LUM POG plans for 2013


Luminosity estimates

  • pp lumi for Morriond (all)
    • pixel based - needs have initial estimate in ~ 2 weeks; a better one in ~4-5 weeks; Jeroen and Marco working on it; we should like bring up the question about the lack of workpower again. Comparisons to HF, BCM1F, DT, "standard candles" needed to support the measurement (any problems?).
  • pp lumi for summer conferences, final 2012 run analysis (all)
    • Should we distinguish between "summer conferences" and "final 2012 lumi"? We would likely want to leave the option of making refined analysis after summer conferences (for instance simulation may need more time to make and analyses). In any case we want to have the final numbers approved by ~September and concentrate on development issues. For the final numbers we need to review all available estimates (not just pixel) carefully and we need documentation for them (AN minimum). We need to plan now who is doing what and when.
  • pPb lumi (?)
    • We have working estimates (8% uncertainty). Who and when is to analyze the VdM scan when we take them (Monica alone? HI people?)? What should be the time schedule and based on what?

VdM scan and lumi calibration

  • Simulation studies (Monika, Nate, Nicola)
    • Let's clarify what we WANT simulated, what we NEED simulated and what we MUST have simulated. Workpower (wanted, needed, available).
  • 2012/13 scans analysis (all)
    • pp scans need to be finished by ~Summer and this includes simulation studies. Is this reasonable? Then we need to come up with a solution (and understanding) of the scan to scan variations.

Physics candels analysis

  • Z->mumu analysis (Amita, Stoyan, CERN?, ?)
    • In few weeks - comparisons to pixel, HF results over different 2012 periods, vs PU, etc. To finalize the procedures and the code in next months (before Summer). We should "approve" the results and carefully check for consistency (between different analyses; efficiencies with Muon POG ).
  • Single (double) muon rate analysis (Monika)
    • Should we plan for it (no workpower)?
  • Others
    • We have no people to perform other studies like W analysis or cross-calibration between (di)electrons and (di)muons. No answer from Muon/Egamma POG about efficiency cross-calibration based on Z yields. Nothing on other processes (like top).
  • ...

Software development and maintanance

  • Online: DB, dip publication, lumi raw data managment, etc. (Zhen, ?)
    • Who? What are our responsibilities in pPb and then after (in LS1)? What is the plan for tool development?
  • Offline: DB, CMSSW packages, LumiProducer/EDM content, etc. (Zhen, ?)
    • Same here.What is the plan for tool development and who is involved?
  • Analysis tools: lumiCalc (Zhen, ?), "standard candles" (Amita, Stoyan)
    • Time schedule for deployments and foreseen upgrades.
  • DQM modules (Amita)
    • Should we plan any upgrades this year?
  • Official public plots (?)
    • Who should maintain the code (improvements/additions may be requested at any point)?


  • PASs: Moriond, pA, Z->mm, BCM1F, DT, etc.
    • "Morriond" results - start writing after we decide on the pixel measurement. Should be ready around the middle of February (then it needs to be approved). Who?
    • pPb results - should include the VdM analyses; probably aimed at Summer (or earlier?)? Who?
    • Do we need PAS for Zmumu (we will have DPS)? Same for BCM1F and DT - what do we plan?
  • Paper (Dan as editor?)
    • We have to papers foreseen. One is under LUM-12-002 ("Luminosity measurement for the CMS experiment") and the other is under LUM-12-003 ("CMS luminosity calibration for 2012 LHC data"). For the former we should aim for Summer (?) and for the latter for the Fall (?). What other options do we have? Other papers? Personpower?.
  • Official numbers, plots, DP notes (?)
    • What other plots (in addition to the official) we need to provide? What about "numbers" - we quote uncertainty on our twiki but do we want to provide a reference luminosity (for a given data period, given trigger, etc.?). Zmumu results (only efficiency corrected yields) will be in a DPS, what other DPSes we want to have, when? Who?
  • Twiki, WBM, web pages
    • The LUM POG twiki is constantly being and will be updated, the lumicalc twiki too, the official lumi plots are provided (could need updates). What else is needed FROM US in terms of web-documentation, do we want any extension?

Comparisons to ATLAS

  • Scan analisis techniques and results (Monika, Jeroen, Nicola)
    • The first comparisons (procedure included) is foreseen for the beginning of February. What would be our preferences for a time schedule and what do we want to make available to ATLAS? Any "approval" procedure we may want to follow?
  • HF/pixel monitoring (Monika, Jeroen)
    • This is along the lines of regular LHC meetings. Else?
  • Z->mm and other candles (Amita)
    • Any comparisons go through DPS. For it there is an approval procedure (outside LUM POG).

Operations, joint Run/Tech Coordination activities

pA run

  • usual online operations (Dan)
    • We have ~3 weeks more on-line operations (any problems? special considerations?). How do we proceed after this in LS1?
  • lumiDoc
    • Same question - what about LS1?

Lumi related detectors (HF, BCM1F, pixels, DT, PLT)

  • Simulation studies
    • Let's clarify what we mean by this - desires, needs, "must"? Who and when?
  • Tests, data analysis
    • This is a big issue - how should we (LUM POG) be involved in all these? What contribution should we have? Personpower?

Lumi DAQ

  • development
    • What, how, who, when?
  • testing
    • Same.

Group workforce and organization

  • Based on the above we should try to make a clear table with structured tasks, people working and time goals/intervals.

Possible Contributions by the KU group

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