DC06 available data files

DC06 MC samples are documented here.

And some of the inclusive samples are described here.

Status of DC06 stripping

There is a table of the stripping progress here. Usual username/password.

An excel spreadsheet with a list of stripping retentions is here, correct as of March 2008 software week.

Read Me First! Using stripped/reprocessed data

Using stripped OR reprocessed data it is necessary to include the following line in your DaVinci.opts file.

#include "$DAVINCIROOT/options/DaVinciMainSeqFixes.opts"

This is to fix a MC association problem in reprocessed data.


I'll list here the data files present in our file system under the directory: /Disk/lochnagar0/lhcb/DC06

Signal Type Configuration Filename Number Events List of files
b-inclusive 10000000 phys-v2-lumi2 00001889_000000* 51 ~ 25k DC06b-inclusive_Local_Datafiles.dat
b-inclusive-DiMuon 10012000 phys-v2-lumi2 00001859_0000* 200 ~100k DC06_b-inclusive-DiMuon_Local_Datafiles.dat
Bs->Jpsi phi 13144002 phys-v2-lumi2 00001868_00001* 382 ~ 150k DC06Bs2Jpsiphi_Local_Datafiles.dat
Bs->phi phi 13104011 phys-lumi2 00001540_000000* 51 ~ 25k DC06Bsphiphi_Local_Datafiles.dat
Bs->Ds pi 13264001 phys-lumi2 00001515_000000* 14 ~ 6k DC06BsDspi_Local_Datafiles.dat
Bd->phi Ks 11104103 phys-v2-lumi2 00001655_000000* 51 ~ 25k DC06BdphiKs_Local_Datafiles.dat


I'll list here the data files present in our directory on the ECDF file system under the directory: /exports/work/physics_ifp_ppe/

Signal Type Configuration Filename Number Events List of files
Bd-> phi k*0   phys-v2-lumi2       ??.dat
Bs->Ds mu X reprocessed 13774001 Brunel v31 phys-v2-lumi2 BsDsmuX_reproc_*.dst 269 ~400k BsDsmuX_KKpi.dat
Bd->D mu X coctail 11874011 Brunel v31 phys-v2-lumi2 BdDmuX_KKpi.dst 99 ~400k BdDmuX_KKpi.dat
Bs->Ds mu X Selected 13774001 DaVinci v19r11 DC06SelB02DMuX_D2KKpi_*.dst 2 8035 BsDsmuX_KKpi_sel.dat
Bd->D mu X Selected 11874011 DaVinci v19r11 DC06SelB02DMuX_D2KKpi_*.dst 2 8702 BdDmuX_KKpi_sel.dat


The following data files are stored under the LHCb part of the DPM namespace: /dpm/ecdf.ed.ac.uk/home/lhcb/production/DC06

Signal Type Configuration Filename Number Events List of files
Bd2phiKs_CPV=DecProdCut 11104103 phys-v2-lumi2 00001825_0000* 41 ~some 00001825.dpmfiles.txt
Ds-inclusive 23263001 phys-v2-lumi2 00001762_0000* 6108 ~lots 00001762.dpmfiles.txt
b-inclusive 10000000 phys-v3-lumi2 00001883_0000* 354 ~179k 00001883.dpmfiles.txt
b-inclusive stripped 10000000 v31-lumi2 v1r0 00002000_0000* 446 ~804k 00002000.dpmfiles.txt
b-inclusive biased stripped 10000010 v31-lumi2 v1r0 00002001_0000* 849 ~1.9M 00002001.dpmfiles.txt
incl_b=DiMuon stripped 10012000 v31-lumi2 v1r0 00002069_0000* 1244 ~3.3M 00002069.dpmfiles.txt
Dspi stripped 13264001 v31-lumi2 v1r0 00002034_0000* 102 ~450k 00002034.dpmfiles.txt
JpsiPhi stripped,mm=CPV DecProdCut 13144002 v31-lumi2 v1r0 00002042_0000* 74 ~1M 00002042.dpmfiles.txt
Bs_phiphi=DecProdCut stripped 13104011 v31-lumi2 v1r0 00002055_0000* 2 ~6k 00002055.dpmfiles.txt
L0-yes 30000000 L0-v1-lumi2 00001959_0000* 829 ~2.9M 00001959.dpmfiles.txt
Bs_Dspi=DecProdCut 13254001 phys-lumi2 00001515_0000* 5085 ~2.5M 00001515.dpmfiles.txt
Edinburgh bbRare (BR<10^-3) 10000020 Brunel v31 phys-v2-lumi2 */bbRare.dst 250 1M edinburgh_bbRare.dpmfiles.txt
Bs_Jpsiphi,mm=CPV DecProdCut 13144002 phys-v4-lumi2 00002146_0000* 371 9.2M 00002146.dpmfiles.txt
incl JPsi mm 24142001 phys-v2-lumi2 00001689_0000* 3809 ~1.9M 00001689.dpmfiles.txt
Bd->J/psi X 11442001 v1r0 00002073 246 ~2.7M 00002072.dpmfiles.txt
Bu->J/psi X 12442001 v1r0 00002073 286 ~3.1M 00002073.dpmfiles.txt
Bs->J/psi X 13442001 v1r0 00002073 22 ~0.3M 00002074.dpmfiles.txt

