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November 4th

access to cavern until 10 am

January 29th

Snowing like a mother....
Successfully embed a Z0 to MuMu PtYGun with flat Rapidity and pT MyHIZConfigFile that uses the Default settings here:
the flat root file located at :
  kinematicsFile = cms.FileInPath('HeavyIonsAnalysis/Configuration/data/jpsipbpbFlat.root') 

the location of the files will be (working on it)

January 20th

working HLTOfflineCodeValidationStep1, the HLTOfflineCodeValidationStep2 and HLTOfflineCodeValidationStep3, these work as they are in CMSSW_3_4_0 here:

January 16th

Increase virtual memory to run almost anything in Heavy Ions, for interactive jobs in lxplus
limit vmemoryuse 1300000 

In lxplus I am working in the /tmp flder for space issues(files too big) here, using lxplus309


January 15th

In DBS , in global prod , do:
start with this:
remove reconstruction and include trigger (L1+HLT) part from this:

running in CMSSW_3_4_0_pre4,

setenv SCRAM_ARCH slc4_ia32_gcc432

January 14th

Follow the steps from

January 12th

Waiting for a reply from RB to figure out the best way to implement the High pT muons code, will attempt it on my own for now.

The tracks which are used for vertex reconstruction and for b/tau tagging are the TransientTracks. Being constructed from a reco::Track, they have access to all the data from it and provide methods which can not be provided by the reco::Track.

While the reco::Track provides only the perigee parameters at the point of closest approach to the nominal vertex (0.,0.,0.), the TransientTracks can provide states at any point along its trajectory. Having access to the magnetic field, it allows you to propagate the track through the various propagators provided in TrackingTools/GeomPropagators. Several other tools, such IPextrapolators are meant to be used with the TransientTracks.

Transient track are important for in the reconstruction process the are accessed via :

#include "TrackingTools/TransientTrack/interface/TransientTrackBuilder.h"
#include "TrackingTools/Records/interface/TransientTrackRecord.h"

    // get RECO tracks from the event
    edm::Handle<reco::TrackCollection> tks;
    iEvent.getByLabel(trackLabel(), tks);

    //get the builder:
    edm::ESHandle<TransientTrackBuilder> theB;
    //do the conversion:
    vector<TransientTrack> t_tks = (*theB).build(tks);

from https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/WorkBookVertexFittingTutorial#UseTransientTracks

January 11th

Well, lots of snow (for California standards anyways), new year, new things to try. Looking at TeV Muons.

Ok wil start with this HIghPtMuon approach.


December 15th

Pythia Zmumu events
where "*" is a number from 1-10.
The Double peak structure in the InvMass plot from Dec 9th is due to a Global Tags mismatch, hence the need to generate my own events.

The also part of my evil plan is to make a 'correction' map for SAMuons in eta and pT, I also generated events from a muon pT gun located at :

working in developing the analyzer to generate the 'correction map' and use it in SAMuons in the pythia event and compare the the spectrum give by the global muons.

December 9th

Dealing with cosmics. given our low rate of events and the fact that we will rely on Stand Alone muons we need to worry about comics,
for example in a event with 892 ZmumuJet events and we favor global & global, the global & standAlone and athe the end standAlone & standAlone pairs
we get the following :
  • Global & Global pairs (622)
  • Global & standAlone pairs (208)
  • standAlone & standAlone pairs (53)

using RootCommands3MuonPairs, I get the Inv Mass plot

  • Black: all combinations
  • Blue:Stand Alone & Stand Alone
  • Green:Global & Stand Alone
  • Red:Global & Global

Further analyzing Globa + StA (Note: Binning is twice as big compared to previous plot) it is a peak, as opposed to a continuum
and contributes to about ~1/30 events from the original in a InvMass window [81-101 GeV]

To reject cosmics that go though interaction point we can:

  • ask for opposite sign duh!
  • investigate : should there be a pT dependent phi correlation if the incoming and outgoing points of the muon?
  • for standAlone we need to measure a baseline? the standAlone objects shoul be uodated at vertex so we should see an increase at the top, baseline comparison should do?

