Daily web log book 2020


  • 2020 01 02 Cross section summary plot update WWW
  • 2020 01 03 DM article, EDH password update, DOE Task T proposal task list, RM people database update
  • 2020 01 06 DOE proposal task list, DOE proposal references, NIck M proceeding
  • 2020 01 07 CMS meeting bookings
  • 2020 01 08 directory cleanup, ARC EW Zg to FR, Plasma search candidate review
  • 2020 01 09 ARC EW Zg CWR comments, Plasma search candidate review
  • 2020 01 10 Plasma search meeting, US CMS meeting, Rivet validation plots, CSC RM Davis people, DOE proposal scientist sections
  • 2020 01 13 UW CMS meeting, Plasma search
  • 2020 01 14 CSC RM meeting, DOE proposal SMP section
  • 2020 01 15 CSC managers and weekly meeting, DOE proposal SMP section, SMP meeting
  • 2020 01 16 CSC RM Dubna update, Prelim exam
  • 2020 01 17 DOE proposal CSC section
  • 2020 01 18 DOE proposal personal section, Reviewed Lanaro section
  • 2020 01 19 Grad applications, DOE section reduction, DPOA EPR
  • 2020 01 20 Grad applications, DOE CV
  • 2020 01 21 DOE proposal budget, DOE proposal references, DOE sections review, UW meeting, Teague prelim
  • 2020 01 22 CSC managers and regular weekly meetings, DOE proposal references figures fixes final, DOE products, Grad admissions
  • 2020 01 23 DOE products, IR EXO-19-10 + Isa, UW scientist discussion
  • 2020 01 24 Isa meeting on UW scientist, Plasma search final, Stephen report on Eff jobs, DOE products and reference fixes, ZZ discussion, SMP VV meeting, Zg aTGC question, Grad admissions
  • 2020 01 25 Zg discusion
  • 2020 01 26 CSC student manpower survey, HINZ ARC review
  • 2020 01 27 UW CMS meeting, Rivet status, He Prelim members, Downham VBS document review, RMO google sheets update,
  • 2020 01 28 RMO meeting, RMO cooling circuit status, Spokesperson discussion
  • 2020 01 29 RMO cooling circuit split, CMS meetings, CMS week agenda, ZZ talk at CSC meeting. MBI organization, M&O budget plan
  • 2020 01 30 RMO cooling circuit split, CMS preweek meetings, EWK Zg HEPData
  • 2020 01 31 ZZ questions, RMO M&OB 5k and cooling circuit, VV meeting, CSC VV talk, CSC Eff meeting, MBI organization,
  • 2020 02 01 VOMS, CSC Eff memcheck, Everaerts,
  • 2020 02 02 CSC Eff memcheck, Plasma interview email, RS review, EXO-19-010 IR review,
  • 2020 02 03 RM status, CSC conference status, ZZ paper discussion and review, Hesse interviews, HIN Z ARC meeting, Stephen meeting, CSC Eff jobs, UW meeting
  • 2020 02 04 Muon GMM, ZZ presentation, RMO presentation, VTTX loan discussion with TC, Cooling loan discussion with TC, CSC meeting, CSC IB, Dubna CSC contributions discussion
  • 2020 02 05 Dubna CSC contributions discussion, SMP meeting, Cooling loan resolution, CSC M&OB table update, Tomsk VTTX loan resolution, Plasma interview, Muon IB meeting
  • 2020 02 06 Dubna CSC contributions manpower, CSC Efficiency code discussion and resolution, WZ status, SMP PAG nomination, CSC conf ICHEP abstract
  • 2020 02 09 Zg FR preparation
  • 2020 02 10 Zg FR, RMO Dubna M&OB meeting, UW meeting, Plasma seminar
  • 2020 02 11 Alves Plasma Interview
  • 2020 02 12 RMO Dubna M&OB meeting, He prelim slides, Kim HEP presentation, Notes on Plasma search
  • 2020 02 13 Baalrud Plasma interview, Plasma search meeting, RMO Dubna M&OB and RBB update
  • 2020 02 14 MBI experimental agenda
  • 2020 02 17 UW CMS meeting, Muon meetings
  • 2020 02 18 ARC EWK Zg final FR comments
  • 2020 02 19 ARC HIN Zg journal change, CSC managers meeting, CSC meeting