Personally selected data on UKI-SCOTGRID-ECDF DPM storage

Signal Type Configuration Filename Number Events List of files
Bs->Ds mu X Selected (Rob, September 2008) 13774001 DaVinci v19r11 DC06SelB02DMuX_D2KKpi_*.dst 2 8035 BsDsmuX_KKpi_sel.dpmfiles.txt
Bd->D mu X Selected (Rob, September 2008) 11874011 DaVinci v19r11 DC06SelB02DMuX_D2KKpi_*.dst 2 8702 BdDmuX_KKpi_sel.dpmfiles.txt
Bs->PhiPhi Selected (Nick, October 2008) 13104011 DaVinci v20r2 phiphi_*.dst 11 ?? Bs2PhiPhi_sel.dpmfiles.txt
Bs->J/PsiPhi Selected (Greig, October 2008) 13144002 DaVinci v20r3 DC06SelBs2JPsiPhi..._Selected.dst 105 ?? JPsiPhi_JPsi2MuMu_Phi2KK_offline_sel.dpmfiles.txt

Using local datafiles

The attached ascii files (provided on the last column of the tables above) can be used to generate a LHCbDataset in Ganga. Thus, there is no need to convert the lists into Gaudi cards. There are three ways of generating the dataset.

Tricky: For DPM add rfio: to the start of the filename. This then becomes the full path to the DATASET which you can use in your DaVinci options.

Easy: An example on how to proceed is provided here. You'll need to append rfio: for DPM data in the dat files, if it doesn't already exist. This is simple to do on the command-line in ganga.

Even easier: Use Greig's Ganga Goodies to automatically create the dataset from the name of the above datafile. ganga_utils.dataset_from_twiki('filename'). You can see the list of files from within ganga by doing ganga_utils.list_local_datasets().

How much min bias is that?

To work out how much the sample you have run over corresponds to in real terms, like a length of time T, first you must know:

  1. N How many events have I run over?

  2. n How many evens of this sample correspond to 1 second in 4-pi?

  3. e What is the stripping efficiency?

  4. a What is the LHCb acceptance?

  5. c What correction factors should be applied?

T = N* c / ( n * e * a)

  1. The BEST way of calculating N is to run a simple event counting algorithm which creates a histogram which you can add together in a ganga merger. This is the simplest gaudi algorithm it is possible to write. An example for you to compile is given here EventCount.h EventCount.cpp. Run it at the start before any selections to get the total number of events.
  2. You should calculate the cross-section * branching fraction of your decay to calculate n.
  3. If you are using a stripped sample, the equivalent time is longer. You should see the table of stripping retention rates here to get e.
  4. In DC06 decays with a DecProdCut the total acceptance of a generated event with all products inside the detector is a ~0.19. For a full list of efficiencies see gen-level_efficiencies.txt and on the DC06 stats pages for bb-samples here and here
  5. The DC06 pythia has a MUCH higher bb-cross section in minimum bias than theory suggests, roughly 750 microbarns (Pythia), vs 500 microbarns (Theory). Hence for any min bias data you must take a correction factor of c ~1.5 into account.

