* Back to normal meeting schedule, let Franco know wether you are interested in presenting in the following weeks * Fill out missione request as soon as possible (by the end of this week, reasonable guesses are fine for cost estimations)

Framework e produzione

* Moving storage volumes in cloud

Attivita' di analisi

B physics

* More questions answered in review process (e.g. added correlation), but close to submission * Alberto Bragagnolo is a new PhD student here in Padova, meeting on Friday with Pisa group

Dark Matter

* Siew Yan, coming end of October, currently working in Fermilab and CMS Big Data project. Open analysis topic but might be wise to keep working on Dark Matter and both on the technical level.

Dibosoni, VZ risonante (V=W,Z)

* Paper to be published soon. Combination?

hh4b non risonante

* More studies on the background bias, much harder problem than expected. Studied different matching variables, distance metrics, etc. New trying a modification for estimation from bias suggested by Tommaso, but convergence is not assured. Andres working actively in HH on estimating the bias directly from QCD MC. Interest of another CMS group in boosted HH non-resonant.

Same sign leptons

* Presentation on latest updates at EXO jet+X meeting last week. Note has been updated, waiting for feedback. Background checks with 3 independent data-driven methods. Plan: unblind signal region on the non-isolated spectrum part first and then unblind everything else. Lack of signal (signal-free approach) causes some concern, some BSM models might be an interesting addition (e.g. Majorana neutrino models). Object review must be done, but not significant changes expected on the observed excess. Redoing it with 2017 data. Help needed in case additional requests are done (e.g. redo for legacy production).

Seesaw a 13 TeV

* No news


new b-Tagger

* PR still open, fixing the comments from the release reviewers. Suggested presenting on October.

Isolamento muoni

Flavor tagging



* Using CMS spare muon chamber, irradiated but believed to not be damaged. Problems could be mainly in MB1 because MB2 ages at a slower pace. More test will require some technician help (process of being requested).


* Collecting comments for institutional review for 4t paper, internal deadline is 9th September.

-- MartinoMargoni - 2017-09-05

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