  • 2020 02 21 Committee set for He's prelim, WZ questions to Stephen on fake rate estimate, Update on CSC upgrade spending
  • 2020 02 23 ARC EWK Zg paper submitted
  • 2020 02 24 UW CMS meeting, Muon meetings, Plasma faculty search
  • 2020 02 25 ARC EWK Zg missing reference, CSC RMO Russian cash funding, Visa Isa UW USCMS CSC component, He Prelim time set, MBI experimental agenda
  • 2020 02 26 ARC EWK Zg missing reference inserted, CSC RMO Russian cash funding update, Comments on He prelim slides, He prelim questions, He prelim room set, Teaching evaluation Bechtol, CSC management meeting, CSC meeting
  • 2020 02 27 He prelim meeting, He prelim, CSC RMO Russian cash funding update final text, CDF meeting
  • 2020 02 28 Prospective grad student meetings, Keegan meeting, Susmita meeting, He meeting
  • 2020 02 29 ZZ analysis plan, PNPI presentation on HV spares funding
  • 2020 03 02 UW CMS meeting, He ZZ meetings, Stephen WZ progress, Isa Tomsk contributions, Plasma faculty interview, RMO meeting prepared notes
  • 2020 03 03 SMP PAG nomination meeting
  • 2020 03 04 US CMS organization meeting, Tomsk contributions meeting
  • 2020 03 05 ARC HIN Z author responses
  • 2020 03 06 He ZZ meeting, reappointment progress request, Keegan analysis plots
  • 2020 03 09 UW meeting, RMO Tomsk cash spending discussion and inquiry, US CMS meeting status and CSC session,
  • 2020 03 10 Rivet FSQ-18-001 discussion and plot review, reappointment progress, RMO Tomsk cash spending
  • 2020 03 11 RMO Tomsk cash spending, reappointment letter and presentation,
  • 2020 03 12 Rivet FSQ-18-001 discussion and updates, RMO Russian Dubna gas studies participation, Group members at CERN,
  • 2020 03 13 Rivet FSQ-18-001 differences understood, Susmita meeting and CERN registration, Updated reappointment letter, CERN flight cancelation, NO cost extension discussion
  • 2020 03 16 UW CMS meeting, CERN trip and hotel, SMP-18-002 Rivet review complete
  • 2020 03 17 SMP VV meeting, CERN student status, Isa tax status, SMP L2 information, He prelim warrant, ttbar+x xs, SMP 19-002 IR
  • 2020 03 18 CSC meeting, Keegan thesis comments
  • 2020 03 23 UW meeting, Stephen WZ comments, He ZZ comments, RM taxation issue
  • 2020 03 24 Stephen WZ followup, Keegan meeting, Susmita meeting
  • 2020 03 25 RMO salary country emails, MBI 2020 plan, Isa information on efficiency projects
  • 2020 03 26 Susmita external registration
  • 2020 03 27 MBI 2020 Plan proposal, Stephen WZ meeting
  • 2020 03 29 SMP-19-002 IR review
  • 2020 03 30 UW CMS meeting, He ZZ status, SMP-19-002 IR, RMO CSC University salaries, Susmita meeting
  • 2020 03 31 Muon IB board meeting, RMO CSC salary information,Stephen WZ status, Keegan Student, Tuan email, HIN Z GL
  • 2020 04 01 RMO Russian taxation information, Stephen WZ code, Keegan thesis comments, Susmita madgraph tutorial and plan
  • 2020 04 02 RMO meeting, xs plot status, WZ comment
  • 2020 04 03 Stephen WZ status
  • 2020 04 06 UW meeting, RMO Cola discussion
  • 2020 04 07 Tenure packet discussion, ZZ ARC responses ready
  • 2020 04 08 ARC EW Zg first draft ref responses and comments, EW ssWW WZ FR followup, Tenure packet discussion
  • 2020 04 09 Tenure packet discussion, ARC EW Zg Prefiring, ARC EW ref responses comments
  • 2020 04 10 Stephen WZ status, CMS student meeting, Susmita status
  • 2020 04 11 ARC EWK Zg uncertainty correlations
  • 2020 04 12 ARC EWK Zg uncertainty correlations
  • 2020 04 13 EW Zg referee responses, UW Meeting ZZ analysis
