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Short-term schedule here.

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Meetings, Talks to be reviewed:

Muon Alignment
Exotica Mtg
Reco Meeting
PVT virtual meeting Tuesday
Muon DPG-PH Meeting Monday
EMU Meeting Sunday-Monday

CMS Week

Muon Alignment Meeting Friday 19-June

18-Jun-2009 Thursday

EWK muon meeting

  • Khristian
    • argues no unsmearing is needed at high qT. This is not true if there is non-SM structure
    • double-Gaussian used to parametrize pT resolution.
    • Juan has a nice scheme for extracting resolution from MC shape compared to data
      • take "true" line shape from MC (don't bother with BW, interference, gamma, FSR, etc., in formula)
      • convolve with a variety of possible resolution functions
      • pick the one that gives the best agreement with data

W-prime meeting Thursday 16:30

17-Jun-2009 Wednesday


  • trying to get updated bad channel lists. Progressing. smile
  • Joe Gartner sent the magic cmsDriver command for beam halo: -s GEN,SIM,DIGI,L1,DIGI2RAW,HLT -n 10
--conditions FrontierConditions_GlobalTag,STARTUP_V9::All
--eventcontent FEVTSIM --scenario cosmics
  • calibration runs: HN

PVT Meeting

  • must be ready to (in)validate test MC sets next week (maybe also impromptu meetings)
  • dead channels yet, auto-recovery no
  • nice plan for including select parts of DQM/validation into relval, etc. (mainly at POG and HLT levels)

16-Jun-2009 Tuesday


  • need to try again to get beam halo MC request in.
  • David asks what we want to do with bad channel list.
  • Andrea asks about untracked parameters, but they seem to be obsolete.

CSC Weekly Meeting This is my last DPG meeting as leader

15-Jun-2009 Monday


  • relval 310pre10 available
  • no comments for blurb - ask Darin to publish it

13-Jun-2009 Saturday


  • Nikolai reports that the noisy anode wire channels move from layer 3 to layer 6 (ME-1/2/10), apparently depending on the firmware version! HN
  • send draft blurb out

12-Jun-2009 Friday


  • 310pre10 is out.
  • review with Tim & Armando
  • we forgot the hot wire channels Wires 1-16 in layer 3 of ME-1/2/10
  • Bulletin blurb
  • send Darin a concise list of 310 accomplishments - for Monday plenary
  • Stoyan concludes that some simple pruning does not make SET as good as Daniele's code.
  • no calibration today - Igor's e-log entry says it does not even initialize.

Andy's high-stat results global run 99564 link

  • dead chambers
    • ME-1/1/21, ME-1/2/18, ME+1/1a/32
  • "weak" chambers: ME-1/1/30,31,32 also ME-1/2 and ME-1/3
  • possibly bad CFEBS
    • ME+3/2/19 [5?]
    • ME+3/1/07 [3]
    • ME+2/1/03 [4?]
    • ME-2/2/03 [4?]
    • ME-3/1/13 [3]

DPG Convenors Meeting

  • what we anticipate for future offline developments
    1. unpacker updates for change in firmware
    2. improvements to, eg, rechit reconstruction
    3. DQM noise monitor
    4. new/better prompt offline analysis packages * automation of alignment and calibration work flows.
    • useful techniques and tools - CMS week
    • Andy can learn and maybe contribute
  • will drop our bad channel lists.
  • good naming schemes for global tags

11-Jun-2009 Thursday


  • invite Samir, Marcus to explain Z positions in next DPG meeting
  • ask Victor, Oana, & co to carry out full calibration procedure. Report in DPG Mtg if possible.
  • we need to prepare dead channel list today DONE
/afs/ :
          BadStrips_11June2009.db     with tag CSCBadStrips
          BadWires_11June2009.db     with tag CSCBadWires

TeV Mu Mtg

  • Jordan Tucker
    • very nice pulls - consistent results across algorithms, but global muons are still the worst.
    • need to put skims at more than one T2


  • try to verify that list of bad CFEB's and HV segments provided by Armando
  • simply fill histograms at the digi level
  • does not quite work out?

10-Jun-2009 Wednesday

PVT Meeting

Wed Plenary Mtg

9-Jun-2009 Tuesday

Exotica Pre-Approval
previous pre-approval meeting

CSC Meeting

Magnet Task Force

8-Jun-2009 Monday


Muon DPG-PH Meeting

Muon Alignment Meeting muali

  • my work well received.
    • could the tracker be responsible for the funny results in ME-1/2? Need to use latest tracker alignment
    • they want check vs. delta
  • Alicia: a bug was found. New results agree with Jim's results.

5-Jun-2009 Friday


  • Jim P proposed PR plots: HN
  • list of all MC data sets: HN
  • LHC unavoidably delayed 2-4 weeks
  • nice L1 code: /CMSSW/L1Trigger/GlobalMuonTrigger/test/

SUSY pre-approval

4-Jun-2009 Thursday


  • Jim gave me instructions on how to generate an alignment record DB
  • Andy will run validation

EWK-muon meeting

  • Michele de Gruttola (Napoli)
    • compare PYTHIA and MC@NLO
    • MC@NLO does not have FSR
    • very slight differences in muon eta and pT -> differences in acceptance
    • leads to about a 3% acceptance difference
    • needs to define acceptance properly
    • pdf uncertainties on acceptance. rather large...
    • Juan brings up issue of poorly-reconstructed muons: should we use the tracker alone?
  • Gobinda Majumbder
    • hypothesis: coincidence between punch-through and other soft hadron
    • interesting analysis of punchthrough contributions
  • Dimitri Bourilkov
    • report a pull in the mass reconstruction
    • momentum resolution from CRAFT is very good - not far from ideal. Tail is the same in all bins.
  • Andy
    • what will be impact of bg on jet measurment?
    • Juan likes the trigger study.
    • Interest in the mass reco w/ photons.


  • DB does not discuss how to measure QCD backgrounds.
  • acollinearity cut is a bad idea - explain why
  • how will they measure the di-muon trigger efficiency?
  • Purdue talks about cosmic rays, but did not produce any numbers!
  • Do we need to multiply L1 and HLT bits?
  • We need to look at trigger efficiency vs. |eta|
  • We need to revive the mass reconstruction studies. (What Andy was doing at first.)
  • PDF uncertainty is the sum over eigenfunction variations!
  • How do K-factors vary with mass (over sensible range)? FEWZz.
  • Do a study of muon resolution - compare to MC.

Comic Analyis Meeting

Sim & Reco Meetings

3-Jun-2009 Wednesday


  • I need to ask Vladimir to run on MC.
  • I need to confirm his findings.
  • Tim and I need to convert Armando's CFEB lists into lists of dead channels.
  • Talk to Valdas about adding a "noise monitor" to DQM.
  • We should add this to CSCValidation, too.
  • Andy and I need to write a simple muon PAG module for DQM offline - contact Andreas
  • high-stat relval are available HN
  • Andrea Rizzi reports math exceptions: HN

PVT Meeting

2-Jun-2009 Tuesday


General SUSY Meeting

CSC Weekly Meeting

EWK pre-approval meeting

1-Jun-2009 Monday

Muon Alignment Mtg

  • Jim points out that Alicia's results don't make sense.
  • Jim shows nice results from J. Tucker - muons upper/lower resolution - looks promising.
  • Amounts to 4.5% resolution, to be compared to 3% for 10 pb-1 CSA08, and 2% Ideal
  • Jim P's and Jim B's constants are on the same scale

30-May-2009 Saturday


  • 310pre8 is out: HN

29-May-2009 Friday


  • 310 to be deployed online after the June CRUZET run

PVT Meeting

  • 310 might be out end of next week
  • must be prepared to run with CRAB
  • push DQMOffline
  • muon alignment: hope for new consants and new APE's next week...
  • make dead channel list for realistic conditions in 31x (pre8)
  • nice script from tracking group in Validation/RecoTrack/test/

Muon Alignment Meeting "muali"

  • Jim B. says misplacements on the order of mm.
  • Jim P. makes a distinction between Fw and Bw end caps.
  • plan for CSC alignment
    1. Jim and perform his alignment.
    2. He and I will check that residuals vs chamber are OK.
    3. I will check that p measurement improves.
    4. Monday: review the constants and the validation.
    5. submit this on Tuesday to the alignment group.
    6. ask for approval on Wednesday morning.


28-May-2009 Thursday


TeV Mu / MU-POG Mtg

  • Arun Luthra - fake rates - very nice work.

27-May-2009 Wednesday


  • do we have more CRAFT results for approval?
  • Jim has proposed large mis-alignments for the CSC's in the start-up scenario. HN
  • contact Luca about re-reco of BFieldStudies data set with latest & greatest map. Note: CMS/GRReprocessing#C_Reprocessing_of_the_TrackerPoi
  • Jim will set the APE's for the DT's to zero. What about the end caps? Answer: they are also zero.
  • Meeting with Andrea, Lucia, Luca and Tim: we must finish unpacker changes now so they can make the next prerelease today.
    • Tim made the changes! smile CondFormats/CSCObjects   V03-04-00 and EventFilter/CSCRawToDigi V01-18-03
    • other tags: RecoLocalMuon/CSCValidation V01-04-11 and RecoLocalMuon/CSCSegment  V00-09-10
  • Luca wants data/MC comparisons for MC for Friday's PVT meeting.
  • post a candidate list of bad channels to CMS OPS HN: HN
  • Ask Oana to make CSCBadChambers_none_FiveLiveME42PLUS and write to David F. She did it right away. smile
  • Andy sees no problem with anode timing in run 97338. web page Don't worry about this.

PVT - review previous meetings indico

  • I need to prepare something for this Friday!
  • we are supposed to use CRAB not CAF.
  • There should be a DQM/Physics package. Andy and I should contribute.
  • Need to document things.

Quarkonia Task Force Wed 16:30

CMS Plenary Wed 14:00

26-May-2009 Tuesday


EWK Meeting

  • EPS09 fixes the deadline for approvals with 22X: end of June
  • special session on Tuesday, 2-June
  • cfg files are ready for Summer09 CMS/ProductionSummer09
  • Martina Malberti: MC production
    • FDMC = First Data Monte Carlo 150M FullSim
    • FAMC = First Analysis Monte Carlo 100M FullSim + 500M FastSim
      • different PDF's
      • large differences in qT distribution
    • They used CTEQ61L for earlier PYTHIA productions - will use this for FDMC as well.
  • Juan - using NLO generators
    • lots of good points and references. smile
    • non-pert means qT < 3, which can be tuned. But peak of qT distribution is around 5 GeV. How to tune?
    • change the alpha_S in the branching process in PYTHIA
    • POWHEG already agrees with RESBOS. It is insensitive to PYTHIA parameters.
    • Still, there are also difference comparing to MC@NLO/HERWIG.
    • IDEA: compare ratio high/low qT, or maybe find median (not mean) qT

CSC Weekly Mtg

  • Some doubts about bad anode timing observed in Andy's plots for ME-4/1/16 of run#97324. But Andy confirms this.

25-May-2009 Monday


  • discussion with Tim
    • sim data rejected by unpacker - Victor not responding. Slava helping with LCT digis.
    • we need thorough testing of new rechit time. - Andy
    • what to do about the SCA phase bit?
    • bad coordinates in ME1/1 and ME1/3 - talk to Petr
    • covariance matrix for segments - is it fixed?
    • memory leaks - all OK? need to convert to "smatrix"

Muon Alignment Mtg

Muon DPG-PH Meeting
Muon POG Meeting (INDICO is down)

22-May-2009 Friday back at CERN


  • Peter Kreutzer e-mail about CMSCAF and LSF CMS/CAFSETUP important
  • new physics analyses for approval on June 10 HN
  • muon validation : HN
  • serious problem with co-variance matrix in CSC segments
  • Tim is working hard to get CSCRawToDigi in order.
  • I must review the PVT meeting slides. Access key = "CMSPVT"
  • Paris' notes on physics meeting: HN
  • Andrea Rizzi reports memory leaks: HN
    • CSCSegmentProducer::produce : Tim says these are in CLHEP
    • SETMuonProducer - Stoyan fixed this RecoMuon/MuonSeedGenerator : V03-02-03
  • Sasha wants to talk about the rechit corrrelation matrix: Monday

14-May-2009 Thursday

CSC Weekly Meeting

13-May-2009 Wednesday


12-May-2009 Tuesday

EWK Meeting

AlCa Meeting

CRAFT Ed. Mtg.

