Daily web log book


  • 2018 01 02 Postdocs search interview and offer, DOE personnel review
  • 2018 01 03 DOE personnel review, VBF Z results, FNAL Kerberos password, Usama prelim
  • 2018 01 04 Cross section summary updates
  • 2018 01 05 Reviewed WZ analysis note
  • 2018 01 06 Composed detector questions for Usama's prelim
  • 2018 01 07 Reviewed introduction questions with Usama
  • 2018 01 10 Postdoc search
  • 2018 01 11 CMS meetings, CDF meeting, Postdoc search
  • 2018 01 12 Usama Prelim, Stephen meeting, Z tautau paper
  • 2018 01 16 Usama Prelim
  • 2018 01 18 Usama Prelim, CMS meetings
  • 2018 01 19 Dodd thesis review
  • 2018 01 23 CMS meetings, Rivet organization, Cross section summary code
  • 2018 01 24 WZ meeting
  • 2018 01 25 CMS meeting, UW CMS meeting, Usama Prelim, CERN affiliation, VBSCan summary, New Staff CMS
  • 2018 01 26 Update CV, VBS reading
  • 2018 01 27 WZ coordination, Faculty search
  • 2018 01 30 CMS meetings
  • 2018 01 31 CSC meeting, Review WZ AN
  • 2018 02 01 UW CMS meeting, Review WZ PAS, CSC report
  • 2018 02 05 Rivet review and root conversion
  • 2018 02 06 Muon meetings, Armando meeting, UW CMS meeting, VBSCan reading, Induction reading, Set up IR of EXO-16=-44
  • 2018 02 07 CMS meetings, ZZ HEPData
  • 2018 02 08 CMS meetings, Armando meeting, VBSCan meeting, SMP convener application, ZZ HEPData, Rivet email, postdoc search
  • 2018 02 09 HEPData ZZ, ZZ paper, SMP W mass talk
  • 2018 02 12 New postdoc, VBSCan minutes
  • 2018 02 13 SMP meeting, Faculty candidate research, Dodd thesis practice
  • 2018 02 14 MBI organization, Faculty candidate research and notes, ZZ proofs
  • 2018 02 15 UW CMS meeting, Faculty candidate research and interviews, Dodd thesis defense
  • 2018 02 16 PAG/POG effort, CDF meeting, Dodd thesis defense
  • 2018 02 17 IR EXO-16-044 reviewed
  • 2018 02 19 Faculty candidate search
  • 2018 02 20 Faculty candidate interviews and discussion, EXO-16-044 IR, CERN computing training, SMP VV meeting
  • 2018 02 21 MBI organization
  • 2018 02 22 Faculty candidate interviews, CMS meeting, UW CMS meeting
  • 2018 02 23 Task T report
  • 2018 02 26 Reviewed WZjj MC talk, reviewed WZjj documentation
  • 2018 02 27 CMS meeting, Faculty candidate interviews and research
  • 2018 02 28 xs summary status, US CMS meeting registration, email to incoming graduate students
  • 2018 03 01 CSC report, UW CMS meeting, He He reading and computer accounts, SM@LHC talk
  • 2018 03 06 VV meeting, He He registration, NanoAOD, Muon meetings, De Bruyn COLA, LHCC, US-CMS registration, Kenneth EWSB school recommendation, grad student email, urged researcher, Rivet software checkout
  • 2018 03 07 He registration, LV junction box meeting, VBSCan budget
  • 2018 03 08 UW CMS meeting, Ugrad Downhan meeting, Rivet software compile
  • 2018 03 09 Rivet instructions, Muon meetings, Downhan reading
  • 2018 03 12 ZZ Rivet, IR EXO-17-022
  • 2018 03 13 PSL visit on LV junction boxes
  • 2018 03 14 LHC EWK WG VV meeting, ZZ HEPData entry
  • 2018 03 15 CMS meetings, WZ pre-approval scheduling, ZZ HEPData
  • 2018 03 19 DYPhi* accepted
  • 2018 03 20 WZ status, VV meeting
  • 2018 03 22 Long nomination, IR EXO-17-022 submitted, Ruggles thesis review, UW CMS meeting
  • 2018 03 23 xs summary plot Higgs results
  • 2018 04 01 Reviewed EXO-16-044 comments, reviewed VBSCan budget, reviewed tenure cases, SMP meeting, UW CMS meeting
  • 2018 04 03 WZ analysis status, CMS meetings, jet substructure review
  • 2018 04 04 CSC meeting, WZ paper, HEPData issue
  • 2018 04 05 UW CMS meeting, WZ ARC meeting and issues
  • 2018 04 09 Rocola VV paper
  • 2018 04 10 SMP meeting, Higgs xs results, SMP HL-LHC workshop organization, He computer accounts, ZZ HEPData
  • 2018 04 11 ZZ HEPData, computing institute, cms week
  • 2018 04 12 UW CMS Meeting, Teague meeting, Downham meeting, Maier emails
  • 2018 04 13 IR SMP-17-014, EPR
  • 2018 04 15 Review ZZ+Jets CWR, Update CV
  • 2018 04 16 HLT software project, WZ status, VV status, Ruggles thesis chapter
  • 2018 04 17 DeBruyn projects, Armando meeting, xs summary plots, Muon meetings, Ruggles thesis, LV junction boxes
  • 2018 04 18 SMP meeting, Ruggles thesis, Z skim emails, Muon POG meeting, SMP meeting, IR Review SMP-17-014
  • 2018 04 19 Physics plenary, Ruggles thesis, Software institute, UW CMS meeting, Zmumu skim code
  • 2018 04 20 Z+jets, CMS meetings
  • 2018 04 24 SMP meeting, Muon meeting, DeBryun CSC code information
  • 2018 04 25 LV Junction boxes
  • 2018 04 26 cross sections summary, IR SMP-17-014 transmit, grad and urged appointments, Kenneth CV, WZ status
  • 2018 04 27 EXO IR review responses, Ruggles thesis review, xs H+jets
  • 2018 05 02 de-Bruyn physics meeting
  • 2018 05 03 UW CMS meeting, student analysis document
  • 2018 05 08 SMP meeting, Ruggles thesis defense
  • 2018 05 09 Muon meetings
  • 2018 05 10 UW CMS meeting, Ruggles thesis defense
  • 2018 05 11 WZ status, Stephen meeting, Downham meeting, VBSCan meeting
  • 2018 05 15 He meeting, Mallampalle meeting
  • 2018 05 16 US CMS PI meeting, UW CMS meeting, VBSCan travel application
  • 2018 05 17 US CMS meeting, DOE CMS panel report, Downham instructions, Long CV
  • 2018 05 18 US CMS meeting, Klute meeting, HE LHC workshop, VBSCan travel application, MBI agenda to CMS, Rivet organization
  • 2018 05 21 VBSCan Travel application
  • 2018 05 22 VBSCan Travel application
  • 2018 05 24 WZ status
  • 2018 05 25 WZ H+ text review, UW CMS meeting, UW research document, Muon eff status
  • 2018 05 29 Student registration issues
  • 2018 05 30 ZZ+jets to FR, Muon meetings, Muon IB election
  • 2018 05 31 UW CMS meeting, UW CMS scientific staff meeting, UW analysis google doc, WZ VBS introduction
  • 2018 06 01 Higgs and top results added cross section summary plots
  • 2018 06 02 posted new cross section summary plots
  • 2018 06 04 Muon meeting, Dowmham meeting, magraph instructions, HH ggbb xs, AC status
  • 2018 06 05 HIN-17-7 IR, SMP meeting, Maier activities
  • 2018 06 06 ATLAS H+ to WZ paper, ZZ aC ref
  • 2018 06 07 VBSCan management agenda, CSC phase 2 scientist effort
  • 2018 06 08 HIN-17-7 IR, UW CMS meeting
  • 2018 06 11 Maier meeting, US CMS chair documentation review
  • 2018 06 12 Maier meeting, Downham meeting, Muon meeting, SMP VV meeting, aC discussion
  • 2018 06 13 CSC meeting, CSC efficiencies, muon news, student meetings
  • 2018 06 14 McDowal He Mallampalli meetings, future student meetings, group meetings, aQGC discussion
  • 2018 06 15 xs summary WZ and HH, WZ LE, WZ status, US CMS CB election
  • 2018 06 18 aC summary WZ, open questions in EWK physics
  • 2018 06 19 VV paper
  • 2018 06 20 CSC meeting, Muon meeting, Muon IB election, WWW lepton selection, Maier meeting, CMS week agenda
  • 2018 06 21 UW CMS meeting and CMS week meetings, McDowell meeting, tg and tttt xs
  • 2018 06 22 Trip prep, student reading assignment
  • 2018 06 24 HEP PI meeting travel
  • 2018 06 25 UW meetings, Analysis document, WZ analysis approved, Reviewed WZ PAS
  • 2018 06 26 Muon meetings, WZ analysis aC text and EWK xs, Lanaro and deBryun meeting, VBSCan management minutes, top xs plot, trigger studies discussion
  • 2018 06 27 Muon PAG meeting, SMP general meeting, PI meeting, Long WZ meeting
  • 2018 06 28 Student meetings, Physics plenary, Review WZ HL-LHC study, Analysis document, CSC projects, UW CMS meeting
  • 2018 06 29 VBSCan minutes and votes, MBI solicitation, Update ZZ+jets, Physics plenary
  • 2018 07 02 VBSCan vote, IR HIG-17-030 HH July 13
  • 2018 07 03 photon+jets xs, tops, Muon meetings, muon paper
  • 2018 07 05 HH comb xs, CDF meeting, CMS meeting, UW CMS meeting, CSC budget issues, Muon minutes, Student effort
  • 2018 07 06 MBI announcements
  • 2018 07 09 He meeting, neutron background studies, mono Z analysis, xs plots
  • 2018 07 10 ATLAS ssWW, muon news, HEP PI
  • 2018 07 11 ATLAS results, CSC meeting, neutron background studies
  • 2018 07 12 UW CMS meeting, CMS meeting, CSC efficiency status, neutron background studies, ATLAS EWK WZ result, CSC US-CMS COLA, HIG-17-030 review, VBSCan vote
  • 2018 07 13 ATLAS WZ result, Downham meeting, magraph download, CSC efficiencies, IR CMS-HIG-17-030
  • 2018 07 16 CSC efficiencies
  • 2018 07 17 Neutron background studies
  • 2018 07 18 CSC meeting, CSC efficiency, neutron background studies
  • 2018 07 19 CSC efficiencies, CMS meeting, UW CMS meeting, muon news, muon meeting, SMP meeting
  • 2018 07 20 CSC electronics review, CSC efficiencies, ATLAS WZ
  • 2018 07 22 CSC electronics review, booked MBI and Washington DOE travel
  • 2018 07 23 CSC LV junction box update, neutron scattering note, Muon meeting, iRPC paper, WZ VBS paper, HCAL paper, EWK Z xs, CTP8 board, Review Smith thesis SM and NP chapter
  • 2018 07 24 SMP VV meeting, ATLAS WZ, Black CSC projects, MBI talks, Downham Madgraph work
  • 2018 07 25 CSC meeting, CSC efficiencies, neutron backgrounds studies, CSC LS2 information, muon news, MBI talks, SMP xs summary plot, McDowell physics project
  • 2018 07 26 CSC efficiencies, neutron backgrounds studies, CMS meetings, CMS UW meeting, Downham magraph
  • 2018 07 31 MBI VH HH and NP VV talk
  • 2018 08 01 MBI nomination, MBI dif Higgs talk, Muon meeting, CMS meeting, CSC Eff discussion, mono Jet discussion
  • 2018 08 02 CSC efficiencies, CSC LV overvoltages, meetings
  • 2018 08 03 CSC efficiencies and neutron background studies, MBI nominations
  • 2018 08 06 CSC team meeting, Muon meeting
  • 2018 08 07 MBI speaker
  • 2018 08 08 CSC meeting, madgraph test, MBI speakers, LV junction boxes
  • 2018 08 09 LHCEWWG WZ meeting, WZ comments, UW meeting, MBI speakers, B2G-17-012 IR,
  • 2018 08 10 CSC efficiency discussion, CSC team meeting indico, CSC team meeting subjects, LHCEWKWG WZ rivet, tg xs
  • 2018 08 13 CSC efficiency discussion, LHCEWKWG VV combination
  • 2018 08 14 CSC team meeting, Ugrad Gas mixture CSC work, SMP meeting
  • 2018 08 15 CSC HV current measurements, CSC efficiencies
  • 2018 08 16 CSC efficiencies, UW CMS meeting, Smith thesis practice
  • 2018 08 21 CSC team meeting, UW CMS PI meeting
  • 2018 08 22 CSC one page statement, B2G-17-012 review, CSC efficiencies, CSC team meeting
  • 2018 08 23 DOE PI meeting, UW CMS meeting, GEM author issues
  • 2018 08 27 CSC team meeting, Smith Thesis defense
  • 2018 08 28 MBI 1, Madgraph and Pythia tutorial
  • 2018 08 29 MBI 2, Madgraph and Pythia tutorial
  • 2018 08 30 MBI 3,
  • 2018 09 02 Long recommendation
  • 2018 09 03 Long recommendation submit
  • 2018 09 04 CSC meeting
  • 2018 09 05 Mini CSC tests conclusions, CSC current measurements
  • 2018 09 06 CSC meeting, CSC segment issue, Neutron background MC
  • 2018 09 07 Rivet installation problems, Long thesis outline
  • 2018 09 10 UW CMS meeting, GMM meeting, CSC meeting time, Neutron background MC
  • 2018 09 11 ZZ journal responses, SMP meeting, Muon efficiency discussion, ZZ for ETH group
  • 2018 09 12 Muon upgrade workshop and ACTA cards, ZZ comments, lightning talks, CSC meeting and efficiencies
  • 2018 09 13 CSC team meeting, CSC failed events
  • 2018 09 14 CSC current measurements, HIN paper responses
  • 2018 09 17 UW meeting, neutron background studies
  • 2018 09 18 SMP VV meeting, HIG-17-030 response, CSC LV distribution boxes status
  • 2018 09 19 Neutron background MC samples, CSC meeting and event display studies, ME11 OTMB firmware, Rivet code
  • 2018 09 20 ME11 OTMB firmware
  • 2018 09 21 CSC team meeting
  • 2018 09 24 UW CMS meeting, HIG-18-14 IR
  • 2018 09 25 Neutron background, EWK WZ prefer issue, Downham Rivet Issues
  • 2018 09 26 Downham Rivet Issues, Long lighting round talk, CSC IB,
  • 2018 09 28 CSC Team meeting
  • 2018 10 01 Muon IB meeting, UW CMS meeting, CMS week, Neutron backgrounds samples
  • 2018 10 02 Downham Rivet Issues, Current measurements, WZ pre-firing
  • 2018 10 03 W+c comments
  • 2018 10 05 CSC team meeting, Long recommendations
  • 2018 10 08 UW CMS meeting, WZ pre-firing issue, CSC efficiency measurements, current measurements deBruyn CSC upgrade coordinator deputy, LV Junction boxes, Vector like quark IR comments, submitted H+ to tau nu IR comments
  • 2018 10 09 CSC team meeting minutes, Run 2 WZ analysis status
  • 2018 10 10 CSC weekly meeting, Efficiency results after HV adjustments, Downham Rivet results, deBryun trackless jet SIMP analysis
  • 2018 10 11 CMS general meeting and Quigg talk
  • 2018 10 12 CSC team meeting, ATLAS Zg
  • 2018 10 15 CSC team meeting minutes, WZ HEPData
  • 2018 10 17 CSC weekly meeting
  • 2018 10 19 CSC team meeting
  • 2018 10 20 CSC team meeting minutes, xs plot update Higgs, tg, Downham Rivet ZZ
  • 2018 10 21 xs plots and references updated, aC plot update ATLAS Zg, aC plots and and references updated
  • 2018 10 22 On CSC radiation tests, ZZ madgraph Rivet, UW CMS meeting
  • 2018 10 23 Tag and probe on HW changes data, EWK WZ correction study
  • 2018 10 24 Rivet status requests by SMP conveners
  • 2018 10 25 Comments on Kenneth's EWK WZ talk, Request for PSL visit, RelVal
  • 2018 10 26 CSC team meeting, LV junction box status,
  • 2018 10 27 CSCValidation and RelVal
  • 2018 10 29 CSCValidation and RelVal
  • 2018 10 30 CSCValidation and RelVal
  • 2018 10 31 CSCValidation and RelVal
  • 2018 11 1 CSCValidation and RelVal, CSCVal instructions, Arranged PSL LV visit
  • 2018 11 2 Neutron background MC files
  • 2018 11 5 High pile up run efficiencies
  • 2018 11 6 Front back efficiencies, aC plot discussion for LHC EWK WG
  • 2018 11 7 aC plot discussion for LHC EWK WG, Rivet SMP-17-001 plugin ready for review PSL LV junction box visit
  • 2018 11 11 Rivet for ZZ with Downham
  • 2018 11 12 Rivet for ZZ with Downham
  • 2018 11 14 Initial WZ plots from Stephen, aC plot discussion for LHC EWK WG
  • 2018 11 16 CSC team meeting
  • 2018 11 19 SMP rivet status
  • 2018 11 20 SMP rivet presentation, update on LV junction boxes, aQGC fs2 parameter, Kenneth gets CERN fellow
  • 2018 11 26 PSL LV junction box visit
  • 2018 11 28 PSL, Dan, visit to CERN
  • 2018 11 29 PSL LV junction box cost, Malter current presentation
  • 2018 11 30 CSC team meeting
  • 2018 12 2 DOE progress report
  • 2018 12 3 EWK WZ discussions, ZZ discussion, Isa analysis discussion, Muon discussions, CSM meeting day 1, UW CMS meeting, FSQ Rivet, DOE progress report, LVJB progress
  • 2018 12 4 Muon meetings, SMP-17-001 Rivet review, FSQ-15-006 Rivet review, Rivet EPR
  • 2018 12 5 Rivet status update, Published analysis Rivet routines, Parker recommendation, GEM IB, LVJB progress
  • 2018 12 6 Rivet SMP-17-001, Other Rivet progress, WZ analysis meeting, UW CSC meeting, CSC current meeting, Downham Rivet ZZ, DOE report references
  • 2018 12 7 CMS day 4 and 5, Muon upgrade talk, Rivet references, Rivet CADI lines, cscValidation instructions
  • 2018 12 8 CSC current meeting minutes

