space when running on parked data. New intern is going to start today.

Charged Higgs to top-beauty

Dibosons, VZ resonance (V=W,Z)

4B full hadronic

PAS is public and result showed in ICHEP. Lot of comments to address. Analysis to be published after CWR. Result used in HH combination.

Heavy New Physics


Same sign dileptons





Monotube (for checking the material source) in installation. The wires are being taking out the MB2 chamber (under test in the last month), more than 5 wires already extracted (currently under investigation in Madrid). Asked to study them in PD, but in Legnaro is not possible (electronics not working).

Luminosity & Bril

Timing Layer


Plans for studies to improve the first step of the iterative finding to improve efficiency in 1-layer regions. Plans to annile the detector in these days.


-- JacopoPazzini - 2018-07-16

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