  • schedule
    • editor sign-off by 15-July
    • ARC sign-off by 15-Aug
    • collaboration review 20-Aug through 6-Sep
  • CMS/CRAFTPapers - general information and instructions

11-May-2009 Monday


Muon Alignment Meeting *

7-May-2009 Thursday


  • follow-up on Nikolai's study
  • maybe Andy should validate MWGR
  • ask Greg to explain JianHui's plots
  • Armando confirms the ME42 chambers will/might be installed in PLUS side, while Tim confirms the dead chamber list has them on the MINUS side. Need to fix this.

EWK Muon Mtg

Cosmic Ray Muon Analysis Meeting 14:30

RECO Mtg Simulation Meeting 15:00

CSC Weekly Meeting 16:30

  • see offline issues list - some updates
  • ME4/2 - not likely to be installed
  • nice results from Nikolai - we should follow up the few anomalous chambers on the last page
  • nice little analysis on temperature readings from Stan
  • Jianhui - I don't understand his talk at all... Synchronization meeting on 12-May
  • Andy summarizes checks of recent runs.

6-May-2009 Wednesday


NWU Meeting

PVT Meeting

  • Luca
    • weekly meeting - Wednesdays
    • will continue with global run discussions forum
    • will use DQM as the main tool
    • reprocessing of CRAFT data is done; cosmic MC is in production
    • next forseen production: CRAFT with 31x
  • Andreas
    • certification of MWGR
    • View his slides!
  • David
    • for cosmic ray data: CRAFT_ALL_V12 and for MC: COSMMC_22X_V6
    • new scenarios prepared for MC. e.g. STARTUP_31X and STARTUP_22X
    • 31x conditions must be read from special account
  • Fabian Stoeckli
    • two sets: "First Data Monte Carlo" and "First Analysis Monte Carlo"
    • 31x meant to begin 18-May - see time line page 3
  • Carlos Lourenco
    • very nice estimates of J/psi production: 100K - 400K J/psi in a couple of weeks!

LPC di-lepton meeting could not attend pw = "dilepton"

LPC W/Z meeting (First Muons)

4-May-2009 Monday


  • Jake observes smaller pulls. HN
  • a plan for muon alignment: HN
  • goals for the MWGR: HN
  • new phi-asymmetry information from Nicola: HN
  • new problem with L1 muons in HLT - not our fault? maybe CSCTF?
  • pointing and superpointing skims are available: HN

1-May-2009 Friday


  • make parameters of type "tracked" in the unpacker and segment builder
  • Jeff Klukas reports failure in 310pre6: HN Write to Tim & Victor & Valdas.
  • BFieldStudies has been re-processed already! /Cosmics/Commissioning08_CRAFT_ALL_V12_229_Tosca090322_ReReco_FromSuperCSCSkim_BFieldStudies_v1/RAW-RECO
  • Sasha has implemented Slava's idea of suppressing empty ALCT digis.

30-April-2009 Thursday

high-mass di-muon working group review slides afterward

  • CMS/SWGuideCosmicMuonReco
  • Chang claims to see clean shower events in CRAFT data. But is his quantitative analysis convincing?
  • Jordan updated his resolution study.
    • new APE's have a major impact.
    • tracker pulls are excellent now
  • Daniele Trocino - SA muon status
    • focus on endcap "shoulder" due to bad segments
    • differentiate good and bad rechits using chi-squared of segment.
    • complicated add/drop/rescue strategy to try to remove shoulder without lowering efficiency.

CSC Weekly Mtg

29-April-2009 Wednesday

GR Discussion

28-April-2009 Tuesday


  • Teresa sends hardware numbers for the disk mis-alignment: HN
  • Teresa sends comments/questions for barrel alignment: HN

DPG-PH Convenors Discussion

  • nice results from DT on chamber efficiencies - I should look at this!
  • validation effort coming together...
  • get summaries of reco problems from CSA group, muon PAG groups...

EWK Meeting missed

Magnetic Field Task Force Meeting

  • my measurements well received. They accept 5% error
  • will finalize B-field now - MC production to start now
  • very nice analysis by the student, Lorenzo, of Gigi.

27-April-2009 Monday

Offline Week in San Diego (EVO password = SAND)


  • New firmware will be downloaded HN
    • Run 82627 : old firmware. Run 82664 : new firmware.
    • Andy made direct comparison plots: []]
  • Andy validated new releases:
    • 229: HN
    • 310pre6: HN

Muon Alignment Meeting

DPG-PH Muon Meeting

23-April-2009 Thursday


  • data from this MWGF is being transferred tp the CAF.
  • nice graphical representation: rate plots
  • prepare presentations for Cosmic Ray Analysis Meeting, etc.
  • PVT contacts: twiki

Cosmic Ray Analysis Meeting

  • Nhan Tran (JHU)
    • seemingly clear sign of a rotation of the muon system wrt the tracker. (p.8) About -0.5 mrad !
    • global Z shift see in delta-theta
    • Should this be used as a monitor? Need to make sure that cosmic rays are recorded during collisions
  • Alessandra Fanfani
    • trying to look at catastrophic energy losses caught in the calorimetry
    • very nice event display showing major problems in track reconstruction (p.14)
  • Jonatan
    • nice topological clean-up

DPG-PH Muon Meeting

22-April-2009 Wednesday


  • info about HLT ConfDB: twiki
  • inform Darin and Andrea about examiner and rechit fixes.
  • ask Slava for help in devising trigger tests for CSCValidation
  • ask who will fix
  • write to L3 about concrete proposal for DPG shifts
  • ping the guys working on the DIGI note
  • need to tighten muon quality control in CSCValidation
  • Luca says we need 229 for CR MC production, and re-processing the BField skim.
  • Frage Kerstin, ob sie doch eine Probe fuer uns machen konnte. Wir koennten ihr sogar helfen...
  • Chang's tag: RecoMuon/CosmicMuonProducer V00-07-10
  • Post alignment exercises to Muon Alignment HN

June User's Meeting at Fermilab

  • Paul: Zig and/or Luca
  • Stan, TY, Ben: Grayson
  • Marcus: Samir
  • Darin: Joe
  • Ivan: Nick
  • Andrey: Khristian, Yuriy

physics concerns CMS/PhysCoordMinutes

  • convenors are supposed to provide accurate analysis-by-analysis information
  • rough draft of paper by June CMS week. Paper draft by Sept Physics week in Bologna
  • convenors are supposed to identify 2 people per paper / analysis
  • First across-the-board review in May!
  • MC requests: CMS/ProductionSummer2009

GR Discussion - virtual

Wednesday Plenary Meeting "DP3"

21-April-2009 Tuesday


  • Problems with endcap magnetic field measurements HN
  • success with TOSCA phi asymmetries HN
  • tool for examining global tags: twiki page

20-April-2009 Monday


  • Tim explains the silly error we made for the simulation and unpacker.
    • Claim is very low efficiency for endcap muons b/c the packer does not set two bits correctly.
    • Tim and Victor fixed this quickly by removing checks of those bits in the examiner.
    • But why didn't we catch this with CSCValidation? Andy has plots for 227, 310pre3, pre4, pre5...
  • DT Barrel Workshop starts this afternoon
  • 228 relvals are available: HN
    • Andy did the validation:
      1. No important differences w.r.t. 227.
      2. he fixed the ranges of histograms. smile
      3. rechit (X,Y) plots have strange lines of points for ME1/1 Not there in 227.
      4. X position (within strip) has distinct bowl shape...
      5. normalized chi-squared looks funny for ME1/1a.
  • Andy checked the 310pre5 RelVals:
    1. ME4/1 seems to be missing! But it appears in the efficiency plots !?! And gas gain plots !?!
    2. all of ME4/2 is simulated - this is wrong.
    3. some histogram ranges need to be extended
    4. rechit efficiency is lower for ME+2/2. - probably a statistical fluctuation.
    5. pedestals are narrower - due to changes we made in noise matrix.
    6. N hits per segment is different - is this due to pruning?
    7. gas gain is higher.
  • Jonatan finds higher yields for tracker-volume-constrained cosmic MC samples, as expected: HN
  • Intriguing study by Andy, showing poor performance of parabola and weighted average for rechit time: plot
    • Tim had observed a systematic shift in the timing, too.
    • Stoyan has pointed out a double-peak structure.
  • Send message to L3 list asking to start meeting at 4pm so that it can last longer.
  • Review slides from last alignment meeting
    • very nice job by Samir. Large Z shifts from nominal, O(5-15 mm).
    • Increase in assigned alignment errors. How to update the APE's in the data base?
    • perhaps Jim & co should use these results for ME4/2, too.
  • Action items from muon-HLT meeting: HN
  • Stoyan's diagrams for ALCT and CLCT:

Calibration Discussion

  • People agree about what payloads we should have.
  • Need to plan for a new 2009 payload, which will be distinct from the 2008 payload.
  • Check all global tags.
  • Start writing documentation. Oana will be the chief editor.
  • Should invite Jianhui to write about the test pulsing program.

Muon Alignment Meeting

  • Javier also has tremendous problems with the CAF
  • Clear signs that the alignment is no good - see ME2/2 for example.
  • Javier seems to be using the means of these distributions, which have huge tails. He should fit the central peak.
  • Group decides not to go forward - constants are not blessed.
  • Need a tool that lists and displays the global constants for each chamber.

19-April-2009 Sunday


  • need to send in a document about CSC-DPG to Dan Green
  • 31x RelVal samples HN
    • ask Andy to do validation
    • some crashes from SET - inform Stoyan & Ingo HN
  • There was a bug in the examiner which reduced the number of HLT muons - reported by Martin G: HN
    • Victor and Tim "fixed" it.
    • What are the details?
    • What tests should we do to catch this in the future?
  • new cosmic ray MC files /castor/
    • These go through the tracker volume only.
  • new global tags for cosmic MC
COSMMC_22X_V6 (Ecal gain 50, B field on)
COSMMC_G200V3 (Ecal gain 200, B field on)
COSMMC_BOFFV3 (Ecal gain 50, B field off)
COSMMC_G2BOV3 (Ecal gain 200, B field off)
  • must find a representative for the heavy ion review 27-28 May. How about Frank? Send him e-mail.
  • Send notice to advisors of EMU students about User's Meeting at Fermilab in June.
  • Stoyan's nice plots:
  • Send reply to Stoyan concerning statistical error on rechit efficiencies.
  • Send reply to Jonatan concerning unfolding matrix.

17-April-2009 Friday


  • 310pre5 is out: in bug fix stage
  • Chang has fixed the bug with stand-alone muons in the endcaps: CMSSW227 + V00-07-10 RecoMuon/CosmicMuonProducer
  • 228 will not include this fix. Need a 229. Yet another delay for cosmic ray MC.
  • I confirm this is fixed. HN
  • Ingo made nice reversed-color versions of the event display:
  • jumps in event order within a file?
  • number of global muons too low in Kerstin's test file. HN
  • Send information about CAF usage to Rainer and Luca!
  • endcap Z sensors used. Go look at the details. Adjustment of endcap APE's.
  • Someone should check the global tags for 31x.
  • composition of technical notes should be accompanied by updates to twiki documenation
  • Muon HLT Meeting - look at slides later.
  • Check that Andrea knows about rechit "time" fix.
  • CMSSW_2_2_8 is out: HN. Includes EventFilter/CSCRawToDigi         V01-14-05-05
  • Interesting results on CSC alignment for ME+1/2 and ME-1/2.

DPG Coordination Meeting

  • work with Joe and Darin concerning validation of CSC beam halo trigger (for calibration and alignment review on 29-April)
  • castor upgrade next week: requires a newish release, 2_2_x or later. (Will remake 21x soon.)
  • start of CRAFT: June 29 or July 17
  • need to plan DPG activities for collisions - think about and check MC samples
  • new STARTUP_V10 global tag - with CSC calibration conditions. Should it use "IDEAL" conditions for CSC alignment?

Run Meeting

  • schedule is very uncertain again.