2017 01 02

  • Postdoc search
  • Interview physics talk set up
  • Offer sent

  • DOE Personnel review
  • Reviewed personnel list - information now ready
  • Attended DOE review PI meeting
  • Need to make personnel list conform to spreadsheet and add project goal related information

2017 01 03

  • DOE Personnel review
  • Reviewed updated personnel list

  • VBF Z results
  • Cross section: updated theory numbers
  • aC: no updated results
  • updated aC plots
  • made aC results public
  • updated aC references
  • added to Rivet list

  • Updated FNAL Kerberos password

  • Usama prelim
  • Set up first madison meting with Usama
  • Decided on content of future meetings

2017 01 04

  • Cross section summary updates
  • Updated VBF Z results, theory uncertainties
  • Updated xs summary plot
  • Updated EWK xs summary plot
  • Updated VBF Z and various references

2017 01 05

  • WZ analysis
  • Reviewed WZ analysis note, AN-17-135

2017 01 06

  • Usama Prelim
  • Composed detector questions

2017 01 07

  • Usama Prelim
  • Reviewed introduction questions with Usama

2017 01 10

  • Postdoc search
  • prepared for next physics talk

2017 01 11

  • Postdoc search
  • Transmitted offer to top candidate

  • CMS meetings
  • UW meeting
  • CMS general meeting
  • No useful new news on Pixel issues
  • Spokes candidate meeting.
  • Probably we should support Borras

  • CDF meeting
  • Wmass inference from sin(theta_W_eff) is competitive with LEP, Tevatron, ATLAS direct measurements

2017 01 12

  • Usama prelim
  • Met with Usama to review detector issues, two more sessions
  • Wrote and transmitted analysis questions

  • Stephen
  • Met to discuss 2018 schedule and work

2017 01 16

  • Usama prelim
  • Met with Usama to review detector issues and analysis issues
  • Need to review Yang's paper

2017 01 18

  • Usama prelim
  • Reviewed Yang's paper
  • Met with Usama to review analysis and theory issues
  • Probably Usama is now adequately prepared

  • CMS meetings
  • SMP combination meeting. Should monitor aC work
  • UW CMS meeting

2017 01 19

  • Dodd thesis review
  • Reviewed mono Higgs chapter

2017 01 23

  • CMS meetings
  • SMP VV meeting, Muon meetings
  • WZ status is good. Inquire about charged Higgs plan

  • Rivet organization
  • Previous coordinator is accessing the status

  • Cross section summary code
  • Committed latest version of the code
  • Provided link to HH contact, Maxime Gouzevitch

2017 01 24

  • WZ meeting
  • Sync work with Spanish group
  • Issues with WZ lepton assignment and prescaled triggers
  • MIT group wants to include charged Higgs in paper

2017 01 25

  • CMS meeting
  • No new information on Pixel DCDC converter issue

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Meet with Kenneth on WZ content
  • Resolve mono X MC problem issue with Sridhara and Nick

  • Usama prelim
  • Prelim passes.
  • Improved significantly due to preparation sessions
  • Still need to address significant shortcomings before thesis
  • Remedial actions. Encourage attendance of CERN lecture series. Careful monitoring of writing on physics content in notes and presentations

  • CERN affiliation
  • Finally updated

  • VBSCan summary
  • Interesting summary
  • Need to understand D6 vs D8 formalism issues

  • New Staff CMS
  • CMS candidates progressing well

2017 01 26

  • Update CV
  • Update CV with Rivet contact and VBSCan publication information

  • VBSCan summary reading
  • EFT reading
  • D6 vs D8 reading

2017 01 27

  • WZ coordination
  • Meeting with Kenneth to discussion paper content
  • 2 VBS region fiducial measurements, EWK and EWK+QCD
  • EWK will be extrapolated from more selected region and the 2D fit result
  • EWK+QCD result will be cut and count unless a better method is available
  • Possibly a EWK measurement in the highly selected region if there is interest from the theory community
  • Possibly unfolded m_jj, delta_eta_jj and mT_WZ distributions if requested by conveners or ARC
  • aQGC results
  • Possibly VBS charged Higgs result if MIT group is on schedule
  • Should discuss consistency of EWK+QCD and EWK results with Kenneth

  • Faculty search
  • Interviewed junior candidate

2017 01 30

  • CMS meetings
  • Reviewed SMP and Muon meetings

2017 01 31

  • CSC meeting
  • Follow up with Armando on radiations damage to cards

  • Review WZ AN
  • Seems fine
  • Follow up on aQGC limit issue

2017 02 01

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Gave report for Armando
  • Follow up on WZ aQGC issues

  • Reviewed WZ PAS
  • Sent comments
  • Should also consider including some AN based comments

  • CSC Report
  • Inquire whether there is a connection between radioactive components and possible activation based hits
  • Inquired on status of abatement. Will be testing a demonstration system this year

2017 02 05

  • Rivet
  • Review rivet instructions
  • convert ZZ root histogram files to yoda

2017 02 06

  • CSC meetings
  • General and IB
  • Meeting focus on LS2 timelines
  • Discussion of no CF4 tests. Demonstrate baseline for radiation damage in accelerated tests

  • Armando meeting
  • Discussion of postdoc status. Likely to accept
  • Discussion of summer manpower. 1-2 students

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Decision on spokesperson
  • Suggestions for Kenneth on fm0 vs fm1 sensitivity ratio - check yields in final bins for partial mass vs transverse mass

  • VBSCan reading
  • CMS paper indicates that jet substructure is sensitive to polarization but issue was not systematically studies
  • Riva's paper discusses strong vs weak coupling scenarios

  • Induction reading
  • read talks
  • linked web page and CMS and LHC introductions

  • Set up IR of EXO-16-044
  • Comments from Cecile
  • Need to review

2017 02 07

  • CMS meetings
  • BPH meeting: reviewed Upsilon + 2mu analysis
  • Muon meeting: Reviewed Muon meeting slides
  • SMP meeting: should review W mass talk again

  • ZZ HEPData
  • Wrote script to extract ZZ differential cross section data our of histogram file
  • Completed HEPData files
  • Contacted HEPData contact, Maxime Gouzevitch, to facilitate upload

2017 02 08

  • CMS meeting
  • SMP meeting: Reviewed W mass analysis, want to review final talk
  • MuonIB meeting: Issues with detailed institute contribution table, no online task for CSC

  • VBSCan meeting
  • Suggest more content at meetings for non-students
  • Suggest report to LHC EWK working group and/or MBI

  • Armando meeting
  • Become involved in low voltage junction box work at PSL
  • Marathon SOW coming up
  • Should send new student out for summer
  • Possible tasks for Stephen, low voltage and power supply issues, chamber test stands to learn DAQ, more detailed CSC validation

  • SMP Convener application
  • Composed detailed response to questions from physics management

  • ZZ HEPData
  • Wrote script to output differential data distributions, need script for theory numbers
  • Learned to use HEPDate Sandbox validation
  • Validated HEPData entry
  • Need to add: figures, aTGC limits, differential theory distributions

  • Rivet
  • Learned about debug options
  • rivet-mkhtml -v

  • Postdoc search
  • Explained job responsibilities to candidate we have made offer to

2017 02 09

  • ZZ HEPData
  • Added aTGC limited and figures
  • Debugged HEPDate entry
  • Contacted Maxime to say entry was ready
  • Discussed unites of deltaPhi differential distribution

  • Reviewed SMP W mass talk

2017 02 12

  • VBSCan minutes
  • Seemed good
  • Voted for Cyprus membership
  • Need to fill out application

  • New postdoc
  • Isabelle de Bruyn accepted
  • Need to email other candidates

2017 02 13

  • SMP meeting
  • Interesting discussion on which unfolding levels are optimal in various cases
  • Need to get on top of Rivet project

  • Dodd thesis practice
  • Good performance

  • Faculty candidate search
  • Researched new candidates
  • Need to write up comments for faculty meeting on candidates

2017 02 14

  • MBI organization
  • Doodle poll for organizational meeting

  • Faculty search
  • Research on senior candidates
  • Statement on senior candidate

  • ZZ proofs
  • Proofs checked by Sascha including proposal for deltaPhi axis change, no further action needed

2017 02 15

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Faculty candidate research, interview and seminar

  • Dodd thesis defense: Very good, passed!

2017 02 16

  • CMS PAG/POG effort: reviewed

  • CDF meeting

  • Dodd thesis defense: evaluated

2017 02 17

  • IR EXO-16-044
  • Reviewed
  • Need to submit comments

2017 02 19

  • Faculty candidate search
  • Discussion resulting in new candidate invitation

2017 02 20

  • EXO-16-044 IR
  • Comments submitted from Matt Herndon, Cecile Caillol, and Dick Loveless

  • CERN computing training
  • Complete, was actually late

  • SMP VV meeting
  • Inclusive WZ presented.
  • Should we be authors?

  • Faculty candidate search
  • Research, interview, seminar and discussion

2017 02 21

  • MBI organization
  • Organizational meeting
  • Exchanged first order experimental talk proposal

2017 02 22

  • CMS meeting
  • bpix inner layer replacement, how does this effect CSC

  • UW CMS meeting
  • QCD background normalization in low m_jj eta_jj region
  • Need to think about this

  • Faculty candidate search: neutrino
  • Research, interview and seminar

2017 02 23

  • Task T report
  • Reviewed

2017 02 26

  • Reviewed WZjj MC talk
  • Sent comment on interference and QCD NLO uncertainties

  • Reviewed WZjj documentation
  • Would like to see aQGC comparison when limits are ready

2017 02 27

  • CMS meetings
  • Gen VBS meeting: material on QCD vs EWK VBS at NLO
  • SMP meeting
  • Muon meeting

  • Faculty search
  • Candidate research
  • Candidate interview
  • Interviews done

2017 02 28

  • xs summary status
  • New combined Higgs cross section result: HIG-17-031
  • All production processes
  • New H->gg + jets results: HIG-17-025
  • Removes 4th jet bins
  • Need to replace since this result supersedes preliminary result
  • Need to update xs summary plot

  • US CMS registration
  • Need to pay registration fee
  • Need to book hotel

2017 03 01

  • CSC results from Armando
  • Need to contact Dick on LV distribution boxes

  • UW CMS meeting
  • CSC report given
  • WZ analysis, interesting issue on signal model dependence introduced by test statistic

  • He He progress
  • Sent detector reading
  • Sent software tutorial
  • Need to follow up on computer accounts

2017 03 06

  • VV meeting

  • He He registration
  • Contacted CMS secretariat
  • need to send emails

  • NanoAOD
  • Studied. Not available till later this year

  • Muon meetings

  • De Bruyn COLA
  • Wrote statement of CSC activities

  • LHCC
  • Reviewed talks
  • 55-60 fb-1 this year to make 150fb-1 total at 13 TeV

  • US-CMS registration
  • Paid registration fee, need to book hotel

  • Kenneth EWSB school recommendation
  • Wrote and transferred recommendation

  • grad researcher
  • Setup meeting with Keegan for Thursday

  • Rivet software
  • Checked out updated software
  • Resolved version and krb5 issues

2017 03 07

  • LV junction box
  • Met to discuss LV junction box construction
  • Will visit PSL next week

  • He registration
  • Contacted CMS secretariat who is facilitating the process

  • VBSCan budget
  • Reviewed budget, my comments were addressed

2017 03 08

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Follow up on issue of bin to bin normalization in mono photon analysis
  • Understood low m_jj control region normalization in EWK WZ analysis

  • Ugrad researcher meeting
  • KEEGAN DOWNHAM <kdownham@wisc.edu>
  • Send reading to Keegan
  • Lend Griffiths text book?

2017 03 09

  • Rivet instructions
  • Updated elog and CMP Rivet instructions

  • Muon meetings
  • CSC meeting: High priority on validating Z-skim
  • Muon news

  • Downham reading
  • Sent reading information for Downham

2017 03 12

  • ZZ Rivet
  • Tried to compile, failed
  • Looked up Rivet examples, Z+bjets looks best
  • Studied Rivet guidlines - mostly involve style
  • Most likely need updating to new format

  • IR EX0-17-022
  • A search for light pair-produced resonances decaying into at least four quarks
  • Sent IR email to group
  • Group deadline March 21st and overall deadline March 23rd
  • Need to write my own comments

2017 03 13

  • PSL visit on LV junction boxes
  • Dan will develop an estimate
  • We should keep track of costs
  • PSL will likely produce bent copper bus bars
  • Should by a few din rails and fusing to check that mounting with bus bars works
  • Need to finalize locations and appropriate mounting elements

2017 03 14

  • LHC EW WG VV meeting
  • ZZ comparison presented
  • Will upload HEPData entry soon and inform ATLAS analyzer
  • WZ presented. In the future these types of presentation should be announced and reviewed

  • ZZ HEPData
  • Updated cross section in ZZ entry for upload
  • Need to upload entry this week

2017 03 15

  • CMS meetings
  • CSC meeting
  • CMS general meeting
  • UW CMS meeting

  • WZ pre approval
  • sub group conveners are working on scheduling

  • ZZ HEPData
  • HEPData link no longer valid
  • Contacted Maxime, SMP HEPData representative

2017 03 19

  • DY Phi* analysis
  • accepted for publication
  • monitor status

2017 03 20

  • WZ status for pre approval
  • Documentation submitted
  • sub group conveners are working on scheduling for March 27th

  • SMP VV meeting

2017 03 22

  • Long nomination
  • Nominated for ICHEP and BLOIS talks

  • IR EXO-17-022
  • Finished comments
  • Submitted comments from Matt Herndon and Cecile Caillol

  • Ruggles thesis review
  • Reviewed and sent comments on H to tautau ggH and VBF H chapter

  • UW CMS meeting

2017 03 23

  • xs summary plot
  • Included Higgs results from HIG-17-031

2017 04 01

  • Reviewed EXO-16-044 comments

  • reviewed VBSCan budget

  • reviewed tenure cases
  • Reviewed two packets and sent comments

  • Meetings
  • SMP meeting
  • UW CMS meeting

2017 04 03

  • CMS meeting
  • SMP meeting: xs for W+c production
  • VV meeting: presentation fo 2017 data first look

  • WZ status
  • Pre-approved with no additional issues
  • ARC appointed, need to find out when the first meeting and check hyper news status
  • Quick turn around and ARC and approval issues needed. Sascha and I will help
  • Need to monitor MIT/Princeton 2016, charged Higgs and 2017 efforts

  • Jet substructure review
  • Refer to Stephen

2017 04 04

  • CSC meeting
  • Review DOC3 information
  • Monitor CSC upgrade meeting

  • WZ paper
  • Reviewed ssWW papers and other papers
  • Suggested structure for WZ paper

  • HEPData access
  • Resolved HEPData access issues, CERN Id problem.