In embedding will use signal (upsilon)+hydjet config file, changing the signal to Z0->mumu, need to change:

December 8th

Trying to generate Signal+ HI using Wei's cfg from the data generated for HI readiness located here MinBias ( here for central events )
The are alot of processes turned on in Hydjet defined here, also several module block that define a signal Issume that for Z0 signal I will only leave on
  • PythiaDefault
  • PythiaWeakBosons(...mmm, not sure)
  • PythiaZtoMuons

PP sample

December 7th

Still looking at Z0 reco via StA and Globals muons plots to come

December 2nd

Find slope of plots shown below, quantitative

Plot funtion Range Slope Y-crossing
MinBias ax+b 0-400 0.1427 -0.132
MinBias ax+b 200-400 0.1454 -0.415
Central ax+b 0-400 0.1702 -7.53
Central ax+b 200-400 0.163 -5.96

December 1st

ok, got HI events to look at RecHits vs segments they seem ok: Minbias, Central events

November 30th

Diving into CSC Validation
Looking at some peculiar events based on the number of sta, global and reco muons need to take a quick look on cmsShow
ttbar RecHist vs Segments

November 25th

Talked to Tim, need to do recHits vs Segments so make sure localreco is not choking, duh.
diving into the CSC validation code
Also, to look a HLT DQM code to get quick plot of what is going on with the collisions need to talk to Andy

On HI muon reco looking ath the a matching part at lost ( un matched ) tracks

November 24th

Collisions!!!!!...... keep working.
cmsShow page

November 23rd

Try, hiSelectedTracks
CMSSW/ RecoHI/ HiMuonAlgos/ python/ HiRecoMuon_cff.py

Ok trying out a few things with Muon HI Reconstruction in pp Events
In RecoHI.HIMuonAlgos/HiRecoMuon_cff.py change labels to go th e Global muon reconstruction as seen here,
and compare InvMass integrals,fitting a Breit-Weigner BreitWeignerRootCommands the track labels are found HI tracks

Using data:


Descirption pp/HI reco sequence Events, out of 892 Integral(81-101) Width [GeV] Mean[GeV]
Z0 2.4952 pm 0.0023 91.1876 pm 0.0021
gen gen pp 698.207 2.8966 90.9252
default 340_pre2 pp pp 536.899 4.099 90.9500
NewTags 340_pre2 HI pp 499.350 3.9384 91.0242
default 340pre2 HI pp 407.188 3.8171 90.9355
default 340pre2w ith hiSelectedTracks HI pp 138.909 3.9601 91.0876

New Tags = V01-02-24 RecoPixelVertexing/PixelTrackFitting & V01-01-04 RecoHI/HiTracking

Plots can be found here:Compare HIreco to ppreco in pp events

November 18th

Email from HPN here
added the tags RecoHI/HiTracking V01-01-04 & RecoPixelVertexing/PixelTrackFitting V01-02-24
re-ran the reco HI codo, the STA /Global ratio seems to be fixed, but the recoVertexs_hiPixelAdaptiveVertex__RECO.obj.z()
issue was not clarified, doesn't even look different. Reco'd file with new tags is here:
global Muons: 291
StandAlone Muons: 339
hiPixel3protoTracks: 320
hiPixelprimTracks: 301
hiGlobalPrimTracks: 297
Out of 2oo events (400 muons)

Some evidence:
the number of Global muons increases, but the hiPixelAdaptiveVertex still has a loot of entries in the error value:

Plots for HIReco with new tags

New Tags, meaning : RecoHI/HiTracking V01-01-04 & RecoPixelVertexing/PixelTrackFitting V01-02-24

Before Tags New tags (*)

November 17th

everything is in cern public CMSSW_3_4_0_pre2:

root reconstructed file with hifulleventcontent:
In Castor is

cfg to generate (flat rap & pT) upto raw:

Need this to create distribution(particle gun) :
cfg to go from raw with HI reco (& Analyzer):
This is the analyzer (with StA Updated at vertex)

Need to use Sta Updated at vertex
Differnece between Sta and Sta Updated at Vertex
on caveat there might be a bug how the Sta label tag is filled , seems too low, compared to the info from Reco::Muon
will make an analyzer accessing that info