LPC Convenors Meeting

  • use LLR by Wade Fisher : FERMILAB-TM-2386-E
  • use Fireworks

16-April-2009 Thursday


TeV muon meeting

  • Jordan Tucker
    • muon reconstruction note CMS-AN 2008/092
    • 2 refits
    • asymmetric change in 1/pT for global muons
    • track+first muon station is still not as good as tracker alone
    • pulls are wrong
  • Nhan Tran
    • error object Marco Musich 55032
    • resolution seems good with new APE
    • look at high-p tracks. muon mis-alignment can be seen to have an impact
    • bizarre bias in delta-dxy! also in 1/pT
  • Francisco Fiori
    • still sees a small bias, pT(SA) vs pT(tr)
  • Jonathan Piedra

CSC Weekly Meeting
LPC di-lepton meeting
LPC Physics Forum

15-April-2009 Wednesday


  • inform Darin of results to go up for approval
  • MC needs for commissioning with "collision" data
  • need to agitate for "error event" output stream - probably needs a "trigger bit"
  • do we need DPG shifts in the next MWGR?

muon DPG-PH convenors meeting

  • DQM meeting was a success. L1 muon trigger review was useful.
  • Edwin followed up on matching criteria
  • need better relations with PAG's

GR Discussion

  • will discuss using ideal alignment this afternoon
  • Ask Andy to check RPC in cosmic ray MC
  • check that DIGIs are there
  • request standard skims for cosmic ray MC
  • review CMS/GRIssues before "offline week" in San Diego (next week) - Luca gives the wish list
  • need to think about trigger bits and offline DQM.
  • Send info to Rainer about CAF needs for prompt analysis

Cosmic Muon Analysis Meeting

  • agreement to use ideal conditions for cosmic ray MC
  • charge ratio analysis hones in on very concrete cuts. Still problems with unfolding.
  • flux measurements trying to deal with L1 trigger efficiency. Not straight forward.
  • measurement of L1 efficiency using tracker tracks

Muon Alignment Meeting

14-April-2009 Tuesday


  • Andy's plots validating the cosmic MC:
  • ask Jim, Rainer and David to confirm that COSMMC_22X_V5 has no CSC mis-alignments.
    • Jim explains that they are not ideal conditions.
    • need to check other analysis needs to see what to do. (Tomorrow's CSA meeting)
  • Solve the problem of sinking p(muon)/p(track) - presentation in muon task force meeting.

EWK General Meeting

  • some vague notions that muon-POG is disconnected from EWK group, cannot be relied upon to do data validation

Track-Based Alignment Meeting

  • Jim has a very nice document well under way.
  • Push for alignment of CSC's. - Jim & co are receptive.

Magnet Task Force Meeting

  • will use final TOSCA map w/ rescaling factors from Sara.
  • I presented a progress report.

9-April-2009 Thursday


  • notify Grayson and Amanda of BXStudy code

Muon POG Discussion of DQM

CSC DPG Meeting

8-April-2009 Wednesday


  • complete program BXStudy and explain it to Rachel and Bob.

GR Discussion

  • need a tool to check IOVs - should be part of technical validation
  • - DQM for CRAFT rec-reco harvesting files
  • I should try to check what is in DQM from last re-processing.
  • re-processing SP, TP and B-Field skims
    • this would use 228 or 229
    • need to get cosmic reco fixed!
    • can we get an update for endcap alignment?
  • cosmic MC: Kerstin will try to generate a test sample for CSC endcaps-only
    • the RECO step will use the same version (228,229) as the CRAFT skim re-processing (previous point)
  • Raffeolo shows that LHC-type trigger wholly suppresses RPC noise trigger spikes.

CSC Trigger Discussion

CMS Plenary Meeting

7-April-2009 Tuesday


  • ME4/2 chambers cause problems in stand-alone reconstruction - no pT parametrization.
  • Ingo says they forgot to tag V00-09-09 RecoLocalMuon/CSCSegment

LPC Advisory Board Meeting Tuesday

6-April-2009 Monday


  • Guillelmo shows crashes with CSCSkim. Maybe zero events selected?
    • Run: 68021 Event: 14951274
    • /Cosmics/Commissioning08_CRAFT_ALL_V11_CSCSkim_BFieldStudies_CSCSkim_BFieldSTudies_227_v1/RAW-RECO is (almost) done.
    • Announcement: HN
  • doodle pole for trigger discussion
  • Paul updated the validation twiki page
  • I need to set the documentation effort in motion, and arrange for plots to be prepared for approval...
  • Stoyan identifies the source of problems in implementing SET: bad pT estimates puts steps at 44m!
  • d0 anti-correlation reported by Fanfani. HN
  - Run#66722 evt#2578282 Global d0=76.7926 Tracker d0=-75.4933 Glb
    Global phi at PCA=0.696584  Tracker phi at PCA=0.932993
  - Run#66748 evt#3208628 Global d0=58.4243 Tracker d0=-58.5295 Glb
    Global phi at IPCA=-0.585202 Tracker phi at PCA=-0.342931
    • Nick shows this comes from muons which "turn-around" HN
  • rechit timing work over the weekend and today
  • Ask Mark to run latest CSCRawToDigi code and to isolate events.
  • Last Friday, Giovanni Abbiendi made some interesting plots getting at the question of poor pT resolution in SA muons. HN
  • Last week there as some significant exchanges regarding simulations of neutrons: Rick, Dan Holmes, Tim
    • Tim should/will start a group to work coherently on the problem.
    • He will notify Filippo, Fabio and Sunanda.
  • problems in validating 310pre4, reported by Andrea Perrotta : HN
    • Shown to be a problem in RPC geometry. (2 points for Stoyan!)
  • timing in splash events:
  • Andrea Venturi says Kaori is the one taking care of SCAL information.

Trigger Review - muons
trigger table

Muon Alignment Meeting

CRAFT Paper Meeting

3-April-2009 Friday

discussion with Tim

  • Victor's fix is elegant - no branching needed.
  • Tim will update digitizer today & notify Rick.
  • Timing issues in rechitD are not so acute. Andy should supply parabolic version; Tim will install and update; Stoyan will test.


  • Andrea spots a mistake in the new unpacker? - fixed by Tim.
    • EventFilter/CSCRawToDigi V01-14-05-05 for 22X
    • Emilio Meschi will patch the online code based on this.
    • I tested it with raw data in 79035 and CRAFT data (68100) - all OK.
    • Send e-mail. Also, warn Fabio & Fillipo about update to CSCDigitizer.
  • Khristian made a delta-BX plot: plot & others.
  • Libby will give a talk at APS - maybe this means we will have to approve appropriate plots.

DPG Coordination Meeting

  • rumors about beam are false.
  • next plenary meeting is April 8. Darin is asking about material.
  • Need a chief author for the track-based muon alignment paper - Jim.
  • CMS/CMST2Associations
  • Online MWGR will use 22x until 310 it out (May 4)
  • Physics has some interest in dead channels and start-up.
  • Will need to appoint a responsible person to the Physic Validation Team (PVT).
  • Maybe we should use DQM to monitor the 227 reconstruction of pointing skims.
  • CMSSW_2_2_8 coming soon
    • new B-field map (Z to 35m)
    • new muon & tracker alignments, improved APE for tracker, new response correction from HCAL
  • Will go for a full re-processing with 31x.
    • new information on previous triggers will be available
  • Need to update the CSC MC request for special cosmics samples
  • DQM trend plotting is becoming available.
  • CMS/DQMShiftSupervision - ramping up

2-April-2009 Thursday


  • prepare slides - special messages to the group
  • Valdas came to talk to me about DQM. smile

Muon POG WG Mtg

  • Rick
    • we have many "seeders" - how best to combine?
    • judging them. pT = 100 GeV. Nice table of comparisons
  • Daniele Trocino
    • peak at zero pT for endcaps - guess this is due to delta-rays
    • shoulder - is still present

  • ideas
    • count SA muons for physics purposes


1-April-2009 Wednesday

Unpacker Problem - What needs to be done?

  1. CSCDCCExaminer needs to be modified
    • Victor did it - but did he do it right? Question is backward-compatability.
  2. CSCDCCUnpacker
    • diagnostics need updating
    • Victor says Also CSCDCCHeader and CSCDCCTrailer code needs to be reviewed.
    • Victor: a check() method in CSCDCCTrailer, which will fail for new format
  3. CSCDigitizer
    • does this need to be changed? probably.
    • do we need any time dependence? how do we handle this? Just the latest 2009 version?
  4. DQM
    • how come this did now show the problem???
    • DQM must use the examiner/unpacker in a way that is the same as offline analysis
  5. releases
    • We need a 22x release if this is to be effective online and in prompt reco.
    • 31x of course - deadline is 7-April


  • Darin and Vivek are organizing a CRAFT paper discussion meeting Monday at 16:30.
  • RootStats CMS web page
  • Tim gives some crucial tips concening innerDetId and outerDetId. He also sent some fancy code (from Ribnik?)
  • Camilo Carrillo wants to talk about RPC inefficiencies.
  • Stoyan sends high-stat measurements of efficiencies after using my module in CSCEfficiency from yesterday.
  • Door is half-open for code changes up until 7-April.
    • Try to get timing information right in CSCRecHitD.
  • Production release 310 will be competed by 4-May.
  • Try to send Dan Green some information about CSC-DPG.

Global Run Discussion

  • DQM: Andreas claims to have notified CSC people about CSC problems during mid-week global runs.
  • I pushed for CSC alignment. Aim for 31x.
  • 310 to come out by 4-May. Physics MC to start on 5-May.
  • CSC B-field skim requested - files should be there by end of the week.
  • Need to request (or not request) skims on pre-CRAFT data sets.
  • Presented "mystery solved"
    • SCAL info saved - to allow checking of trigger information in 3 previous events.
    • Do we need to add CSC ALCT information?

31-Mar-2009 Tuesday


  • made a version of CSCEfficiency which skips duplicated events. Notify Stoyan.
  • Think about and plan Monte Carlo samples for CSC calibration.
  • Add bTree to BStudy. Get extrapolations working.
  • Stoyan verifies that removing duplicated events solves the inefficiency problem:
    • eff_CLCT_noDuplicates.png


Magnetic Fields

30-Mar-2009 Monday

Introduce CSC-DPG Notes and Papers twiki


  • Luca nicely requests the BField skim! smile CMS/GRReprocessing#Additional_skim_to_obtain_B_Fiel
  • Andrey, others, claim the data from last mid-week global run are good. Right investigate more systematically (below).
  • Greg supports the idea of having a list of potentially good runs.
  • place to get RAW data: /castor/
  • place to get original unskimmed data set in DBS: /Cosmics/Commissioning08_CRAFT_ALLL_v4_ReReco_v1/RECO

tracking down global-run problem

  1. Greg verified 79022 is good by looking at global DQM during data taking.
  2. Run CSCValidation [2_2_7] on reco and check for number of rechits. Right No No recHits at all.
  3. Run on raw including CSC local reconstruction, run 79022. Right No Nothing at all.
  4. Local streamer files for run 79022 are not present in /castor/
  5. Run on local streamer files, for run 79031. Right DONE
  6. Try raw data files for run 79035. Right No Nothing at all.
  7. Jason verifies that RAW files in castor for run 79035 really do have CSC data.
  8. I run "debug" version of unpacker - CSCDCCExaminer is marking all FEDs to be bad.
  9. Victor explains this is because of an unanticipated change in DCC headers and trailers!

Alignment (I missed this)

Muon DPG-PH Meeting 16:30

  • need to be proactive in validating 310
  • increasing |Z| for TOSCA gives negligible changes, including in the end caps.
  • what are the physics requests for MC?
  • there will be a muon trigger review on 6-April, 15:00
  • I should look for events where the CSC trigger is missing, etc.
  • Andrey cites NIM A592 (2008) 26 and A452 (2000) 182
  • Andrey suggests to widen the window. I need to compute the rate of these bad events.
  • DQM should focus on quantities that flag real problems. Differentiate CSC/DT.

29-Mar-2009 Sunday

2009 efficiency check

  • data set name : /Cosmics/Commissioning09-PromptReco-v1/RECO which was done with 2_2_5
  • location: /castor/
  • which runs??
    • 79159, 79135, are high-rate
    • 79080 has 12971 events at 12 Hz - csc only? No events selected
    • 79049 is longer - still no events...

28-Mar-2009 Saturday

  • CMSSW_2_2_7 is done: HN

27-Mar-2009 Friday


  • new cosmic MC global tag: COSMMC_22X_V5::All
  • Sasha and Victor have finalized the debug printout for the unpacker. - they need to commit, tag and publish.
  • Ask Andy, Tim and Stoyan to fix the "time" stored in the rechits.
  • Luca makes a new version of PickEvents ! DPGAnalysis/Skims V00-01-07
  • changes to muon code: HN

26-Mar-2009 Thursday


  • did not run with latest CSCSkim input files.
  • Slava pointed me to the problem.
  • Commit new versions of, .h, and
  • cvs tag V00-01-06 DPGAnalysis/Skims

Cosmic Analysis Meeting
Reco Mtg

25-Mar-2009 Wednesday



  • CMS/CSCDPGSWReleases
  • CSCDBNoiseMatrix_ME42_March2009 produced by Oana, needs a global tag. Check CMS/SWGuideFrontierConditions
  • Rick's test tool is working (I think).
  • Invite Andrey to report on CLCT issue.
  • Do we want a report on the HV=off data? HN
  • Slava K says there is a clear dipole component in endcaps.
  • Andy has done a 310pre3 validation, but apparently not 310pre4.
  • Luca notifies Andreas Pfeiffer of our CSCDigitizer tag SimMuon/CSCDigitizer V00-17-03

DIGIs and Unpacker

  • introduce flags to steer which digis get filled
  • nice print-outs from Sasha and Rob - need some small adjustments, then OK
  • on target for 31x


  • major problem with noise matrix: confusion about rms(pedestal)
  • Oana is ready with CSCDBNoiseMatrix_ME42_March2009_offline
  • tagged by David: COSMMC_22X_V4::All


Global Run Discussion

  • several relevant issues raised by Andreas Meyer
  • cosmic MC production - I need to verify digitizer tags and new noise matrix payload - send e-mail to Kerstin and Luca
  • Andrea Rizzi pushes again to get DIGI issues cleaned up in cfg files.
  • I prepared slides on the CLCT issue but there was no time to show them.

