Some thoughts about the current ProdInt process (mostly gleaned from a week deputising for Maria)

1) it sucks. Some slightly more specific points are below:

  • You have to update multiple places, often with just a version number in multiple places.
  • There is no link from a product team producing a 'product' (set of rpms say) to the final process.
    • Validation only 1/2 helps here
  • Why do we need to maintain a twiki link oif 'internal patches', the changes to the _cert branches and savannah?
  • can we do the _cert updates with the etics CLI? (easy to diff then) infact, if you need to maintain twiki oages you could generate them from diff by a script

if product team doesn't use ETICS, or its a 'wierd' component then the integration people have to fight etics - is this sustainable in futire?

-- AndrewElwell - 06-May-2010

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