New vidyo room:

(old vidyo room: vidyo link PIN 1055)

Action Items:


Framework & production


B physics

For cms italian meeting, scheduling a talk on general talk on b physics, given by alberto.

Synchronizing analysis with other analysis group

Charged Higgs to top-beauty

Dibosons, VZ resonance (V=W,Z)

4B full hadronic

Paper is submitted

Heavy New Physics

receive ARC comment


Perform an exclusive dimuon selection scouting on the datasets, confirming the overall rate is consistent between data and MC. Move on to perform exclusive skimming on OS and SS selection. OS with Zmass window yields agreement, checking on other selection.

Same sign dileptons

Looking at CR of 2017, fine tuning on DY and Top processes. Pileup descirption troubleshooting. For 2016, DY and top production with 2017 Pileup have different tuning with 2016 Pileup.


Generator Validation (Sherpa)

Presented W+jets LO comparison between madgraph and sherpa. None-matched samples show decent agreement in the W boson kinematics. Matched samples (2jets samples) shows disagreement. Next step is to validate w+jets NLO, quoute CPU consumption.




Discussing with Cristina on the upgrade. Critical lack of manpower. Working with Franco and Sandro. People at cern expected to contribute to the DT activity.

Luminosity & Bril

Timing Layer



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