23-Mar-2009 Monday


  • Fabio Cossutti informs us of a serious problem in MC production due to noise matrix / cscdigitizer
    • Rick proposes rolling back for now.
    • Rick's utility for looking for bad noise matrices is ready. He has sent it to Oana.
  • Rick fixed the noise matrix but not the missing off-diagonal elements.
    • This is needed for cosmic ray MC.
    • Rick tagged a fix SimMuonCSCDigitizer V00-17-03 from last Thursday (19-Mar)
  • Jim P requests new CSCAlignmentRcds to allow for ME4/2 chambers in 3_1_x. It all seems OK.
  • Lot of people are helping the ME42 effort. (Rick, Tim, Slava, Oana)
  • beam halo production: they have the right CMSDriver commands. Need a little more testing.
  • Nick contacts Stoyan for some tools.
  • Tim set up and propagated mods to the unpacker for status digis.
    • EventFilter/CSCRawToDigi V01-16-01
    • DataFormats/CSCDigi V00-16-01
    • Not quite done - needed to incorporate Slava's updates for the emulator - EventFilter/CSCRawToDigi V01-16-02
    • older tag: L1Trigger/CSCTriggerPrimitives V00-09-15
  • Ask Luca and Paul to update twiki page, and to provide nice summary plots.
  • Ask who is working on noise events (runs taken with HV off).
  • Where are we with the calibration payloads?
    • Oana sent updated payloads to be tagged for 21x and 31x. David accepted them(?).
  • I need to cross-check BFieldSkim before it will be run.
  • Did Phillip, Tim and Stoyan finish the implementation of Phillip's method?
  • I don't follow all the plans for implementing pre-CLCTs, CLCTs, etc. in the digitizer. Rick has a proposal, though.
  • Joe Incandela asks for a renewal of the pledge to do "flagship" analyses.

CMS Week
Physics during CMS Week

Analysis Tools Wednesday, 9am, 40-R-B10

17-Mar-2009 Tuesday


  • Victor commited a new version of CSCDCCFormatStatusDigi to resolve the problems with include files.
  • Phillip offers some new code "sharedInputs" to compare two rechits.
  • Need alignment records for ME42. Will this break backward-compatability for 31x?

Muon DPG-PH Meeting Tuesday 14:00-16:00, 40-4-C01
Alignment and Calibration Meeting Tuesday 16:00, 40-R-B10

16-Mar-2009 Monday


  • DQM
    • offline DQM: EventInfo and reportSummary not filled - requested by Andreas - get help from Valdas
    • What is the status of the data certification? Do we have adequate reference histos and documenation?
  • SET
    • superior performance good. But there is a lot of testing to do, and SET might be too slow. Needs discussion soon!
  • Digitizer and Noise Matrix
    • Gavril A. Giurgiu observes a crash. (Tim responds.)
    • Oana gave lots of good details in her talk.
    • Need a mathematical test to identify when noise matrix elements are bad.
  • wrong order of noise matrix elements
    • Oana understood this, and fixed it in CSCDBNoiseMatrix_ME42_Feb2009
    • She also tried to fix the bad matrix elements for ME+2/2/28.
  • What are the right global tags? Nikolai is asking.
  • HLT
    • seems there are problems. Ask Ingo.
  • CSCDCCFormatStatusDigi
    • David Lange reported a problem with a dependency. Tim suggests a solution.
    • We need to carry this out quickly - get it done by end of the week?
    • Ask for feedback.
  • formatted raw output
    • Rob and Sasha showed their first contribution - apparently OK
    • useful suggestions from Florida guys, who are sharing their existing tools.
    • aim for Monday.
  • SLHC modifications
    • un-ganging of channels in ME1/1:
      • digitizer and cscrechitd OK in principle
      • unpacker not so easy: too many strips. (I don't quite see the problem.)
      • (fake) calibration constants - where should they be stored?
      • need run-time flags which means updates to cfg files which means HLT headaches.
      • This all sums to a non-negligible amount of work - to be done in 2 weeks!
    • we need to invent alignment constants for ME4/2!
  • RPC hits in cosmic ray MC
    • Andy definitely seems them.
    • Marcello and Raffaello were going to look into this.
  • sim-digi-raw-digi
    • Tim writes about a problem - that this is broken for the CSC's.
    • Andy has tested this at some level, but only for wire and strip digis.
    • What is the exact problem?
  • CSC timing
    • need a pithier test for Amanda to try. Maybe study top chambers in all stations?
    • Very good discussion with Greg. Her chamber-by-chamber offsets relate directly to the cable lengths plus programmable delays. So we can adjust the delays based on her plots. Try it!
  • Digitizer
    • Rick was working on a superior way of suppressing hits which do not give an LCT.
    • Can this be implemented in 3_1_x?

15-Mar-2009 Sunday

EMU Meeting

  • Bora Akgun: need to track dead chambers during commissioning, in the spirit of Andy's plot.
  • Need a more fine-grained analysis - check at the individual CFEB, ALCT level.
  • Is it possible that there is corrupted data produced by bad EPROM modules which is not picked up by standard checks?
  • What happens to data from CFEB crates which have an incorrect configuration?
  • Clear priority: low CLCT efficiency established by Stoyan.

Torino Workshop (11-13 March)

Torino WS Agenda

(Notes in notebook)

Physics Approval 11-March

5-Mar-2009 Thursday

CSC Weekly Meeting

4-Mar-2009 Wednesday

  • Oana discovers a shift by two??
    • Tim confirms, thinks it may be in his code. Checking.
  • We are not monitoring noise...
  • important study on energy loss in muon tracks HN
  • Ask Ingo to be HLT contact person.
    • He agrees.
  • Oana creates a new payload CSCBadChambers_CRAFT_ONERUN_KillAllMe42 which maps onto 68100 only.
  • Local data are stored in /castor/
  • new twiki file generator migration

Global Run Discussion

  • need still to change the bad chamber list due to single IOV requirement. - talk to David
  • global tag will be COSMMC_22X_V2 or something close to that
  • RPC says that minus endcap will be off in new MC production. Will try to create tag with RE+1 off, too. We need to give feedback.
  • cosmic MC production
    • CSC-only a problem b/c volume needs to be centered on zero. Needs a new release.
    • ~hoepfner/public/CMSCGEN for py files
    • samples list at CMS/CosmicMCWL
    • Maybe a serious problem with endcap-only sample: digitization is suppressed outside the volume!
  • Raffealo will organize noise/trigger monitoring.

3-Mar-2009 Tuesday

  • urgent - need to commit new CSCSkim. Done. V00-01-00
  • Khristian Kotov gives new parameters to get right L1 emulation in cosmic ray generation
    • but Kerstin observes a problem
  • 31x delayed by four week! HN
  • How to turn on logger message. HN

Alignment and Calibration Meeting

2-Mar-2009 Monday

  • Ask Andrey if Valdas can serve as DQM coach.
  • Answer: maybe.

Muon DPH-PH Meeting

  • summary of release schedule
  • energy loss bug is solved - but not completely.
  • They did not know about the charge correlation bug that Didar and I found. Need to follow up!
  • new TOSCA model reduces disagreement to less than 10%
  • Allesandra Fanfari will coordinate Tier-2 resources
  • DT Efficiency effort (rather naive) - Mario Pelliccioni
    • We should be checking the efficiency with the new local runs
    • Send feedback to the commissioning group
    • Have we understood all the problems with individual chambers, ie, chamber-by-chamber? - review Stoyan's slides!
  • Rafaelo observes bizarre periodic, modulated time structure in RPC trigger...
  • Muon POG validation - totally excludes endcaps.

Muon Alignment Meeting

1-Mar-2009 Sunday

  • update CSCSkim to include method 9: good for B-field studies
  • ask Jim and Joe about beam halo MC file
  • CMS Bulletin blurb

27-Feb-2009 Friday

  • Andrea Rizzi asks about the strange event with a seg fault in csc unpacker.
  • creation of analysis data sets (ADS) - Luca's e-mail
  • Andrey K proposes a tool to track problems in the CSC's
  • Tim: check layer misalignments with Oleg
  • Tim: we could kill chambers in reco level as well, as an option
  • Riccardo observed CSC segments with very high chi-squared. 60% with chisq/ndf > 5 !
  • has Richard finished the geometry work?
  • Tim fixed incorrect py files - he says the mistakes were trivial
  • Tim raises the issue of cleaning up dead code in the unpacker, etc.
  • We should look at the higher-HV runs. HN and for run numbers see HN
  • I am confused about the author list for the NIM article on muon alignment. - send e-mail

Global Run Discussions

  • Andreas still needs help for setting up sessions fro DQM shifters
  • CSC calibration signoff
    • production not yet ready for time-dependent conditions
    • use 68100 as a representative
    • maybe implement time-dependent MC for the endcaps-only MC production
  • Realistic CRAFT MC Scenario for muon alignment - Pablo on behalf of Jim P
    • CSC based on photogrammetry numbers only
    • This scenario to be used for cosmic ray MC only.
  • Kerstin needs input on endcap L1 emulator. ALERT! Urgent
  • Kerstin will try to restrict cosmic rays must go through tracker volume - could be much better for us - need to test.
  • Kerstin will try to generate endcap-enriched runs, one endcap at a time.

Muon Upgrade Meeting (I missed it.)

26-Feb-2009 Thursday

  • New release to be checked - HN
    • Andy points to a reduced number of hits per segment: HN
  • Mike Hildreth calls for information on data mixer.
  • I set up a new twiki page for Luca's and Paul's validation work: CMS/CSCDPGValidationDuringCommissioning - see HN
  • discussion with Gigi on B-field

Summary of Chamonix Workshop

20-Feb-2009 Friday

DPG Coordination Meeting

  • CRAFT09 looks like early July
  • CMS week - 4-hour Wednesday plenary meeting for commissioning (Torino, B-field, AlCa, etc.)
  • blurb for CMS bulletin! (deadline is 2-March) ALERT!
  • cosmic and halo triggers not added - they need HLT algorithm development
  • DQM requests some DPG manpower for shift organization & supervision - about 25% FTE for 4 weeks - reasonable knowledge of DQM ALERT!
  • Need to validate v3 of the pre-CRAFT reprocessing ALERT!
  • DPG Analyzers should migrate to Tier-2. - Request subscriptions to the data sets. ALERT!
  • Next cosmic ray MC production to begin middle of next week, using CMSSW_2_2_6
  • Send request for beam halo MC asap ALERT!
  • Validation team will be appointed next week. Will have sign-off procedures as in data re-processing. HELP
  • Ilaria - DQM
    • we have not provided DCS-based module ALERT! Examples are available. Persistent part is a must (at least a placeholder).
    • Request for input on reference histograms - see twiki page.
  • Didier lists a number of items needed for realistic simulations. Plan something similar

V+Jets Meeting

  • QCD estimates based on isolation.
    • poor job
    • Crux: what is the isolation distribution in the signal region. Certainly not a Gaussian!
    • It might be better to take hadronic tracks with high pT. Check generic jets and b-tagged jets.
  • conversions

19-Feb-2009 Thursday

  • Darin wants a report on 31x plans. For tomorrow.
  • Tim is taking care of the HLT updates by notifying Martin G.
  • Mike Hildreth has new samples from the Data Mixer.

TeV Muon Meeting (missed)
Muon POG WG Meeting (missed)
Cosmic Ray Analysis Meeting (missed)

CSC Commissioning and DPG

18-Feb-2009 Wednesday

(LHCC Open Meeting - I missed it)

  • Rick has done some factoring of the SET and other code.
  • Petr confirms he will attend the machine backgrounds meeting (as will Khristian).
  • Alexei reports that his postdoc Vadim is having trouble with the bad chambers lists.
  • Rick shows that there really are illegal values in the noise matrix - Oana has no explanation.
  • Didar's code is in ddidar/scratch0/work/cmssw_2_2_3/src/DPGAnalysis

Global Run Discussion Meeting

  • CRAFT repro will be done with 31x
  • new startup scenario due at end of week
  • new calibration payloads - signoff next week
  • will use 226 for cosmic MC production
  • formulate a request for beam halo MC
  • DQM shifts will start today. Are the CSC info up to date?
  • reprocessing is almost complete! Skims will start very soon - maybe today.
  • Need feedback on pre-CRAFT v3 reprocessing, today if possible. (note: no skims)
  • I need to get new CSCSkim ready for next 22x release! (Also PickEvent)
  • Which Tier-2's ? - important to do this soon.
  • Next week: meeting will be on Thursday morning.
  • Luca is interested that we look at high-rate data.