2017 04 05

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Discuss ZZ 4l and 2l2nu during CMS week

  • WZ ARC meeting
  • No issues. Will work on sync, QCD normalization and final optimization
  • Optimization to be used if significant gain can be realized
  • Resolve lepton subcategory issue. Contact Kenneth and Sascha and craft statement for group
  • Resolve QCD normalization issue. Craft statement making it obvious that this is okay due to Kenneth's work

2017 04 09

  • Ricola VV paper
  • Investigate whether NLO EW correction for EFT physics available
  • At least we can judge which distribution is best to use

2017 04 10

  • SMP meeting

  • Cross section summary plots
  • Higgs results
  • ttH: compare to existing results and best references
  • H to gg: no new cross section results

  • He computer accounts
  • Problem with LCP links for FNAL computer, reported
  • Found good link for He
  • Contacted Sergo to approve

  • SMP HL-LHC workshop
  • Volunteered to organize
  • Second week in October

  • ZZ HEPData
  • Update ZZ cross section results
  • Debugging new problems

2017 04 11

  • ZZ HEPData
  • Debugged issues
  • One uncertainty out of range for log scale. Arbitrarily adjusted it
  • Issue with loading to much table data. Repeated until it worked
  • Uploaded ZZ data to HEPData
  • Submitted for review

  • Computing institute
  • NSF project money for HL-LHC HLT computing issues
  • Meetings of UW PIs
  • There will be ten times the data rate into HLT
  • Discussed ideas. Coprocessors, multithreading, refinement of L1 information
  • Kevin Black will create a google doc
  • Need to get access to google doc

  • Planned CMS week schedule
  • Need to plan student meetings

2017 04 12

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Need to follow up on WZ lepton selection issue

  • Grade student Teague meeting
  • Working out possible grad student analysis
  • Teague, ZZ ll nunu and WZ ll nu
  • Usama: pencil jet and ZZ 4l
  • Stephen: VZ ll jj, and WZ ll nu
  • Other tau based analysis

  • Ugrad meeting Downham
  • Met
  • No knowledge of particle physics
  • Will review particle interactions and detectors next time
  • Setting up position
  • Need to start the process of setting up accounts
  • Need to think of research project

  • Maier emails
  • Setting up position
  • Need to start the process of setting up accounts
  • Need to think of research project

2017 04 12

  • IR CMP-17-014
  • accepted and emailed group
  • Due April 26th

  • EPR
  • Herndon: Physics support archiving, muon local efficacies
  • Dybrun: muon local efficiencies - 6 months
  • Stephen: muon local efficiencies, data certification, LV
  • He: muon local efficiencies

2017 04 15

  • Review ZZ+jets CWR comments

  • Update CV with muon performance paper

  • Ruggles thesis chapter

2017 04 16

  • HLT software institute
  • Reviewed project notes document
  • Added information on generic containers and algorithms where underlying specific version could run on various processor types

  • WZ status
  • Discussed lepton selection: Good muon filter needed. Advocating use of lepton veto also. Jakob is supposed to be testing
  • Discussed lepton classification: Should be optimal. Testing what happens when variable shapes integrated across all classes are used.
  • Discussed loose normalization region. Need to writeup slides and sentences describing MC studies that support doing this.
  • Contacted Kenneth to get status

  • VV status
  • WZ lllnu and ZZ llnunu covered by Teague, with WZ backup by Stephen, and ZZ currently covered by Nick. Could contribute at least aQGC
  • ZZ llll covered by Usama, with Sascha supervising and as backup. Need to determine contribution
  • WZ semileptonic: Covered by Stephen

2017 04 17

  • DeBryun projects
  • Will sign up for general and CSC DOC training
  • DOC shifts fill for first half of year and most of second half.
  • Good to have expertise for education and just in case
  • Supervisory role in detailed hit and segment efficiencies and data certification
  • Primary role in some DQM activity like detained hit and segment efficiencies
  • Will discuss muon projects with Armando and I
  • Will discuss physics projects

  • Armando meeting
  • Discussed student and postdoc projects
  • Possibly move Stephen to data certification supervised by Isabelle. Continue work on LV junction boxes
  • Possibly move He to detailed hit and segment efficiencies supervised by Isabell and myself
  • Dylan may be available for projects

  • Summary plot project: xs summary
  • Update Z+jets and ttbar+jets with new results. Need theory numbers - contacts emailed
  • Z+c and ZZ up to date
  • Need to work on Higgs results

  • Muon meetings
  • Muon general meeting - new trend monitor for DQM
  • CSC meeting. Z-mumu skim advertised. Need to run initial 2018 data as soon as ready.
  • Re-familiarize myself with software
  • CSC IB meeting. Armando indicates finite time line to retirement, between LS2 and LS3 and desire step down to technical coordinator like job for LS2

  • LV junction boxes
  • Bus bar resolved. Should have quote soon

  • Ruggles thesis
  • Finished and transmitted CMS and LHC section comments

2017 04 18

  • Muon meeting
  • Interesting thought on muon matching for muon trigger efficiencies given nonAOD lack of trigger information

  • SMP meeting
  • Jet substructure might have tune sensitivity
  • Upgrade project for student.

  • Ruggles thesis
  • Reviewed simulation chapter

  • Z to mumu skim
  • Emailed asking for progress and access to code

  • IR Review SMP-17-014
  • Reviewed, concerns on D to c quark correspondence
  • Dick sent comments
  • Review due April 26th

2017 04 19

  • Physics plenary

  • Ruggles thesis
  • Reviewed and sent comments on VH and combined results sections
  • Waiting for Pheno and conclusion sections

  • Software institute
  • Informed that they are not taking unsolicited applications

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Z to mumu skim
  • Received code
  • Need to try running
  • Need to find out how to access data in 2017 and 2018

2017 04 20

  • Summary plots
  • Z+jets in xs summary
  • One correction to make

2017 04 24

  • SMP meeting
  • Reviewed slides
  • W+c measurement out as PAS

  • Muon meeting
  • Status for data taking

  • DeBryun CSC code
  • Pointed Isabelle to CSC code and instructions

2017 04 25

  • LV Junction boxes
  • Estimate completed
  • Now including half, standard and double versions
  • Still needs to be updates with better routing solution for power on indicator safety light. Design to be finalized by CERN engineer
  • Issues with number of components of each type, should lower cost slightly
  • Estimate in expected range, does not include engineering
  • Will bid to several firms
  • Started process on covers

2017 04 26

  • cross section summary plot
  • Z+jets correction
  • Htt: decided to go with full Higgs combination result for consistency. ttH combination very slight better sensitivity
  • W+c: added, but 5 GeV threshold leads very large cross section relative to higher threshold 7 TeV analysis
  • ttbar+jets: particle level definition makes result look incompatible - small compared to 7 and 8 TeV analysis

  • IR SMP-17-014
  • transmitted comments from Matt Herndon and Dick Loveless

  • ugrad and rged appointments
  • sent pay and progress information to Downham and Maier

  • Kenneth CV
  • Short formal is good
  • Recommended adding information about MC and cross section work and more detail on Muon work
  • Needs to write research statement

  • WZ status
  • lepton categories and QCD background region definition probably resolved
  • addressing sync issues with electron Id, triggers, and small details
  • I would recommend proceeding after differences understood

2017 04 27

  • EXO IR responses
  • Responses review and were excellent

  • Ruggles Thesis review
  • Reviewed introduction, Higgs pheno, conclusions

  • xs summary project
  • H to gg + jets not ready yet

2017 05 02

  • de Bruyn physics meeting
  • need to write document of current analysis

2017 05 03

  • UW CMS meeting

  • UW student physics analysis document
  • 1st draft done

2017 05 08

  • SMP meeting

  • Ruggles thesis defense practice

2017 05 09

  • Muon meetings
  • CSC meeting
  • muon news

2017 05 10

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Ruggles thesis defense
  • Passed

2017 05 11

  • Stephen meeting
  • Discussed muon and physics projects
  • Will move to WZ 3lnu analysis
  • Isabelle my work on VZ 2l2j
  • Zskim issues with running jobs
  • Need to find Armando's return date

  • Downham meeting
  • Will work on survey of VBS modes
  • Need to start CERN registration process

  • VBSCan meeting
  • Need to complete application
  • Travel funds application
  • ZV collaboration

2017 05 15

  • He meeting
  • Concentrate on
  • Tutorial exercises
  • Detailed CSC monitoring in collaboration with me
  • Determine physics project

  • Mallampalli meeting

2017 05 16

  • US CMS PI meeting

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Need updates from the students

  • VBSCan travel application
  • Reviewed grant examples and materials

2017 05 17

  • US CMS meeting

  • CMS DOE panel report

  • Downham Madgraph instructions
  • Instruction and start with Z and Zj

  • Long CV
  • reviews, looks good

2017 05 18

  • US CMS meeting
  • attended

  • HE LHC workshop
  • attended
  • could consider participation on an analysis as a student project

  • Klute meeting
  • Meeting on WZ progress

  • VBSCan travel grant application
  • Reviewed grant materials

  • MBI agenda
  • Submitted agents to CMS Cinco
  • Need to advertise

  • Rivet organization
  • Reviewed status of all analysis

2017 05 21

  • VBSCan travel grant application
  • Wrote proponent information
  • Reviewed and edited application
  • Need to consider level of participation of my personnel
  • Need to arrange collaboration with LPC

2017 05 22

  • VBSCan travel grant application
  • Final application submitted

2017 05 24

  • WZ status
  • Unblinded: ~1.8 sigma significance
  • Some large fluctuations. Both frameworks see them. Should quantify
  • Need to run aQGC limits. Senka will run.
  • Do we want to run EWK region and loose H+ compatible region limits?
  • H+ results need to be included in PAS
  • Should review H+ section in PAS
  • Should generally review PAS

2017 05 25

  • WZ H+ text review
  • reviewed and sent comments

  • UW CMS meeting

  • UW research topics document
  • Updated
  • Meeting set up

  • Muon efficiency code status
  • Code failing because RECO data already present
  • Need to figure out if reRECO or using RECO data better

2017 05 29

  • student registration issues
  • Downham UW and CMS registration

2017 05 30

  • ZZ+jets to FR

  • Muon meetings
  • Muon General meeting
  • CSC meeting

  • Muon IB chair election
  • Reviewed candidates
  • Consulted with Armando
  • Submitted vote for JH

2017 05 31

  • UW CMS meeting

  • UW CMS scientific staff meeting

  • UW analysis google doc
  • Updated analysis doc
  • Made google doc, accessed by link
  • Check to see if anyone has edited

  • WZ VBS introduction
  • Comments on introduction
  • New motivation material and references

2017 06 01

  • cross section summary plots
  • Higgs ttH added
  • tH added
  • New main and top cross section summaries
  • references updated
  • Considering whether to add tH

2017 06 02

  • cross section summary plots
  • new plots posted to TWiki

2017 06 04

  • Muon meeting

  • Downham meeting
  • Discussed madgraph and reading

  • magraph instructions
  • wrote instruction on ssh, sip and madgraph

  • HH ggbb cross section
  • Updated cross section in summary code
  • Sent new plots with tH and updated ggbb and tW to top and Higgs conveners
  • Need to update plots and references

  • AC status
  • plots seem up to date
  • May have update joint EWKWG page

2017 06 05

  • HIN-17-7 IR
  • Reviewed paper
  • Composed comments
  • Will send comments from Dick and myself Thursday

  • SMP meeting
  • Keep track of WZ analysis

  • Maier activités
  • Welcome
  • Write initial instructions on registration and actives

2017 06 06

  • ATLAS H+ to WZ paper
  • Read paper
  • Understood comparison to CMS paper
  • Sensitivity looks similar

* aC summary plots * aC results seem up to date * ZZ aC ref added to references page

2017 06 07

  • VBSCan Management meeting
  • Expressed thoughts on longitudinal polarization event and inclusiveness report to Senka Duric who will be the US representative at the meeting

  • Muon Phase 2 scientists effort
  • Indicated that we may be interested in phase 2 electronics work
  • Have to discuss this with Kevin Black

2017 06 08

  • HIN-17-7 IR
  • Submitted IR for CWR

  • UW CMS meeting

2017 06 11

  • Maier meeting
  • Reviewed meson decay physics
  • Reviewed questions in EWK physics paper
  • Review matrix element physics
  • Review question in EWK physics paper

  • US CMS CB chair
  • Reviewed candidate statements
  • Same candidate preferred
  • Understand time scale

2017 06 12

  • Maier meeting
  • Discussed open questions in EWK physics, 535 HW assignment, and detector physics
  • reviewed before
  • - open questions in EWK physics
  • - still should develop list of questions
  • - EM detector interactions
  • - should review arguments on alpha squared vs alpha interactions
  • think of content for next meeting

  • Downham meeting
  • Discussed open questions in EWK physics and 535 HW
  • should review for next meeting
  • - arguments on alpha squared vs alpha interactions
  • - EW detector interactions
  • should point out two body dynamics in 535 HW question

  • Muon meeting
  • Mostly muon PAG type talks

  • SMP VV meeting
  • WWW talk
  • Should understand control regions
  • Should get conveners to specifically advertise MBI talks

  • aC discussion
  • Explained a type parameter impasse

2017 06 13

  • muon news

  • CSC meeting

  • CSC efficiencies
  • Comments on efficiency evaluation
  • Source of blank spots and quality of fits: statistics
  • Z rate in mumu skim
  • Resolution to reason UW jobs wont work

  • Students meetings
  • Need to further review EWK questions
  • set up meeting with Cameron
  • Detector and EWK talks with He, Abhi, Cameron

2017 06 14

  • CMS meeting
  • Progress on understanding source of DCDC converter problem
  • Radiation induced at very high radiation dose
  • May be mitigated by avoiding soft resets

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Need to follow of on HL-LHC Dylan's research topic
  • Muon CSC efficiency issues still not fully resolved
  • Need to setup meetings with all students

* CDF meeting

* aQGC discussion * Some parameters not unique for physics reasons * Follow up to determine whether this is SU(2), custodial symmetry, or CP based * Other we are not sensitive to * Follow up to understand why

* McDowal meeting * Covered D+ decays * Need to cover detector function and open physics questions

  • He Mallampalli meeting
  • Covered Pythia topics
  • Need to cover detector function and open physics questions

  • Student meetings
  • Downham - details on open physics topics, better open physics topics reference
  • Maier - details on open physics topics, better open physics topics reference
  • He - detector function and open physics questions
  • Mallampalli - detector function and open physics questions
  • McDowal - detector function and open physics questions

