• arXiv:1609.01988 (hep-th) Proceedings of the 2013 European School of High-Energy Physics (ESHEP 2013), Paradfurdo, Hungary, 5-18 Jun 2013 (6 lectures, 333 pages, published as CERN Yellow Report; Standard Model of electroweak interactions, quantum chromodynamics, Higgs physics, physics beyond the Standard Model, flavour physics, and practical statistics for particle physicists)
  • arXiv:1805.00935 (hep-ph) The 2016 European School of High-Energy Physics (7 lectures, 312 pages, published as CERN Yellow Report; theory of the Weak interaction and Higgs physics, flavour physics and CP violation, neutrinos, theories beyond the Standard Model, physics at the LHC Run-2 and beyond, practical statistics for high-energy physicists, and cosmology and dark matter).
  • arXiv:1805.05281 (hep-ph) Proceedings of the 2014 Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics (7 lectures, 333 pages, published as CERN Yellow Report)



  • arXiv:1611.07864 (hep-ex) Physics at the LHC Run-2 and Beyond (Andreas Hoecker, Lecture notes from the 2016 European School of High-Energy Physics, 15-28 June 2016, Skeikampen, Norway; 61 pages, 56 figures)
  • arXiv:1709.04533 (hep-ph) TASI Lectures on Collider Physics
  • arXiv:1905.07489 (hep-ph) TASI Lectures on Future Colliders (68 pages. Lectures delivered at the 2018 TASI school)

GR & Cosmology

  • arXiv:gr-qc/9712019 Lecture Notes on General Relativity (Sean M. Carroll; 238 pages)
  • arXiv:astro-ph/0511534 Primordial Nucleosynthesis: Successes And Challenges (Gary Steigman, 36 pages)
  • arXiv:1604.07817 (astro-ph.CO) An introduction to cosmology (Lectures given at the CERN Latin-American School of High Energy Physics CLASHEP 2015, Ibarra, Ecuador. Submitted for publication in a CERN Yellow Report)
  • arXiv:0708.4231 (hep-th) TASI Lectures on the Cosmological Constant
  • arXiv:1205.3365 (astro-ph.CO) Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Cosmological Constant Problem (But Were Afraid To Ask) (89 pages, 14 figures, Accepted review article to appear in a special volume of the "Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences" about Dark Energy and Dark Matter)
  • arXiv:1502.05296 (hep-th) Lectures on the Cosmological Constant Problem
  • arXiv:1103.2271 (astro-ph.CO) Introduction to Early Universe Cosmology (70 pages, 12 figures)
  • arXiv:1108.0203 (astro-ph.CO) Expanding Universe: slowdown or speedup? (70 pages, 16 figures)
  • arXiv:0907.5424 (hep-th) TASI Lectures on Inflation (TASI 2009)
  • arXiv:1407.0059 (astro-ph.CO) Beyond the Cosmological Standard Model (175 pages, 24 figures. Review article, comments welcome)
  • arXiv:gr-qc/0303085 TASI Lectures on Gravitational Waves from the Early Universe (Alessandra Buonanno)
  • arXiv:1605.00761 (physics.pop-ph) Gravitational Wave for a pedestrian (Invited review article, 32 pages of text plus lots of references)
  • arXiv:1702.00319 (hep-th) EPFL Lectures on General Relativity as a Quantum Field Theory
  • arXiv:1711.10592 (hep-th) Intro to Effective Field Theories and Inflation (prepared for the Les Houches Summer School, Effective Field Theory in Particle Physics and Cosmology, July 2017)
  • arXiv:1807.01699 (hep-th) Effective Field Theories of Post-Newtonian Gravity (68 pages, 21 figures)
  • arXiv:1807.03098 (hep-th) TASI Lectures on Primordial Cosmology (77 pages, 31 figures. This is an extended write up of lectures given at TASI 2017)
  • arXiv:1807.08749 (hep-ph) TASI Lectures on Early Universe Cosmology: Inflation, Baryogenesis and Dark Matter (52 pages, 29 figures, TASI 2018)
  • arXiv:1804.11230 (gr-qc) Cosmology (56 pages, presented at the 2nd Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics, Puri, India, 04 - 17 Nov 2014)
  • arXiv:1912.04727 (hep-ph) Cosmology and Dark Matter (Lectures at European School on High Energy Physics ESHEP2019, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, September 2019.)

