Irrad 2011

Measurement setup

  • General
    • t = -20șC*

  • IV
    • from 0 to -1000V to BACK, PAD and INNERMOST GR at GND

  • CV
    • same setup as IV plus:
    • dV = 0.5 V
    • nu = 1000 Hz

Nota Bene

  • In CV measurements the GR is really at GND while the PAD is at R x I_leak, where R = 40 kOhm

Analysis guide

  1. No depletion up to 1000V for flunce larger than 1e15
  2. Two different slopes in CV plots for fluence greater than 1e15; other levels
  3. Corrections_for_Vdep_based_on_logC_logV.txt: Corrections for the depletion voltage due to temperature and frequence

link to spreadsheet


  • IV
    • The first column is bias, the second is total current, the third is PAD current
  • CV
    • The first column is the real voltage difference between BACK and PAD; 4th column is the bias set on the Keithley; 2nd column is capacitance; 3rd Conductivity; last column is total current

fluence (neq/cm^2) file name download the file
1e15 1571-W6-DL1/
1e15 1571-W6-DL1/1571-W6-DL1_2011-10-11_1.iv
1e15 1571-W6-DL2/
1e15 1571-W6-DL2/1571-W6-DL2_2011-10-10_1.iv
1e15 1571-W6-DL2/1571-W6-DL2_2011-10-10_2.iv
1e15 1571-W6-DL3/
1e15 1571-W6-DL3/1571-W6-DL3_2011-10-10_1.iv
1e15 1571-W6-DL4/
1e15 1571-W6-DL4/1571-W6-DL4_2011-10-10_1.iv
1e15 1571-W6-DL4/
1e15 1571-W9-DL1/
1e15 1571-W9-DL1/1571-W9-DL1_2011-10-11_1.iv
1e15 1571-W9-DL2/
1e15 1571-W9-DL2/1571-W9-DL2_2011-10-11_1.iv
1e15 1571-W9-DL3/
1e15 1571-W9-DL3/1571-W9-DL3_2011-10-11_1.iv
1e15 1571-W9-DL4/
1e15 1571-W9-DL4/1571-W9-DL4_2011-10-11_1.iv
5e15 1572-W14-DL1/
5e15 1572-W14-DL1/1572-W14-DL1_2011-10-11_1.iv
5e15 1572-W14-DL2/
5e15 1572-W14-DL2/1572-W14-DL2_2011-10-11_1.iv
5e15 1572-W14-DL3/
5e15 1572-W14-DL3/1572-W14-DL3_2011-10-11_1.iv
5e15 1572-W14-DL4/
5e15 1572-W14-DL4/1572-W14-DL4_2011-10-11_1.iv
5e15 1572-W8-DL1/
5e15 1572-W8-DL1/1572-W8-DL1_2011-10-11_1.iv
5e15 1572-W8-DL1/1572-W8-DL1_2011-10-11_2.iv
5e15 1572-W8-DL2/
5e15 1572-W8-DL2/1572-W8-DL2_2011-10-11_1.iv
5e15 1572-W8-DL3/
5e15 1572-W8-DL3/1572-W8-DL3_2011-10-11_1.iv
5e15 1572-W8-DL4/
5e15 1572-W8-DL4/1572-W8-DL4_2011-10-11_1.iv
1e16 1573-W1-DL1/
1e16 1573-W1-DL1/1573-W1-DL1_2011-10-12_1.iv
1e16 1573-W1-DL2/
1e16 1573-W1-DL2/1573-W1-DL2_2011-10-12_1.iv
1e16 1573-W1-DL3/
1e16 1573-W1-DL3/1573-W1-DL3_2011-10-12_1.iv
1e16 1573-W1-DL4/
1e16 1573-W1-DL4/1573-W1-DL4_2011-10-12_1.iv
1e16 1573-W13-DL1/
1e16 1573-W13-DL1/1573-W13-DL1_2011-10-12_1.iv
1e16 1573-W13-DL2/
1e16 1573-W13-DL2/1573-W13-DL2_2011-10-12_1.iv
1e16 1573-W13-DL3/
1e16 1573-W13-DL3/1573-W13-DL3_2011-10-12_1.iv
1e16 1573-W13-DL4/
1e16 1573-W13-DL4/1573-W13-DL4_2011-10-12_1.iv



  • All IV curves in one plot:

  • IV curves for fluence = 1e15:

  • IV curves for fluence = 5e15:

  • IV curves for fluence = 1e16:


  • C^-2 VS V for fl=1e15:

  • C^-2 VS V for fl=5e15:

  • C^-2 VS V for fl=1e16:

d=300 um = 0.3 cm

phi = 0 neq/cm2

W# Neff (cm^-3)
W7 5.7e11
W9 5.5e11

Vdep = 38 V

phi = 10e15 neq/cm2

W# Neff (cm^-3)
W6 3.3e12
W9 3.3e12

Neff(phi) = Neff(0)-b*phi

b=(Neff(phi)-Neff(0))/phi = 3e-3 cm^-1

Vdep = 230 V

* alpha = (6.9 +/- 1.5) 1e-17 A/cm*

  • Plot of depletion voltage:

phi = 5x10e15 neq/cm2

W# Neff (cm^-3)
W14 1.5e13
W8 1.5e13

Neff(phi) = Neff(0)-b*phi

b=(Neff(phi)-Neff(0))/phi = 3e-3 cm^-1

Vdep = 1034 V

phi = 1x10e16 neq/cm2

W# Neff (cm^-3)
W1 4.4e13
W13 4.4e13

Neff(phi) = Neff(0)-b*phi

b=(Neff(phi)-Neff(0))/phi = 4e-3 cm^-1

Vdep = 3034 V

-- MarcoBomben - 11-Oct-2011

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