According to this talk (footnote, page 8) there are no generator level cuts imposed upon the L0-yes sample, but it corresponds to a rate of 1.15MHz after L0. Or in detail 884360 Min-bias events are pased in 1 second of level zero, n* a* e =884360. The bb in this sample will be over estimated by a factor of 1.5 due to the Pythia cross-section as stated above.



For testing purposes

I have created a sample of microDSTs from the Bs->Jpsi phi (DC06 phys-v2-lumi2 dataset) using the standard pre-selections for this channel. They are available at:

  • /Disk/lochnagar0/lhcb/microDST and their names start with microDST_Bs2JpsiPhi_*. There are 119 files (1.6 Gb) and there should be ~ 180k selected events.

For real analysis

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Unknown file formatdat 00001501.dat r2 r1 manage 141.8 K 2008-04-27 - 10:48 GreigCowan ??
Texttxt 00001515.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 486.7 K 2008-05-21 - 11:08 UnknownUser Dspi
Unknown file formatdat 00001655.dat r1 manage 61.3 K 2008-01-13 - 17:22 GreigCowan Bd phiKs (CPV, DecProdCut)
Unknown file formatdat 00001689.dat r1 manage 375.3 K 2008-01-13 - 17:36 GreigCowan incl JPsi
Texttxt 00001689.dpmfiles.txt r3 r2 r1 manage 372.0 K 2008-11-15 - 21:17 GreigCowan incl JPsi
Unknown file formatdat 00001690.dat r3 r2 r1 manage 76.2 K 2008-04-10 - 17:58 UnknownUser Bs_Dsmunu
Unknown file formatdat 00001758.dat r1 manage 7.5 K 2008-03-21 - 11:27 GreigCowan Bs_Jpsiphi,mm=CPV DecProdCut
Unknown file formatdat 00001758_00001868.dat r1 manage 287.2 K 2008-06-04 - 17:23 GreigCowan Combined J/psi phi files
Texttxt 00001762.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 602.4 K 2009-02-16 - 17:53 ConorFitzpatrick Ds-inclusive=decprodcut
Unknown file formatdat 00001825.dat r1 manage 4.1 K 2008-01-13 - 17:41 GreigCowan ??
Texttxt 00001825.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 4.0 K 2009-03-05 - 17:31 ConorFitzpatrick Bd phiKs (CPV, DecProdCut)
Unknown file formatdat 00001833.dat r1 manage 35.2 K 2008-01-13 - 17:45 GreigCowan b inclusive
Unknown file formatdat 00001868.dat r1 manage 279.8 K 2008-03-21 - 11:28 GreigCowan Bs_Jpsiphi,mm=CPV DecProdCut
Texttxt 00001883.dpmfiles.txt r3 r2 r1 manage 34.9 K 2008-11-17 - 19:59 ConorFitzpatrick b inclusive
Unknown file formatdat 00001890.dat r2 r1 manage 191.3 K 2008-01-13 - 16:09 GreigCowan Minimum bias events
Unknown file formatdat 00001959.dat r1 manage 81.0 K 2008-03-27 - 10:05 GreigCowan L0 yes
Texttxt 00001959.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 80.1 K 2008-05-21 - 11:09 UnknownUser L0-yes
Unknown file formatdat 00002000.dat r1 manage 40.3 K 2008-01-13 - 16:26 GreigCowan DC06 stripped events (v30)
Texttxt 00002000.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 40.1 K 2008-05-21 - 11:09 UnknownUser b-incl stripped v31-lumi2
Texttxt 00002001.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 76.3 K 2008-07-19 - 13:18 GreigCowan incl b biased stripped
Texttxt 00002034.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 9.3 K 2008-05-21 - 11:10 UnknownUser Dspi stripped v31-lumi2
Texttxt 00002042.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 6.6 K 2008-05-21 - 11:12 UnknownUser JpsiPhi stripped
Texttxt 00002055.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 0.2 K 2008-05-21 - 11:49 UnknownUser Bs2phiphi