2017 06 15

  • xs summary
  • HH to bb combination in summary plot
  • Discussion of tH result
  • WZ EWK and QCD in cross section summary
  • Included EWK WZ cross section
  • Used inclusive rest for QCD WZ since it is compared to NNLO

  • WZ status
  • LE picked
  • Need to finish paper draft for ICHEP
  • WZ constrain in H->WW analysis is substandard but consistent with our result
  • Need to included aQGC and aTGC in aC summary plots

  • US CMS CB election
  • Eno wins deputy position
  • Vote cast for CB chair runoff

2017 06 18

  • aC summary plots: WZ
  • included WZ aTGC limits
  • included WZ aQGC limits
  • made plots including new fs plot
  • sent plot to conveners, approved

  • Open questions in EWK physics
  • Developed list of questions
  • Investigate for new questions and papers

2017 06 19

  • Read VV paper
  • Should read detector paper
  • Set up student meetings with Mcdowell and Maier

2017 06 20

  • Maier meeting
  • Discussed VV paper
  • Next Detector paper

  • CSC meeting
  • Question on status of CSC efficiency for UW meeting and next week
  • Status of bad fits
  • Problem efficiencies correspondence to known problems

  • Muon meeting

  • Muon IB election
  • Voted for Jay in runoff

  • WWW analysis
  • Understood lepton selection and control regions

  • CMS week agenda
  • Updated in calendar
  • Need to add CSC IB activities

2017 06 21

  • McDowal meeting
  • Discussion of detector function
  • Need to discuss that contact in the context of an analysis
  • Subsequent meeting will depend on project

  • UW meeting
  • Determine content of meetings for CMS week
  • Dylan and Sascha on HL-LHC WZ analysis
  • Kenneth on WZ analysis progress
  • Jithin and Armando on CSC projects
  • Evan, Marc and Armando on CSC summer projects
  • Stephen and Isabelle on CSC efficiency progress - see questions from previous day
  • Usama to determine SM knowledge
  • Sridhara on student projects
  • Isabelle on student supervision
  • Isabelle on analysis projects
  • and Kevin on projects

  • CMS meeting

  • cross section summary plots
  • tgamma in top plot
  • tttt theoretical cross section updated
  • Need to update top and global cross section plots and commit to public pages
  • Need to update references

2017 06 22

* Travel prep

* Review detector reading * Assign students detector reading

2017 06 24

  • HEP PI meeting travel dates.
  • Meeting with Abid to happen on August 22 or 23

2017 06 25

  • UW meetings

  • Sridhara meeting
  • Determine projects for students
  • He: HL-LHC mono Z or mono photon projection
  • Abid: HL-LHC mono Z or mono photon projection
  • Dylan HL-LHC EWK WZ projection
  • Usama ZZ run 2 combination, inclusive ZZ, differential distribution, EWK ZZ, and aCs
  • Stephen EWK WZ in 3l nu
  • Determine postdoc student supervision assignments
  • Determine program for Usama. Will likely switch to me for advising. Education on EWK gauge and symmetric breaking physics and QCD production issues

  • Sascha meeting
  • Usama to work on ZZ run 2 combination, inclusive ZZ, differential distribution, EWK ZZ, and aCs
  • Need to push for resources or at least advise physics management of interest. Will meet with Tulika

  • Kenneth meeting
  • New draft with LE comments ready
  • Double checking new cross section number
  • Paper draft to ARC Chair immediately
  • Request approval from conveners after cross section number checked
  • Request CWR green light from ARC Chair next
  • Request PAS approval from physics management next
  • Need PAS approval by Friday
  • Need to review paper

  • Usama meeting
  • Explained advising and educational role
  • Provided EWK papers to Usama for reading

  • Analysis document
  • Added new student analysis
  • Added postdoc student advising roles
  • Need to complete and have meeting with Tulika

  • WZ analysis approved

  • Reviewed WZ PAS and sent comments

2017 06 26

  • Muon meeting
  • General muon meeting
  • CSC meeting
  • Comments on segment excess vs phi
  • Should try to maximize purity of excess area for study including any 2017 2018 differences
  • Separate out excess area and background area, possibly background subtract
  • Comment on CDFEB and VTTX radiation tests, should test power cycling of both
  • Muon IB meeting
  • Need to discuss projects with Kevin Black
  • He has been discussing GEM projects, might not be appropriate given our funding source
  • Trigger projects that overlap subsystems can be classified as CSC
  • Should discuss with Robin and Darian

  • Lanaro and duBryun meeting
  • Isabelle with compete trigger primitive and segment efficiency studies
  • Will clean up code and introduce instantaneous luminosity dependence
  • Can try to correlate against current history Jithin is working on
  • Stephen will assist
  • Jithin will work on current history
  • Stephen will work on LV junction boxes
  • Should arrange trip to US for Stephen to learn LV junction box assembly
  • Need to determine whether we need someone to work on data certification. Talk to Kenneth
  • Kenneth may continue to work on data certification
  • Marc and Even will work on GIF++ and miniCSC tests for the summer

  • WZ analysis
  • Wrote new aC text and gave references
  • Update muon reference to 2018 13 TeV paper
  • Advocated including NLO cross section comparison and associated plots
  • Should discuss which plots with Kenneth. Signal vs extended or control region

  • Reviewed VBSCan management meeting minutes
  • Need to prioritize application

  • top xs plot
  • Updated plot and provided to speaker
  • I could push this to the public web site
  • Will monitor higgs and SMP analysis and decide

  • Trigger studies
  • Wrote argument for trigger studies tools
  • As in CDF
  • Trigger rate projection tool based on PV reweighing
  • Signal Efficiency and throughput TrigSim tool
  • Will bring up with Tulika and then SMP conveners

2017 06 27

  • Muon PAG meeting
  • 2018 moon efficiencies look good

  • SMP meeting
  • VV aQGC analysis is very sensitive
  • Ask authors about longitudinal sensitivity

  • PI meeting
  • Explained which free students there are
  • Discussed CSC projects
  • Kevin will meet with Armando and Robin, also perhaps with Daren
  • Unclear whether GEM electronics or general trigger electronics is a better option
  • Still need to meet with postdocs on student supervision
  • Maybe some student availability for WZ + ZZ project

  • WZ Long meeting
  • PAS progress is good, waiting for plots with "preliminary" label from Princton
  • Would like to produce a comprehensive Run 2 WZ analysis
  • Kenneth would stay involved advising and taking on some smaller project
  • Will to still work on data certification doing substandard job, we should automate
  • I would like to work to understand NTuple and be more hands on

  • Kenneth would like to stay involved advising and taking on a small project in WZ

2017 06 28

  • Student meetings

  • Stephen meeting
  • Finish CSC efficiency work
  • Process this years data
  • Remove any bugs
  • Reposit and document as necessary
  • Will take trip to Madison to learn functioning and assembly of LV distribution boxes
  • Preliminary exam analysis
  • Duplicate processing of 2016 data
  • Duplicate analysis
  • Process 2017 or 2018 data if possible
  • Project to 150 fb-1
  • WZ analysis
  • Will perform a 2016-2018 full Run2 analysis with inclusive and EW cross sections, differential distributions and aCs
  • Notified VV group of our interest in this

  • Dylan meeting
  • Studied WZ HL-LHC document. EW, longitudinal VBS, aQGC and partial unitarity
  • Our goal is to update with state of the art Delphi's simulation and at lead investigate the first three.
  • Add charged Higgs
  • Dylan should use this projection as the basis for his preliminary exam
  • Dylan should shadow Stephen's work and assist where possible

  • James meeting
  • SM Zgamma.
  • aTGC and differential unfolded photon pT distribution
  • Targeting this year for graduation

  • Physics plenary

  • Analysis document
  • Updated WZ and ZZ tasks
  • Updated postdoc - student advising tasks
  • Updated with some hardware responsibilities

  • CSC projects
  • Isabelle: CSC efficiencies and CERN radiation contact
  • Kenneth: Data certification though at reduced effort
  • Stephen: LV distribution boxes and completion of CSC efficiencies
  • Jithin: Current monitoring and connection to CSC performance
  • He: neutron backgrounds
  • Evan: CSC GIF++ gas chromatography work
  • Marc: CSC 904 mini CSC tests

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Kenneth: Analysis approved
  • Others see above

2017 06 29

  • VBSCan
  • Minutes
  • Admission vote

  • ZZ+jets xs
  • Updated, ready to be released

  • Physics plenary

2017 07 02

  • VBSCan
  • Working group leader vote

  • IR HIG-17-030 HH July 13
  • Comment from Cecile already

2017 07 03

  • xs summary plots
  • photon+jets xs
  • No inclusive or differential vs jets cross sections appropriate for inclusion in summary plots.
  • Released top xs plot and updated references with tttt update, tg and tH

* Muon meetings and minutes * Muon general meeting * IB mintures

2017 07 05

  • HH comb xs
  • Update HH result

  • CDF meeting

  • CMS meeting
  • CSC segment efficiencies presented

  • UW CMS meeting

  • CSC budget issues
  • Kevin will join UW and CMS August 20
  • Can take students, postdocs and request COLA
  • May be able to get US-CMS project funds with a proposal
  • Cannot use travel money or other grant money until he joins the grant
  • Has startup money for interim period
  • Cannot consider him in CSC budget request before part of CMS

  • Muon MB and XEB minutes

  • Student effort
  • CSC efficiency project is not progressing
  • Ask Isabelle to conduct daily meetings
  • Arrange for weekly meeting on CSC (and analysis issues)
  • Consider including Armando as possible

2017 07 06

  • MBI announcements
  • Asked for MBI announcements in VV meeting and SMP talk news

2017 07 09

  • He meeting
  • Discussed neutron background studies and mono Z search

  • Neutron backgrounds studies
  • CMSSW based
  • Access backgrounds for current run, Run 3 and HL-LHC
  • Benchmark simulation against current measurements
  • Contact Armando, Tim and Indara
  • Emailed Armando

  • mono Z analysis
  • Z to ll and large MET
  • Run 3 and HL-LHC projection
  • Run and synchronize with current analysis
  • Benchmark Delphi's against current analysis
  • Contacted Nick
  • Current Delphi's projection going on
  • Look at code
  • Identify and read notes
  • Contact Delphi's study lead author
  • Assess current Delphi's work

  • Summary xs plots
  • Main, VV, EWK VV, and V+jets to cross section summary TWiki
  • Updated dates and caption sizes
  • Updated references
  • Need to double check references

2017 07 10

  • ATLAS ssWW
  • only EWK result, no aC

  • muon news

  • HEP PI meeting
  • want to make budget issues more transparent
  • appoint deputy PIs for experiment and theory. Include in DOE communications
  • forward all DOE communication verbatim
  • more careful and inclusive management of proposal timeline
  • draft introductory and concluding sections of DOE proposal jointly
  • general editing of final DOE proposal drafts
  • Careful management of new DOE PI issues. Rebel seems clear but not Bechtol
  • Duncan's status

2017 07 11

  • ATLAS results
  • EWK WZ, no aC, study to understand treatment of QCD background
  • WZ, no aC, study to understand longitudinal treatment. Did they incorporate interesting NLO behaviour
  • Zg, new aC result to include in aC summary plots

  • CSC meeting
  • Need to follow up on status of efficiency studies

  • neutron background studies
  • Emailed Tim and Indara, waiting for response

2017 07 12

  • UW CMS meeting
  • CSC efficiency discussion
  • CSC LS2 activities. Isabelle taking a much larger role in planning. Should monitor
  • Other developments on GIF and mini CSC studies
  • EWK WZ discussion
  • Zg discussion: new ATLAS result. Should study result in comparison to our analysis

  • CMS meeting

  • CSC efficiency status
  • 2 chambers not in elog or whiteboard
  • Instructed Stephen to concentrate on understanding those chambers and then producing final efficiency plots vs kinematic and angular variables

  • neutron background studies
  • Received pointers to documentation from Tim Cox
  • Need to study

  • ATLAS EWK WZ result
  • Asked to produce comparative study of ATLAS result with our analysis
  • Reviewed paper. My opinion is that their analysis is reasonable but lucky

  • Armando produced document justifying COLA for him, Isabelle, Stephen and Jithin

  • HIG-17-030 review
  • Reviewed for IR
  • Need to transmit comments

  • VBSCan vote
  • Supported Dresden

2017 07 13

  • CSC efficiency status
  • Two chambers understood with input from Misha
  • Separate problems effect LCT efficiency in one case and segment efficiency in the other
  • Should proceed to making efficiency plots
  • Later may want separate exclusions for SCT and segment efficiencies

  • ATLAS WZ result
  • QCD control region led to low normalization constant for QCD WZ as part of simultaneous fit of signal and control regions
  • However, there appear to be some separation in the signal region as well
  • Some question on whether the QCD to EWK WZ region is reasonable
  • Need to complete paper before ATLAS submits their paper. Likely that they are actually ready with a paper

  • Downham meeting
  • Reviewed detector paper
  • Discussed madgraph work

  • IR CMS-HIG-17-030
  • Submitted comments

2017 07 16

  • CSC efficiencies
  • Discussion of efficiencies
  • Establish thresholds for investigating poor performance
  • 98% ME2, 3 , 4, ME12, 13
  • 95% ME11b
  • 90% ME11a
  • Understand reasons for poor performance in terms of hardware issues
  • Understand poor performance in ME11 and cases without clear hardware issues
  • Use 1D plots along both measurement direction, 2D plots if possible, and time histories
  • in 2D plots we could amalgamate chambers with symmetric geometries

2017 07 17

  • Neutron background studies
  • Considering
  • Repeating P5 studies with 2017 and 2018 data
  • Extending studies to strip data
  • Need to contact Armando, Tim and Indara for guidance
  • Need to contact authors for access to code.

2017 07 18

  • CSC meeting

  • CSC efficiency studies
  • Progress on tracking down problems. Two chamber problematic
  • These chambers have had problems since 2015/2016
  • Though there are some issues with measuring efficiencies in ME1/3 since requiring other segments is problematic

  • Neutron background studies
  • Suggested direction of studies and asked for guidance.
  • Need to contact study author

2017 07 19

  • CSC efficiencies
  • Monitor instantaneous luminosity through number of PVS
  • Any issue with out of time or beam related components which might scale better with instantaneous luminosity?