  • 2020 04 14 EFT partial wave unitarity, SMP VV meeting
  • 2020 04 15 CSC meeting, Keegan thesis review, taxation status review, RMO information discussion
  • 2020 04 16 ARC EWK Zg journal edits,
  • 2020 04 17 ARC EWK Zg journal edits and responses complete, CSC Eff discussion, MATRIX+Radish paper, Request for CSC substance on team accounts info
  • 2020 04 18 ARC EWK Zg journal resubmission, ZZ delta phi weighting,
  • 2020 04 20 UW CMS meeting, Comments on He ZZ analysis, Subsistence on TEAM accounts, CSC Eff discussion, Wg ARC
  • 2020 04 21 RMO information discussion, Keegan meeting, ZZ EFT unitarity limits, Muon IB chair vote, CSC Eff discussion
  • 2020 04 22 RMO meeting slides, CSC Eff discussion, Qual meeting, Madgraph instructions for Susmita
  • 2020 04 23 EMU SOW, RMO meeting slides, RMO meeting, French taxation status
  • 2020 04 24 APS membership, Muon conference report review, VBSCan report, CERN account password
  • 2020 04 27 UW CMS meeting, He slides, Keegan thesis, Susmita status, xs plots, Muon meetings, Snowmass effort, CV, Tenure letters
  • 2020 04 28 VBSCan budget vote, RBB meeting slides, RBB meeting, SMP VV meeting, ARC Wg preaproval comments, journal club, new journal club article, Final tenure letters list, HEPData WZ review
  • 2020 04 29 No CSC meeting or Eff talk, WZ status, Covid 19 and subsistence, HEPdata WZ discussion, LPC nomination, ARC Wg discussion, ARC Wgg and Zgg, Deep learning review article
  • 2020 04 30 ICHEP CSC talk advertised, Snowmass EW group meeting, RMO RBB work, Stephen CSC work
  • 2020 05 01 Reviewed ZZ responses, Keegan thesis comments, GMM meeting
  • 2020 05 04 RMO RBB document check, UW meeting, Isa status, Stephen status, He status, Keegan status, EXO-19-008 IR, GMM, RMO scrutiny group report check, SMP-19-012 results check, CSC talk title, ARC Wg ratio plots, APS Covid email, Faculty senate meeting
  • 2020 05 05 CSC efficiency distributions, journal club, RMO updated documents, SMP meeting, ARC WggZgg pre approval
  • 2020 05 06 CSC background subtractions, CSC meeting talk, CSC efficiency discussion, Z Phi* HEPData,
  • 2020 05 07 CSC efficiency discussion, CSC group members, CERN CSC payments
  • 2020 05 08 Swiss proposal review, Keegan progress, CSC efficiency discussion, Details of CSC scientist position, FNAL Hats
  • 2020 05 11 UW CMS meeting, Personnel status, RMO MISG document, Snowmass QCD group, HEPData EW ssWW and WZ,
  • 2020 05 12 SMP VV meeting, ZZ Jet eta comments, journal club, Susmita instructions, CSC scientist position, Keegan instructions, ARC Ew Zg accepted for publication
  • 2020 05 13 ARC Wg lumi uncertainty, UW Student meeting, DOE no cost extension, CSC scientists position, MUSIC search discussion, Neutrino 4 result, ARC EW Zg closeout, CSC efficiency histograms
  • 2020 05 14 Snowmass EW survey, IR EXO-19-008 review, Keegan thesis revisions, CSC LCT efficiencies
  • 2020 05 15 Snowmass EW meeting, Approvals meeting, EW ZZ approval, EW EW ZZ unitarity limits, EW Zg closeout status, CSC electronics meeting, CSC 2D efficiency histograms, IR EXO-19-008 transmit
  • 2020 05 18 UW meeting, Progress reports, LHC EW meeting, ZZ result, summary results, alpha article
  • 2020 05 19 Stephen status and code, Susmita meeting, RMO MUISG document, SMP meeting ZZ approval, UW journal club, CSC efficiency ME1/3 issues
  • 2020 05 20 UW student meeting, Susmita reading, Rivet emails, Rivet phi* review, He ZZ status, Induction course, CSC meeting
