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InnaMakarenko   Saving of bond charts     edit
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InnaMakarenko   Usage of 500m wire spool     edit
InnaMakarenko   Wedge tool test     edit
InnaMakarenko   Quality checks     edit
YannickAllard   Off-bond station PCBdesign, see below 2020-07-08 YannickAllard edit
YannickAllard   Spacer to mount off-bond station on vacuum table     edit

Wirebonder crash in July 2020


Wire bonder crashed the sensor during pigtails wire bonding. Following e-mail was sent to Vincent Van Es from Accelonix:

Dear Vincent,
I hope everything is going well?
Today we were planning to use the machine as it has been used recently (last time I bonded more than 1k bonds on Wednesday), so...
1)Today we tried to bond dummy sensor and the flex pcb and we ran into a trouble. Our source side is the sensor and the destination side is the bond pad.
2)We programmed 15 wires between bond pad on the flex pcb and the sensor.
3)We did measure successfully height for the first wire on both, source and destination, sides.
4)Then we did the offbond as you suggested long time ago (to do the offbond between height measurement and bonding in order to avoid problem with bent wire).
5)After offbond we started wire bonding.
Immediately on the sensor side for the first wire it failed to bond (however the height at this point was measured successfully), giving the error about unexpected touchdown. The sensor was broken, but also we found that the wedge was displaced. We replaced the wedge with a new one at the right place in the transducer (it was in our plans in any case) but on the E-box we still see that this wedge is not at the right place. We suspect that the problem is with the transducer displacement.
I also attach some photos for more clear understanding of what we see.
Do you have any suggestions what could happen to the transducer and if is it possible to fix? Can we repair it ourselves or we need intervention from your side?

Best regards, Inna.

Photos which were attached to this e-mail:

  • Displaced wedge as it is seen in E-box:

  • Place on sensor where wedge crashed:

  • Sensor immediately after crash:

  • Wedge-transducer displacement:


Vincent visited our lab.

He checked transducer functionality. It looks perfectly fine (US generation, Impedance). He moved clamp a bit upwards to align it with the wedge in order to see if it is still sensitive to the touchdown and if we can do height measurement with it. It works fine.
The only thing he can think about is the problem with the fixation. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed on side securely, therefore Vincent took the bond head and he will ship it to Hesse tomorrow by UPS. On Wednesday we should have some news from Hesse.
He (and we as well) hopes that the only thing which they will have to do is the realignment of all the components, that nothing has to be replaced on the bond head.

Vincent also asked me to write a detailed report about what happened on Friday. I already sent the report.

Report from Vincent about his visit today: 20200706132940704.pdf

Detailed report about wire bonder crash: wire_bonder_crash_report.pdf


Bond head had been shipped to Hesse.


News from Vincent:

Hello Inna,

Yes actually i received this morning a message that they have investigated the bondhead and indeed the transducer was shifted up to 110 um. They indicated that the bondhead should had a a heavy crash. They did some repair/and realigned the head, but exact details should follow. Now they are testing the bondhead to learn if it is working ok. After they will send us the cost repair on which i a can quote you for the repair.

I expect to be able to send you this offer later today otherwise tomorrow. If we can get an order for the repair from ULB soon after quoting we can have it released and send back quickly, and be able to reinstall it somewhere during the next week (week 30) (my last working week before holiday).

Hope this proposal sound good?

Looking forward hearing back form you.

Best regards, Accelonix.


News from Vincent:

Hello Inna,

Hesse did manage to realign all the parts in your transducer, currently they are finalising the bonding tests. When these outcome result are good according factory requirements and no parts echange is needed I expect to send an offer later today.

In this case i think there should be no issue to install the bondhead somewhere next during next week.

I come back to you later today.

Met vriendelijke groet / Best Regards, Accelonix.

Hello Inna,

I have received the fredback from Hesse. The bondhead is tested well and is accepted.

The totalcost for bondhead shipments, hesse investigation, repair and 4 hours testing is 1325 euro (excl vat).

Currently i am not able to send an official quote but i can send a quote this evening. If you agree to the cost you can send me first a confirmation approval by email on which we will release the bondhead to have it send back asap. In pararallel you can prepare the offical po for us and send is to us later this week.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Best regards, Accelonix.

Hello Inna,

As discussed today please find attached the offer for the repair of you bondhead.

Due to your aproval for the cost, the bondhead will be relased and shipped already tomorrow (Thursday from Hesse to Accelonix)

Please send us the po for the repair. After we will discuss a date for installation of the bondhead somewhere during the next week.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or remarks,

Best regards, Accelonix.


