Wed 7/12: worked 1.5 hours in O'Hare

Thurs 7/13 Got registered (got new NICE pw) Visited experimental site Worked on WorkBookStartingGrid Met Werner, Tommaso (Boccali?), Christos L (of DQM), Maarti, Jim Virdee, a few others

hours: 3 hrs

Observations: not really supposed to stay on French side without special permit, but U.O. lets you put in Swiss address and it's ok

I didn't need any proof of med ins

Tami needed to write me a separate letter (separate from Jen's) stating start-end dates of validity and such, to bring to U.O.

if you have cern account, make sure you know your NICE password; you need it for internet access

question about carte grise in swiss rental car; whether you need to register with CERN sec guards may depend on how long you're staying; not clear to me (haven't done it)

Fri 7/14 Fixed problem with wireless connection Discussed WB organization with Kati, and what needs to go into the users guide Made changes in WB organization according to discussion Identified some pages to review created new page for photon reco (no info yet) Plan meeting with Kati and Jenny tues 7/17 9am

From discussion of User guide: See orca user guide (e.g., The cmssw u.g. should contain similar types of material. Should show how to use the Doxygen ref manual, how to find and specify the data you want to use, should provide background on topics. Should be information on all packages. What are operations you might want to do; what are steps of operations, any how-to information about operation.

(will be gone sat, sun, mon) hours: 9-5, -1 for lunch (7)

Tues 7/18

  • met with Kati and Jenny; discussed open issues with workbook; produced "to do" list for me and Jenny
  • worked on updating pages to comply with twiki upgrade last week; versioning has a better plan now
  • reviewed "analysis methods" and "b/tau tagging" tutorials for tomorrow
  • met with tutorial presenters to discuss worked 9am - 10pm minus 2 hours (total 11 hrs, call it 10)

Wed 7/19 start at 9am (-45 min lunch) Met with Benedikt about tutorial; and worked on it worked more on b/tau tagging

need to work on the two overlapping pages (jet and hcal) (barely started)

attended tutorials; listened to questions to see what we need to add to the twiki pages

plan to meet with Luca tomorrow to discuss the "why to use one approach over another" etc.

met with Jenny to create "to do" lists for each of us (see below)

wrote up notes about what I want to discuss with Luca tomorrow (see below) end at 7 pm. So 9.75 hrs for today.

Discuss with Jenny: Run through all tutorials to see which work with which versions Clean up from tutorial sessions Fix all pages for toc -- done by Je Discuss things in "other topics" -- what still to put in What will be next tutorials, who will prepare them? HLT (probably not for workbook?) Ask Luca to write "philosophy" of how to use analysis, also check the bit about collection names, module type/label/name, branch alias, etc. Use cases requested -- For vertex, eventually make it so it uses validation data Really low priority: index

My to do list: compare jet and hcal tutorials and resolve format and pull in the vertex tutorial (ask Thomas to re-upload files with a .txt extension) pull in some of Freya's comments from ppt into contrib guide talk to simone/andrea and thomas speer about .txt Move FNAL stuff into remote page, use logo Contact t1 and t2 sites about page; ask for logo gif Fix computing concepts cms path to list of packages email today's tutorial authors about questions

  • simone: when can you reset param's on the fly, and when can you no longer...

Jenny's to do: go through all tutorials talk with steve lloyd before attempting index

7/19 To discuss with Luca (and Jenny) tomorrow morning

Make analysis Discussion about when to use each type of analysis, the "philosophy" bare root: can't do advanced, can cross-check data for debugging fwlite and full fw: access to same objects with same info, difference is in how you open file fwlite: can't change param's after make root file; use it to learn methods and to explore

In the beginning, look at lots of plots, later write? Save intermediate result... combinatorial...

Q about how to store cross-section in a root file -- long answer that I didn't capture. combinatorial...

Is it encouraged to write analyzers not producers? Why? Do you end up having to write producers anyway?

Vertex tutorial: Q about if you get a root file, how do you know what's in it, how to you know how to analyze it. Answer was there's going to be a page in the cmssw ref manual. Something about including standard EDProducer files. Can we go through the process?

Discussion about module name vs module type, label, branch alias, etc. Some of it is in WorkBookAboutConfigFile. I don't mention instance label or branch alias -- need definitions. There was a question about what happens if you have the same module names.

B/Tau tutorial: (I didn't get the question) Why in general do you need (missed word)? Discussion about: -recalc with Pt, need info about jet -store result in vector -jet-to-jet tag -2 collections of tracks, subsample of associated track

Thurs July 20 start 9:10-11:30 lunch then reboot, restart 12:45 end 5:30

met with Luca and Jenny 9:15. attended visualization tutorial (Yana) -- didn't get much out of it. She's got info on EventDisplayOffline that needs to go into twiki. Need to discuss with Jenny and Kati. chatted with freya worked up notes from morning session with luca meet luca again, 2nd session

Notes from Luca:

CMS is different; it uses root as analysis tool: store data and do interactive analysis. Store root trees in analysis job. E.g. store tracks directly in root file. Most people come from different background. Write this up.

Notes From Freya find collector classes CLHEP, wants link to, it's the underlying C++ library (used all over HEP), with list of packages commonly used

Fri 7/21 9:10 - 5pm minus 1.5 hr 10:30 meet with kati, finalize issues, wkbk split and reorg, handling toc (Jenny wants to keep it manual), my future participation 2pm meet with Jenny -- work on reorg 4pm meeting with Sasha: discuss his generation to sim to reco to ... plan, he'll send us links when it's ready for 0_8_0 Looked at Luca's pages that he sent me and put some info into framework tut and framework desc.

Compare the two jet, hcal tutorials

Sat 7/22 (last day my badge is valid) 2 hours. Compiling post trip "todo" list, and made some twiki changes.

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