Analysis Zdiffractive 2011

2011 Samples

The 2011 samples have various designations that correspond to different pileup treatments. Here is a list

PU_S1: 311X MC with the 2010 Pileup conditions

PU_S2: 413X MC where the proper (correlated) out-of-time pileup was introduced. It was a test towards the Summer11 production... Made with 25ns bunch spacing. 'Flat10+tail distribution' (see below)

PU_S3: 42X MC. The first round of Summer11 MC. Has random (no correlation) in-time and out-of-time pileup. (Flat10+tail)

PU_S4: 42X MC. The remainder of the Summer11 MC. Has properly-correlated in-time and out-of-time pileup. (Flat10+tail)

PU_S6: 42X MC. Fall11 MC. Has properly-correlated in-time and out-of-time pileup and Pileup Truth information. (Fall11 Distribution)

HF Energy (S+L) when S>0, L>0 or S && L >0. Requiring to have S or L or both does not change the result: same discrepancy. MC has too many low energy events.

  • HFEnergy_S_L_SL.gif:

Energy flow for events with 1, 2 or 3 VTX (0,1,2 PU): for events with or without PU, the ratio DATA-MC is really not flat in the endcaps and HF, however it's not funtion of PU

  • EFlow_VNVTX.gif:

Energy flow for events with 1VTX for HF_S and HFL

* EFlow_HFSL.gif: The L fiber are clearly better reproduced by the MC

Need to remove HF- PF object (PF id = 5,6) if they are in the first ring or last rings of HF.

* Moved to AOD:

CMSSW 4_4_2

Pythia8 Zee:


Pythia8 Zee:

CMSSW 4_2_x:

Pythia6 Zee:

Pythia8 Zee:

Data 2011 Zee

* We look for the largest gap in the event:

* Number of vertices in 2011 data for Zee:


* In these plots we fit data distribution of the largest gap in the event as a sum (dark blue) of PythiaZ2(dashed blue) +Pompyt (red) for events with 0 pile up:
The fit is done under 3 HF conditions: Every event, HF =! 0, and HF = 0 EtaGap.gif

* Data10-PythiaZ2 comparison for events with 0 pile up: Z2 does a good job in barrel and endcaps, but fails a low energy in HF:

* Data10-PythiaZ2 comparison for events with 0 pile up: the number of HF towers in Z2 does not match the data:

HF limit: do not use ring 1, ring 12 & ring 13 (27/10/2011, Diff. meeting)

Exclude pseudorapidity ranges:

2.866-2.976 (ring 1) 4.73 - 4.9 (ring 12) 4.9 - 5.2 (ring 13)


Root code:

CMSSW code:

From the directory above "UserCode" in your PC type:

cvs co UserCode/DiffractiveZTurin

To commit the code:

From the directory UserCode:

cvs commit -m "update" Torino/Z_diffractive/

Programs used in the analysis:

ZAnalysis_Class.C: this program creates the histograms and saves them in ZDiffOutputfile.root.

In Root:

.L ZAnalysis_Class.C ; ZAnalysis_Class t ; t.Loop()

This program needs HistoZDiff_NC.h (where the histograms are defined).

The analysis is made in: ZAnalysis_2011.C

Change of Common Block:

If the variable definition is changed, before running ZAnalysis_Class you need to re-create the include files by doing (go first in the appropriate directory):


Vertex definition:

A good vertex should have NDOF>4

Vertex Weighing:

Use routine void FindZ2Weight()

To make Phytia Z2 (PythiaZ2Zee_v2_2.root) dataset looks like 2010data, use the following weights:

Float_t Z2Weight[] = {0.311428, 0.397517, 0.300365, 0.142039, 0.0595897, 0.0226608, 0.00832318, 0.00239349, 0.000300661, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0};

These weights also normalize data-Z2


Grande Della Ricca:

String to search for double electron dataset (In DAS, DBS is gone...)



Possible RECO: 03Oct2011, 02Nov2010 (wrong name...??)


To know the site:

site dataset=*DYToEE_M-20_TuneZ2_7TeV-pythia6/Summer11-PU_S3_START42_V11-v2/GEN-SIM-RECO*

MC Phytia6:


New Analysis Zdiffractive


21Apr : (data 2010) release: CMSSW 4 2 1 patch2 /EG/Run2010A-ZElectron-Apr21ReReco-v1/RAW-RECO /Electron/Run2010B-ZElectron-Apr21ReReco-v3/RAW-RECO

10May : release: CMSSW 4 2 3 /DoubleElectron/Run2011A-ZElectron-May10ReReco-v1/RAW-RECO

05Jul : release: CMSSSW 4 2 4 patch1 /DoubleElectron/Run2011A-ZElectron-05Jul2011ReReco-ECAL-v1/RAW-RECO

05Aug : release: CMSSSW 4 2 8 /DoubleElectron/Run2011A-ZElectron-05Aug2011-v1/RAW-RECO

MC samples:

Winter10 : /DYToEE M-20 CT10 TuneZ2 7TeV-powheg-pythia/Winter10-E7TeV ProbDist 2010Data BX156 START39 V8-v1/AODSIM

Summer11 : /DYToEE M-20 TuneZ2 7TeV-pythia6/Summer11-PU S3 START42 V11-v2/AODSIM

DYJets-Summer11 : /DYJetsToLL TuneZ2 M-50 7TeV-madgraph-tauola/Summer11-PU S4 START42 V11-v1/AODSIM

