USCMS Xrootd Service

This page covers the user and sysadmin aspects of the USCMS Xrootd Service.

The USCMS Xrootd Service is an exploration into new data access techniques targeted toward end users. It has the following goals:

  1. Ease-of-use: One should be able to use the service directly from ROOT. The intricacies of picking a site, and mapping the CMS file name to the site's file name should be hidden.
  2. Reliability: If a site or SE fails, the application should not fail. Rather, it should gracefully fall-over
  3. Efficient: CMSSW should be able to efficiently run analysis, even over transatlantic data streams.
  4. Global: A user should be

We believe that these goals will greatly reduce the difficulty of data access for physicists on the small or medium scale.

Note that we specifically did not put scalability here - we already have an existing infrastructure that scales just fine. We have no intents on replacing current CMS data access methods.


  1. Joining the USCMS Xrootd Service (sysadmins only)
  2. Using the USCMS Xrootd Service

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