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Container usgae

  setupATLAS -c centos7
  setupATLAS -c slc6


$ asetup Athena,master,latest
$ cmake ../athena/Projects/WorkDir/
$ make doc
This will create a "docs/html" subdirectory in the build directory.
This use
to create a Doxygen file. You may need to add this line to the Doxyfile.in

mc16 campaigns

Can be determined from run numbers
  // Extract campaign automatically from Run Number
  std::string mcCampaignMD = "";

  uint32_t runNum = eventInfo->runNumber();

    case 284500 :
    case 300000 :
    case 310000 :
    default :
      ANA_MSG_ERROR( "Could not determine mc campaign from run number! Impossible to autoconfigure PRW. Aborting." );
      return StatusCode::FAILURE;
  ANA_MSG_INFO( "Determined MC campaign to be " << mcCampaignMD);

ATLAS Induction Day + Software Tutorial

US-ATLAS Computing Bootcamp

Software Carpentry at CERN

Analysis Frameworks

  • AMG meeting on 22 April 2020 Analysis Framework Fest (Part 1): xAODAnaHelpers, PxAOD, AnalysisTop, SUSYTools, CxAOD, XAMPP framework, CAF, HGam, xTauFW
  • AMG meeting on 29 April 2020 Analysis Framework Fest (Part 2): FactoryTools, DVAnalysisBase, CalRatio, BLS group (Specialized for LLP, low pt objects, etc.)

Plan for Run3

ATLAS Software Development Tutorial

Trigger Software Dvelopment

Accessing HITS files

Twiki & Documents

ATLAS Software Quality


Event Display

Grid Certificate related

ATLAS related

$ setupATLAS
$ diagnostics
$ gridCert
$ localSetupGcc <value>
$ lsetup "gcc <value>"  for example  $ lsetup  "gcc gcc462_x86_64_slc6"
To get available value, do
$ lsetup gcc --help
$ lsetup "root 5.34.25-x86_64-slc6-gcc48-opt"
$ lsetup "root 6.08.06-x86_64-slc6-gcc49-opt"
$ lsetup "root 6.14.04-x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt"
$ lsetup "root 6.20.02-x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt"
To get available root and gcc versions
$ showVersions root
$ showVersions gcc

Athena related

Merge output of grid jobs
$ Merge_tf.py
This will give you correct metadata.

Check the contents of AOD

$ checkxAOD.py xAOD.pool.root
$ checkMetaSG.py
Pick up events in a eventlist.txt from a AOD and put them into a new AOD.
$ acmd.py filter-files -s eventlist.txt inutAODFile -o outputAODFile

$ chainDump.py --rootFile=HIST_HLTMON_bla_bla.root > log.txt 2>&1

Interactive access to xAOD

root [0] .x $ROOTCOREDIR/scripts/load_packages.C
root [1] f = TFile::Open(...);
root [2] t = xAOD::MakeTransientTree( f );
root [3] t->Draw( "Electrons.pt() - Electrons.trackParticle().pt()" );

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