  • 2020 05 21 Rivet SMP-17-001 review, Snowmass meeting, HIN Z review, HEP funding
  • 2020 05 22 CSC Bad Track problem, HEP funding
  • 2020 05 23 CSC Bad Track problem
  • 2020 05 24 CSC Bad Track problem run
  • 2020 05 25 UW work at CERN, xs and aC plots, People status, Rivet-17-014
  • 2020 05 26 Summary plots public, journal club, SMP-VV meeting, CSC local efficiencies, CSC work at CERN
  • 2020 05 27 CSC strip efficiencies, UW CMS student meeting, DOE revised budget
  • 2020 05 28 ARC HIN Z final PAS check, UW CSC CERN work package, Stephen status, ARC Wg review 1, Muon IB chair vote, Journal club article, VV review article, Susmita meeting, EW W+W- signals and backgrounds, DOE draft budget
  • 2020 05 29 UW CSC CERN work package, ARC Wg review 2, HEPData EW ssWW and WZ, Keegan meeting, ZZ analysis to CWR, CSC Eff crab jobs
  • 2020 06 01 ARC Wg review transmit, Wg Matrix discussion, ARC HIN Z PAS auxiliary material, UW Meeting, Personnel Status, Keegan WW xs and costheta*,
  • 2020 06 02 Journal club, SMP meeting, CSC new WP, Snowmass meeting, CSC PM, MBI organization proposals
  • 2020 06 03 CSC meeting, CSC IB, Muon IB election, CSC new efficiencies, RMO slides, RMO CSC HV funding information, Keegan WW selection
  • 2020 06 04 EFT meeting, CSC HV funding information, Keegan WW selection, EWK Zg proofs, Susmita meeting
  • 2020 06 05 CERN accounts information, Scientist position, CSC HV funding impact, Test update T&P code
  • 2020 06 08 Personnel status, Team leader change, UW meeting, Rivet SMP-16-15, CSC jobs submit
  • 2020 06 09 CSC Jobs, Rivet WMP-16-15, ARC EWK Zg, proofs, CSC work package, SMP VV meeting, Journal club, Keegan opposite sign WW, test beam note
  • 2020 06 10 Rivet SMP-14-012 born level leptons, VBS common selection, CSC eff jobs progress, Virtual diversity meeting and document
  • 2020 06 11 ARC EW Zg published, CSC Eff jobs, Susmita meeting, Keegan meeting
  • 2020 06 12 MIB meeting, g-2 journal club article, muon talk, CSC +- combination, eff results, ab bug fix, new jobs, Keegan madgraph polarization
  • 2020 06 15 UW meeting, Personnel status, ARC EW Zg HEPData, CSC eff new runs, CMS Day 1, CSC author list, ARC Wgg Zgg
  • 2020 06 16 CMS Day 2, GMM, SMP meeting, SMP nomination, ZZ CWR, ARC HIN Z CWR ended, Keegan Susmita madgraph ZZ polarision, HIN-19-007, Geo science review
  • 2020 06 17 ARC HIN Z CWR comments, Journal club, Xenon axion article, CMS day 3, Rivet SMP-16-014 review, Future collider article, Zg MATRIX+Radish NNLO+N3LL calculation
  • 2020 06 18 Journal club Xenon axion article, Scientist position benifits, Qual 1 failure cases, muon induction talks, ARC Vgg review, Rivet SMP-16-014 jet corr
  • 2020 06 22 UW meeting personnel status, CSC efficiency ME11a even vs odd issue, Rivet SMP-16-014
  • 2020 06 23 CSC efficiency ME11a even vs odd issue, CSC testing for He
  • 2020 06 24 Muon IB, CSC meetings, CSC work package He, CSC Efficiency discussion, CSC EFf Job status, Snowmass AF meeting, Journal club, Susmita work google doc
  • 2020 06 25 Susmita meeting, CSC jobs status,
  • 2020 06 26 ARC Vgg comments sent, Facilities meeting, CSC eff jobs, CSC pretty pots, CSC hgigh LCT eff problem, CSC LCY and LCS problem, Polarization results,
  • 2020 06 29 UW meeting, personnel status, CSC eff jobs, CSC Eff ME1 Eta 1.18, CMS publicity, Rivet SMP-16-015 Z+jets finished, HIN-19-017 J/Psi CWR comments, SMP-19-001 CWR responses ready,
  • 2020 06 30 CMS 1000 paper publicity, CSC eff even vs odd issue