Muon Alignment Meeting wed 16:30

17-Feb-2009 Tuesday

EWK Meeting

  • they want to have people declare their physics plans
  • contact with Juan (e-mail)

Alignment and Calibration Meeting

  • Jim made a good proposal for updated startup conditions
  • Nick has a "residuals" program - to be used for validating alignment sets

16-Feb-2009 Monday

  • calibration meeting today at 5:30
  • need to trap bad values in digitizer
  • Tim says there are 5 modified cfg files - need to notify HLT people.
  • Darin says there are code updates for CSCTF for 31x.

CMS SUSY Reports

Muon DPG-PH Meeting

  • intro (Martijn)
    • CRAFT re-processing with 2_2_5 is 1/3 done
    • 31x deadline is 20-Feb Friday
    • impressive agreement Hall probes and Ugo/Alicia analysis
    • question about CSC analysis
  • CSC Efficiency - Stoyan
    • Need to think about about Stoyan's definition of efficiency
    • Does he take care of the sign ambiguity for dY/dZ?
    • Looks like he no longer factorizes the efficiencies.
    • CLCTs play the key role in inefficiencies.
    • Needs a routine to check for bad chambers on run-by-run basis.
  • TeV Muon - Jorgan Tucker
    • claims that does better using 1st muon hit alone.
    • switch between track-only and track+1 muon based on relative chisq-prob. Reduces tails
    • Bob says there are plots which clearly show that any advantage comes only from 1st station or maybe 2.
  • default reco::Muon parameters - Adam Everett
    • examine various options for switching between tracker-only and global muons
    • chisq vs eta shows odd structure

Tracker DPG Meeting

  • low-pT tracking
    • a wonderful event display!

Discussion on Calibration

  • Victor's slides
  • action items
    1. Victor will try MTCC prescription to see if that reproduces MTCC values for correlation matrix
    2. Victor will make a summary and comparison for the gain constants
    3. Oana will look into the bad constants values spotted by Rick
    4. Oana will send list of payload names and then update the names.
    5. Tim & Michael will try to understand how the constants are used in RHD.

14-Feb-2009 Saturday -- Valentine's Day

  • Sunanda has made many changes to geometry and asks for extensive checking. HN
  • Stoyan identifies bad channels - Rick sees that the problem comes from funny covariance matrices.

13-Feb-2009 Friday

  • Chang gives new names to collections: CMS/SWGuideCosmicMuonReco
  • Darin asks for a summary of development plans for 3_1_x. - start updating twiki page.
  • Poke Mike Hildreth about lack of response to Andy's results.
  • Whatever happened to our simulation of neutron hits?? - ask Rick. Answer: no progress.
  • Tiziano circulates a very good draft agenda for Torino.
  • Does CMS simulate inefficiencies? - send e-mail to Mary-Cruz, Marcello, Marcin and Vincenzo Ch.
    • do we have evidence for real inefficiencies aside from geometry?
    • study nHits = 5, 4, 3 - where in the chamber?
    • multiple scattering
  • Jim P points out that killing chambers for MC will make it difficult for him to use it.
    • propose two endcap-only samples...
    • There is no real conflict - he cares only about beam halo MC, and we won't kill chambers for that.

12-Feb-2009 Thursday

  • Andy succeeded already in a summary of bad chambers. Nice results
  • calibration data
  • chat with Petr
    • will try to find name of someone who can attend machine background simulation meetings
    • some interesting ideas on characterizing resolution
    • wants someone to look into anomalous multiplicities in lower part of ME1/1 reported by Vladimir
  • prepare reports in absentia for simulation and reconstruction meetings
  • discussion about DQM / Validation with Andy, Tim, Victor, Valdas and Andre
    • there is no problem! Andy merely needs to update the CSCMonitorModule
    • get someone to show how to access the DQM root files, etc.
    • I need to help Valdas send responses to the DQM group
    • Tim made some good points about improving CSCValidation

Simulation and Reco Meetings

Cosmic Muon Analysis Meeting Thursday 14:30 CMS Centre

CSC Commissioning and DPG Meeting

  • nice job by Tim and Stoyan!

LPC di-Lepton Meeting

  • Jim Wells makes the interesting point that the Higgs boson is accidentally especially narrow - could be a window to new particles

11-Feb-2009 Wednesday

  • calibration payload names
    • CSCDeadChambers_none_KillAllME42 (for MC)
    • CSCDeadChambers_none_KillNoME42 (for MC)
    • CSCDeadChambers_none_FiveLiveME42 (for MC)
    • CSCDeadChambers_CRAFT_KillAllME42 (for cosmic ray MC production)
  • Andy finds no rechits in the QCD+CRAFT "Data Mixer" sample file. HN
  • Send message to emu-L3 about participating in the ATLAS-CMS-MACHINE background simulation group 22-Jan meeting
    • maybe buttonhole Petr M, Ingo B, Jay H...
    • Darin says Kotov might get involved.
  • Contact Kerstin and Jim Brooke about trigger emulation in the upcoming cosmic ray MC production: whom to contact?
    • trigger side: Luigi Guiducci (L1 DPG muons) and Vasile Ghete (L1 Software).
    • Darin tells me that Kotov will help with the trigger configuration.
  • Bad results on rechit efficiencies from Stoyan. Send comments/questions...
  • Filippo approves the plan for an ME4/2 geometry.
  • Tim solves the thorny problem of calibration objects in the conditions area. Phew! He did a great job. (see his e-mail)

DPG Results Approval Session

  • Jim's plots are approved. DONE (Remove information about mistake in the geometry.)
  • Marcus' plot is also approved. DONE
  • Four of Andy's plots were also approved! DONE - need to provide some words of explanation to Darin.

ALL-CMS Meeting

10-Feb-2009 Tuesday

  • two more validation tasks - ask Andy to do this
    1. relval 330pre1 HN DONE
    2. Data Mixer (Mike Hildreth's e-mail message)
  • Check with Greg, Andrey and Dayong - do we need offline processing of mid-week runs?
  • realistic MC conditions
    1. calibration: need to check tags, and invent three ME4/2 scenarios
    2. alignment: need to re-define startup and 100 pb-1 scenarios
  • Zig's study of mini-monster events web page
    1. some chambers are worst: ME-2/2/11, -2/2/31, -3/2/11, -3/2/31
    2. anomalous time structure? multiple hits per event? charge profile across strips?
    3. wire timing is a hint - are the off-time hits concentrated somehow? Is there a time evolution across the detector?

Magnetic Field Task Force Tuesday 17:30

9-Feb-2009 Monday

  • Make a plan for Torino
  • Andy's validation plots for local runs 72951, 73029. This is a good baseline. The commissioning group will now change the gas mixture.
  • Andy has also validated the big run, the pointing skim, and the new reco fro CRUZET.
  • Tim has validated the ME42 simulation.
    1. get the geometry updated to include ME4/2. Move Tim's sqlite file into geometry DB?
    2. get various options for killing ME4/2 chambers: all, none, all but 5.
    3. submit the new payloads to David & co.
    4. announce the muon SLHC simulations group
  • Nick Kyreos will assume responsibility for the histogramming method.
  • Problem of missing files: Savannah ticket solved
  • Kerstin wants a concerted action on the Data Mixer module & related topics.

6-Feb-2009 Friday

DPG Coordination Meeting

  • Luca has py snippets for CRUZET data to separate HLT and PY - will post to twiki page
  • get results into public domain: CRAFT, beam halo, CSA07/08 document
  • pursue time-dependent conditions data
  • Q: is anyone still accessing CSA08 data samples? Ask Jim. A: no
  • Need to validate test samples of data mixer: is it technically correct?
  • CMS/GRIssues - need to read and add to this - set priorities
  • Ask Jim about update of startup scenario.
  • Need to get time-dependent conditions ready on O(1-2 weeks). for 22x

Discussion on Updates to the Unpacker

Muon HLT Mtg Friday 16:30

5-Feb-2009 Thursday

Physics Days

NWU Group Meeting, 9pm, 2-1-034

  • Re-processing GR twiki page
  • 2_2_4 is available: Magnetic Field HN
  • feedback needed for re-processing validation: GR HN and also Reco Dev HN CRAFT_ALL_V8
    • already found to be bad...
    • I found no CSC hits in the first set of data! Confirmed by Luca.
  • nice discussion with Yuri Gershtein about tagging CR photons using CSC's
  • new global tag: CRAFT_ALL_V8 HN

CSC Commissioning and DPG

  • mid-week global runs 1/2 half of March
  • run 73029: unkill all components
  • need feedback before changing gas
  • Greg's study of RPC input data
    • uses trigger patterns to select normal tracks p.13
    • mapping onto RPC cables
    • ME+1/3 is not a perfect map
    • efficiency of RPC pads

DT-DPG 9am

4-Feb-2009 Wednesday

  • New skims have begun to arrive: HN
  • useful information about runs, data sets, etc: HN
  • di-lepton analysis efforts: twiki page
  • Stoyan completes a nice analysis of efficiency failures in SET.
  • CERN security says my computer violates security. It must be
  • first new local run: Run 72906

GR Discussion Meeting

  • CMSSW_2_2_4: should come out today.
  • Need to check the re-packed data. Need to run RECO step (try 2_2_4 if possible) (see HN)
  • new skims: CSC pointing, high-pT, will require a CMSW_2_2_5
  • cosmic MC production - twiki page for wish list. What is going on with muon L1? Check with Kerstin.
  • ask for time-dependent condition MC in DORP meeting
  • Important to get time-dependent dead chambers list
  • Raffealo Trentadue shows some correlated noise effects in all muon triggers, for run 69997

Trigger Review

Muon Alignment Meeting 16:30 (virtual)

3-Feb-2009 Tuesday

  • David made CRAFT_ALL_V5 HN

EWK Meeting B32/1-A24

  • Z/W cross sections need to separate endcaps and barrel

DPG-POG Convenor's Meeting

  • In order to redo muon reconstruction, must also must redo tracker reconstruction.
  • Ask Ingo and Eric to verify impact of pruning on stand-alone muons. And plot of impact on chi-squared.
  • Need to follow the L1 issues: what do they understand from CRAFT? What about the B-field uncertainties?
  • Next Meeting:
    1. measuring efficiencies from SA muons, Stoyan.
    2. TeV muon coctails (Jordan Tucker)
    3. What muon to provide by default? Tracker vs. Global. Adam Everett

Alignment and Calibration 17:00-19:30, 40-R-A10

2-Feb-2009 Monday

Muon DPG-PH Meeting including special B-field focus session 40-S2-B01

  • Dave F asks about dead chamber lists in CRAFT_ALL_V5.

31-Jan-2009 Saturday

  • new global tag: CRAFT_ALL_V5 HN

30-Jan-2009 Friday

Special Alignment Sign-off Meeting 18:00-19:00, 40-5-A01

  • CSC hardware-based alignment is approved.
  • DT track-based alignment is approved.

LPC Convenors Meeting

29-Jan-2009 Thursday

  • new calibration payloads in global tags
  • Jim's alignment approved by DT-DPG ! HB

CR Analysis Meeting (I missed it.)

LPC di-lepton meeting (I missed it.)

28-Jan-2009 Wednesday

Global Run Discussion

  • CMSSW_2_2_4 is meant to be produced/decided today. Only reason is for CRAFT and CRUZET re-processing.
  • Muon alignment is not ready - so, delay the reprocessing for at least one week.
  • Aim for starting one week later i.e., next week.
  • CSC Calibration payloads are accepted. For use with CRAFT, CRUZET and MC production.

Discussion with Didar

  • She will continue to work on skim, so will I
  • We have four approaches
    1. chi-sq versus B-field scale factor
    2. looking at residuals in ME1 as function of q/pT
    3. angle between segment in ME1 and ME2 as function of q/pT
    4. ratio pT(STA)/pT(tracker)

software guide for cosmic muon reconstruction

Discussion with Bob and new Post-doc

  • work on timing in the CSC's
  • alternative: point resolution or using segments in Kalman fit
  • She will contact me via e-mail.