Dear Vincent,

Please find here enclosed our purchase order # XXXXXXX.

By thanking you in advance for your diligence, we remind you that your invoice must mention the reference of the purchase order and be sent to: XXXXXXX

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

Yours sincerely, Audrey Terrier.


Hi Inna,

I will be available next week wednesday 22 juli for the installation of the bondhead

During that visit i also will prepare the machine to work with the vacuum sensing sensor from yannick. He can then always connect the sensor at a later moment. I will intruct you how to activate it in the software.

Please confirm wednesday is ok? Depending on traffic it will be around 9:45 - 10:30u.

Have a great weekend.

Met vriendelijke groet / Best Regards, Accelonix.

Hello Inna,

I hope and expect to be finished latest at 12:00 - 13:00h For bondhead installation i need max 1 hour plus some testing. Have a great weekend.

See you wednessday.

Met vriendelijke groet / Best Regards, Accelonix.


On Monday new offbond station was installed in the wire bonder. 3D printed support block and backside of the old sensor were used as the offbond station. Vincent visited us this morning. We mounted the bond head back. Actually, I did that myself under his supervision, so now we know how to do this and we practiced this once. We did all necessary calibrations, everything looks fine. We did teach the machine to work with the new offbond station. It works smoothly. As a test, we bonded pigtail on the broken sensor. Everything works as expected. The wire bonder is back to normal operation. Congratulations to all of us!

Preparations to install vacuum monitoring sensor were performed.

Report written by Vincent about his visit: 20200722114944248.pdf




  • E-mail from Alan Honma
  • E-mail from Stefan Maier
  • Current status of WB
  • News about jig ordering and offbond pcb: orders are placed
  • Tasks


We discussed in details:

1)E-mail from Alan Honma:

  • We will perform tests after clean room works.
  • We will have to try different configurations and one of them is necessarily change hight of the sample by few mms.
  • Maybe as a sample we can use broken sensor (to discuss)?
  • To think how to detect precisely that the WB took wrong height (it was moving very fast and difference in height was 3 mm)
2)E-mail from Stefan:
  • At KIT they did perform some tests in order to find the issue
  • We will cooperate in solving WB problem
  • We will have chat and discuss our further plans and steps in solving the problem. One of persons who is doing WB at KIT (Hans-Jürgen) is on a vacation now, Stefan will contact us end of September when Hans-Jürgen will be back.
  • We will compile all questions and observations from collaboration related to Hesse WB machine and will forward them directly to Hesse
3)WB SW weird behaviours/bugs related to height:
  • WB does unchecking of "measure height" on one of the sides for the same wire: if we check both, measure height on source and destination sides, it will uncheck one of them by itself.
  • Sometimes it is not possible to check it again
  • Sometimes even if box is checked and one presses "measure height" it reacts (shudders - does move up/down), but doesn't measure height
  • It is absolutely unclear which height does it measure in "Programming bonding" tab: from what we saw, but we are not really sure, it measures height as many time as many reference systems we program * It is absolutely unclear in which points it does measure height if this request comes from "Programming menu" tab


1)To check if we can reach vacuum table with he bonehead 2)Contact Vincent Van Es and ask about:

  • Explicitly: what they would do to understand what happened and to avoid a repeat of the crash
  • If this is also the case for Hesse WB?..
For Delvotec WB from Alan's e-mail: "The crash detection systems should prevent that one damages the head. The piezo sensors should have seen that a hard surface was present and told the z drive to stop and give an error. The only case in which this would not work (at least in a Delvotec), is if the piezo was not working correctly, there was a bug in the software, or the head was moving too fast for it to stop in time."
  • Save (for bond head) values for speed of bond head
  • In which points does WB measure height in "Programming menu" tab

-- Inna Makarenko - 2020-09-08



  • Crash recap
  • Wire bonder status
  • Jig design update
  • Offbond progress
  • Plans


  • Diary of the WB crash is available at the WG twiki page
  • In the meantime, bond head was realigned by Hesse and currently it is being tested
  • We are waiting for a quote from Vincent for the repair
  • Jig design is progressing. Annemie is in contact with Fraiponts metal company. She is adapting the step files so they can be used by this company to produce the jig
  • Yannick is designing offbond PCB and is working on 3D design of the support structure for the printer
  • Inna will check all the dimensions on Friday and Yannick will adapt the support structure design so it will fit the table and the pcb
  • Sensor for vacuum monitoring is connected to the vacuum system, but unconnected to the machine. The threshold is configurable but the hysteresis is fixed. Now it is on bellow -0.6 Bar and off above -0.45 Bar. The only remaining part - is the connector to the machine. We will try to keep the led which shows the state. We need to prepare the connector to the machine before Vincent's next visit
  • Screen recorder could be very useful in the future. It is preferably to have PRO version with the COM port to control it better. to grab screenshots from bonding machine. It is handy and easy to use. This supplier looks nice