  • CMS meetings and news
  • CMS
  • Muon
  • SMP Combination
  • Muon News

  • UW CMS meeting
  • WZ ALTAS, questions asked at EP seminar
  • WZ HL-LHC. Question on use of tracker and MIP timing
  • Should review CSC electronics introduction

2017 07 20

  • CSC electronics review
  • Reviewed current electronics, should review periodically

  • CSC efficiencies
  • Stated that PV vs instantaneous correlation should be good due to physics uses
  • Asked if there are expected components that scale with instantaneous luminosity vs PVs

  • Discussed result
  • Does scale uncertainty support different corrections for QCD and EWK processes
  • Systematic uncertainties should be treated carefully

2017 07 22

  • CSC electronics review
  • Reviewed upgrade electronics, should review periodically

  • Booked MBI and Washington DOE trips

2017 07 23

  • CSC LV junction box update
  • Several steps left in LV junction box development
  • Bidding and construction
  • May not be ready before end of September
  • Put off booking Stephen's travel for one month

  • neutron scattering note
  • very informative
  • Understood reasons for design of study
  • Full corse wire information stored in trigger path
  • Addressing data simulation agreement is still probably important
  • However, would still advocate starting with repeating study with 2017, 2018 data
  • Sent note to He

  • Muon meeting

  • papers
  • iRPC paper
  • WZ VBS paper: shows minimum effect of unitaritization
  • HCAL paper: excellent description of limitations of HCAL measurements

  • EWK Z xs
  • Updated cross section to published value
  • Need to update plots

  • CPT7 board and crate
  • Set Armando up with UW people to borrow board and crate

  • Review of Smith thesis
  • SM and NP chapter
  • General comments on various topics

2017 07 24

  • SMP VV meeting and ATLAS WZ discussion
  • Sherpa MC has very high QCD WZ normalization control region driven scale factor actually just brings it to the more normal prediction
  • Sherpa MC may have favorable EWK vs QCD kinematics which helps discrimination
  • Differences between MCs and MC choices like scale variable still indicate that large generator systematic is advisable
  • BDT could be problematic because of variables that are not well modeled
  • Also ssWW discussed where analysis are largely consistent

  • Black CSC discussion
  • Discussion of current CSC manpower through LS2
  • Armando, Isabelle, Stephen and Jithin assigned to current tasks and LS2 work
  • He and undergrad students assigned to current tasks
  • Need to discuss LS2 effort with Kevin

  • MBI 2018 talks
  • Put out general call
  • Possible volunteers for on VV and HH/HV talk
  • Need to check status and send out more requests

  • Downham Madgraph work
  • Sent some Magraph suggestion on how to get started

2017 07 25

  • CSC meeting and CSC efficiencies
  • Comments on talk
  • Improvements to talk content
  • Improvements to talk review procedures
  • Asked about occupancy and time based indications of systematic problems

  • neutron backgrounds
  • Reviewed note with He
  • Pinged Armando on getting in contact with students

  • CSC LS2 Information for Black
  • Sent electronics and electronics upgrade introductory talks
  • Sent manpower plan for LS2
  • Discussion UW contributions to manpower
  • Armando: Overall coordination of the upgrade installation and commissioning. Will probably also lead one of the underground teams
  • Isabelle: Coordinating radiation safety issues. Will probably lead one the of the above group installation of commissioning teams.
  • Stephan: Assembly and installation of the UW built LV junction boxes and work on the associated team
  • Jithin: Work on one of the teams
  • Matt: Shepherding though the construction of the LV junction boxes at UW.

  • Muon news

  • SMP only xs summary plot produced for Robin

  • Contacted prospective speakers for VV NP talk and HV and HH talk

  • McDowell physics topic
  • Dark matter mono jet search patterned off pencil jet analysis
  • Contacted UW personal
  • Already have material to review

2017 07 26

  • CSC efficiencies
  • Will update talk with better explanations
  • Pursue vs r and z(front and back) wire efficiencies to understand low ME11 efficiencies
  • Understand timing axis information

  • Neutron backgrounds studies
  • Contacted by students and Bob Cousins
  • Will review documentation and code

  • CMS meeting
  • H->bb observation based on aggressive use of advanced techniques
  • massless version far less significance

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Information on Jithin's current monitoring project

  • Downham magraph
  • Use independent madgraph Rivet as study platform
  • Kenneth will provide code

2017 07 31

  • MBI speakers
  • Found speakers for VH HH and NP VV talks

2017 08 01

  • MBI speakers
  • Nominated speaker for NP VV talk
  • Sent email for dif Higgs talk
  • Need to find contacts for VBS neutral talk

  • Muon general and CSC meeting

  • CSC efficiency discusion
  • Discussion of inefficiencies correlated with mis timing
  • Is there a connection - for instance a BX identification issues
  • Does even vs odd BX serve result in different efficiencies
  • If so this would product the killer plot to demonstrate inefficiency
  • Need to follow up with Tim or Armando
  • Established to do list for Stephen and Isa
  • Established weekly meeting time

  • mono Jet discussion
  • Published analysis involves
  • mono Jet, mono V with hadronic decays and jet substructure, Higgs invisible
  • H to bb with jet substructure and b tagging is separate
  • A large number of simplified theory interpretations
  • complex V+jets background estimation method based on pheno work

2017 08 02

  • CSC efficiency discusion
  • Questions for Armando on timing issues

  • CSC LV overvoltage
  • Can an over voltage effect the front end electronics
  • LV is distributed from Wiener Maratons, to the LV junction boxes, to the LVDB boards
  • junction boxes are a passive distribution net with fuses an breaker for over current protection
  • LVDB have linear, non programable, regulators with fuses for overcorrect projection
  • Fuses provide some over voltage protection
  • Regulators would likely break down if confronted with continuous substantially high voltage

  • meeting
  • CDF meeting
  • CMS meeting
  • UW CMS meeting
  • Need to access undergraduate project
  • Need to set up CSC meeting

2017 08 03

  • CSC efficiency discusion
  • Timing issues probably cause obsess ed inefficiencies
  • Likely an offline calibration issues
  • Posed follow up questions to Armando
  • New material to read in neutron background studies note

  • MBI nominations
  • Asked for nominations to be accepted as speakers

2017 08 06

  • CSC team meeting
  • Minutes
  • Need to setup induce meeting and agenda

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies. Stephen and Isa

ME-1/3/(8, 15, 22, 25) low WCT efficiency
Chad investigated.  CLCT issues
 - CLCT0 low quality (What does this mean?)
 - CLCT large fraction of completely missing CLCT data
 - ALCT small fraction of missing data, probably caused by missing CLCT data
 - Low rates of CLCT pre triggers across all CFEBs
 - Often 50% occupancy compared to other chambers
 - ALCT rates generally look okay
 - Find out what some of the above metrics mean
 - Continue to investigate with Chad
 - Present the problem with evidence to CFEB expert (who?)

ME-2/1/17 low segment efficiencies
 - Chambers timed differently by about 0.1-0.2x(time bin)
 - we think this is likely to cause problems since relative mis timing between strip data and wire data could cause a reconstruction inefficiency
 - “even” vs “odd” time BX might show the problem differently but we don’t know if we have this information
 - Problem is likely in offline calibration but the offline calibration is dependent on the online calibration
 - Present problem with evidence to Misha, expert on online timing calibration, back from vacation tomorrow (third highest priority)
 - With Misha Determine whether problem is purely offline or also seen online. 
 - Ask about availability of information “even” vs “odd” BX relative to the time bin

ME1/1 an other ring or ring back vs. front efficiency issues
 - We doubt that this is an eta cut dependent issue
 - We would like to understand if the sonly happens in ME11a or also elsewhere
 - Plot efficiency for back vs. front chambers in: (Armando should confirm this list) (highest priority)
   - ME11a (done)
   - ME11b
   - ME21
   - ME31
   - ME13
- Plot efficiency with wider cuts on sigma and fixed windows.  8sigma and 8cm
- Look at some event displays to determine what is happening (suggestion from Tim)

General efficiency plots
- We need to finish 2018a and move onto a second period
- We would like to pursue a general project of making the code run faster
Actions in order of priority
- Finish 2018a plots (second highest priority)
- Investigate improvements that can be made in 2-3 days
  - Configuration variable to control which project is produced
  - Investigate altering the code to produce all projections at once.   Do if feasible in a few days
  - Determine the minimum about of data necessary to produce plots when performing “test” or “debugging” runs.  Is this faster?
  - Investigate overall code to make sure the loop structure makes sense
- Start running over 2018b or other period

CSC current data vs instantaneous luminosity.  Jithin
- Purpose is to detect issues like the onset of matter currents
- Discussed that comparisons of + vs - chambers in the same position is the cleanest comparison
- Continue investigation of chambers
- Investigate whether code or ideas from neutron background studies is useful

CSC neutron background studies
- received code and documentation from UCLA group
- Need to discuss and determine best project
- Ideas:
 - Continue work on simulation and comparison of P5 vs GIF data.   Understand why we see substantially different current per hit
 - Run more modern P5 data to get a larger sample at high instantaneous luminosity
- Study code and run
- Determine best project goal

  • Muon meeting
  • New leader to identify

2017 08 07

  • MBI speakers
  • Potential speaker for charged VV talk. Move Kenneth to neutral VV talk

2017 08 08

  • CSC meeting
  • Analysis of LCT efficiency issue presented by chad

  • madgraph test
  • downloaded and tested madgraph and pythia
  • Sent instructions to Keegan on documentation

  • MBI speakers
  • charged VV and neutral VBS VV talks switched and filled

  • LV junction boxes
  • Plans received
  • Need approval of principles

2017 08 09

  • LHCEWWG WZ meeting
  • Presentation from ATLAS and CMS
  • ATLAS: expected significance is post control region fit
  • Even though the fit is simultaneous.
  • The fluctuation is even larger than expected because prefit the expectation would ~2.1 sigma
  • This addresses concerns about the relative sensitivity of our analysis.
  • CMS: We emphasized the poor control of the theoretical issues and that we designed an analysis that was robust against those considerations
  • intention to combine aCs using public and internal data
  • intention to compare analysis using Rivet routines
  • Kenneth will provide WZ Revet routine which likely both experiments will use
  • Need to come up with people for other analysis

  • WZ CWR comments
  • Only serious issue is the relative sensitivity compared to ATLAS which is addressed by understanding the actual a-priori ATLAS sensativity

  • UW meeting
  • Marc Tost and Evan Koenig are making good progress on their projects
  • CSC GIF++ has review of mini CSC chamber work.
  • We improved the plotting tools for the results

  • MBI Speakers
  • 4 of 5 speakers assigned and sent to organizing committee chair

  • B2G-17-012 IR
  • Email notification sent
  • Comments by Wed Aug 22nd

2017 08 10

  • CSC efficiency discussion
  • Issue is likely with new segment builder
  • Need to confirm by comparing performance of two version
  • Likely difficult

  • CSC team meeting indico
  • Created indico meeting and indico room
  • Moved meeting to Tuesday for next week

  • CSC team meeting subjects
Questions for CSC team meeting
Progress on 2018A official plots
Progress on 2018C running
Possibility to run 2017F data
Progress on getting failed event list and failed events
Query on whether Zmu skims made for 2017
Response from Misha on timing in ME2/1/17...

Status of new channel with Malter current
Status of ME4/2/10 ratio comparisons
Status of current studies

Progress on getting neutron background code to run

  • LHCEWKWG WZ rivet
  • Kenneth will provide rivet routine

  • tg xs
  • Cross section updated
  • Update xs, plots and references

2017 08 13

  • CSC efficiency discussion
  • CSC segment builder version can be controlled via python variable
  • Still would be best to have experts run this

  • LHCEWKWG VV combination
  • Propose to start with comparison of WZ since all authors are still active
  • Proposed to expand to ssWW

2017 08 14

  • CSC team meeting
CSC team meeting August 14th 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen
Progress on 2018A official plots
 - 2D by chamber and phi efficiency plots shown
 - Action items
   - Make vs. eta and pT plots and circulate to team
   - Make vs. primary vertices plots if possible
   - Add "2018A" to plots
   - Add caption statement on what chambers are removed
   - Suggested statement: Efficiencies vs phi, eta, pT and the number of reconstructed primary vertices only include chambers without known readout problems.  XXX of YYY chambers included
   - Create presentation indicating that plots are for approval and suggested statement on chambers included
Progress on 2018C running
  - Expect jobs to finish in one day
  - Check if running multiple projections is possible by existing switch or simple change to the code.
2017F data
   - Start 2017F jobs
   - Need to find permanent storage location for ntuples.   
Progress on getting failed event list and failed events
   - Check if run and event numbers are available in the ntuple
   - If so, develop list of cases where segment is lost in ME11
Query on whether Zmu skims made for 2017
   - Need to ask whether this was done
Response from Misha on timing in ME2/1/17...
  - doesn't think that this would effect efficiency
  - need to ask offline expert (Chang?) how this propagates to the offline code
  - check offline after fix is done
  - check new data when it comes in

Status of new channels with Malter current
  - Shown in this presentation.:  Easy to see evidence of Malter current based on current data
  - Two types of Mater current.  Beginning of fill and end of fill
  - First starts soon after beams start colliding and decines with time
  - Similar problem seen in end of fills
Status of ME4/2/10 ratio comparisons
  - Ratio comparisons of chambers in different locations.   Difficult to see any pattern when comparing chambers
  - No clear effect seen tine top CSC chamber
  - Should undestand what a typical increase in current is given the problem.
  - Need a way to store current data in a database

Progress on getting neutron background code to run
  - He working on understanding CMS infrastructure and tools used in the analysis
  - will focus on charge to hit ratio for neutron events as the primary goal of the project
  - new samples for neutron backgrounds being produced.  Can try running them first if they are ready in a timely manor.

* Ugrad, Marc Tost, CSC gas mixture work * Reviewed studies presented in GIF++ meetings * Will update based on CSC meeting

* SMP meeting * W to 3pi analysis has interesting sensitivity

2017 08 15

  • CSC HV current studies
  • Studying current in top chambers that have larger occupancy
  • Possibly neutron backgrounds
  • Expect a 50% effect
  • Can't see clear effect from simple current plots or ratios to chambers with lower occupancy
  • Difficult because of poor granularity of the data
  • Ideas
  • Armando: Form "double ratios" of means to between other voltage segments a chamber and other chambers
  • Matt: be sure to eliminate unstable data at the beginning and end of fills and perhaps other outliers
  • Matt: Use current vs luminosity fits which stabilize the results. Probably would still want the double ratio

  • CSC LCT and segment efficiencies
  • LCT efficiencies resolved
  • Several chambers has wrong CFEB timing parameters
  • Others may have cable connection problems which needs to be checked
  • SEG timing problems are not thought to be a possible source of inefficiency
  • Problem needs to be investigated further
  • Indara comments that we need a systematic way to validate the parameters that are loaded to the front end electronics
  • Consult with Armando and what direction to go next

2017 08 16

  • CSC ME11 efficiency issues
  • Running RU vs ST (old) segment builder resolves ME11 efficiency issue
  • Does not necessarily release front vs back issue
  • Would like to see if it improves any other issues
  • Consulting with experts to see if we can reprocess 2018A using the ST segment builder
  • Dubna contacted about RU segment builder issues

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Smith thesis defense practice

2017 08 21

  • CSC team meeting
  • Presentation by Jithin, He, Stephen
  • minutes, edited with Armando's input
CSC team meeting August 20th 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen
Progress on 2018A official plots
- Thanks for sending the updated plots.  They generate several
questions and comments.  Also, as Armando pointed out, probably we do
not want to show them publicly while issues like the possible ME1 segment builder problem are resolved.
- Questions and comments
- Page 7: When we remove "chambers" are we removing chambers or chamber regions?   Please tell us what is the denominator for the
number 51.   Also the number is quit high.  Order 10% of the system. For Armando: How do we want to present this information?
- Page 7 lower: Also in this plot what is the denominator.  i.e. the number of ME1 chambers.
- Page 9: The pattern of inefficiency is quite interesting.  Is it possible to make these plots subdivided between even and odd chambers?  Are there enough statistics to divide eta more finely.  If possible I would like to shrink the bin size by something like a factor of 2 to 4.
- Page 9: bin edges for ME1/1b (ends) and ME1/1a (starts) should be at 2.1.  A bin that overlaps that region might be artificially low
- Page 11:The ME11A plot end at ~100GeV.  This is likely a statistics problem driven by p being largely pZ at higher eta.  For Armando.  The patten of pT in these plots may represent a failure of the RU algorithm at low pT.  For instance the raise in efficiency at low pT for the high z stages that is not present in ME1.
- What are the prospects for the vs number of PV plots?

- We think RU (road usage) algorithm is improved wrt the ST (spanning tree) also.  Therefore, there is likely some implementation problem.

Progress on 2018C running
 - Please update your progress on this.
Progress on 2017F data
 - Please update your progress on this

Progress on getting failed event list and failed events
 - This is lower priority now that the segment builder problem is being investigated.

Query on whether Zmu skims made for 2017
 - Please increase the priority of inquiring whether these are or ever can be made available.

Response from Misha chamber with a timing issue
 - Misha said that this is likely not a timing issue and needs further investigation.  Did he have suggestions for what investigation should be done?
 - We had wanted to understand how a mistiming at the trigger level effect offline timing.  Is there something we can do to pursue this.