Muon Alignment Meeting

  • Jim explains evidence for a geometry error in the DT's.
  • Alicia Calderon shows evidence for an incorrect radial separation between superlayers. (local X error vs. track angle)
  • Zoltan Szilasi has a web page with hard values (from survey?).­bin/Survey/[
  • Agreement to provide alignment payload next week, for DT's, based on tracks (and on hardware for CSC's)

27-Jan-2009 Tuesday

DQM / Validation Meeting

  • Andreas Meyer - Intro
    • Offline DQM - idea is to generated histograms automatically and then harvest them
    • usual restrictions regarding releases
    • claims parallelism for release validation
    • also: RelVal histogram production
    • instructions will be posted in DQM Development HN
  • Oliver Gutsche
  • Andrea Rizzi - Reconstruction
    • (Should we move CSCValidation from RecoLocalMuon to Validation?)
    • (We need to organize our interactions with the Reconstruction group.)
    • review of results requires participation of experts and developers
    • requests overlay capability for GUI
    • request abiility to re-run programs on the fly
    • points to inadequacies of event display for investigating problems
    • need real data relVal samples
    • validation code itself must be validated & robust
    • need more standardization
  • Filippo Ambroglini - Simulation
    • (What exactly is the check done on CSC Digis?)
    • special RelVal samples for validating the simulation
    • use root statistical tests (chi-squared or KS test)
    • Validation/Configuration contains master cfg files, sequences for validation
    • using harvesting technology in CMSDRiver
  • Nuno Leonardo - Trigger
  • Ronny Remington - JetMET Release Validation
  • Giovanni Franzoni - ECAL
    • validation of calibration constants is not currently part of the same code
  • Riccardo Bellan - Muon POG

Magnetic Field Meeting

  • public discussion on Monday
  • What should be the goal for largest allowable magnetic error?
  • Slava needs 20 cm of iron to achieve suppression of field!

Discussion with Jim and Alexei

  • difficulty in getting their work approved...
  • get CSC alignment in O(1 month)

26-Jan-2009 Monday

  • Prepare for software meetings this week!
  • Tutorial from Jonatan Piedra: presentation in CMS Week
  • Run Registry for CRAFT twiki page
  • Good CSC runs with B-field on and tracker present: partial ad hoc list
    • 69046, 68958, 68949, 68926, 68665, 68500, 68288, 68279, 68276, 68273, (68264), (68141), (68129), (68124), 68094, 68021
    • (Those with paranthesis are missing from Andy's twiki page.)
    • 68100 is long, OK with CSC, but bad for tracker.
    • in DBS, use find dataset where dataset like "*CRAFT_ALL_V4_CSCSkim*"
  • Tim releases new scripts for geometry DB

24-Jan-2009 Saturday

  • Dick sent the list of ME4/2 chambers: ME-4/2/9 - 13
  • Riccardo asks for someone to look at FastSim and Full Sim HN
  • Alarming results shown by Andrea Perrotta HN
    • ask Andy and Tim to check
  • DQM reference histogram proposal from Lassi: HN and CMS/DQMReferenceHandling

Discussion with Ivan Furic

  • Didar Dobur is not his student - she works with John Yeltin.
  • He understands and agreed on the current general plan for the histogramming method.
  • Possibly Nick K will work on this. Ivan will discuss in the group next week.

23-Jan-2009 Friday

22-Jan-2009 Thursday

di-muon meetings

  • The phenomenology is poor. I should finally do the (cu,cd) treatment!
  • Do Z-prime + gamma.
  • Work on the question: how does one recognize track reconstruction problems?
  • How well can we measure the total width?
  • Do FastSim and Full Sim give the same results?
  • Why bother with the CRAFT-based alignment scenario? Answer: it is a good approximation to what we will have with 100 pb-1.
  • What is the impact of a bad magnetic field map on the pT measurement? resolution?
  • See the twiki for a list of tasks.
  • Nick K.
    • histogramming method - Mengshui is back
    • they are / plan to study showering muons in a quantitative way
    • they are carrying out alignment exercises
    • What is the source of the big tail of disagreement upper vs. lower?
  • Piedra
    • unfolding - see hep-ph/9509307
    • useful tool: toy MC
  • Seo: very interesting event-by-event comparisons
  • twiki page: CMS/MuonScaleCalib

beam-related backgrounds meeting - missed this one

CSC Commissioning and DPG Meeting

  • should give feedback about what DCS information to put into DB

LPC Physics Forum - missed this one

21-Jan-2009 Wednesday

Global Run Reprocessing twiki page

I missed the global run meeting

Discussion with Slava

  • confirms that trigger path has too many instances - serious problem
  • probably needs hardware studies to be coordinate/organized by Greg
  • maybe it is worth looking at the timing information
  • Agrees that we should get TeV / histogram method back on track - done in 6 months?
  • Will reinvigorate TeV muon group.

Discussion with Tim

  • we need to plan to clean up and improve error messages
  • he agrees with the plan to work on stand-alone muon reconstruction
  • CSCRecHitD
    • we will begin by identifying and inspecting key products of RHD, for example, the time estimate, Gatti function, cross-talk, etc. etc.
    • document what we find and compare to what we want
    • compare to Stan's work - are we missing anything?

CMS Plenary

  • scenarios are 6 TeV or 10 TeV
  • plenty of good physics reasons to avoid 6 TeV
  • at 10 TeV, need at least 50 pb-1 to do anything significant in the SM

STA Reorganization Meeting called by Riccardo

  • he understand better what is the point of SET
  • we discussed the histogramming method and how to incorporate that
  • he is looking for a technical discussion among experts

Discussion with Dick Loveless

  • we can assume almost nothing about magnetic field
  • cards and floor will induce significant azimuthal asymmetries
  • this will be a long-term job

20-Jan-2009 Tuesday Inauguration

DPG-POG Coordination Meeting

  • I need to talk to Martijn to understand magnetic field studies...
  • Stoyan should give his efficiency report in the next meeting (2-Feb)
  • Riccardo will organize an expert discussion of STA resolution problems for the beginning of next week.
  • Marcin says they are making a lot of progress on RPC geometry.
  • There should be an alignment report in mid-Feb / early March.
  • Next week someone will explain what the "cocktail" is.
  • Adam Everett has investigated the question of which momentum to provide. - report in next meeting.

Discussion with Tim

  • He is making progress on geometry DB, should be done by end of the week.
  • He agrees to use DeadChamber to arrange a realistic set of ME4/2 chambers. To be tested next week.
  • I told him my views about calibration, in the broad sense. He agreed. I need to make a twiki with the basic items in order to organize the effort.

EWK Meeting

  • Chamonix workshop 2-6 Feb
  • revitalize study of systematics and tuning the simulation
  • PAT-tuples
  • MC samples: use 22x until May, then new 10 TeV samples will be generated
  • PAS approvals on 3-Feb
  • Francisco Fabozzi, PAS update inclusive Z/W to muons, AN-2009/005
  • Christopher Rogan, V+jets, "Punzi Significance"

Magnetic Field Discussion

  • Jim's plot: where are the statistical errors?
  • To my eye, looks like two broken lines rather than a 2nd order curve
  • bad chi-squared - does it persist with B=0?
  • Lorentz angle gives good information on magnetic field
  • blamage!
    • B-H curves do not exist for endcaps - major source of uncertainty
    • especially important for the nose piece
    • 72 curves on paper. he simply made a typical curve by eye
  • It looks like the green structures will have a major impact on the magnetic field return flux, and plausibly will explain the 25% reduction in the expected magnetic field.
  • We should go ahead with empirical measurements of the local B-field

19-Jan-2009 Monday MLK Day

DPG-PH Muon Meeting

  • News and Announcements
    • Lars Sonnenschein will be new contact person for MC
    • Slava Krutelyov will be new contact person for muon code.
    • next release 2_2_x will include cosmic muon reco improvements and adjustments to magnetic field
    • Torino workshop in March: HN
    • release 3_1_x expected in May/April
    • meeting for magnetic field issues
      • Tuesday 17:00-19:00
      • 40-R-C10 INDICO 50099
    • muon POG working group meeting Thursday 14:30, maybe
  • Chang Liu: Update on Cosmic Muon Reconstruction
    • tags provided for 22x and 30x
    • new seeding done for barrel only. Try to do endcaps for some future release
    • try to complete a full set of validation plots
  • Chad Jarvis - Tails in pT resolution for various alignment scenarios
    • identifies some poorly measured muons but did not investigate individual events
    • need to update alignment scenarios
  • Alicia Calderon - Status of Magnetic Field Studies
    • beautiful work!
    • do they use the difference in position or the difference in direction?
    • Jim V raises the issue of floor plates impacting the magnetic field map
    • they need more MC events
  • Khristian Kotov - muon isolation studies
    • a very nice job.
    • upshot: box plot is hardly any weaker than sophisticated LLR method!

16-Jan-2009 Friday

DPG Coordination Meeting

  • News
    • request for input to Charmonix workshop (viz. possible energies 6, 10, 14 TeV)
      • think about alignment with Z's
    • find someone to attend beam studies meetings
      • arrange this with Darin
      • re-start beam halo monitor with Jason St Johns
    • approved results for public
      • INDICO web page 43093
      • review also alignment results from CSA08
      • Tiziano points out we need to promote the younger people.
      • Organize appropriate CRAFT results for approval. aim for mid-Feb (Moriond and La Thuile)
    • MC requests - new twiki page
      • develop new requests for cosmic rays and beam halo. Anything else?
    • CRAFT reprocessing
      • v2 muon sample complete. DQM harvesting also complete
      • converge on conditions and tags for calibration and alignment by end of January.
    • Trigger Review 4-Feb.
      • detailed assignments for alignment and calibration PICK
      • Jim P. is preparing slides for Rainer and David
      • trigger menus
    • general statement about release validation PICK
    • need help validating Data Mixer
      • muon effort is lacking PICK

  • Discussion with Ingo, Stoyan and Eric
    • Ingo has very clear proof that the current problems with STA resolution is not CSC local reconstruction. He will post an announcement.
    • SET algorithm
      • work on this is the best way to obtain good stand-alone muons
      • priorities / tasks
        1. minimization - be brutal and test this to the nth degree. Make it much better and smarter.
        2. bias - examine a few tracks which are very clean but which are off by 15%
        3. catastrophes - examine a few events in which the pT is off by a lot (get at the tails and really understand them)
        4. time budget - we expect this will improve naturally
    • ST algorithm
      • finish up pruning tests, make presentation in DPG, then in POG meeting
      • turn it on, tag it and ask for implementation in next release
    • documentation
      • internal notes for CSCRecHitD, ST and SET
      • aim for separate NIM papers

  • Discussion with Stoyan
    • CSCEfficiency has been greatly improved - release in 1-2 weeks.
    • presentation in POG meeting in about 2 weeks

14-Jan-2009 Wednesday

  • DQM from CRUZET re-reco: HN

13-Jan-2009 Tuesday

  • David F asks for confirmation on calibration tags.

12-Jan-2009 Monday

di-lepton marathon during JTERM III

10-Jan-2009 Saturday

Rice Meeting Karoly's pictures

  • develop work flow for CSCTF timing measurements (a lot like alignment)
  • CSCTF-DQM will become part of local CSC-DQM
  • Gian Pedro di Giovanni - UF postdoc. Rob Agnese, undergrad
  • I need to read CSCTF documentation and push DPG documentation... What could be approved for public consumption?
  • Laria is studying events that are inconsistent in DAQ and CSCTF arenas. Seem similar to Stoyan's events.
  • Need tests of "winner" bits in Muon Sorter. - Laria
  • Great interest in DPG-type shift work. Make proposal in advance of next EMU mtg.
  • alignment monitoring during CSC shift.
  • Belated attention on messaging and alarms. Karoly is our contact person.
  • proactive about move to 64-bit machines. Are we truly OK vis-a-vis the unpacker? Victor is unsure...
  • write end-of-run information about config keys, event counts, etc.
  • will try to use "Sentinel" to report alarms from DQM
  • "CSC Page 1"
  • need a prioritized list of tasks and time lines for online software. -- And DQM...
  • Do we need to put DCS-type information in the offline data base?
  • offline local DQM produces list of dead / low efficiency CFEBs and AFEBs. Use this for dead channel lists.
  • need "agile" approach to DQM.

8-Jan-2009 Thursday

  • Darin states set of issues for DPG Coordination Mtg on 16-Jan: a lot about triggers
  • Oana will contact Andy asking him to help validate existing constants.

