export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/ATLASLocalRootBase

source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/atlasLocalSetup.sh






export SVNROOT=svn+ssh://olga@svn.cern.ch/reps/atlasoff

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas


r5477 tag -->


SVNROOT=svn+ssh://olga@svn.cern.ch/reps/atlasoff (somehow changes after settin up workingarea)

cmt show versions Simulation/Digitization/

cmt co -r Digitization-00-35-07-10 Simulation/Digitization/


emacs -nw Simulation/Digitization/share/CaloDigitization.py

at line 54: StreamRDO_ItemList+=["TileHitVector#*"]

cd ../cmt

cmt config


cd ../../../

cmt co -r RecExPers-00-02-88 Reconstruction/RecExample/RecExPers/

opened emacs -nw ~/CaloD3PD_try/04082014/Reconstruction/RecExample/RecExPers/share/OKS_streamESD.py

at line 216 - added


cd ../cmt

cmt config


source getcom_job_reduced_2.sh

started and worked with changed and compiled two packages.

cmt co -r LArL1Sim-00-10-28-branch LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim

cd /afs/cern.ch/user/o/olga/CaloD3PD_try/11082014_10_2_2MC/LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/cmt


you've probably got to delete the SCSimpleMaker algorithm and all references to it in the _entries file. You wont be using it anyway, it's a supercell simulation.

--> for does not work.

I should checkout RDO file and ESD file:

checkFile.py --sort-fct=name ~/workspace/Samples/olga/mc12_14TeV.147912.Pythia8_AU2CT10_jetjet_JZ2W.merge.ESD.e1996_s1729_s1720_r5477_p1664_tid01460193_00/ESD.01460193._000199.pool.root.1 > log_detailed.txt

If you grep for "Tile" you can see that it contains many TileContainers. TileCellVec_MBTSContainer should be the standard one, while TileL2Container_p2_TileL2Cnt TileTTL1Container_p1_TileTTL1MBTS are the containers for trigger (I assume that TTL1 is for TriggerTowerL1)

checkFile.py --sort-fct=name myRDO.tmp.pool.root > logRDO12082014.txt

cmt co -r LArL1Sim-00-10-28-branch LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim

0. rm -f LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/LArL1Sim/LArSCSimpleMaker.h

rm -rf LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/src/LArSCSimpleMaker.cxx

1. emacs LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/share/LArSCSimpleMaker_jobOptions.py -nw

#from LArL1SimConf import LArSCSimpleMaker


2. emacs LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/share/SimpleSC_From_ESD.py -nw

from TileRawChannelD3PDObject import *

#from LArL1SimConf import LArSCSimpleMaker


3. emacs -nw LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/src/components/LArL1Sim_entries.cxx

less LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/src/components/LArL1Sim_entries.cxx | grep SCSimple

//#include "LArL1Sim/LArSCSimpleMaker.h"



less LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/src/components/LArL1Sim_entries.cxx | grep SCSimple

//#include "LArL1Sim/LArSCSimpleMaker.h"



--> compiles !

emacs -nw LArCalorimeter/LArL1Sim/share/SimpleSC_From_ESD.py topSequence.LArTTL1Maker.TruthHitsContainer = "LArTTL_CheckForTileEt"

did not add it


For merging hits containers:


cmt show versions Simulation/G4Utilities/MCTruthSimAlgs/

Simulation/G4Utilities/MCTruthSimAlgs/ MCTruthSimAlgs-00-04-00 /cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/sw/software/x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt/17.3.10/AtlasSimulation/17.3.10

cmt co -r MCTruthSimAlgs-00-04-00 Simulation/G4Utilities/MCTruthSimAlgs/


Hits dump to root

Run reconstruction over hits and dump trigger towers.

Then the hits will correspond to trigger towers.


--> runned for 2 events, runned for HITS, running now for full ESD production for 1000 events.

Hits are dumped to root file.

Now to dump ESD to CaloD3PD -->

/afs/cern.ch/user/o/olga/CaloD3PD_try/22082014/ESDcreation -

ESDcreation_full - 1000 events - with pileup --> Need to do it with no pileup!

LarHitExample - run Will Buttinger LarHitMerging tool - compiled, bbut last comment did not add.

try4_vertion28% tail -f output_full_LAR_1.log - runs now

dumpCaloD3DP_p1700 - attempt to dump D3PD with p1700 tag as Felix recommended.

-- OlgaNovgorodova - 08 Aug 2014

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