Package with Data Quality algorithms targeting Global Monitoring and beyond

Get a working area

From CERN lxplus:

  • You can use this setup script: vim DQdevStart
    echo "setting up Athena"
    cd /afs/
    export AtlasSetup=/afs/
    alias asetup='source $AtlasSetup/scripts/'
    asetup rel_3,here
    source /afs/
    voms-proxy-init -voms atlas
  • create the directory /afs/
  • The rel_3 means you are using a nightly, modify it needed
  • Make sure you have a Grid Certificate installed
  • Check out the DataQualityTools package via cmt (not svn!):
    mkdir DataQuality
    cmt co svn+ssh:// DataQuality/DataQualityTools

Every time you start a terminal

  • Configure cmt and compile:
    cd /afs/
    cmt config


  • Go to your test folder:
    cd  /afs/
    mkdir testarea; cd testarea
  • Make a subdirecory for every test. You can name it according to data/mc/cosmics. See RecoTrf twiki.
    AMI=q122     (Test tag: real collisions)
    AMI=q121     (Test tag: simulated collisions)
    AMI=q120     (Test tag: real cosmics)
    You should make sure your changes run on the 3 types.
    So, if you plan to run a test on MC, you can do:
    mkdir q121_001; cd q121_001
  • The run command (runs on 10 events):
    # cosmics AMI=q120  2>&1 | tee log_Reco_trf_q120.txt
    # ttbar MC AMI=q121  2>&1 | tee log_Reco_trf_q121.txt
    # collision data AMI=q122  2>&1 | tee log_Reco_trf_q122.txt
  • The main output file with the histograms will be called: Monitor.root
  • The main JO (where you can disable the different tools) are located under: DataQuality/DataQualityTools/share/
  • AMI=XXX is actually a shorcut for a longer command. You might not need all the output requested by that command. To find out the full command use AMI=q121 . Documented in
  • for instance: beamType='collisions' maxEvents='-1' AMITag='q121' outputAODFile='myAOD.pool.root' outputTAGFile='myTAG.root' preExec='rec.Commissioning.set_Value_and_Lock(True);rec.doFloatingPointException.set_Value_and_Lock(True)' autoConfiguration='everything' outputESDFile='myESD.pool.root'  outputHISTFile='myHIST.root' inputRDOFile='/afs/'

How to put your changes into the release:

  • create a new tag (document your changes in the ChangeLog before commiting!):
    svn cp blabla/trunk blabla/tags/blabla-XX-YY-ZZ  -m "blabla-XX-YY-ZZ"
    svn cp svn+ssh:// svn+ssh:// -m "DataQualityTools-00-03-17"
  • Use TagCollector
  • otherwise the list to contact is

rel 19 migration

How to test your changes (from Alex Koutsman)

  1. asetup 19.0.X.Y-VAL,rel_3,64,here,builds (in your favorite directory)
  2. cmt co DataQuality/DataQualityTools (see above) or /afs/
  3. Run: '--conditionsTag=COMCOND-ES1PA-006-05' '--inputBSFile=/afs/' '--outputESDFile=myESD.pool.root' '--ignoreErrors=True' '--autoConfiguration=everything' '--maxEvents=5' '--preExec=InDetFlags.useBeamConstraint.set_Value_and_Lock(False);DQMonFlags.doTRTMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False);DQMonFlags.doJetTagMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False);DQMonFlags.doHLTMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False);DQMonFlags.doMuonRawMon=False;DQMonFlags.doMuonSegmentMon=False;DQMonFlags.doMuonTrackMon=False;DQMonFlags.doMuonAlignMon=False;DQMonFlags.doMuonTrkPhysMon=False;DQMonFlags.doMuonPhysicsMon=True;' '--geometryVersion=ATLAS-GEO-20-00-02' '--outputAODFile=myAOD.pool.root' '--outputHISTFile=myHIST.root' >& /tmp/koutsman/19.0.X.Y-VAL_rel4_test.log & (pay attention to DQMonFlags.doMuonTrkPhysMon=False and the log-file location /tmp/koutsman/19.0.X.Y-VAL_rel4_test.log)
  4. tail -f  /tmp/koutsman/19.0.X.Y-VAL_rel4_test.log
  5. exampe log-file is here: /afs/
  6. to compile the package you can use: source DataQuality/DataQualityTools/ (a script written by Stephen and in that directory too) but cd cmt and gmake also works

Useful Links

  2. for the converter from xAOD to old-EDM

Some twikis


Collecting here Algorithms INFO:

Most plots could(should) be adapted in order to be able to apply automatic checks in DQMD. Some need luminosity and/or trigger information in order to provide relevant information

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DataQualityFatherMonTool.cxx ---> The father of all tools, all tools inherit from this one

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTGlobalWZFinderTool.cxx ---> use electrons and muons to reconstruct the Z and W. show Z and W rate. Need luminosity and trigger information to make these plots useful

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTBackgroundMon.cxx ---> Timing ...

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTLumiMonTool.cxx ---> Number of vertices and pixel clusters per event. Should use instantaneous luminosity info.

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTMuonIDTrackTool.cxx --> reconstruct Zmm Jpsi Ypsilon q/p eta separately for ID and MS, quantify agreement.

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTCaloClusterTool.cxx ---> Calo clusters offline vs L1

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTDetSynchMonTool.cxx ---> BCID L1ID sincronization within subsystems. B field vs lumiblock. --> should be automatized

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTMuTrkEff.cxx ---> tag&probe Zmm

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTDataFlowMonTool.cxx --->

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTNonCollBkg_ZDC.cxx ---> ?

Tools that have been removed:

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTElectronQualityTool.cxx --> REMOVED. Electron quality should be monitored by the CP groups via DQMD

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTTopLeptonJetsFinderTool.cxx ---> reconstruct semileptonic ttbar: 3 jets mass, 1lep1jetmet. REMOVED. Too high level for now.

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTGlobalTopDilFinderTool.cxx ---> reconstruct dileptonic ttbar. REMOVED. Too high level for now.

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTRateMonTool.cxx ---> object rate e mu jet vs each other and offline vs online. REMOVED. Does not make sense until we have the trigger information.

  • DataQuality/DataQualityTools/src/DQTGlobalWFinderTool.cxx ---> REMOVED. Obsolete
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