To discuss during TK meeting on Thursday ordering of:

  • Offbond pcb
  • Screen recorder

-- Inna Makarenko - 2020-07-14



  • Pull tester news
  • Jig design update
  • Plans for DM2 wire bonding
  • News about clean room activity
  • Plans


  • Call for the pull tweezer is out. Companies are contacting us, asking questions.
  • WB jig design is updated. It includes new stoppers for pigtails wire bonding and holes underneath for precise jig positioning.
  • During module’s workshop we figured out that it is recommended to use different pattern for module wire bonding than we used to bond DM1. We will try new pattern with DM2.
  • Wire bonding is recovered after long brake.
  • 25 pigtail wirebonding test samples are prepared to test encapsulation.
  • Issue with 500m spool was tested changing wire buffer/timeout parameters. Now it fails not that often.
  • Testing 500m spool issue, 4 test pcbs were bonded.
  • Bond parameters were provided by Stefan Maier from KIT.

  • Plans: * Ask Vincent about new wire timeout/buffer parameters, bond chards and * Create new program using the updated pattern, bond test pcbs * Check/change air pressure as suggested by Vincent in order to solve 500m spool issue

-- Inna Makarenko - 2020-06-16



  • Pull tester procurement
  • Vacuum monitoring for WB machine
  • Jig lamination
  • Wire ordering
  • New jig design
  • Discussion of list of checks during module's WB


  • Development of the vacuum checking system is progressing well. The details can be found on the Vacuum WG twiki page.
  • Due date for the available spool is end of August. Decision: to order one spool and later, at summer, another one, more fresh.
  • Annemie adapted the WB jig design. Aachen has deeper rods, do we want to use the same?
  • Next week I will ask about 1-2 days in the clean room to work with wire bonding machine.

-- Inna Makarenko - 2020-06-02



A lot of issues were discussed in view of the assembly of DM2 and the upcoming workshop.

Following tasks crystallised:

  • Contact Vincent in order to:

-order one new 100m AL wire spool

-ask about the error that appeared when using 500m spool

-learn how to save bond charts

  • Contact Aachen and ask if they introduced any modifications to the WB jig

  • Write a list of checks to be performed during module assembly

  • Request a quote for the WB jig of the updated design

-- Inna Makarenko - 2020-05-19



  • News
  • Discussion of activities in the clean room



  • Test pads are added to the 2S hybrid design
  • Reference marks are added to the 2S hybrid design
  • Top/bottom hybrid side identifiers are added to the 2S hybrid design
  • Discussion of hybrids pitch size enlargement: the pattern is strained after the lamination. Vendor will take actions to cancel this effect and in the future hybrids with 90 um pitch size will be delivered.

Activities to be held in the clean room:

Tests ->

  • Test of vacuum in wire bonding machine (1 day, 1 person)

Dummy module assembly ->

  • Pigtails bonding and encapsulation (1 day, 1 person)
  • Hybrids bonding (2 days, 1 person)

-- Inna Makarenko - 2020-05-05



  • Introduction of new group
  • Discussion of open issues and tasks


List of actions to be taken by:

Inna & Annemie

  • pigtail: ask KIT and Aachen how they hold the sensor for this step
  • double bonding jig: ask the centers that use the Hesse BondJet820 machine how many bonding jigs they plan to put in the bonding machine simultaneously during production. If more than 1, how do they (plan to) adapt the vacuum connexion of their jigs to place jigs in the bonding machine. Lenny Spiegel knows which centers have a Hesse BondJet820.
  • lamination of bonding jig: ask other centers how do they laminate the bonding jig
  • reference marks on hybrid
  • deploy PIQC: ask KIT how PIQC is actually used
  • connection of PIQC results to DB: ask Vincent Van Es how to export the bond chart results. Start to think in which format these results should be stored in our local DB
  • 500m spool: contact Lenny Spiegel, Ulrich Heintz, Andreas Mussgiller and Antti Onnela (and direct contact to other centers) to see which centers plan to use them, whether there were issues using them similar to ours, which are the vendors that provide 500m spools, whether there is a market survey planned to identify the cheaper ones


  • spools: contact Duccio Abbaneo and Giuseppe Sguazzoni (with a price estimate of spool wires) and ask if this cost is part of the core cost or not

-- Inna Makarenko - 2020-04-21


Group convener: Inna Makarenko (

Mattermost chatroom:


Offbond Station:

PCB: Kicad project: * Offbond station that fits on vacuum holder with pitch 10mm of M6 holes

This version will fit the vacuum workholder that is added to the vacuum table in WB. Holes are positioned on 40mm grid and are M6 size.

