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Highly Ionizing Particles - MC15c full chain recipe

This TWiki page is designed to produce HIP MC15c private samples.

Event Generation

The first step is to generate EVNT files. There are two different kind of events. The single particles ones generated with ParticleGun and the Drell-Yan ones generated with MadGraph +Pythia. In a new folder setup an athena release by doing : For the single particles samples we are using tag e6024 :

  • setupATLAS
  • asetup,MCProd,here

For the Drell-Yan samples we are using tag e6109 : (this tag is needed for 80e HECOs which were included in MCP model later)

  • setupATLAS
  • asetup,MCProd,here

Then download the file here and remove the .txt extension. Finaly run athena with the corresponding jobOptions file here that you can edit before to change the sample mass and charge:

  • --firstEvent 1 --maxEvents 10 --runNumber 000001 --randomSeed $RANDOM --ecmEnergy 13000 --jobConfig --outputEVNTFile drellYan.EVNT.pool.root
Or for the single particles download the file here and remove the .txt extension, then run athena with the corresponding jobOptions file here :
  • --firstEvent 1 --maxEvents 10 --runNumber 000001 --randomSeed $RANDOM --ecmEnergy 13000 --jobConfig --outputEVNTFile singleParticle.EVNT.pool.root

Simulation tag s2726

From the EVNT file produced previously we will run geant 4. In a new folder :

  • setupATLAS
  • asetup,AtlasProduction,here

Then run the simulation :

  • cd ../run
  • --inputEvgenFile singleParticle.EVNT.pool.root --outputHitsFile singleParticle.HITS.pool.root --maxEvents 10 --DBRelease current --DataRunNumber 222525 --conditionsTag OFLCOND-RUN12-SDR-19 --geometryVersion ATLAS-R2-2015-03-01-00_VALIDATION --physicsList FTFP_BERT --postInclude PyJobTransforms / --preInclude "EVNTtoHITS:SimulationJobOptions/,SimulationJobOptions/" --simulator MC12G4 --truthStrategy MC12
In each case you would need to be sure that the previously generated EVNT files are in the run directory.

Digitization an reconstruction

In a clean environment in an empty directory do the following:

  • setupATLAS
  • asetup,AtlasProd1,here
  • TRT_Digitization-01-01-07
  • TRT_PAI_Process-00-01-01
  • cd WorkArea /cmt
  • cmt br cmt config
  • source
  • cmt br cmt make
  • cd ../run
Now you are ready to run the digitization :
  • --maxEvents 10 --inputHITSFile singleParticle.HITS.pool.root --outputESDFile singleParticle.ESD.pool.root --conditionsTag OFLCOND-RUN12-SDR-31 --geometryVersion ATLAS-R2-2015-03-01-00 --inputHighPtMinbiasHitsFile highPt.pool.root --inputLowPtMinbiasHitsFile lowPt.pool.root --numberOfCavernBkg 0 --numberOfHighPtMinBias 0.12268057 --numberOfLowPtMinBias 39.8773194 --pileupFinalBunch 6 --postExec "all:CfgMgr.MessageSvc().setError+=[\"HepMcParticleLink\"];svcMgr.IOVDbSvc.CacheTime=100000" "HITtoRDO:job.StandardPileUpToolsAlg.PileUpTools[\"MergeMcEventCollTool\"].OnlySaveSignalTruth=True;job.StandardPileUpToolsAlg.PileUpTools[\"MdtDigitizationTool\"].LastXing=150" "RDOtoRDOTrigger:from AlgSequence import AlgSequence;AlgSequence().LVL1TGCTrigger.TILEMU=True;from AppMgr import ServiceMgr;import MuonRPC _CablingConfig;ServiceMgr.MuonRPC_CablingSvc.RPCTriggerRoadsfromCool=False" --postInclude 'TRT_Digitization/,RecJobTransforms/' --preExec "all:rec.Commissioning.set_Value_and_Lock(True);from BeamFlags import jobproperties;jobproperties.Beam.numberOfCollisions.set_Value_and_Lock(20.0);from LArRODFlags import larRODFlags;larRODFlags.NumberOfCollisions.set_Value_and_Lock(20);larRODFlags.nSamples.set_Value_and_Lock(4);larRODFlags.doOFCPileupOptimization.set_Value_and_Lock(True);larRODFlags.firstSample.set_Value_and_Lock(0);larRODFlags.useHighestGainAutoCorr.set_Value_and_Lock(True)" "RAWtoESD:from CaloCellFlags import jobproperties;jobproperties.CaloCellFlags.doLArCellEmMisCalib=False" "ESDtoAOD:TriggerFlags.AODEDMSet=\"AODSLIM\"" "HITtoRDO:RunDMC_testing_configuration=True" --preInclude "HITtoRDO:Digitization/,SimulationJobOptions/,RunDependentSimData/,RunDependentSimData/" --autoConfiguration 'everything' --steering "RAWtoESD:in-RDO,in+RDO_TRIG,in-BS" --triggerConfig "MCRECO:DBF:TRIGGERDBMC:2013,7,11"

If you want to modify the digitization parameters like the high-threshold values or the TR efficiencies, this should be done at this step by modifying the file TRT_Digitization/ before running the digitization. The default values of this digitization package correspond to the delta-rays non suppressed tune.

If you want to use delta-rays suppressed HITS files, then you have to run the digitization without pile-up since there is no validated min bias samples yet :

  • --maxEvents 10 --inputHITSFile singleParticle.HITS.pool.root --outputESDFile singleParticle.ESD.pool.root --conditionsTag OFLCOND-RUN12-SDR-31 --geometryVersion ATLAS-R2-2015-03-01-00 --postInclude 'TRT_Digitization/,RecJobTransforms/' --autoConfiguration 'everything'

Reconstruction and Ntuples

In a clean environment in a new directory download the ntuple maker code here : co svn+ssh://

-- AnthonyEricLionti - 2017-08-28

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