How to run CaloTrackCorr (Cath's receipee)

more details here : PhotonHadronCorrelations#Analysis_code

  • avec cross setion histo
submit ana.jdl 8 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
Submit submit ana.jdl  8 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit: Your new job ID is 186805002 
aliensh:[alice] [6] /alice/ >submit ana.jdl 9 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
Submit submit ana.jdl  9 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit: Your new job ID is 186805033 
aliensh:[alice] [7] /alice/ >submit ana.jdl 10 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
Submit submit ana.jdl  10 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit: Your new job ID is 186805038 
aliensh:[alice] [8] /alice/ >
  • merger le reste puis relancer avec cross section histo

On the grid

  • in /alice/
  • task AddTaskJJ.C
  • ana.C

  • MC Jet-Jet: LHC12a15e : pp, Jet-Jet Pythia6 (un-quenched), 0.5T, 2760 GeV, LHC11h anchors, 11 Pt bins, ID #300 link
    • Il faut que je creer les collection xml de tous les runs ici /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15e ?
      • testing : find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15e/169838/0/001 AliAOD.root > 0.xml
cp -n file:0.xml .
submit ana.jdl 0 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 1 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 2 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 3 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 4 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 5 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 6 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 7 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 8 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 9 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040
submit ana.jdl 10 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/170040

submit ana.jdl 0 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 1 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 2 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 3 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 4 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 5 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 6 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 7 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 8 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 9 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838
submit ana.jdl 10 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838

o run 0 1 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838 ana.jdl

      • a la main "find -x collection path AliESDs.root > nom.xml", ou tu utilises un script comme celle ci
    • example : /alice/
    • run 0  10 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15e/170040/ AOD
  • $2 =simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/, $1 =169838, 170040
  • > /alice/ >submit ana.jdl 0 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/169838


  • runs with trunk
  • look at my working directory /cebaf/csilvestre/work/CaloTrackCorrelations/macros/ChargedNeutral/Corr
  • copy, ana.C, AddTaskCaloTrackCorr.C to your working directory
  • create a direcotry testing (or change the directory name in The output root files will be copied in this testing directory.
    • : execute ana.C for each good run number. To run it do perl pp 0 300 (on pp, from the first runnumber to the 300th runnumber (or the last one if there are less runs than 300)
    • ana.C : runs on ESD the clusteriser and the correlation analysis
    • AddTaskCaloTrackCorr.C : defines the correlation analysis (cf maker) and the isolation criteria in ConfigureIsolationAnalysis()
      • if you want to change cone size or ptThreshold or the method change one of those parametters
   ic->SetSumPtThreshold(1.0) ;
      • to set the type of particles used to isolate change SetParticleTypeInCone
  • It takes the night to run on all pp data. Then one needs to merge (using hadd for example).

find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/0/ AliAOD.root > 0.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/1/ AliAOD.root > 1.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/2/ AliAOD.root > 2.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/3/ AliAOD.root > 3.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/4/ AliAOD.root > 4.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/5/ AliAOD.root > 5.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/6/ AliAOD.root > 6.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/7/ AliAOD.root > 7.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/8/ AliAOD.root > 8.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/146805/9/ AliAOD.root > 9.xml
find -x collection /alice/sim/2012/LHC12a15a/1146805/10/ AliAOD.root > 10.xml

cp -n file:0.xml .
cp -n file:1.xml .
cp -n file:2.xml .
cp -n file:3.xml .
cp -n file:4.xml .
cp -n file:5.xml .
cp -n file:6.xml .
cp -n file:7.xml .
cp -n file:8.xml .
cp -n file:9.xml .
cp -n file:10.xml .

submit ana.jdl 0 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 1 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 2 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 3 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 4 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 5 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 6 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 7 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 8 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 9 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805
submit ana.jdl 10 simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805

submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/0 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/1 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/2 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/3 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/4 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/5 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/6 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/7 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/8 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/9 /alice/
submit MergeHistos.jdl simu_pp2.76_JJ_EMCAL/146805/10 /alice/

-- CatherineSilvestre - 28-Apr-2012
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