Drawings of the workholder:

  • Top view:

  • Bottom view:

It can be ordered directly from Make sure you choose "Beautiful board HD" to get ENIG finish suitable for bonding.

Spacer: * Offbond station spacer/stand/support:

  • Offbond station spacer/stand/support:

Freecad design file: spacer.FCStd

STL file to print: offbond_spacer_v2.stl

-- InnaMakarenko - 2020-04-20

  • Price estimate for WB tools and wire (provided by Vincent Van Es on 07.06.2019):
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PNGpng WB_tools_price_estimate.png r1 manage 166.1 K 2020-04-21 - 15:58 InnaMakarenko Price estimate for WB tools and wire (provided by Vincent Van Es on 07.06.2019)
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JPEGjpeg e_box_displaced_wedge.jpeg r1 manage 3368.3 K 2020-07-13 - 15:03 InnaMakarenko Photos after WB crashed sensor
PNGpng offbond_bot-v2.png r1 manage 51.9 K 2020-07-20 - 17:36 YannickAllard Offbond station PCB
PNGpng offbond_bot.png r1 manage 77.1 K 2020-07-07 - 10:00 YannickAllard Offbond station that fits on vacuum holder (pitch 10mm of M6 holes)
Unknown file formatstl offbond_spacer_v2.stl r1 manage 258.1 K 2020-07-20 - 14:22 YannickAllard Offbon station spacer/stand/support
PNGpng offbond_top-v2.png r1 manage 54.5 K 2020-07-20 - 17:36 YannickAllard Offbond station PCB
PNGpng offbond_top.png r1 manage 60.7 K 2020-07-07 - 10:00 YannickAllard Offbond station that fits on vacuum holder (pitch 10mm of M6 holes)
Compressed Zip archivezip r1 manage 9.7 K 2020-07-07 - 10:00 YannickAllard Offbond station that fits on vacuum holder (pitch 10mm of M6 holes)
Compressed Zip archivezip r1 manage 360.6 K 2020-07-20 - 17:37 YannickAllard Offbond station PCB (large version)
PDFpdf offbond_v2_drawing.pdf r1 manage 259.8 K 2020-07-20 - 14:22 YannickAllard Offbon station spacer/stand/support
PNGpng offbond_v2_render.png r1 manage 221.8 K 2020-07-20 - 17:30 YannickAllard Offbond station spacer/stand/support
PNGpng offbond_v2_transparent.png r1 manage 132.0 K 2020-07-20 - 17:30 YannickAllard Offbond station spacer/stand/support
Unknown file formatfcstd pin_cap.FCStd r1 manage 12.5 K 2020-12-14 - 12:53 YannickAllard Pin cap to improve sensor position for backplane pigtail bonding
Unknown file formatstl pin_cap.stl r1 manage 15.2 K 2020-12-14 - 12:53 YannickAllard Pin cap to improve sensor position for backplane pigtail bonding
JPEGjpeg place_on_sensor_where_wedge_crashed.jpeg r1 manage 1472.6 K 2020-07-13 - 15:03 InnaMakarenko Photos after WB crashed sensor
JPEGjpeg sensor_immediately_after_crash.jpeg r1 manage 1834.4 K 2020-07-13 - 15:03 InnaMakarenko Photos after WB crashed sensor
Unknown file formatfcstd spacer.FCStd r2 r1 manage 856.8 K 2020-07-20 - 17:30 YannickAllard Offbond station spacer/stand/support
PNGpng tpcb_pattern_highlow.png r1 manage 6.8 K 2020-06-18 - 18:52 YannickAllard Additional bonds to put wires in series with the new High/Low settings
JPEGjpeg wedge_transducer_displacement.jpeg r1 manage 2159.0 K 2020-07-13 - 15:03 InnaMakarenko Photos after WB crashed sensor
PDFpdf wire_bonder_crash_report.pdf r1 manage 641.6 K 2020-07-13 - 14:52 InnaMakarenko Detailed report about wire bonder crash on 03.07.2020
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