Leptogenesis (Leptogenesis: Current Challenges for Model Building, Phenomenology and Non-Equilibrium Field Theory)

  • Chapter 1 Flavor effects in leptogenesis
  • Chapter 2 ARS Leptogenesis
  • Chapter 3 Resonant enhancement in leptogenesis
  • Chapter 4 Status of rates and rate equations for thermal leptogenesis
  • Chapter 5 Probing Leptogenesis
  • Chapter 6 CP Violation in the Lepton Sector and Implications for Leptogenesis

  • arXiv:1902.03928 [astro-ph.CO] The Degree of Fine-Tuning in our Universe -- and Others (212 pages, 36 figures, accepted for publication in Physics Reports)


  • arXiv:1609.02386 (hep-ph) Solar neutrinos: Oscillations or No-oscillations?
  • arXiv:1609.07803 (hep-ex) Sterile Neutrinos: An Introduction to Experiments. (J.M. Conrad, M.H. Shaevitz; This paper is written as one chapter in a collection of essays on neutrino physics for beginning graduate students.)
  • arXiv:1609.06747 (astro-ph.HE) Neutrino Astrophysics (Cristina Volpe; Lectures presented at "52th Winter School of Theoretical Physics", Ladek Zdroj, 14-21 February 2016.)
  • arXiv:1610.09835 (hep-ph) Neutrinos: Fast & Curious (Gabriela Barenboim; 22 pages, contribution to the 2016 European School of High-Energy Physics, Skeikampen, Norway , 15 - 28 June 2016, to appear as a CERN Yellow Report.)
  • arXiv:1705.00872 (hep-ph) Neutrino physics from A to Z : two lectures at Corfu
  • ISAPP 2017 Texel on 29 June 2017 High-energy Neutrinos (Markus Ahlers)
  • arXiv:1812.00035 (astro-ph.SR) A Basic Introduction to the Physics of Solar Neutrinos
  • arXiv:1812.11362 (physics.hist-ph) The third family of neutrinos (Contribution to the Conference on the History of the Neutrino, Paris, 5-7 September 2018)
  • arXiv:1901.00151 (hep-ph) Sterile Neutrino. A short introduction (contribution to VLVnT2018 Conference)
  • arXiv:1901.07068 (hep-ex) Neutrino Mistakes: Wrong tracks and Hints, Hopes and Failures (For the Proceedings of the International Conference on the History of Neutrino, 5-7 September 2018, Paris France)
  • arXiv:1902.01741 (physics.hist-ph) Neutrinos and Particle Physics Models (Invited Talk at the "History of the Neutrino" Conference, September 2018, Paris)
  • arXiv:1902.01757 (physics.hist-ph) The Discovery of the Atmospheric Neutrino Anomaly (4 pages 1 figure, presented at the History of the Neutrino Conference in Paris in September 2018)
  • arXiv:1902.03281 (hep-ph) Reactor Neutrinos: Toward Oscillations (Invited Talk at the "History of the Neutrino" Conference, September 2018, Paris)
  • arXiv:1902.10052 (physics.hist-ph) Prehistory of Neutrino Oscillations (Report at the conference "History of the Neutrino", September 5-7, 2018, Paris, France)
  • arXiv:1903.03689 (astro-ph.CO) Neutrino Mass from Cosmology: Probing Physics Beyond the Standard Model (Science White Paper submitted to the US Astro2020 Decadal Survey)
  • arXiv:1903.04333 (astro-ph.HE) Fundamental Physics with High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos (White paper for the Astro2020 US decadal survey.)
  • arXiv:1903.04334 (astro-ph.HE) Astrophysics Uniquely Enabled by Observations of High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos (White paper for the Astro2020 US decadal survey.)


  • arXiv:1711.03624 (hep-ph) Just a Taste: Lectures on Flavor Physics (138 pages, includes problems and solutions. To be published in the proceedings of TASI 2016)
  • arXiv:1903.05062 (hep-ph) Introduction to flavour physics (32 pages, 22 figures, the write-up is a combination of lectures given at ESHEP 2018, SSI 2018 and the US Belle II summer schools)