Analysis of 2010 data

DBS searches:


dbs search --query='find dataset where dataset like pythia8*39 and dataset.status like VALID*'

dbs search --query='find site where dataset=/MuEG/Run2011A-PromptReco-v4/RECO'

-- MatteoMarone - 10-Dec-2010

Useful (general) information

The total proton-proton cross section at 7 TeV is approximately 110 mbarns. This total can be broken down in contributions from:

• inelastic (sin = 60 mbarn)

• single diffractive (ssd = 12 mbarn)

• elastic (sel = 40 mbarn)


1) Run2010B /Electron/Run2010B-Nov4ReReco_v1/RECO

Integrated Luminosity: 21.187 inverse pb (double check)

2) Run2010A /EG/Run2010A-Nov4ReReco_v1/RECO

Integrated Luminosity: 3.170 inverse pb (

To select runs with "good" CASTOR we are using:


Run2010A new lumi: 2.89939 inverse pb

The rootuple are located in the following place:

/castor/ as Pythia

/castor/ as ZeeData

/castor/ as PomPyt


1) Non diffractive Montecarlo


Integrated lumi: 1901 inverse pb

Cross section= 1174 pb (double check)

2) Diffractive montecarlo


Integrated lumi: 3600 events correspond to 33.0275 inverse picobarn

Cross section : 109 pb

To be done

Study the properties of ZDC timing rec hits. Apply a general cut rather than save the entire ZDCtimingCollection, which makes the rootuple size too huge!

Study the same for CASTOR

Understand why the crashes once it reachs the the end

Include a variable "isZmumu" or "isZee" in the rootupla

26 February

Versions list: v1.5.1 -> New lumi in 39X and 22 Dec skim v1.5 -> New Lumi and lumierror

6 January

Found an error in the ZMuMu selection... old config file is the following:

/afs/ > ls ZMuMuGolden_cfi.py_oldworking.

Corrected. Now we use this one:

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Lucida Grande'} )

4 January 2011


Run2010B 3.9X running

Run2010A j3.9X running

MC Diffractive 3.9X done

Pythia 3.9 X not ready


Run2010B ready in castor

Run2010A still running on the GRID

MC Diffractive ready in castor

MC Pythia: few pb^-1 ready -> (not working with pythia "classic" (problem with HLT matching): using Powheg instead)

3 January 2011

Data Run2010B _ee regularly processed -> /castor/ to be added after!

Data Run2010B/A_mumu ongoing

MC diffractyive_Mu processed -> /castor/

MD non diffractive_mu -> Ongoing -> Download samples using "FIle Trasfer" GUI

-rw-r--r-- 1 marone zh 2662938807 Jan 3 20:51 00F4851D-05C8-DF11-97E3-E41F13181890.root

-rw-r--r-- 1 marone zh 2641536763 Jan 3 20:54 FC99143C-42C8-DF11-9C00-00215E21D516.root

-rw-r--r-- 1 marone zh 2639293430 Jan 3 21:04 D6C69F9B-05C8-DF11-B540-E41F131815F0.root


Check if the last talk's plots are the same if the datasamples is run using 3.9X

Run 2010A -> ongoing

2 January 2011

Done during holydays:

1) Z-> mumu Analysis. Using the ZmuMuGolden cuts (very close to the EWK pass one). Done

2) Using the same rootupla for Z->mumu and Z->ee Done

3) Run on everything (diffr MC,runA,runB,pythia,...) ongoing

4) Moved on CMSSW_3_9_4 done

5) Found a bug in the Z->ee selection on cmssw 394 -> db value always at full scale -> disactivated!!!

6) Same rootuple reproduced using cmssw 394

Fraction of events with n vertexes and calculated probability of n-1 pile-up events (the first vertex is the Z vertex) as a function of bx luminosity

For 2011:

* 0.7 10^{30} likely: 2.7% of no pile-up events per crossing

* 1.6 10^{30} best possible: 0.02 % of no pile-up events per crossing

  • 1_2_vtx.gif:

  • 3_4_vtx.gif:

  • 5_6_vtx.gif:

20 December

A bug in the Epz and xsi definition has been found. Now this distribution makes sense!


Still to solve why the outcoming proton has only 1/2 of the xi_gen energy:


16 December

See the presentation:

Follow up: (sasha's plot):


15 December


14 December

Pythia MC data sample finalized with the new variables (using 1 file manually: FE7*.root). 4038 events.

Studied the purity of the xsi


13 December

After 359/375 files (Run2010A only), here the cross section (the real lumi not yet well estimated).

To Be done:

estimate the real luminosity (considering HF "GOOD" and with the full statistics)


10 December

Non homogeneity in the rootuple variables discovered. Reprocessing... The new rootupla (red, following the Particle Flow cuts entirely) is lower than before. Need to recompute the 8th december cross section


In the meanwhile, discovered that the "diffractive Z" are condensed in the central region of the EPZ_minusAndPlus scatter plot


9 December

Measured the migration for xi_measured:


when sumHF==0:


Measured the migratiob for xi_generated:


and sumHF==0


8 December

First attempt to measure the cross section:


And the general distribution without selecting diffractive events:


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