• Use stripslashes to remove any added \ made by the php server
  • Use htmlspecialchars to avoid any special chars being taken as html tags.


$yname = stripslashes($_REQUEST[you]);
$yourname = htmlspecialchars($yname);

$ynationality = stripslashes($_REQUEST[nationality]);
$yournationality = htmlspecialchars($ynationality);

<title>This is an IO demo</title>
<body bgcolor=#88CCFF>
<h1>Input and Output</h1>
<tr><td>Please enter your name <td><input name = you value="<?= $yourname ?>">
<tr><td>Please enter your nationality <td><input name = nationality  value="<?= $yournationality ?>">
<input type=submit>

if ($yourname){
print <<<END
Previous entry:<br>
<li>name: $yourname <br>
<li>nationality:  $yournationality <br>


-- PeterJones - 08 Nov 2006

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