Status of ME4/2/10 ratio comparisons
 - Fits: For cases where all the data is good the chi2 criteria may eliminate good
   points.  You can just ddd little to the right side of the
   expression, for instance +2.0, which should take care of the problem.
 - Means: The mean should depend on the sampling of points with luminosity.
   Could we see some examples of how the mean looks like on the fit
   plots.  Hopefully the mean corresponds the value of the line
   in the center of the plot.
 - The differences in means for the ME4/2 chambers look pretty
 significant.   It may not be necessary to be exact in how the
 averages are calculated to see these differences.
 - For the chambers ME4/2  1 vs 9 and 10, can we see the fit plots, and are the slopes different? 
 - Armando suggests selecting periods where the luminosity is stable
 - Armando would like to see the results from more wedge in phi to confirm the pattern.

Progress on getting neutron background code to run.
 - Both learning out issues like python control scripts and trying to
 run the code.

  • UW CMS PI meeting
  • Brief discussion of trigger and muon system projects
  • Discussion from Tulika and Kevin on what they will do
  • Tulika, calorimeter backend electronics or correlation boards. Would like to put a US lead consortium together
  • Kevin, GEM backend electronics with possible test stand for GEM electronics or full GEM testing
  • Expand physics efforts with multiboson new physics states and top associated states
  • Each PI will draft a brief statement
  • Kevin and I will harmonize our statements

2017 08 22

  • One page CSC statement for DOE PI meeting
  • Outlines current and future activities
  • Specifics on LS2 activities included
  • One paragraph on GEM and possibilities for integrated monitoring of the CSC+GEM system
  • Sent to Kevin

  • CSC efficiencies
  • Finished minutes for this week
  • Set priority as producing failed event list and stripping them
  • Will hold off on approving performance plots
  • Discussed current measurements
  • Sent to Kevin

  • B2G-17-012 review
  • Reviewed paper for CWR IR

2017 08 22

  • DOE one page PI statement
  • Sent to full group
  • Included physics statement

  • CSC weekly meeting
  • Comments to Stephen

  • CSC efficiences
  • Discussing when we should make these efficiencies public.

  • CSC team meeting minutes
  • Updated minutes with input from Armando and posted

2017 08 23

  • DOE PI meeting
  • No new advice on process

  • UW CMS meeting

  • GEM author list
  • Kevin needs to be entered in the CMS database and then made GEM IB representative
  • Can apply for authorship after one year
  • Current paper not appropriate for engineer authorship

2017 08 27

  • CSC team meeting
  • Include minutes and subsequent discussion here

  • Smith thesis defense
  • successful

2018 08 28

  • MBI 1

  • Magraph pythia tutorial
  • Ran LO and NLO tutorial
  • Problems with pythia pgs installation but non fatal
  • Problems with madanalysis5 installation, fatal

2018 08 29

  • MBI 2
  • Final talk has table of VV and EWK VV cross sections at LO and NLO with EWK
  • Test this functionality
  • Conversion for alpha 4 and 5 to fs parameters given.
  • Revisit these conversions and plots

  • Magraph pythia tutorial
  • Installing phythia8 fixes installation issues

2018 08 30

  • MBI 3

2018 09 02

  • Long recommendation
  • Composed

2018 09 03

  • Long recommendation
  • Edited
  • Inserted CERN information
  • Submitted

2018 09 04

  • CSC meeting
CSC team meeting September 9th 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen
Extraction of failed events still in progress.
Issues with code after multi projection update in progress.
Running on condor in progress.
Need update on prospects for the vs number of PV plots?

Current measurement: Jithin
 - Discussed average current measurement uncertainties.
 - This is taking some time and the data looks good enough that the
    uncertainty or biases probably don't adversely effect the conclusions that we might draw from the data.
    I proposed using the fit error that should capture statistical effect and point to point fluctuations.
 - Need to progress to characterizing the whole system
      - Average currents for comparison before and after the shutdown
         and with other changes to shielding, electronics, operational
         changes and LHC conditions
      - Malter current detection and analysis

Neutron background studies: He
Progress on getting code to run, but results do not seem to be filled
Armando suggested asking to be in the loop on neutron background simulation samples

Progress on getting neutron background code to run.
  - Both learning out issues like python control scripts and trying to
  run the code.
 - Known problem Twiki with excluded chambers in T&P efficiencies (https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/CSCEfficiency).
 - Talked to Chad, he seems still interested to look into the 2 chambers Misha didn't fix (he said it might be bad cable connection).

  - Almost ready to submit jobs for ntuples to check ME+1/1/11.

  - Will discuss front back issue with Tim Cox

  - Will also discuss ST running with Tim Cox
  • Need to find new scheduled time

2018 09 05

  • CSC Mini chamber test
  • Conclusion appears to be that CF4 is not needed
  • Contamination in previous tests confuse the issue
  • Open circuit used instead of closed circuit used in CMS is an issue

  • CSC current measurements
  • In progress. Working on minor issues

2018 09 06

  • CSC Weekly meeting
  • RU authors presented that it might be fake for very poor quality segments and that real muon segments are fine
  • Conclusion not firm yet
  • Should increase priority running RU vs ST direct comparison

  • Asked to be in the loop on these MC sets

2018 09 07

  • Rivet installation problems
  • Rivet web site and wget installation method seem brocken
  • Suggested using lxplus installation method

  • Long Thesis outline
  • Suggested adding:
  • Thesis content introduction and motivation
  • QCD VV results
  • Luminosity measurement section
  • Wesley suggested comparison to previous results

2018 09 10

  • UW CMS meeting
  • WZ analysis progressing slowly
  • Familiarize myself with Isa analysis

  • GMM meeting

  • CSC meeting time
  • Thursday 9AM, would a Friday time be better

  • Neutron background MC
  • 2018 pileup agreed
  • Issue with muon pileup is that very few events include muons and repeated use of them leads to unrealistic distributions

2018 09 11

  • ZZ journal responses
  • Reviewed, looked okay
  • Loveless had criticisms
  • Have to wait till attachment is made available

  • SMP meeting

  • Muon efficiency discussion
  • Isa analysis 2018D
  • Statistics still low
  • Some improvement seem evident in cases where Misha implemented fixes
  • Still some mystery problem and a wide range of efficiencies on chamber Misha marks as having problems

  • Muon efficiency coding and events
  • Stephen has extracted events and is discussion with Tim Cox what events to select
  • Coding to improve performance probably complete and analyzing impact
  • Condor submission not working

  • ZZ HEPData for ETH group
  • Re-uploaded and tested HEPData entry
  • Corrected problem with journal entry being blank
  • Transmitted raw entry and cvs version to ETH group

2018 09 12

  • Muon upgrade workshop and ACTA cards
  • Reviewed workshop talks
  • CSC plans to adopt ACTA card for backend readout during LS3 replacing FED card
  • Discussed with Kevin whether we should support this more directly
  • Already there is a test stand with CPT7 card
  • Will discuss with Armando

  • ZZ comments
  • Reviewed Dick's ZZ comments
  • No significant issues

  • lightning talks
  • Asked Kenneth to give a users meeting lightning talk

  • CSC meeting and efficiencies
  • Reviewed CSC meeting talks
  • 2018D data processed with T&P by Isa
  • Timing problems are fixed with significant gains in efficiency
  • Cable problem is not fixed
  • ME1/1 9 and 11 problems are not clearly fixed

2018 09 13

  • CSC team meeting

CSC team meeting September 13th 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen
Extracted ME1/1 events released - 100 events released for Event Display work
  - Will point RU authors at full set of failed events.
  - TnP appears to work fine now, will run on 2018A again to check for any differences and compare runtime.
  - Have not assessed improvement in run time yet
  - Will produce full set of plots including PVs by next week

Current measurement: Jithin
Now have current vs luminosity measurement using Katarina's and Igor's data.
There are differences in outlier removal methods and collection methods.
Igor - Luminosity from closest measurement, measurement every 1.5 sec
     - Direct removal or outlier luminosity measurements
Katerina - Luminosity from average over time period where current measurement was constant
         - Outlier removal by chi2 criteria
Matt will make proposal on outlier removal.  The we should make some comparisons using chi2 to a-priori determine which measurement is better.

Neutron background studies: He
Progress on getting code to run.  Thinks he may have surmounted problems with getting data structures to fill. 

T&P efficiencies using 2018D and comparing 2018A and 2018D
Will investigate chambers "known" whiteboard problems that are minor
enough that the efficiencies are good.   We should suggest, if
appropriate, removing chambers from the whiteboard or re-classifying 
them as with issues but good as in terms of efficiency.

What about lower LCT efficiency in ME1/1?  Tested in ME1/1/11 and saw no effect.  
Will check if we just require a LCT segment or if we explicitly check that the LCT segment 
has 4 hits.  Check how we access the LCT segment from the trigger path. 

Other Upcoming work
  - rerun Stephen’s failed events with ST algorithm
  - investigate front-back asymmetry
  - Make projections for 2018D

Will separately discuss with Kevin and Armando the CSC backend readout card projects.

  • CSC failed events
  • Used event display to look at failed events

2018 09 14

  • CSC current measurement
  • Proposed method of outlier removal

Improving our methodology.   
1) Within should investigate Igor’s method for outlier removal.   If it seems well designed we could 
apply it to Katarina’s dataset as a first step of processing to make the two dataset more equivalent.

2) We should change the chi2 selection method to iterate the procedure.  Right now we establish a 
fit and test chi2 against it using data that includes the outliers which could adversely impact the fit.  
I would suggest that we iterate the procedure three times.   The first and second steps would use a 
very loose chi2 cuts to remove data the are extreme outliers.   I would suggest using 5 times our 
current cut and then 2.5 times our current cut before proceeding to our final selection.  After each 
step of removal, re-perform the fit to get a better result.

Determining which dataset is better.   
Once we have what we think is a good fit then I think we can determine which dataset is better by 
comparing the average deviation of the points from the fit.   I’m not sure how we are forming the chi2 
since the uncertainty of the fit points is not well defined.   That may be an adequate standin for average 
deviation as long as we think it is equivalent between the two cases.

  • HIN paper comments
  • Briefly but adequately addressed, title changed to avoid PDF constraint claim

2018 09 17

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Neutron background studies
  • Need to look in to staging raw data for complete study
  • Pilot simulation study ready

2018 09 18

  • SMP VV meeting

  • HIG-17-030 response
  • Many responses were brief and didn't result in any action
  • Forwarded responses to commenters in case they want to followup
  • Responses to my questions were marginally acceptable

  • CSC LV distribution board status
  • Discussed with Dick
All the materials necessary to bid the construction of the LV junction box components are now ready 
and we expect the bids to go out sometime soon.   Dick informed me that PSL has a new automatic 
machining station that they could use to do the project themselves.   Likely they will bid as well and 
as long as their bid is in line with the external bids we could accept their bid for the project.   Tentatively 
the schedule would be the following:  

1 month for bids
2 weeks to order and obtain materials (Dick said this should be quick since we are not ordering anything unusual)
1 month until the parts are available to construct a first prototype.  Probably a 2 cell box.

That would set the beginning of December as a likely date to have a prototype.

I think we should schedule Stephen to come out at the beginning of December.   
The stay might have to be slightly longer than otherwise necessary because of 
the Christmas holiday.  Perhaps Stephen could stay till mid or the end of January.   
That would also allow for slip in the schedule.

2018 09 19

  • Neutron background MC samples
  • Small pilot samples are available
  • He will try to process

  • CSC meeting
  • Tim presented event display studies
  • Indications of:
  • Failure to find segments with hits
  • Lack of reconstructed hits or digits when LCTs are present
  • Only anode wire or cathode strips
  • Segments that don't seem to match with tracks
  • Missing hits and segments
  • Should follow up on ST reconstruction

  • Studies ME11 chambers with new OTMB firmware
  • Observe higher LCT and segment efficiency
  • Expected improved efficiency and quality, especially in higher PU situations
  • Deadtime reduction code should also lead to more hits reconstructed which would improve segment efficiency
  • Efficiencies improved to near levels of outer rings
  • Brings up the question of whether there was a firmware or other change coincident with the RT to ST change
  • Also ST would appear more robust against the type of problems the firmware improves

  • Rivet
  • Rivet web site seems to be back up
  • Was able to download installation script
  • Did not text, follow up with Keegan

2018 09 20

  • ME11 OTMB firmware
  • Projections vs PU in ME11a and ME11b would be interesting
  • Follow up with Stephen or Isa

2018 09 21

  • CSC team meeting
CSC team meeting September 21st 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen
- Failed job issue solved
- vs. PV plots done
  number of interactions now consistently goes to 60 so we should
  extend the range
- plots discussed to Tao Huang and sent to monitoring group

Current measurement: Jithin
- Current measurements using Katarina's and Igors data shown
- Plots with high, low (at low current) and  highly fluctuating statistics shown.
- High statistics plots seem to indicate that in Katarina's method she may
  be removing points from the bulk of the distribution, especially at high lumi.
  This could substantially change the average.
  Jithin will discuss with Katarina
- Low statistics and low current plots indicate that the iteration of the
  chi2 selection seems to work in stabilizing the result from lower
  statistics and lower current plots.   
- Some plots (from Igor) have highly fluctuating current of lumi values.
  Jithin will discuss with Igor
- Also the plots of the chamber segments with deviation from linear
  behavior were shown 
  Isa suggested looking at that segment in other chambers and/or chamber types

Neutron background studies: He
- Progress on getting code to run.
- Seems to be a technical problem with getting the analysis stage of the jobs
  to run
- He consulting with authors and other UW people
- UCLA people suspect a change in the products that are available
- Tried to run MC samples which had the same issue

- Updated whiteboard with new problems and will follow up on them soon
- Ran 2018D data to higher statstics confirming improvements due to OTMB firmware
- Showed high vs. low luminosity plots which confirmed Stephen vs PV results but
  now at the chamber level.
  We would like to make a difference plot and Stephen has some code to do this
- Sent to Tao Huang and monitoring group
- Tried to run ST it did not seem to work correctly.
  Nikolay has run and found the segments.
- Good progress on setting up for LS2 DCFEB work
  Working on setting up a pilot DCFEB refurbishment test

Outstanding problems
- Is 3 hit vs 4 hit issue in ME1/1/ being treated correctly.  
- investigate front-back asymmetry
- Make projections for 2018D

Follow up email
Outstanding questions from the meeting.

For Armando
- The new OTMB firmware seems to really make a difference.   
  What is the schedule for rolling this out for the whole CSC system.  
  What additional tests have to be done for the CSC group to feel comfortable doing that?
- Do you have any insight on the deviation from linear behavior Jithin sees in ME2/1 segment 2.  
  Isa suggested looking at some other chambers in the same and different rings.

For Isa
- What’s the status on whether we are treating 3 vs 4 hit correcting when measurement the LCT efficiency?   
  I’m not sure whether what you reported says anything about that issue.

2018 09 24

  • UW CMS meeting
  • CSC efficiencies: Stephen
  • Producing high vs low lumi comparisons
  • EWK WZ prefire issue
  • Calculated effect using Nick's efficiency maps
  • Expected significance goes down, but obsessed result goes up because background is lower
  • Will use alternate efficiency map from a different trigger to assess systematic uncertainty

  • HIG-18-14 IR
  • IR started

2018 09 25

  • Neutron background
  • Code running but problems with geometry, global tag and json lists

  • EWK WZ prefer issue
  • Endorsed to WZ group
  • Kenneth will estimate effect for H+ case
  • We want to use this in full including the changes in central value

  • Downham Rivet Issues
  • Issue that only Pythia8 writes out the HepMc file that Rivet needs
  • Worked out prescription to run in LO case
  • Setup CMS software
  • Skip LHAPDF installation
  • Pythia runs but jobs will not combine

2018 09 26

  • Downham Rivet Issues
  • Found command to set xml directory that controls recombination resolving the failure to combine issue

  • Long lighting round talk
  • Nominated Long for EWK WZ talk

  • CSC IB meeting
  • Need to resolve Kevin and my IB status, if we can proxy and if Kevin is invited to attend the muon IB

2018 09 28

  • CSC Team meeting
CSC team meeting September 28st 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen
doc shift this week

Working on eff v lumi comparisons using Isa's 2D plots.
These plots will directly compare high vs low lumi

2018 efficiencies.
2018A previously done with projections, but should be updated
2018D efficiencies done but not projects.

