Cosmic Simulation in rel 14: Samples


  • These samples are produced in 14.4.0 AtlasProduction on the batch system, although simulation step is also available with Simulation/SimuJobTransforms/scripts/
  • What we used for these samples is now included in SimuJobTransforms-00-07-99, which needs tags G4CosmicFilter-00-00-12 and CosmicGenerator-00-00-34.
  • The new simulation transform is included in,AtlasProduction,runtime. Run without arguments for instructions - here is an example anyway: outputHitsFile=sim.root maxEvents=10000 randomSeed=1234 geometryVersion=ATLAS-GEONF-04-00-00 CosmicFilterVolume=TRT_Barrel CosmicFilterVolume2=Pixel conditionsTag=OFLCOND-CSC-01-00-00
  • Tags for digitization: CommissionUtils-00-00-21, PixelDigitization-00-07-13-02, SiDigitization-03-05-04, SCT_Digitization-00-11-13 . jobOptions attached.
  • The size of the ATLAS-GEO samples will be ~50k events when first stage finished.
  • To access the data use STAGE_SVCCLASS=atlasgroupdisk
  • Two filters: CosmicGenerator constrains the production vertex and direction of generator-level tracks, G4CosmicFilter requires simulated hits inside a certain volume - more details on the settings for the generator can be found in the attached Note that the CosmicGenerator settings for pixelbarrel-filtered samples are optimized for pixel studies and may not be appropriate for other detector studies.
  • Some limitations:
    • Several questions lately: note that the mu+/mu- ratio in simulation (1.5) is not the same as in data. The simulation flux calculation uses this reference: A. Dar , Phys. Rev. Letters 51, 227 (1983)
    • Timing is wrong for the muons, trigger will not work correctly.

List of geometries used:

  • ATLAS-GEO-03-00-00 (aligned, Solenoid On, Toroids On)
  • ATLAS-GEONF-04-00-00 (aligned, no magn field)
  • ATLAS-GEO-04-00-00 (aligned, Solenoid off, Toroids On)

List of simulation filter volumes used:

  • Muon (all of Atlas, geant volume is MUONQ2::MUONQ2)
  • TRT barrel (geant volume is TRT::BarrelOuterSupport)
  • Pixel barrel (has to have hits inside geant volumes TRT::BarrelOuterSupport and Pixel::Pixel)
Please note that all subsystems are switched on in all samples; the naming refers just to the filtering on the track direction


Production with Muon Volume

  • 5000 events at /castor/
where x=1-5

  • so far only a few thousand test events. Pixel hit timing not correct for these. Can be found at ~gencomm/w0/cosmicSim_rel14/NoField/dig.muon*.root .

Production with TRT barrel Volume

  • 58666 events at /castor/*.root
  • The corresponding hits files can be found in the ATLAS-GEO-03-00-00/sim directory

  • 50327 events at /castor/*.root
  • The corresponding hits files can be found in the ATLAS-GEONF-04-00-00/hits directory

  • 57756 events at /castor/
  • corresponding hits files can be seen in ATLAS-GEO-04-00-00/sim directory

Production with pixel barrel Volume

  • Approx 46k events can be found at: /castor/*.root
  • The corresponding hits files can be found in the ATLAS-GEO-03-00-00/sim directory

  • Approx 48k events at /castor/*.root
  • The corresponding hits files can be found in the ATLAS-GEONF-04-00-00/hits directory

  • 55368 events. Files are in /castor/*.root
  • The corresponding hits files can be found in the ATLAS-GEO-04-00-00/sim directory

How to run reconstruction:

  • Use release,AtlasProduction
  • Check out and compile
    cmt co -r RecExCommission-00-03-94 Reconstruction/RecExample/RecExCommission
  • get JO:
get_files -jo
  • edit this file with the following
add the lines:
after the importing of the flags.
edit the lines:
<             globalflags.DetDescrVersion.set_Value_and_Lock('ATLAS-Comm-02-00-00')
<             athenaCommonFlags.PoolRDOInput.set_Value_and_Lock( ["/afs/"])
to point to the dataset you want and to set teh DetDescrVersion correctly for that datset.
(you may also have to edit the lines:
to se the magnetic field configuration correctly).
for simulation made in rel 14 remove the line: 
edit the number of events you want to run over:
  • then run like:
athena -c RTTsim=True
  • This will run and produce ESD, CBNT. you can configure the job to also produce monitoring histograms, TAG_COMM, Jive xml by adding the appropriate rec flags.
(monitoring histograms fail if the run number changes during the job - which happens with old (<14) simulated cosmics)

Running cosmic sim reco with Reco_trf transform

  • setup,AtlasProduction
  • Run transform like:
> inputRDOFile=dig.root maxEvents=10 preInclude=RecExCommon/,RecExCommission/,RecExCommission/,RecJobTransforms/   outputESDFile=myESD.pool.root HIST=myMergedMonitoring.root  outputTAGComm=myTAGCOMM.root outputCBNT=myCommission.ntuple.root preExec="LArDigitKey='FREE'" --ignoreunknown
  • Can change outputs by changing transform arguments (ie. if you dont give a outputCBNT argument wont get a CBNT) see this wiki for more details on Reco_trf
  • Can change the DetdescrVersion by using preExec="globalflags.DetDescrVersion.set_Value_and_Lock('ATLAS-GEO-03-00-00')" or by editing - field setup should be autoconfigured by the DetDescrVersion in
  • If you want to run all monitoring (RAW based and ESD based) all in the RAW step you can add to the JO:
from AthenaMonitoring.DQMonFlags import DQMonFlags
  • Or the above can be added as a preExec - in this case the DQMonFlags are already imported so you can just add:
  • This is new so may have bugs - please let me (Jamie Boyd) know if you find some problem...
  • We need the preExec="LArDigitKey='FREE'" part due to a bug in LAr monitoring which gives the error below (LAr experts are working on a fix for this....
  File "/afs/", line 540, in <module>
    protectedInclude ("AthenaMonitoring/")
  File "/afs/", line 109, in <module>
    treatException(" exception when setting up LAr monitoring")
  File "/afs/", line 107, in <module>
  File "/afs/", line 69, in <module>
    include ("LArMonTools/")
  File "/afs/", line 24, in <module>
    gainMonitored             = [LArDigitKey,LArDigitKey], # [EM,HEC] ; Monitor only one gain.
NameError: name 'LArDigitKey' is not defined
Py:Athena            INFO leaving with code 8: "an unknown exception occurred"
  • Currently if i try to run BSall monitoring in this step i get:
  File "/afs/", line 342, in <module>
  File "/afs/", line 28, in <module>
  File "/afs/", line 6, in <module>
  File "/afs/", line 44, in <module>
  File "/afs/", line 711, in <module>
  File "/afs/", line 64, in <module>
    TrackSelector               = TrackIsolationTrackSelectorTool)
  File "/build/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/14.2.2X-VAL/AtlasReconstruction/rel_0/InstallArea/python/TrackIsolationTools/", line 27, in __init__
TypeError: unbound method isInToolSvc() must be called with TrackInCaloTools instance as first argument (got nothing instead)
Py:Athena            INFO leaving with code 8: "an unknown exception occurred"
  • Which seems like a bug to me. Have contacted experts to try to get this fixed...

Trying to get digitization running from a transform

  • John Chapman is trying to get cosmic simulation digitization working out of the box in a fixed production release from a transform (so it can be run in production). (thanks John)
  • Currently in AtlasProduction nightlies can run like inputHitsFile=rfio:/castor/ outputRDOFile=test.RDO maxEvents=10 skipEvents=0 geometryVersion=ATLAS-GEO-03-00-00 jobConfig=SimuJobTransforms/  digiSeedOffset1=0 digiSeedOffset2=0
  • i think this works but it needs to be checked.

useful info

  • we can see how full our castor diskpool is by looking: here our limit is 5TB

-- ElseLytken - 9 Dec 2008

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