Unknown file formatdat 00002069.dat r1 manage 109.5 K 2008-03-27 - 10:13 GreigCowan Dimuon stripped
Texttxt 00002069.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 111.8 K 2008-05-21 - 13:31 UnknownUser incl_b=DiMuon stripped
Texttxt 00002072.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 22.1 K 2008-10-23 - 10:02 GreigCowan Bd -> J/psi X stripped
Texttxt 00002073.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 25.7 K 2008-10-23 - 10:02 GreigCowan Bu -> J/psi X stripped
Texttxt 00002074.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 2.0 K 2008-10-23 - 10:03 GreigCowan Bs -> J/psi X stripped
Texttxt 00002146.dpmfiles.txt r2 r1 manage 1829.3 K 2008-09-24 - 17:26 GreigCowan JpsiPhi?, 9.2M
Unknown file formatdat BdDmuX_KKpi.dat r1 manage 7.4 K 2008-05-03 - 14:12 UnknownUser BdDmuX_KKpi=cocktail,DecProdCut
Unknown file formatdat BdDmuX_KKpi_sel.dat r1 manage 0.1 K 2008-06-17 - 10:39 UnknownUser Selected BdDmuX wiht DV19r11
Texttxt BdDmuX_KKpi_sel.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 0.2 K 2008-10-06 - 12:29 UnknownUser Selected BdDmuX with DV19r11
Texttxt Bs2PhiPhi_sel.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 0.8 K 2008-10-06 - 15:04 GreigCowan Nick's Bs2PhiPhi offline selected events
Unknown file formatdat BsDsmuX_KKpi.dat r3 r2 r1 manage 18.2 K 2008-05-20 - 09:42 UnknownUser BsDsmuX_KKpi=cocktail,DecProdCut
Unknown file formatdat BsDsmuX_KKpi_sel.dat r1 manage 0.1 K 2008-06-17 - 10:39 UnknownUser Selected BsDsmuX with DV19r11
Texttxt BsDsmuX_KKpi_sel.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 0.2 K 2008-10-06 - 12:30 UnknownUser Selected BsDsmuX with DV19r11
Unknown file formatdat DC06BdphiKs_Local_Datafiles.dat r1 manage 2.5 K 2007-10-24 - 15:42 AndresOsorio Bd phiKs data files (local copies)
Unknown file formatdat DC06Bs2Jpsiphi_Local_Datafiles.dat r1 manage 19.0 K 2007-10-16 - 13:34 AndresOsorio List of all files (in ascii)
Unknown file formatdat DC06BsDspi_Local_Datafiles.dat r1 manage 0.7 K 2007-10-24 - 15:41 AndresOsorio Bs Dspi data files (local copies)
Unknown file formatdat DC06Bsphiphi_Local_Datafiles.dat r1 manage 2.5 K 2007-10-24 - 15:40 AndresOsorio Bs phiphi data files (local copies)
Unknown file formatdat DC06_b-inclusive-DiMuon_Local_Datafiles.dat r1 manage 10.0 K 2007-12-18 - 12:19 AndresOsorio DC06_b-inclusive-DiMuon_Local_Datafiles.dat
Unknown file formatdat DC06b-inclusive_Local_Datafiles.dat r1 manage 2.5 K 2007-10-24 - 15:36 AndresOsorio b-inclusive data files (local copies)
C source code filecpp EventCount.cpp r1 manage 2.5 K 2008-04-18 - 16:32 UnknownUser cpp file of event countng algorithm
Header fileh EventCount.h r1 manage 0.8 K 2008-04-18 - 16:31 UnknownUser Header file of event counting algorithm
Texttxt JPsiPhi_JPsi2MuMu_Phi2KK_offline_sel.dpmfiles.txt r6 r5 r4 r3 r2 manage 49.9 K 2008-10-21 - 11:27 GreigCowan JPsiPhi_JPsi2MuMu_Phi2KK_offline_sel
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls SignalStripping.xls r1 manage 45.5 K 2008-04-18 - 15:50 UnknownUser Stripping excel spreadsheet, status of stripping as of March 2008
Texttxt edinburgh_bbRare.dpmfiles.txt r1 manage 17.5 K 2008-08-01 - 17:05 GreigCowan Edinburgh private production of bbRare (BR<10^-3)
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