First we want to address binning issues for projections
Eta binning to correspond to detector boundaries was done.
PV to be done but should be quick.
Produce 2018D projections once binning issues are delt with.

Need to address issue or removal of probes for all chambers when one chamber is bad.
Also address good chambers that have minor problems.


Current measurements: Jithin
Did some study of current in ME 4/2/10 (plus and minus) for Fills before and after TS2.
New shielding was installed.
Misha did online hit rate study
Nick? is doing offline segment occupancy study
Jithin is doing current study
Preliminarily the external segments, 1 and 5 look good.
Completed results for all studies to be shown next week on Wednesday

ME1/1 current response is a feature of the CAEN system which is noisy.
There is a section the neutron background on charge to hit ratios on these issues.  We should read pages  31-45.
These issues effect what we would estimate as the systematic uncertainty and detection of malter currents.   


Neutron background studies: He
Code now runs on test MC sample
Will request analysis scripts from UCLA group
Will keep Tim, Indara and MC people in the loop on the progress on the MC samples
Will ask for configuration information for MC sample.  This should allow us to set the correct global tag

On CLCT firmware change.
New CLCTs are found in the trigger and found by the tag a probe but not linked to trigger tracks.  
Timing may be an issue because the tag and probe does not check that.
Isa, Chad, Tao should collaborate and try to make a report by next Wednesday so that we can get feedback from the CSC community.
Also suggested to try a trigger emulator to analyze the problem if it would be useful.  Maybe Tim would have more suggestions.

2018 10 01

  • Muon IB meeting

  • UW CMS meeting
  • WZ pre-firing study
  • efficiency effect is 10% should be included in H+ study

  • CMS week
  • Reviewed each days slides

  • neutron background samples
  • Global tag should be loaded automatically in correct release
  • He confirm correct release used
  • JSON not needed for MC
  • Extended geometry probably not needed for reconstruction

2018 10 02

  • Downham Rivet Issues
  • Can process samples. Need Yoda to root conversion for results

  • Current measurements
  • Intercept look to be large statistical fluctuation due to extrapolation from high luminosity
  • Armando wants to correct for them which is incorrect

  • WZ pre-firing
  • Made statement to working group that this must be address as an efficiency correction with systematic uncerainty

2018 10 03

  • W+c comments
  • Reviewed as acceptable
  • forwarded to group

2018 10 05

  • CSC team meeting

CSC team meeting October 5tht 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen
Status of vs PV and re-binned PV and eta plots
Uncertainties in bins sigma = sqrt(eff(1-eff)N)
More comments on vs eta plots in subsequent discussion

Status of
reprocessing with new RU hit and segment builder
Interacting with RU authors.
Isa has tried ot rerun with ST but has not succeeded yet.
Communicating with RU authors who are assisting

Status of
two lumi comparisons
Not complete yet.   Nearly done, needs some input from Isa.

Status of
probe removal issue
Have looked at code and it appears the probe removal might be done at tag
and probe job stage.  Would have to revise the method in that case.
Will send evaluation of how it might be done and how difficult it is next week

Current measurements: Jithin
Status of Current measurement plot before and after TS change to shielding
Asked for two more filles before after to check variance of intercept
More discussion on testing chambers where no effect is expected in subsequent discussion

Neutron background studies: He
Status of running code
Discussion of global tag and other technical issues.  Should be okay to comment global tag if 
run in the same release which is true for the MC

Status of
Working on rereco
Discussion of new effect of new firmware, discussion going on.  Have been given some 
information to confirm using tag and probe.
New task will be to check HV changes.

Tomsk people have been successful in dismounting Finstars and replacing them with VTTXs.  
Have not tested de-soldering and soldering in radiation zone.  Should not be an issue.  
Tested in non radiation area, but card and specifically cooling issues should be tested.  
VTTX has a higher form factor and may require adjustment ot cooling copper cover scheme.  
See CSC electronics meeting for more discussion.

  • Long recommendations
  • Sent to Michigan and BU

2018 10 08

  • UW CMS meeting

  • WZ pre-firing
  • H+ result presented. Small change with one point different that standard analysis
  • Physics management agrees that we must apply the results of the full study
  • Suggest to perform with standard selection for thesis to get the easiest thesis endorsement

  • CSC monitoring
  • Projection plots shown
  • Would prefer to use detector eta rather than muon track to eliminate eta mismatches with detector boundaries
  • Will start by arbitrarily integrating into adjacent bins

  • Current measurement
  • Check chambers where no effect is expected. phi=#2

  • deBruyn CSC upgrade coordinator deputy
  • Armando proposed to Darian
  • I endorsed this leadership assignment

  • LV Junction boxes
  • Ready at the end of November
  • Schedule tight enough that having Stephen search the procedure may not be feasible
  • Will learn the assembly procedure myself and review instructions

  • B@G-17-012 Vector like quark IR comments
  • Reviewed as adequate

  • Submitted IR for H+ to tau nu HIG-18-014

2018 10 09

  • CSC team meeting minutes

  • WZ Run 2 analysis status
  • Need to set up weekly analysis meeting

2018 10 10

  • CSC weekly meeting
  • Presentation on results after HV adjustments
  • No effect noticeable

  • Efficiency results after HV adjustments
  • Discussed data necessary and best plots
  • Would like to get 1% accuracy in per ring vs phi plots
  • Stephen designated to do this

  • Downham Rivet results
  • Full chain of madgraph, pythia, rivet run with ttbar
  • Next task is to run ZZ with generic Z and ZZ ntuples and CMS analysis

  • Reviewed deBruyn trackless jet SIMP analysis

2018 10 11

  • CMS general meeting
  • Quigg talk

2018 10 12

  • CSC team meeting
CSC team meeting October 12th 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen

Status of (with Isa)
Running new data period post HV changes using latest JSON information.
Expect results within ~one day.

Status of
re-binned eta plots with the treatment of edge eta bins.
Will send new plots around when ready.  

Status of
two lumi comparisons
Showed different in efficiency for low vs high luminosity per ring.
The statistical uncertainty is large enough to obscure the meaning of these plots.
Armando suggested showing the average efficiency (y) vs chamber number
(x) for the high and 
low luminosity data on one plots.  A straight line fit could used to determine the two averages.
Matt suggested using well separated low and high luminosity regions.
The regions should be 
a separated as possible while being large enough to get good statistical power.

Status of
probe removal issue.
Difficult but not as bad as Stephen thought.
It seems possible to calculate the only removing entries in a given ring
The tag and probe job runs separate sub jobs per ring so it should be possible to remove
probes per ring.  
May introduce artificial inefficiency in chambers shadowed by a bad
chamber because the efficiency for reconstructing a muon will not be
as good.  However, this is better than not calculating the efficiency
in the chambers shadowed by the bad chambers.

Current measurements: Jithin
Status of
Current measurement plot before and after TS change to shielding
Extra runs before and after
Extra unaffected chambers before and after
Armando asked Jithin to interpret the data when ready and pursue
further the  changes in current are not understood.

Neutron background studies: He
In progress learning to run final analysis of collected data to produce plots.   

Status of
Effect of new firmware now better understood.   LCT and segment
efficiency appear improved in an understood way.

Need to ask about progress on running improved RU segment and hit reconstruction.

  • ATLAS Zg paper
  • aTGC limits are new
  • Forward to James Buchanan

2018 10 15

  • CSC team meeting minutes

  • WZ HEPData
  • Will right WZ HEPData entry
  • Need to find status of HEPData coordinator

2018 10 17

  • CSC meeting
  • Reviewed slides

2018 10 19

  • CSC team meeting
CSC team meeting October 19th 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen

Status of
Running new data period post HV changes using latest JSON information.
Issues with custom JSON resolved.  Expect results within ~one day.
Produce results without new probe removal code.

Status of
re-binned eta plots with the treatment of edge eta bins.
Done, results will be first shown with the HV changes dataset

Status of
two lumi comparisons
Will compare two disconnected ranges.   Needs input from Isa

Status of
probe removal issue.
New code ready.  Test on older complete data period for comparison.

Status of
Front back asymmetry problem
Need to revisit how to progress on this issue.
Does the probe removal or new RU hit and segment reconstruction help?

Current measurements: Jithin
Status of
Current measurement plot before and after TS change to shielding
Producing extra runs before and after
Producing extra unaffected chambers comparisons before and after
Technical issues with comparison plots.
New plots in progress

Neutron background studies: He
Running code takes three steps
CMSSW run - seems to work on MC
Tree production - gives some errors that are being investigated
Final analysis
Will continue to investigate errors and contact authors with updated
questions.   Armando will ping local author if necessary.

Isa (on vacation)
Status of
New firmware - determine whether this task is now complete

Status of
RU reconstruction

Other issues

Will ask Kenneth to make data certification instructions

May want to revisit how to run relvals on MC files as another way to
look at MC data for things like Neutron background sample

Will pay weekly site visits to PSL to monitor progress on LV boxes.
First visit next Tuesday or Thursday

2018 10 20

  • CSC team meeting minutes

  • xs plot updated with Higgs and tg

  • Downham Rivet ZZ
  • Ran madgraph and Rivet for ZZ
  • Setup necessary to make code run
  • Crashed after 1300 events
  • Sent instruction to Downham
  • Asked about yoda to root conversion

2018 10 21

  • xs plots and references updated

  • aC plot update with ATLAS Zg
  • aC plots and and references updated

2018 10 22

  • On CSC radiation test
  • Issue that no degradation in performance is seen may be due to acceleration factor
  • physics damage seen

  • ZZ madgraph rivet
  • Resolved Keengan's ZZ problem
  • Had been looking at wrong directory

  • UW CMS meeting

2018 10 23

  • Tag and probe on HW change data
  • First results form Steven
  • Not that useful to show phi plots
  • Suggest using two lumi comparison software
  • Armando suggests 2D plots

  • EWK WZ paper
  • Suggested not including full EWK study of changes to sensitivity with NLO EWK cross section corrections
  • Just state that effect is small for changes to sensitivity on the order those seen in other EWK cross section correction prediction

2018 10 24

  • Rivet status requests by SMP conveners
  • Suggested HEPData also needs to be pursued

2018 10 25

  • Comments on Kenneth's EWK WZ talk
  • Includes request for better event display which I should get when it's ready

  • Request for PSL visit

  • Questions on RelVal
  • Responses from Tim and Indatra

2018 10 26

  • CSC team meeting
SC team meeting October 26th 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen

Status of
Comparison of efficiency before and after HV change data
Use 1D histogram.  Separate out rings and indicate in slides rings where voltage was changed and by how much.
Calculate the mean and uncertainty on the main with removal of
outliers beyond 10% directly using the efficiency data directly.  
Limit plot range to +-10%

Status of
Running new data.
Finish testing the performance of the probe removal code before moving to new data again 
Then produce a complete set of new plots for the new data
After than decide which dataset is the next priority

Status of
re-binned eta plots with the treatment of edge eta bins.
Done looks good.
Eventually we should consider converting plot to detector eta so that bin
edges will more exactly follow the detector geometry.

Status of
two lumi comparisons.
Lower priority.  Still need input from Isa.
Previously decided to consider a high and a low luminosity range with a
considerable seperation between them.

Current measurements: Jithin
Status of
Current measurement plot before and after TS change to shielding
Plots using the 2 runs processed match our expectations and show about
a 15% effect .  However, we don't understand the 
correct uncertainties for these plots.
Producing extra runs before and after
Producing extra unaffected chambers comparisons before and after

Neutron background studies: He
Running code takes three steps
Discussing with Indara/Tim and maybe Slava how to run CSCValidation as
a quick check
Code Indara pointed us to looks good.

Isa (on vacation)
Status of
New firmware - determine whether this task is now complete

Status of
RU reconstruction

Status of
Front back asymmetry problem
Need to revisit how to progress on this issue.
Does the probe removal or new RU hit and segment reconstruction help?

These projects should be assigned to other people given Isa's new duties as
deputy CSC upgrade coordinator.

Other issues

Asked Kenneth to make data certification instructions.  Kenneth says he
will work on this.

Looking at how to run relvals on MC files as another way to
look at MC data for things like Neutron background sample

Will pay weekly site visits to PSL to monitor progress on LV boxes.
Dick updated me on the status.
Micarta pieces are ready
Bent copper pieces in process, should check on progress
Other parts on order
Have decided not to bit machining and have PSL do it, not price yet but will be more
Need to understand machining schedule
Could construct a box once all parts for one of the three types is ready
Many parts in common and each part would probably be run at once.
Contacted DANIEL L WENMAN <dwenman@psl.wisc.edu>

  • LV voltage boxes
  • Discussion with Dick
  • Micarta pieces are ready
  • Bent copper pieces in process, should check on progress
  • Other parts on order
  • Have decided not to bit machining and have PSL do it, not price yet but will be more
  • Need to understand machining schedule
  • Could construct a box once all parts for one of the three types is ready
  • Many parts in common and each part would probably be run at once.

2018 10 27

  • CSCValidation and Relval
  • Instructions from Indara include how to run CSCValidation on RelVals
  • These look like they will work

2018 10 28

  • CSCValidation and Relval
  • Crashes or data not processed due to missing or incorrect products

2018 10 29

  • CSCValidation and Relval
  • Crashes or data not processed due to missing or incorrect products

2018 10 30

  • CSCValidation and Relval
  • Crashes or data not processed due to missing or incorrect products

2018 10 31

  • CSCValidation and Relval
  • Crashes or data not processed due to missing or incorrect products

2018 11 01

  • CSCValidation and Relval
  • Got to run
  • Used example scripts in CSCValidation running directories
  • Needed to define Run era
  • Produced files for validation file and neutron background file
  • Sent He instructions on what to look at

  • CSCValidation experiments
cmsrel CMSSW_10_2_2
cd src

git cms-init

git clone git@github.com:wsicheng/CSCValidationRunning.git

cd CSCValidationRunning
source /cvmfs/cms.cern.ch/crab3/crab.sh

cd RecoLocalMuon/CSCValidation/test

voms-proxy-init -voms cms

copy /cms/herndon/cscVal/CMSSW_10_2_2/src/CSCValidationRunning/RecoLocalMuon/CSCValidation/test/CSCVal_example_cfg.py
to your directory.

cmsRun CSCVal_example_cfg.py

  • Arranged PSL LV visit

2018 11 02

  • Neutron background files
  • Asked for cavern description and neutron background simulation on/off files

2018 11 05

  • Discussed high pile up runs
  • Need to check if there are enough Zs for analysis
  • Likely there are not enough Zs

2018 11 06

  • Discussing Front back CSC efficiencies
  • Suggested folding over the phi plot to look for patterns
  • Likely the boundary effect in eta is not real

  • aC plot discussion for LHC EWK WG
  • Sent current status and location of code

2018 11 07

  • aC plot discussion for LHC EWK WG
  • Sent further discussion of a vs f parameter problem

  • Rivet
  • SMP-17-001 plugin ready for review

  • PSL LV voltage box visit

Chamber installation fixture 

There is a DUNE Collaboration meeting during the last week of January.   Dan could possibly add time before or after the dates of that meeting. After that meeting there is a design review in the United States that he has to attend so if he needed to schedule a separate trip to CERN it would have to wait until later in February.  He would like to understand what the first day it might be possible to have access.  If there is no access he could at least check out the fixture and discuss it operation that week.  If there is access and it's possible to remove chambers he could re-demonstrate help with the removal of the problematic chambers like those under the nose.

LV junction box status.

All parts needed at PSL have arrived.
This includes micarta, din rails, copper pieces, screws, lugs and other miscellaneous parts.