Also generating a sample on 330
changed the event content to


This is why things are weird
Z mumu HI reco
Z mumu pp reco
these are signal only reconstructed events with pp and Hi reco sequences, the Invariant mass with Global muons are very different
Now, looking at some files generated by Camelia the StA to Global reco doesn't seem too bad (200 events)
Zm mumu Hi reco(Camelia)

November 13th

Doing entire sequence Gen-Sim-Raw-Reco for Z0 using pp reco and HI reco here:
for pp use:
for HI:
Analyze them will try to get the plot to compare HI & pp for Z0
Also look at the cmsDriver output
cmsDriver.py Configuration/Generator/python/ZMM_cfi.py -s GEN,SIM,DIGI,L1,DIGI2RAW,RAW2DIGI,RECO --conditions FrontierConditions _GlobalTag, MC_31X_V8::All --fileout UpsilonMuMuReco.root --number 100 --mc --no_exec --datatier GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO --eventcontent RECOSIM --processName RECO

November 12th

for RelVal used
40 Zmumu events see email from Ed

November 11th

for the Jpsi plots & eff plots:
with analyzer:

November 9th

MIT down for the week, forced to move to CERN, imminent PiNG report, damn
CRAB not cooperating runs but comes back with seg fault, the EWK sample needs to be run with CMSSW_2_2_9

November 6th

Crab almost done CrabSteps

November 2nd

Hydjet files tunred itno PAts , analyzed muons are here:

The mystery of the 2000 Z events

file to analyze:

with cfg:
with analyzer :
analyzed root files

October 29th

The pat files seem to be runninng at CERN, will see...
Some pat trcks
Pat member functions:

the EWK sample is from summer 08 and I can't find it, I do:
_nsls /castor/cern.ch/cms/store/mc/Summer08/Zmumu/GEN-SIM-RECO/ _
nothing comes up, for the /castor/cern.ch/cms/ part see:

October 28th

Now at CERN(lxplus instead of cgate)
Three things Upsilons, EWk and PAT,
for EWk data to analyze in order to comapre to the same that EWk group plotted:

for PAT:
*rememeber to use nsls instead of just ls *

for Upsilons (from dilepton twiki):

October 26th

setting up to use the grid following: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/WorkBookStartingGrid
this sucks,

also running to get sim info (MIT)

with this path : process.SimOnly = cms.Path(process.mix*process.trackingParticles)
This are 100 central events with he sim tags the analyzed data is here:

October 21st

the 2000 Z to MuMu sample with up to raw is

For the simulated particle studies used
with :
process.HIonsRecoAna = cms.Path(process.RawToDigi*process.reconstructionHeavyIons*process.Analyzer)
Not really , need to verify.

September something-th

The Upsilon sample created centrally has the path
that ends with a path
reconstruct_PbPb_CaloOnly = cms.Sequence(caloReco*hiEcalClusters*runjets*hiCentrality*hiEvtPlane)

September pi th

for file that in DBS start with store and are at MIT ad the following prefix(accordingly)

September 8th

Gave talk to the CSC DPG meeting
Few pointers:
Check the number of muons per chamber because the LCT can only take up to two muons
Slow moving ionizing particles ?

Also, the two ones that I knew before, the 8 S-Link overall data flow and the LCT readout time

September 7th

Getting a presentation for CSC DPG meeting ready
confused with rates and probabilities :-S

September 2nd

Awk ... again
ls /pnfs/cmsaf.mit.edu/t2bat/cms/store/mc/Summer09/MinBias/GEN-SIM-RAW/MC_31X_V3-v1/0001 | awk'{print"/pnfs/cmsaf.mit.edu/t2bat/cms/store/mc/Summer09/MinBias/GEN-SIM-RAW/MC_31X_V3-v1/0001" $1}'>test_cff.py

ls path | awk'{print" prefix/path " $1}'> file
this will get the stuff found by ls path , add the prefix ,and dump it into file

I ran over 10k pp minbias events, the number of hits is so small on the CSCs that the software can even run the entire package(run into divisions by zero when making the histos), so the i decided to run one a a few more events (more than 1M), and we will see,
Note this is the 10K events file

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-- JorgeRobles - 2009-09-02

-- JorgeRobles - 01-Feb-2010

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