7-Jan-2009 Wednesday

  • Luca asks for feedback on dropping certain HLT banks. HN

6-Jan-2009 Tuesday

  • cosmic muon analysis meeting Thursday
  • Don't forget about the question of magnetic fields - are they correct?
  • Prepare something for The Rice Meeting?
  • Joe Gartner is having troubles with BadChamber in generating MC samples...
  • calibration issues
    • Oana pushes for better organization and shared resources.
    • useful files in CalibMuon/CSCCalibration/test
    • storing data with enough digits?
    • how to validate the values?
    • Tim raises the issue of manipulating values that are off. How far should we go?
  • STA resolution problems
    • FastSim does not simulate delta-rays, should be rectified.
    • People believe worsening of resolution comes from STA reconstruction.
    • Stoyan's plots mirror the observed behavior.
    • Perhaps we should look at events in which SET gets the right answer, and STA doesn't.
  • Start up HF/CSC assessment group as suggested by Larry Sulak.

5-Jan-2009 Monday

  • Alignment meeting tomorrow 9am FNAL time
  • postpone any DPG-like presentations until next week
  • Andreas M wants reference histograms - ping Andy and Valdas
  • geometry?
    • Tim indicates that the strip spacing is in the reco geometry
    • What is status for 3_0_x?
    • Is this enough for the digitizer?
    • Is there any change in the DDD relating to the RPC?
    • How do we implement the partial ME4/2 detector?
    • Are we OK with MIchael Case's geometry DB?

31-Dec-2008 Wednesday

  • global run processing twiki from Luca
  • think about software tasks for emu meeting (message from Paul Padley)
  • Darin asks for validation of data mixer module (10-Dec)
  • Need to develop a testing suite for calibration constants, etc.
    • Oana sent some hard information on calibrations
  • Andrea Rizzi is still waiting for us to clean up "keep DIGI" statements (9-Dec)
  • Residuals
    • Vladimir will do his study - I need to do mine.
    • Jim P is worried about Y residuals (15-Dec)

18-Dec-2008 Thursday

I missed these meetings, too:
Cosmic Muon Analysis Meeting
LPC Forum

Global Tags for Conditions Data

17-Dec-2008 Wednesday

I missed these meetings:
Global Run Discussion meeting Wednesday
CRAFT results approval session Wednesday

16-Dec-2008 Tuesday

15-Dec-2008 Monday


12-Dec-2008 Friday

  • Nice work by Rob Harr: stuck bits followed by rapid response from Jianhui.

11-Dec-2008 Thursday

TIME Names LHC Number 1 Scientific Enterprise

H -> WW ARC meeting Questions from the ARC

SLHC Simulations Meeting - by Alexei Safonov

  • definite starting point for studies (fixed R in silicon)
  • joint DT-CSC action
  • Vadim Khotoilovich has a filter to limit digitization to some regions
  • Vadim sees 20 LCT's for 200 pileup!
  • Vadim sees a serious degradation in TF efficiency, too. CMS/SLHCMuonTriggerSimulations
  • Alexei proposes common simulation tools and MC samples
  • Will set up meetings, HN forum, etc.

US CMS Research Program and Collaboration Meeting

  • discussion with Rob Harr
    • Sasha found a sample of bad events and made a file.
    • in bad events, finds patterns of 32 bits which repeats throughout the CFEB buffer!
    • understands message logger - wants to clean up unpacker
    • confirms that the missing strips and wires really are not present in the raw data buffer
    • points out that events have lots of zeros, etc. - are too fat. Discuss this at Rice mtg
    • tasks
      1. understand status digis. How can we use them for monitoring?
      2. get away from hex masks as input. use boolean
      3. implement mechanism for tagging events with examiner errors

  • URGENT problem spotted by Dave Futyan
    • fake conditions points to read dead chamber list - we need it to point to empty_mc list

10-Dec-2008 Wednesday

CMS CRAFT Session, part I (Andy's talk)

  • We need to fix strip timing in the MC.
  • Jim P. raises an issue of residuals - a tail in local Y, and also has problems with closure test in MC.

9-Dec-2008 Tuesday

DPG-PH Muon Meeting

  • nice documentation from Adam Everett et al.

Call for checking trigger tables

DPG Coordination Meeting (that I missed)

  • prepare realistic conditions
  • resolve problems with realistic xtalk values
  • review planning of offline releases
  • CRAFT plots to be approved for winter conferences


  • Andrea wants feedback about digis in cfg files.

8-Dec-2008 Monday

EMU Meeting, Day 2


  • Vladimir's talk
    • need to verify results, extend to othe chambers
    • interesting ad hoc correction needed
    • Petr claims larger charge is main reason for superior resolution
  • Jim's talk
    • is he using CRAFT to do layer alignment?
    • need to integrate much more with hardware alignment
    • delivery date of 1st real alignment payload is end of January

7-Dec-2008 Sunday

EMU Meeting, Day 1

To Do

  • Alignment
    • understand everything in Samir's talk
    • resolve differences with Marcus re: "inter-chamber alignment" +1 (321) 674-7275
    • find out from Jim & Marcus exactly what is in the latest alignment tags
    • make a plan for future alignment tags, with Jim, Samir, Marcus & Alexei
  • Calibration
    • explain plan to Tim, Igor, Oana and Darin
    • Oana fixed the cross-talk calibration payload.
    • According to her, _cruzet3 is the fakes+MTCC data
    • do we have dead chambers or not?
    • Oana has produced a corrected payload.
      • I should produce a cfg file for single muons.
      • Oana should tell me how to access the new payloads.
      • We should run two samples (new constants/old constants) through CSCValidation and check efficiencies and residuals distributions.
    • Ask the Chinese to agree to thorough testing, on the long term.
    • Igor says that cruzet3 needs to be rewritten.
  • Resolution
    • understand and explain different definitions of resolution
    • understand ME1/1 results
    • start a program for comparable studies with the other chambers
    • what is the expectation, based on the past?
    • how should we continue Libby's studies?
  • MC
    • What is precise solution to L2 problem?
    • What should we do about the SA muon resolution?
    • Does SET share that problem?
    • Stoyan should check for bad events in MC.
    • Ingo should compare his HCAL results with MC.
  • Geometry
    • What can be done in time for 3_0_0 on 15-Dec?
    • What should be done?
      • fix precision problems
      • add ME4/2 whole, as an option (already prepared)
      • add five chambers? (Darin's suggestion)
      • Do we need to do anything for Mike Case?

Global Tags Alignment - information from Jim

2) beam splash/halo:     CRUZETALL_V6
3) EW35 (37):            CRAFT_ALL_V4

David answers some questions concerning payloads:

  • (real) dead chamber list is in 220 as an sqlite file, and has been tagged for 300 CSCBadChambers_realCal
  • cruzet3 tag is used for the first reprocessing, for pedestals, gains, cross-talk and noise
  • realCal values need better validation before they can be used.

Start a twiki page for CSC-DPG Work In Progress

6-Dec-2008 Saturday

I was traveling between Seattle and Chicago

  • Darin explains release schedule in an e-mail:
    • 3_0_0 closes on the 15th, but this is a technical release
    • 3_2_0 closes end of February - the release for data taking

5-Dec-2008 Friday

LHC to restart in 2009

  • Important message from Paris concerning MC productions in 220 and 300. Need to very conditions...
  • Good connection Stoyan - Jason concerning missing strips/wires problem.
  • Carley writes to ask for instructions. - talk to her on Tuesday.
  • DB status report, to be given by Igor on Wednesday during CMS week.
  • CMSSW 2_2_1 is ready
  • Luca asks us to check the conditions data for reprocessing.
    • contact Jim & Alexei - what should we use for beam splash?
    • contact Igor, Oana and Tim. We are using "cruzet3" - is this what we want?

  • problems with our conditions
    • Igor says CSCDBNoiseMatrix_realCal looks "ugly"
    • Oana says she looked at them. What are the right values, what should we expect?
    • Igor quotes Tim as saying that negative values are a problem.
    • Igor says there are many zeros.
    • Oana asks - why does MC crash? And proposes to do some validation with MC.
    • Tim identifies parts of the digitizer which require positive value for off-diagonal noise xtalk matrix elements.
      • The digitizer uses the pedestal width to set the scale of the noise. Must not be zero.
      • Tim says David Futyan has reverted to old CSC conditions.
    • Igor says Real data inside CSCDBNoiseMatrix_mc look more close to what was in MTCC.
    • massive confusion about what is named what.
    • Rick suggests that elements are stored in the wrong order.

  • Look at Darin's talk from the coordination meeting that I missed.
    • Schedule
      • CMSSW 3_0_0 in late February
      • Start full sim production in mid-May. (LHC startup)
      • Close CMS in late May.
      • CRAFT09 begins in July.
    • real CRAFT workshop aiming for the last week in March (week after CMS week) in Torino.
    • need to prepare CMS status reports for conferences.
    • deadline for 3_0_0 is still 15-Dec
    • conditions data
      • for current MC production (2_2_0), no dead chambers, only 100 pb-1 smearing
      • should also try to get some realistic conditions for 2_2_0 for eg cosmic rays

4-Dec-2008 Thursday

  • Yesterday Riccardo asked for help to track down the reason for the poor CSC SA muon resolution. 2_0_10 vs 2_1_0.
    • I think we changed the digitizer at this time, to lower the charge and adjust the noise.
  • Nice presentation by Stoyan. We need to exclude the unpacker as the source of the trouble.
  • Libby's presentation was not very convincing. Need more juice there.

2-Dec-2008 Tuesday

EMU Meeting

CSC Meeting on Thursday

GR Meeting tomorrow/tonight

  • Help set agenda for CSC meeting this week.
    • Libby
    • Stoyan
  • working out details with workshop during CMS week.
    • Andy will/might give MC/data comparison talk
    • Stoyan will contribute information on efficiencies
    • Ingo & Eric will contribute information on HCAL
  • L1 Trigger DPG meeting
    • need to look at transparencies!

27-Nov-2008 Thursday Thanksgiving

  • Serious problem with L2 muon simulation in FastSim

26-Nov-2008 Wednesday

LHCC sessions: CMS and general

25-Nov-2008 Tuesday

  • Very nice talk with Stoyan about physics and about efficiency measurements.
    • need to verify/study events with missing strips or missing wires.

24-Nov-2008 Monday


  • Muon DPG-PH Meeting
    • whole-day plenary meeting on CRAFT analyses during CMS week
    • review of muon trigger issues on Dec 15
    • two muon notes need to be read! (muon reconstruction and muon ID)
    • see talk by Andreas R. concerning 3_0_0 plans
    • Andy presents his MC/data comparisons
      • why 4-10 has no hits on PLUS side?
      • why does MC have more of a continuum in number of hits?
      • should try to study variation of resolution with angle, etc. - ditto, the charge distribution
      • need to adjust recHit timing in MC
      • what is wrong with the phi/theta distributions? Check also (phi,theta)_(x,y)
      • Andy started SA muon comparison! yeah! Agreement on Nhits is not so good, ditto pT.
      • Luca suggests looking at the B=off samples. Good idea.
      • wild guess: the MC used the wrong Z positions due to a bad global tag.
    • Andrea Roselli - RPC trigger efficiencies using "tag-and-probe"
    • Nadia Adam - tools for tag-and-probe PhysicsTools/TagAndProbe
    • nice overview talk by Aafke Kraan (INFN Pisa) on tracker efficiency. Why is tracker efficiency only about 95% ?
      • page 8 - why is efficiency low?
    • Marco de Mattia - muon scale
      • are there non-Gaussian tails?
      • why is there a variation with eta? (p.18) - probably the material budget (CSA07)
    • Kevin Kai Hong Sung (MIT) - momentum scale II. Nice work
      • focus on tracker material
    • Jeremy Andrea (Strasbourg) - tracking efficiency from CRUZET data
      • a number of plots don't make much sense.
    • Jonatan Piedra - muon studies in CRAFT
      • many nice results - lots of intelligent work.
      • shaft muons very sharply concentrated (p.23)
    • Pablo Martinez - alignment in tracker and muons

  • No CSC meeting this coming Thursday -- Thanksgiving!
  • Should set up twiki page for recHit work.
  • I'm late sending Darin the CMS Bulletin blurb!
  • 2_2_0 relvals are ready
  • no answer concerning killing dead chambers in MC production
  • Oana has cross-talk values in DB. Should this be presented at the Wednesday meeting?

19-Nov-2008 Wednesday

  • Global Run Discussions Meeting
    • impressive calibration work from DT's
    • alignment: do minimal changes but these need to be validated/agreed upon
    • run quality flags will be frozen next week 26-Nov
    • not very interested in data certification for CRUZET data.
    • reprocessing plan:
      • minimal alignment update
      • si pixel bug fix
      • skims will be done - and available
      • validate with run 68100
      • send list of beam halo runs to be reprocessed
    • very nice presentation from Andy - good discussion
    • nice dE/dX measurement from Efe
    • smoothing HCAL response using splash events
  • 2_2_0 should come out tomorrow. Need to do validation right away. Updated constants by 16:00 tomorrow.