The Micarta pieces are being  machined using water jet cutting and the last ones are probably being finished today (Friday) or Monday.  The shop Manager, Tom Harrington,  is visiting the vender daily to help out and monitor progress.

The next step is inserting lugs.   PSL has arranged to split performing this job with the waterjet machining vendor which will cut the time considerably, though not quite in half.  They are designing a priority list for this part of the job so that the parts for one type of box will be prioritized and ready for assembly as early as possible.

All cooper pieces have arrive and most of the bus bars that have to be bent have undergone that process.    There is still some work to do to thread various holes.  They told me that the bending process has been easier than the last time since they were able to obtain a substantially soft copper.   Otherwise the properties, such as electrical properties, should be the same.  I asked if this ment the holes might be more easily striped.   They don't think it will be a concern but they will test one to see how much torque can be applied without causing problems.

They expect to have everything ready to put together an initial box early to mid the week of Nov 20th, Thanksgiving week.  Unfortunately that might not be a good time to test the process of putting a box together because of vacations, but if they are ready early then they will test the assembly process and I will attend.  Otherwise they would perform this test this on Nov 27th - again I will attend.

Things should move quickly then and then and they will target Midweek of the week of Nov 27th to ship the materials.   Door to door, air option, which is not that much more expensive than ground, would take one week.  That is not counting any time to get through CERN shipping and receiving.  Dick warned me that we should interveen to expedite the shipment through CERN shipping and receiving.

Note that after writting up this notes I double checked all the dates and some of the more important details with Dan to make sure that I hadn't misunderstood or misremembered and also that there was not any substantial risk that the timeline would stretch beyond the dates that were discussed.  

One question that came up was on the packaging of the materials.
For each box type they will make a spreadsheet that indicates the parts numbers of the all the parts that are used for assembly and highlight the relavant number on the box of parts.  Parts like the micarta, bus bars, din rails and other miscellaneous parts that are not things like screws will be packaged into kits for each box.  Then there were a few options.  1) Leave all the small parts together in their current packaging, 2) repackage them dividing them into sets by box type, repackage them to the level of individual box kits along with some spares.  The last seems easiest from our point of view, but I would be concerned that it is also the option that makes it most likely to lose some critical part.  I would probably favor one of the first two options.  However, you should give your opinion.

2018 11 11

  • Discussed Rivet for ZZ with Downham
  • New running

2018 11 12

  • Discussed Rivet for ZZ with Downham
  • Sent location of paper results

2018 11 14

  • WZ Initial plots
  • Reviewed plots from Stephen

  • aC plot discussion for LHC EWK WG meeting
  • Want updated plots with
  • Form factor limits included
  • fs2 parameter, will follow up on using this at CMS
  • Newest Moriond results
  • Also discussed auto conversion from HEPData, will send format

2018 11 16

  • CSC team meeting

CSC team meeting October 26th 2018

CSC segment and LCT efficiencies: Stephen

Status of
Fine eta plots.
 - Need more specific run ranges for before after comparisons
 - Stephen will send out fine eta comparison for whole data periods.

Folded phi plots should be possible.

Priorities going forward
  ST v RU comparisons
  High/low lumi comparisons
  Chamber exclusion shadowing study
  Internal phi efficiencies (“folded” plots)

Current measurements: Jithin
Don't understand the pattern of current in the rings and chambers.
Especially don't understand the 1/2 2/2 3/2 plots.   Will try other phi
locations and rings.   May try to include 1/3 but the data is not very good.


Neutron background studies: He
First plots shown and patterns seem to be as expected.
 - Segments show most additional segments in stage 1 closest to the interaction region.  This is probably shorter time scale collision related backgrounds
 - Hits show very large contribution in stage and a second set of contributions that is large in stage 4 and decreasing as you go inward.  This is probably longer time scale neutron gas related backgrounds.

Next steps
 - renormalize plots by number of events in each sample.   The y axis will be number of hits or segments per event in each bin.  However, keep the current normalization to equal area also.
 - Rescale y axis to so that all bin content in on scale
 - label plots and axis's more carefully
 - Run new samples from MC group and compare


- organizing tests for Tomsk technicians, both technicians trained as of next Tuesday
- prepared LHCC slides for UCO meeting
- attended session about new transport rules
- Some DCFEB soldering and tests delayed due to transportation issues but should be done by Monday.  Maybe we could do it in the RP buffer zone a P5.
- Trying to determine a process that will not result in delays during the full refurbishment process.   Also we could also extract a chamber early to test and see if transportation 

2018 11 19

  • SMP Rivet status
  • Assed full status
  • Need to assess FSQ status

2018 11 20

  • SMP rivet status presentation
  • Need to check Cadi for all rivet plugins

  • Upadte on LV junction boxes
  • Still on schedule

  • Asked Kenneth to update CMS model repository to include new model with fs2 aQGC parameter

  • Kenneth gets CERN fellow

2018 11 26

  • CSC efficiency plots for 2018D
  • Sent questions
  • We see an efficiency drop, asked if we can demonstrate it is due to instantaneous luminosity

  • LV boxes on schedule

2018 11 27

  • PSL visit for LV junction boxes
  • Assembled box and assed status

In general the LV box assembly went very smoothly.   All of the machining  micarta and metal parts has been done very precisely and everything fits together very smoothly and tightly.   The assembly is fairly straightforward after you have done it once.   As well as the instructions we will ship one fully assembled box which should make it fairly obvious how to put them together.    Also for some of the screws specialized tooling helps with the assembly.   The tools, including a spare set, will be shipped with the box parts.  One thing to note is that definitely the assembly is a two person job.   Otherwise, I don’t anticipate problems assembling the boxes at CERN.

 One problem we found was that one set of holes and inset lugs was not done by the vender working on the micarta pieces.   It involves machining two holes and insetting lugs on about a dozen micarta pieces.   PSL has the tooling necessary to do that.   It’s just a few hours of work and PSL does not anticipate any delay in shipping.  They are still targeting shipping by the end of the week.

 When they ship they will notify me and provide all the shipping information.

2018 11 28

  • PSL visit to CERN
  • Define visit:
  • Refurbishment and testing during late January visit
  • Later visit in May or after for chamber removal help

2018 1 29

  • PSL LV junction box and MEx/1 cover cost
  • LV junction box costs up to date. Dick will transmit
  • MEx/1 covers estimated

  • Malter current presentation
  • Interesting presentation in GIF meeting
  • Will discuss once I'm at CERN

2018 11 30

  • CSC team meeting

CSC UW Meeting Nov 30th 2018

Stephen CSC efficiency studies:

RU vs. ST jobs in progress
  - test jobs likely to finish tonight
  - longer jobs over the weekend
  - testing standard RU vs ST to see if we see efficiency loss
  - will move on the new RU algorithm next
  - matt suggests downloading and testing new RU algorithm
    immediately in order to address any technical issues sooner.

2018D data
  - fine grained eta plots were shown with 2018a 2018d comparison
  - would like to see PV plot with 2018a vs 2018d comparison
  - if they show the same result then the efficiency differences are
    driven by instantaneous luminosity

He neutron background studies
  - Improved neutron background with no improved cavern and shielding description vs
    old neutron background with improved cavern and shielding description shown
  - Other files were not readable.  Have asked MC experts about this issue
  - Ring plot when to ring 4 which needs to be understood.

  - Gamma spectroscopy of DCFEB boards down.  Boards will likely be classified
    as radioactive.  However, level may be low enough for self transport.
    New boards will have to be tested when we get access

  - Stores from 2017 vs 2018 compared
  - phi location in 18 chamber rings vs. 36 chamber rings mean some comparisons are not
    at the same phi location
  - Would like to see comparison for two very close stable runs, highest priority
  - Would like to see time history of slopes. Perhaps ~12 points over the course of a year.
  - Jithin says this may not be too difficult

2018 12 02

  • DOE progress report
  • Updated references
  • Updated DOE progress report text
  • Need to do more references

2018 12 03

  • EWK WZ discussions
  • Discussed WZ analysis with Sascha, Isa, Stephen
  • Define prelim plan
  • Use estimates for lepton efficiencies, trigger efficiencies, fake rates
  • MC based sensitivity study validated against 2016 analysis
  • Times scale: 2 months after first plot. Feb or March, at latest
  • Full analysis
  • 1 year time scale
  • If necessary leverage effort from Dylan or others
  • Eventually understand prospects for full Run 2 WZ analysis

  • ZZ discusion
  • Discussed ZZ analysis with Sascha and Usama
  • Usama making great progress
  • MC should be in place by January
  • Don't expect problems with lepton Id. Will likely use POG standard tight Id
  • Fake rates could be problematic.
  • 40% uncertainty will lead to 2% uncertainty on cross section which would be dominant or sub dominant compared to statistical uncertainty
  • Comparison of methods may converge with more data and statistical precision of the control regions will improve
  • One backup option would be to tighten the lepton Id

  • Isa analysis discussion
  • Interested in triple boson
  • WWZ or WZV
  • Later would leverage EWK WZ dataset
  • Something to discuss is that we need to leverage jet substructure which would require additional analysis machinery

  • Muon discussions
  • Discussed is Isa and Stephen
  • Stephen, complete at high priority ST vs RU and improved RU study
  • Complete at lower priority full 2018 data look
  • Spin off project to He
  • Goal is a full time history study of 2017+2018 data
  • Need to discuss Emu skim with muon group
  • Isa will supervise work and give technical assistance but will concentrate on LS2 work
  • Need to discuss prioritization of Stephen's time with Armando

  • CMS meeting day 1
  • Technical coordination for muon project is interesting
  • CSC defines the critical path
  • HE-LHC studies will be starting

  • UW CMS meeting
  • No issues

  • FSQ Rivet
  • Surveyed FSQ analysis
  • Several done recently
  • Several validated but need to more to HepForge Rivet
  • One waiting publication
  • One needs to be reviewed
  • One new
  • Need to survey for analysis that could be Riveted
  • In good shape

  • DOE progress report
  • Agreed to update Sridhara's references

  • LVJB process
  • shipped Monday

2018 12 04

  • Muon meetings
  • Muon general meeting
  • Discussed with Jay Hauser about PSL involvement, should open dialog with Austin Ball
  • CSC meeting
  • Monitor whether cooper pieces come out well
  • CSC IB
  • Need to think about scientist involvement for CSC at CERN
  • Muon IB

  • SMP-17-001
  • Transmitted comments on Rivet routine content and coding
  • Validation plots look good and not critical problems with Rivet routine
  • Kyeongpil Lee responded

  • FSQ-15-006
  • Transmitted comments on Rivet routine content and coding
  • Validation plots look good and not critical problems with Rivet routine
  • Coding is rather complex due to complexity of analysis

  • Rivet EPR
  • Outlined work done for Rivet EPR
  • Volunteered to give update
  • EPR granted

2018 12 05

  • Rivet status update
  • Updated Rivet status talk
  • Updated status of all in progress or final analysis
  • Included information on all analysis with open pull requests
  • Put myself on the monitoring list of all the pull request threads

  • Contacted Markus about Rivet routines for just published analysis
  • They had really been updated to Rivet's new repository
  • Markus is inquiring about making pull requests to update publication information in info files

  • Parker recommendation transmitted, again, twice

  • GEM IB
  • Reviewed meeting minutes
  • Didn't attend since Kevin was up for consideration for his new position

  • LVJB progress
  • Expected at CERN Thursday or Friday

2018 12 06

  • Rivet SMP-17-001
  • SMP-17-001 updated with final plots
  • Analysis is ready
  • Asked Marcus about procedure

  • Other Rivet progress
  • Repository established to update info files for three analysis ready for HepForge Rivet publication
  • Taking over responsibility for L2 approval of Rivet routines in non problematic cases

  • WZ analysis meeting
  • Discussed analysis plan and made some revisions
  • Looking at 2017 data will be the first thing
  • 2018 will first be addressed by a data to data comparison

  • UW CSC meeting with Isa and Steven
  • Problem is likely in analysis scripts
  • May be computer dependent and helped by limiting the scope. ME1/1 only for instance
  • Work on getting and testing improved RU code should start imidiately

  • UW CSC meeting with Armando and Isa
  • Discussed how to proceed on RU vs. ST comparison
  • First try rerunning plotting scripts to see if issues is fixed. Limit scope to ME1/1
  • Second move to smaller 2018 D dataset. One where standard RU has already been processed
  • High priority on getting and testing improved RU code. This is finally being addressed

  • CSC current meeting
  • Armando, Matt, Within, Yuri and Anastasia
  • Yuri has a fast tool for extracting information from CSC database
  • Also can extract from CMS database, but that is slower
  • Anastasia is worried about method of extracting luminosity.
  • Yuri extract nearest and 2 nearby values
  • Katerina prefers averaging
  • We would like to have circle/ring style plot of efficiencies, current changes, and rates. Could further break into eta segments
  • We would like to have vs. time plots of current and efficiencies averaged over rings
  • Katerina already has vs. time plots and currents vary with factors like temperature and humidity by substantial amounts
  • No evidence of obvious trend with time
  • Jithin will work on this. Starting first with using Yuri's script to get larger datasets

  • Downham Rivet ZZ
  • Analyzed cc and info files
  • Plots appear to be normalized to unit area with per Gev scaling backed out
  • May have been done by Rivet people
  • Asked Keegan to blackout these two changes to see if we get plots more like in the paper
  • Would need to understand how to cross section scale in that case

  • DOE report references
  • Updated references of all previously in progress analysis

2018 12 07

  • CSM day 4 and day 5 talks

  • Muon upgrade talk
  • Given by DeBruyn
  • Reviewed talk

  • Rivet references
  • Updated reference information in newly submitted Rivet routines
  • Created pull request
  • Monitor to see how this information propagates to Rivet HepForge

  • Rivet CADI lines
  • 56 Rivet analysis
  • 16 QCD, 5 EWK, 15 SMP
  • 7 FWD, 13 FSQ
  • Contacted 29 analysis contacts to update CADI entry with Rivet plugin tgz file.
  • Sent 9 to SMP leaders to update since contact people had left CMS
  • Response is okay since I sent them the tgz file and link

  • Documented cscValidation instructions

2018 12 08

* CSC current meeting summary, conclusions and questions * Armando, Matt, Jithin, Igor, Katerina in attendance

1) We probably prefer Igor’s method of extracting the data because it is much faster.

2) Using Igor’s data as input we prefer to use method we have developed for extracting the I vs L slope.  That includes our method for eliminating the tails at the beginning and the end of the fills and our outlier removal method.
Questions:    Are we using the iterative outlier removal?
         Do we want to investigate further Katerina’s method of luminosity averaging?

3) We want to extract I vs L slopes per fill, per high voltage segment, and corrected for area.  Then we would characterize the chamber current as a single number based on the slope with appropriate units.

4) From this we would extract a stable data set for study based on a criteria like chi2.   Though we would a monitor the unstable set.
Questions:    Our outlier removal may remove cases where there are matter currents.  Jithin, have you looked at chambers with Malter currents.  What sort of results did you get?   Do we want to allow this to happen or do we prefer to design our stability criteria to specifically remove Malter cases.
         Some stages or rings are different, typically due to the lower current compared to the granularity of the readout or different current readout systems.            Do we want to have several different stability criteria?

5) We want to investigate averaging.  The most obvious case is to average over phi.
Question:    If we do that, do we want to remove specific chambers where we know there is an issue with backgrounds.

6) Question: Do we want to correct for things like pressure.   In Katerina’s slides it removes the slope with time, but in seems to cause more problems by causing  some points to be substantially far from the bulk of the data.

7) For plotting, when not averaging in phi or plotting time dependent properties, we would like to move plot that displays the system as circles, one for each stage.   The circles  would have several rings and maybe would make it possible to further break down to the level of voltage segments.   The plots could compare to a reference run.  We would also like to do this for efficiencies.

-- MattHerndon - 2018-01-03

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