Particulars Setup



Laser head and driver combined in a single housing

Bias-T (BT-01)

  • max applied voltage: 1-2 kV
  • leakage: <500 nA @ 1 kV
  • frequency range: lower end <100 kHz; hi end >2000 mHz
  • input/output impedance: ~50 ohm / ~50 ohm
  • Manuals and specs
  • Connections:
    • DC: bias input (from power supply)
    • RF: signal output (to amplifier)
    • DC+RF: bias output + signal input, to diode


  • in case of a structure with a bias ring and signals/strips being read out, one needs a different connection scheme. Using the mount bought from DESY, one should not use the bias T; instead, one should send directly the bias to from the power supply to the bias ring, and the RF signal from the strip/pixel to the amplifier.
  • using longer cable prevents (i.e. moves out of the region of interest) distortion of the measured pulse due to reflection

Amplifier (AM-01 A)

  • bias voltage: 6-15 V. Gain almost constant above 12V. At 6V gain is about 0.15 of the gain at or above 12V
  • amplification: 53dB (there exists another model with an amplification of 35dB but we don't have it)
  • frequency range: 0.01 - 2000 MHz
  • input/output impedance: ~50 ohm / ~50 ohm
  • amplifier_Specs.pdf: Amplifier specs
  • ParticularAmps-Manuals.pdf: Amplifier manual

Motion Stage

Additional Equipment


  • Windows PC:

Dell Precision T1700
Intel Xeon Processor E3-1246 v3 (Quad Core HT, 3.50GHz Turbo, 8MB, w/ HD Graphics P4600)
16 GB Memory (2x8Gb) 1600MHz DDR3 ECC UDIMM
2x1TB SATA Hard drive 7200 RPM, in RAID mode
1Gb NVIDIA Quadro NVS 315
Microsoft keyboard+Mouse
16x DVD+-RW
Dell E-series E2214H 54.6cm(21.5") LED monitor VGA, DVI-D (1920x1080)
Originally shipped with windows 8.1, downgraded to Windows 7 Professional (english version)

  • Quote with full PC specs
  • installed LabView 10 runtime from Standa installation CD (comes with SMCView). If full LabView needed, download from CC-IN2P3
  • installed Microsoft Visual C++ VS express community 2015


DRS evaluation board

  • recommended: 4 channel, 1GHz, 5 GS/s digitization board from PSI (http://www.psi.ch/drs/evaluation-board)
    • Four 50-Ohm terminated input channels with SMA connectors.
    • Active input buffers which result in an analog bandwidth of 700 MHz (-3dB).
    • High bandwidth analog switches for internal voltage calibration.
    • Precision clock for internal timing calibration, reaching a precision of a few pico seconds.
    • One DRS4 chip, capable of sampling the four input signals simultaneously from 0.7 GSPS to 5 GSPS with 1024 sampling points each.
    • One AD9245 ADC to digitize signals from the DRS4 chip.
    • One Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA for readout control.
    • A 16-bit DAC to generate all on-board control voltages.
    • A serial EEPROM containing serial number and calibration information.
    • Internal trigger with user-defined thresholds on any of the four channes.
    • Triggering on combinations of the four channels (AND/OR) for coincidence measurements.
    • An external trigger input (TTL input 50 Ohm terminated) with a MCX connector.
    • Clock input and output connectors (MCX) for synchronizing several evaluation boards.
    • A USB 2.0 interface for data readout. This interface also powers this board. The maximum readout rate is about 500 events per second.
    • Several headers for debugging of all important control signals with an oscilloscipe or logic analyzer.
    • DRS4_manual_rev50.pdf: Evaluation Board Manual
    • DRS4_rev09.pdf: DRS4 chip specifications

  • from manual:
    • sampling speed up to 5 GSPS and 1024 sampling points
    • SMA connectors for 4 input channels, MCX connectors for triggering and clokc synchronization, powered through USB
    • inputs AC coupled and input range of 1V peak-to-peak
    • maximum allowed input voltage:
      • DC: +- 10 V
      • Long pulse (<2us): +- 20 V
      • Short pulse (<200ns): +- 30 V
    • USB 2.0 bus allows data transfer rates of more than 20 MB/sec

Amplifier Power

  • TTi PL310
    • 32V - 1A PSU

High Voltage

  • Keithley 2410 1100V SourceMeter
    • bias up to 1.1 kV
    • DC current measurements
  • Keithley 6517B ElectroMeter
    • DC voltage measurements from 1μV to 210V
    • DC current measurements from 10aA to 21mA
    • Built-in V-Source. The 100V range provides up to 100V at 10mA, while the 1000V range provides up to 1000V at 1mA.
  • GPIB to USB converter (KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES 82357B)

Peltier Power

  • EA Power supply EA-PS-2042-10B
    • 160W 1 Output Digital Bench Power Supply, 0 to 42V, 0 to 10A

Peltier controller


Required equipment


  • should be USB controllable
  • -40C ... ~+40C
  • Julabo XXX

  • pipes and connectors

Cold Block

  • PT1000 temperature sensor and connector

Nylon screw for cold block connection better than metal screw; use Screw Insulator to isolate screw from aluminium (necessary for metal screw).

Cables / Connectors

  • SMA cables and connectors

  • other:

Sensor polishing

  • 2 bars to hold sensor during polishing process (CERN: teflon); bar width: 2 cm to clamp sensors which are larger than 1 cm. Use old silicon as distance holder (glued with Kapton inbetween bars).
  • cotton bud (for polishing)

Additional Resources


1st TCT workshop at DESY (05-06/10/2015)


  • replace keithley 2410 with 6517B
  • analysis for detector alignment
  • buy PCB from DESY
  • complete chiller setup
  • edge-TCT
  • electric field
  • mobility

-- GiovanniMarchiori - 2015-10-20

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