ElectroWeak & QFT & SM


  • arXiv:1803.04310 (hep-ph) Les Houches Lectures on Soft-Collinear Effective Theory (57 pages, 15 figures. Lectures given at the Les Houches Summer School "Effective Field Theory in Particle Physics and Cosmology", July 2017)
  • arXiv:1804.05863 (hep-ph) Introduction to Effective Field Theories (94 pages. Lecture notes from the 2017 Les Houches Summer School on Effective Field Theories. The lectures covered introductory material on EFTs as used in high energy physics to compute experimentally observable quantities. Other lectures at the school covered covered a wide range of applications in greater depth.)
  • arXiv:1901.06573 (hep-ph) Les Houches Lectures on Renormalization Theory and Effective Field Theories (Contribution to the Proceedings of the 2017 Les Houches Summer School on Effective Field Theory in Particle Physics and Cosmology (Les Houches, France, July 31-August 25, 2017); 41 pages)
  • arXiv:1903.03622 (hep-ph) As Scales Become Separated: Lectures on Effective Field Theory (183 pages, 117 footnotes. These lectures were presented at TASI 2018.)
  • arXiv:2001.00434 (hep-ph) Effective field theories (Lectures at Baikal school on elementary particle physics and astrophysics 2019 and Helmholtz - DIAS school "quantum field theory at the limits" 2019)



  • arXiv:hep-ph/0112348 Beyond the Standard Model (27 pp., Lectures given at the CERN-CLAF School, Itacuruca, Brasil, May 2001)
  • arXiv:0904.1556 (hep-th) The Algebra of Grand Unified Theories (73 pages, 20 ps figures)
  • arXiv:0911.4409 (hep-ph) Beyond the Standard Model for Montaneros (Based on lectures by John Ellis at the 5th CERN-Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics, Recinto Quirama, Colombia, 15 - 28 Mar 2009, 84 pages, 35 figures)
  • arXiv:1011.1491 (hep-th) Cambridge Lectures on Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions (Sven Krippendorf, Fernando Quevedo, Oliver Schlotterer; 130 pages, 22 figures, these lectures were given in Part III of the Mathematical Tripos at the University of Cambridge)
  • arXiv:1409.3575 (hep-th) AdS/CFT Duality User Guide (by Makoto Natsuume; 309 pages. Comments welcome. Published edition is available from Springer (Lecture Notes in Physics 903). Translated from a Japanese book originally published in 2012)
  • arXiv:1409.7557 (hep-ph) From Old Symmetries to New Symmetries: Quarks, Leptons and B-L (17 pages; 5 figures; Invited article for "Fifty years of Quarks" ed. by H. Fritzsch, to be published by World Scientific)
  • arXiv:1412.8677 (hep-ph) The Search for Magnetic Monopoles
  • arXiv:1503.02636 (hep-ph) Lectures on Physics Beyond the Standard Model (31pp, British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (BUSSTEPP), held in 2014 in Southampton)
  • arXiv:1506.05039 (hep-ph) Lectures on Effective Field Theory (Lectures given at the 2015 NEXT school, 33 pp. Text overlap with arXiv:1503.02636)
  • arXiv:1602.04228 (hep-ph) Beyond the Standard Model (119 pages, 16 figures, minor revisions and corrections from published version. Proceedings of the 2013 European School of High-Energy Physics, Paradfurdo, Hungary, 5-18 June 2013)
  • arXiv:1609.02015 (hep-ph) Beyond the Standard Model Lectures for the 2016 European School of High-Energy Physics (B.C. Allanach; 2016 European School of High-Energy Physics, in Skeikampen, Norway)
  • arXiv:1901.01017 (hep-ph) Behind the Standard Model (Presented at the Proceedings of the 2015 European School of High-Energy Physics, Bansko, Bulgaria -- 2-15 September 2015)
  • arXiv:1903.04977 (hep-ph) GUT Physics in the era of the LHC (92 pages, 19 figures, 3 tables)
  • arXiv:1907.12409 (hep-ph) Lectures on Physics Beyond the Standard Model (56 pages, no figures, References added, Lectures at 2019 IBS-CTPU Summer School on Cosmology and Particle Physics, 22-26 July, 2019, Daejeon, Korea)
  • arXiv:1908.02667 (hep-th) A Practical Mini-Course on Applied Holography
  • arXiv:2009.11870 (hep-ph) The Hierarchy Problem: From the Fundamentals to the Frontiers


  • arXiv:1712.05926 (hep-ph) Supersymmetric Theory and Models (Lecture notes, TASI 2016. 144 pages)
  • arXiv:1911.13043 (hep-ph) The Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) and General Singlet Extensions of the MSSM (GSEMSSM), a short review (54 pages, 22 figures, 8 tables)

-- KenjiHamano - 2016-08-15

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