18-Nov-2008 Tuesday

  • Ingo & Eric are ready to present their calorimeter energy study.
  • No go for using new geometry for 2_2_1 / CRAFT re-processing.
  • Oana doubts the cross-talk constants. We should use fake values for MC.
  • discuss with Tim about rechit, etc.

17-Nov-2008 Monday

  • send blurb to Darin for CMS Bulletin. (must circulate it first!)
  • read muon trigger info CMS/MuonHLTL3AlgorithmVetting
  • Is it OK to update strip parameters for 2_2_1?
  • Need report for simulation meeting on Thursday.
    • validation of 2_2_0
    • status of 3_0_0 release work.

16-Nov-2008 Sunday Back from Eilat!

Jim's alignment wiki page: CMS/MuonAlignmentCriteriaForNewConstants

7-Nov-2008 Friday

  • Coordination meeting today.
    • Workshop planned - but when?
    • Must make sure that beam halo trigger is not cast aside. Need a responsible. - keep contact w/ Rainer.
    • Should look at high-rate runs to see whether events look different. Use CSCValidation.
    • Need "blurb" for CMS Bulletin by 10-Nov.
    • Andreas' talk: How do we define FEDFatal and FEDNonFatal errors?
    • Finalization of run registry flags on Nov 26. (day before Thanksgiving)
    • Are we ready for upate of CSC alignment from Jim? -- deadline is Wedneday. (including validation results)

6 -Nov-2008 Thursday

  • Rick made progress on improving the digitizer.
  • Interesting results comparing data & MC - Andy
  • CSC meeting:
    • Karoly shows that one cannot take the Z distribution at face value. Armando wants an extended effort.
    • Jim's 2.5mm offset is well-received, and people step in to help trace the numerical error in the geometry.
  • Ingo has beautiful plots for energy now!
  • Stoyan reports progress on efficiency studies.

5-Nov-2008 Wednesday

  • CRUZET global tags now frozen.
  • Need to prepare for DPG coordination meeting on Friday.

4-Nov-2008 Tuesday. Election Day

  • Noise question is not settled - discussion tomorrow.
  • Talked to Libby, Oana and Ela about the next steps.
  • Andy is ahead of the game re: MC, CSCValidation, etc. Almost ready for real MC/Data comparisons.
  • Yana said track propagation could be controlled via parameters:
VisPropagatorIn = 0
VisPropagatorOut = 0
VisPropagatorStep = 0.05

3-Nov-2008 Monday

2-Nov-2008 Sunday

  • Luca helps with the time issue. In the end, I use simply 3654*orbit+bx. Rather, just orbit.
  • commit RPCNoise code. smile
  • CSCSkim sets are not available at CERN!!
  • Run IGUANA on regular RECO file (run 68100). Events are ugly...
  • Revive skim code under public/SKIM9
  • Run quick CSCSkim to get 22 events out of 1000.
    • They are still ugly, only one or two are pretty.
    • Stand-alone muons as depicted don't make any sense.
    • Send examples to Yana & George, and to Martijn, Riccardo and Chang.

1-Nov-2008 Saturday

  • further investigations of RPC noise. DT hits. RPC regions.

31-Oct-2008 Friday Halloween

30-Oct-2008 Thursday

29-Oct-2008 Wednesday

twiki page for our releases: CMS/CSCDPGSWReleases

  • CSCValidation is ready. RecoLocalMuon/CSCValidation V01-04-05
  • Andy shows that the new examiner restores the bad events in ME+1/2 and ME+1/3.
  • Jim P has exciting new alignment results! - must discuss and aim for a presentation next week.
  • No clear what is happening with dead chamber list. - is it ready?? DONE
  • MuonPOG meeting tomorrow will discuss DQM.
  • CheckDigis finds one bad event: Run,Event: 66740,6207243
  • nice utility from Karoly: /afs/
  • Tim number at UC Davis: 530-754-7226
  • Stoyan will test new CSCRecHitD. Everything else seems OK.
  • Rick responds concerning excess error messages about nLCTChips.
  • Stoyan: the "hot" chamber is ME-12/10. Wire group numbers from 1 to 16 in layer 3 are always activated

28-Oct-2008 Tuesday

  • setting agenda for CSC Thursday meeting
    1. news and announcements
    2. Valdas Rapsevicius - HLT DQM
    3. Victor Barashko - update on CSCExaminer
    4. N. Terentiev - Anode timing
    5. Stoyan - efficiency measurements
    6. Dayong for an update on MPC-TF links.
    7. Andrey K - report from chamber repair committee
  • CSCEfficiency is ready. V00-01-03
  • Ricks' MC unpacking cfg_py is in ~rpw/public,
  • Andy also sees funny error about: How is nLCTChipRead() supposed to work for ALCTHeader2007?
  • Andy must add line to config file for CSCBadChambers.... Do we have a bad chamber list ready??

23-Oct-2008 Thursday

  • Victor has made fixes to CSCExaminer to the HEAD. smile
  • program CheckDigis expanded.

22-Oct-2008 Wednesday

21-Oct-2008 Tuesday

LHC Inauguration

  • Plan for Finalizing CSCRawToDigi
    1. Tim tags the HEAD now. EventFilter/CSCRawToDigi V01-14-00
      • I am trying to compile this on 2_1_10, and I needed also CondFormats/CSCObjects V03-01-02
    2. I have to begin testing with data and with simulations.
    3. Rick needs to address the pulsing timing issue.
    4. Victor needs to update CSCExaminer to handle RPC data correctly.
    5. Tim needs to make another tag.
    6. I need to test everything again.
    7. We publish that tag and inform Rizzi & Rahatlou.

20-Oct-2008 Monday

  • Might need an update for CSCExaminer / unpacker - RPC data
  • Sudden Jamboree on Wednesday !!
  • Oana is ready to help Tim with dead chamber simulation project, and also in contact with David Futyan about using realistic calibration constants for MC.
  • Andy is in contact with Andreas to understand what has to be done for offline-DQM. See also

19-Oct-2008 Sunday

18-Oct-2008 Saturday

  • CheckDigis : investigate Stoyan's claim of bad DIGIs in Monte Carlo files.
    • no such problem
    • still need to investigate timing
  • Bad format error rate with run 66692
    1. high rate of errors as seen in local-DQM
    2. inconsistency in DQM's
    3. HLT did not use CSCExaminer, leading to crashes - fixed by Tulika
    4. What are the rare events that cause the crashes?
    5. Jianhui asks for a file to be siphoned off for debugging.
    6. Jason's summary

16-Oct-2008 Thursday

  • Andy has made great progress on CSValidation.
  • Stoyan's talk on Monday went well.
    • Need to follow-up with Nicola, Martijn and Riccardo.
    • Now he is working on efficiencies.
      • digitizer: inconsistent muon DIGIs
      • data: odd events with missing signals
  • Libby raises global gain issue; need to pursue that.
  • New L1 data object - Igor, Slava and Oana - who should be notified?
  • Need also to push dead chamber object.
  • new global tags CRAFT_V2P::All
  • need to follow-up on simulation meeting.
  • run meeting pw "14tev"

7-Oct-2008 Tuesday

6-Oct-2008 Monday

  • pending discussions:
    • Tim: about simuation meeting.
    • Stoyan: efficeincies
    • Stoyan: SET algorithm & presentation
    • Libby: gain corrections / studies
    • Andy: time vs dZ
    • Andy: CSCValidation
    • Andy: pruning in ST
  • Read Ivan's message and respond
  • Nikolai:
    • has update for CSCValidation
    • wants to have local files transferred to Fermilab
  • Plan Thursday's meeting with Greg & Frank

20-Sep-2008 Saturday

  • Luca & Andy should start validating runs regularly.
  • Paul wants to learn more about event display
  • Tiziano's requests
    • event displays
      • triple muon: run 62232, event 1811006, in /afs/
      • HCAL spike #1 : run 62384, event 113639, in /afs/
      • HCAL spike #2 : run 62384, event 57384, in same file.
    • normal angle plots
    • halo plot from Dayong
  • missing DIGI problem...
  • Jean-Roch Vlimant's crash
  • yesterdays' beam shots:

19-Sep-2008 Friday

On a mission to Bremen

18-Sep-2008 Thursday

17-Sep-2008 Wednesday

16-Sep-2008 Tuesday

  • Rick and Victor solved the unpacker crash already!
  • Problems with CSCValidation and CSCEfficiency...
  • Andy's practice talk
  • There will be magnet runs up to 3 T this evening.

15-Sep-2008 Monday

14-Sep-2008 Sunday

13-Sep-2008 Saturday

12-Sep-2008 Friday

  • beam captured by RF! Darin's announcement around 22:33 yesterday
    • 9 minutes of circulating beam
    • BX number shifting during that time
    • Bx number with 2 peaks, one at ~832 (much larger), and another one at ~901. See
    • Beam 2 with intensity 5 x 10^9 has been injected at ~1:05 and its phase wrt the orbit has been stable for about 30 minutes (measured RMS between beam and orbit was ~500ps) at BX 831. See
    • Shift summary: : RF-captured beam at 1am and 2am
    • emergency dump?
  • What version of IGUANA are they running at Pnt 5?
  • important runs:
    • 62232 11-Sep 22:40 Beam 2 captured by RF. 4.1 M events
    • 62234 12-Sep more beam 2
    • 62241?
  • data location : /castor/
which becomes '/store/data/BeamCommissioning08/BeamHalo/RECO/v1/000/062/231/2E4B6CDE-3B80-DD11-976F-000423D6B5C4.root'

11-Sep-2008 Thursday

  • lots of more data
  • start public skim
  • We can very cleanly see BX numbers - they change from run to run.
  • They move to /BeamHalo/BeamCommissioning08-v1/RAW (also, cosmics and RECO)
  • Andy and I prepared IGUANA displays of two monster events specified by Frank and Jianhui. our report
  • clear evidence of multiple-muon events

10-Sep-2008 Wednesdday The Big Day See crib notes for Sep 10

9-Sep-2008 Tuesday

process.p = cms.Path(process.gtDigis *
                     process.muonCSCDigis * process.csc2DRecHits * process.cscSegments *
                     process.muonRPCDigis * process.rpcRecHits *
                     process.offlineBeamSpot *process.CosmicMuonSeedEndCapsOnly * process.cosmicMuonsEndCapsOnly *

8-Sep-2008 Monday

7-Sep-2008 Sunday

  • BeamHaloMonitor coming along...
  • Beam-related Muons tonight!!!
  • Dave Mason designates data set names:
    • /BeamHalo/Commissioning08-StuffAlmostToP5_v1/RAW tonight
    • /BeamHalo/Commissioning08-RAFF_v1/RAW magnet test at full field tomorrow
    • /BeamHalo/Commissioning08-GRtoBeam_v1/RAW Sept 10 event
  • Most recent data I can find on castor is: /castor/ from 5-Sep
  • Very helpful information from Luis Lebolo
    • from the CERN public network (either on-site or via lxplus):
    • ssh -Y your_username@cmsusr2
    • ssh cms-data-lookarea
    • ls -ltr /lookarea_SM/
    • (Unfortunately one needs an account on cmsusr2 which I do not have.)
  • tip from Andrea (7226 control room) to compile with integration release: scramv1 project CMSSW  CMSSW_2_1_X_2008-09-07-1000 (and a list of available builds is scramv1 list CMSSW)
  • DQM global run registry:
  • global run 61628 has CSC+HF trigger.
  • exciting event: Run 61640, event 7170! Run:
  • earlier data listed in e-log:
  • alternative to DBS: /castor/

6-Sep-2008 Saturday

  • 50k beam halo MC completed! /castor/ where nn=01,02,...,10
    • unfortunately, no CSC DIGIS. frown
    • I expanded the of keeps and made a 1k test - looks OK now. And can be analyzed successfully by CSCValidation.
    • Rework the python scripts and resubmit.
  • a tip from Boris Mangano: In order to compile quickly,
scramv1 b -j 'n' 
where 'n' is the number of CPUs on the machine you are logged in. If you log to a 4-cores machine which has not other jobs running, you should be able to compile order of 50 packages in few minutes.
  • set up filter py script for IGUANA
    • focus is on CSC's - I assume other detectors already in (or we can use reconstructionCosmics)
    • sequence is: csc local reco, cscSkim, cosmicMuonReco
    • works on data from CRUZET4
    • try it on beam halo MC:
typeOfSkim  layers  chambers   segments      passed
    1          4       4          4           0.30
    1          4       3          3           0.44   (both sides, too!)
    1          4       3          2           0.44
    1          4       3          1           0.44
    1          4       2          2           0.56
    1          4       2          1           0.56
    1          4       1          1           0.70
(where for events with at least 3 chambers, all have chambers on both endcaps)

5-Sep-2008 Friday

  • Frank, Karoly & friends have newer, better transfer
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