export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/ATLASLocalRootBase

source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/atlasLocalSetup.sh






export SVNROOT=svn+ssh://olga@svn.cern.ch/reps/atlasoff

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas


r5477 tag -->


SVNROOT=svn+ssh://olga@svn.cern.ch/reps/atlasoff (somehow changes after settin up workingarea)

cmt show versions Simulation/Digitization/

cmt co -r Digitization-00-35-07-10 Simulation/Digitization/


emacs -nw Simulation/Digitization/share/CaloDigitization.py

at line 54: StreamRDO_ItemList+=["TileHitVector#*"]

cd ../cmt

cmt config


cd ../../../

cmt co -r RecExPers-00-02-88 Reconstruction/RecExample/RecExPers/

opened emacs -nw ~/CaloD3PD_try/04082014/Reconstruction/RecExample/RecExPers/share/OKS_streamESD.py

at line 216 - added


cd ../cmt

cmt config


source getcom_job_reduced_2.sh

started and worked with changed and compiled two packages.

cmt co -r LArL1Sim-00-10-28-branch LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim

cd /afs/cern.ch/user/o/olga/CaloD3PD_try/11082014_10_2_2MC/LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/cmt


you've probably got to delete the SCSimpleMaker algorithm and all references to it in the _entries file. You wont be using it anyway, it's a supercell simulation.

--> for does not work.

I should checkout RDO file and ESD file:

checkFile.py --sort-fct=name ~/workspace/Samples/olga/mc12_14TeV.147912.Pythia8_AU2CT10_jetjet_JZ2W.merge.ESD.e1996_s1729_s1720_r5477_p1664_tid01460193_00/ESD.01460193._000199.pool.root.1 > log_detailed.txt

If you grep for "Tile" you can see that it contains many TileContainers. TileCellVec_MBTSContainer should be the standard one, while TileL2Container_p2_TileL2Cnt TileTTL1Container_p1_TileTTL1MBTS are the containers for trigger (I assume that TTL1 is for TriggerTowerL1)

checkFile.py --sort-fct=name myRDO.tmp.pool.root > logRDO12082014.txt

cmt co -r LArL1Sim-00-10-28-branch LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim

0. rm -f LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/LArL1Sim/LArSCSimpleMaker.h

rm -rf LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/src/LArSCSimpleMaker.cxx

1. emacs LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/share/LArSCSimpleMaker_jobOptions.py -nw

#from LArL1SimConf import LArSCSimpleMaker


2. emacs LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/share/SimpleSC_From_ESD.py -nw

from TileRawChannelD3PDObject import *

#from LArL1SimConf import LArSCSimpleMaker


3. emacs -nw LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/src/components/LArL1Sim_entries.cxx

less LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/src/components/LArL1Sim_entries.cxx | grep SCSimple

//#include "LArL1Sim/LArSCSimpleMaker.h"



less LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/src/components/LArL1Sim_entries.cxx | grep SCSimple

//#include "LArL1Sim/LArSCSimpleMaker.h"



--> compiles !

emacs -nw LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/share/SimpleSC_From_ESD.py topSequence.LArTTL1Maker.TruthHitsContainer = "LArTTL_CheckForTileEt"

did not add it


For merging hits containers:


cmt show versions Simulation/G4Utilities/MCTruthSimAlgs/

Simulation/G4Utilities/MCTruthSimAlgs/ MCTruthSimAlgs-00-04-00 /cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/sw/software/x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt/17.3.10/AtlasSimulation/17.3.10

cmt co -r MCTruthSimAlgs-00-04-00 Simulation/G4Utilities/MCTruthSimAlgs/


Hits dump to root

Run reconstruction over hits and dump trigger towers.

Then the hits will correspond to trigger towers.


--> runned for 2 events, runned for HITS, running now for full ESD production for 1000 events.

Hits are dumped to root file.

Now to dump ESD to CaloD3PD -->

/afs/cern.ch/user/o/olga/CaloD3PD_try/22082014/ESDcreation -

ESDcreation_full - 1000 events - with pileup --> Need to do it with no pileup!

LarHitExample - run Will Buttinger LarHitMerging tool - compiled, bbut last comment did not add.

try4_vertion28% tail -f output_full_LAR_1.log - runs now

dumpCaloD3DP_p1700 - attempt to dump D3PD with p1700 tag as Felix recommended.

/afs/cern.ch/user/o/olga/CaloD3PD_try/22082014/ESDcreation_full_noPileup - worked for small sample for producing with no pileup - is it with no pileup?

/afs/cern.ch/user/o/olga/CaloD3PD_try/22082014/ESDcreation_full_noPileup/dumpD3PD - to get small ntuple

Important to set different athena vertion:

> asetup,here,slc5,64

[olga@lxplus0150]~/CaloD3PD_try/22082014/ESDcreation_full_noPileup/dumpD3PD% nohup ./runJob.sh &

output in athena.out file.

to do it with big files and get to know with trigger towers files. to understand how many events are there and send it later to Phillip to understand if it is correct?

1000 file was not finished, why?

/afs/cern.ch/user/o/olga/CaloD3PD_try/22082014/ESDcreation_100_noPileup/dumpD3PD here should be 100 events with no pileup - everything is ready to start, important to set correct athena - watch in Readme file.

Also to start 100 events with pileup and 1000 events with pileup.

-- OlgaNovgorodova - 08 Aug 2014

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