Larsoft Info

This is an information summary page about Larsoft, for simulation, reconstruction and codes for liquid Argon Neutrino Detectors.

Quick tutorial

Setup and installation

  1. Login to a neutplatform machine (if you do not have account ask for it at
       $ ssh -XY <your_username>
       $ cd /mnt/nas00/users/bradics
       $ mkdir larsoft
       $ cd larsoft
  2. Setup you environment
       <font color="red">$ source /cvmfs/</font>
       Setting up larsoft UPS area... /cvmfs/
       Setting up DUNE UPS area... /cvmfs/
       $ source /cvmfs/
       $ setup mrb
       $ export MRB_PROJECT=larsoft
       (# to list available versions of larsoft $ ups list -aK+ larsoft)
       (# to list larsoft versions: $ ls /cvmfs/
       $ setup larsoft v06_26_00 -q e10:prof
       $ mkdir larsoft_mydev
       $ cd larsoft_mydev
       $ mrb newDev
       $ source localProducts_larsoft_v06_26_00_e10_prof/setup
  3. Check out the codes from git
       $ cd srcs
       # next step could take ~15 min...patience!
       $ mrb g dunetpc 
       git clone: clone dunetpc at /mnt/nas00/users/bradics/larsoft/larsoft_mydev/srcs
       NOTICE: You do not have read-write permissions for this repository
       NOTICE: Running git clone
       Cloning into 'dunetpc'...
       Checking connectivity: 25508, done.
       Checking out files: 100% (1255/1255), done.
       ready to run git flow init for dunetpc
       Branch master set up to track remote branch master from origin.
       Switched to a new branch 'master'
       Using default branch names.
       Switched to branch 'develop'
       Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/develop'.
       Branch develop set up to track remote branch develop from origin.
       Auto packing the repository in background for optimum performance.
       See "git help gc" for manual housekeeping.
       Already up-to-date.
       NOTICE: Adding dunetpc to CMakeLists.txt file
       NOTICE: You can now 'cd dunetpc'
       You are now on the develop branch (check with 'git branch')
       To make a new feature, do 'git flow feature start <featureName>'
       # next step could take ~15 min...patience!
       $ mrb g larreco
       git clone: clone larreco at /mnt/nas00/users/bradics/larsoft/larsoft_mydev/srcs
       NOTICE: You do not have read-write permissions for this repository
       NOTICE: Running git clone
       Cloning into 'larreco'...
  4. Building the codes
       $ cd $MRB_BUILDDIR
       $ mrbsetenv
       The working build directory is /mnt/nas00/users/bradics/larsoft/larsoft_mydev/build_slf7.x86_64
       The source code directory is /mnt/nas00/users/bradics/larsoft/larsoft_mydev/srcs
       ----------- check this block for errors -----------------------
       INFO: no optional setup of duneutil v06_26_00 -q +e10:+prof
       # finally building the code...
       $ mrb i -j4
       INFO: Stage install / package successful.
       $ mrbslp
       local product directory is /mnt/nas00/users/bradics/larsoft/larsoft_mydev/localProducts_larsoft_v06_26_00_e10_prof
       ----------- this block should be empty ------------------

Next time login the environment setup is these commands

$ source /cvmfs/
$ cd larsoft/larsoft_mydev
$ source localProducts_XXXX/setup
$ mrbslp

Running the full chain of Generator+Geant4+DetSim+Reco+EventDisplay

$ cd larsoft_mydev

# run generation of 10 pion events 
$ lar -c srcs/dunetpc/fcl/protodune/gen/gen_protoDune_pion_2GeV_mono.fcl -n 10 -o pi_gen.root

# run Geant4 propagation of particles using the input file from prev. step
$ lar -c srcs/dunetpc/fcl/protodune/g4/protoDUNE_g4.fcl pi_gen.root -o pi_g4.root

# run Detector Simulation using Geant4 input
$ lar -c srcs/dunetpc/fcl/protodune/detsim/protoDUNE_detsim.fcl pi_g4.root -o pi_detsim.root

# run Reconstruction from DetSim input
$ lar -c srcs/dunetpc/fcl/protodune/reco/protoDUNE_reco.fcl pi_detsim.root -o pi_reco.root

# show Event Display from reco file
$ lar -c srcs/dunetpc/dune/Utilities/evd_protoDUNE.fcl pi_reco.root

-- RadicsB - 2017-03-08

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