  • 2020 07 01 CSC Eff even vs odd and a vs b, CSC eff bad chambers, CSC eff status, CSC managers meeting, CSC meeting, SMP-COM nomination, Journal club X(6900), Qual meeting, Snowmass accelerators
  • 2020 07 02 Travel voucher travelinc, SMP Com nomination, Susmita meeting, muon people database, 208 teaching
  • 2020 07 03 CSC efficiency strip segments, Qual committee notes
  • 2020 07 06 SMP Com nomination, UW meeting, Personnel status, ZZ comments, VBS study comments, CSC article, ARC Vgg author responses, CSC efficiency 2018D reprocessing
  • 2020 07 07 SMP VV meeting, ZZ comments
  • 2020 07 08 CSC managers meeting, CSC meeting, ZZ comments
  • 2020 07 09 Susmita meeting, Dept coffee, Read Vgg paper, DOE PI meeting
  • 2020 07 10 CSC efficiency progress, Qual meeting notes
  • 2020 07 13 UW meeting, UW personnel status, CSC Efficiency PV and Run
  • 2020 07 14 Stephen meeting, SMP meeting, Muon meetings, ARC Vgg paper draft review, ZZ polarization results, Meng recommendation
  • 2020 07 15 RMO meeting, Qual resolution, CSC meeting, Journal Club, CSC Efficiency jobs ,Polarization paper
  • 2020 07 20 UW meeting, Personnel status
  • 2020 07 21 CSC and position and run dependent chamber efficiency
  • 2020 07 22 CSC meetings, ICHEP CSC talk, Snowmass energy frontier meeting, CSC Muon IB Chair Election schedule
  • 2020 07 23 CSC Eff run range exclusions, journal club meeting
  • 2020 07 24 CSC Eff DCFEB exclusions, discussion on CSC run dependent efficiencies
  • 2020 07 27 Muon IB meeting, UW meeting, Personnel status, Efficiency fits,
  • 2020 07 28 CSC Eff discussion, ICHEP muon talk, Rivet SMP-17-009, journal club article, CSC Muon IB Chair Election
  • 2020 07 29 CSC meeting, CSC Eff jobs, ME11a edge region, Susmita meeting, HIG-19-008 IR, journal club article

  • 2020 07 30 Keegan polarization fractions, Discussion CSC Eff ME11 boundary effects
  • 2020 07 31 Discussion CSC Eff ME11 boundary effects
  • 2020 08 03 UW meeting, Request to review ATLAS EW Z paper
  • 2020 08 04 HIN-19-003 approval, Discussion CSC Effs, ARC Wg author responses, MREFC Muon report
  • 2020 08 05 Cancelation of MBI 2020, Discussion CSC Effs, Kegan thesis complete
  • 2020 08 10 UW meeting, Keegan to UCSD, ZZ MC issues, HIG-19-008 IR submitted
  • 2020 08 11 ZZ comparison of results, IB representative list, MBI cancelation discussion
  • 2020 08 12 EMU budget including salaries, travel and Pascal Bulteau. MBI cancelation discussion, DOE PI meeting UW reservation, CSC meetings, CSC Eff ME2/1 problem strip and wire plots and LCT results
  • 2020 08 13 ARC Wg author response followup, CSC Eff ME2/1 discussion SCA saturation, CSC Eff ME1 PV effect in all rings, DOE review results
  • 2020 08 14 Susmita meting, CSC Eff discussion on wire groups, ARC Wg author response followup, CSC IB representative nomination emails
  • 2020 08 15 CSC IB representative nomination refusals
  • 2020 08 16 Keegan EWK study github, Sridhara Snowmass document, ZZ ready for FR from UW side
  • 2020 08 17 CSC CFEB cable shipping, CSC Eff pileup eff discussion, Snowmass LOE comments, ZZ FR comments, RRB CSC text
  • 2020 08 18 CSC Eff pileup eff discussion, EPJC ATLAS EWK Z review sent, RRB CSC text revisions, CSC IB chair nominations declined
  • 2020 08 19 ARC Wg author responses, CSC Eff pileup eff discussion
  • 2020 08 20 CSC Eff pileup eff discussion, CSC IB chair nominations, EMU budget overruns and cost savings
  • 2020 08 21 CSC Eff pileup eff discussion, CSC Eff root memory problem, CSC IB chair nominations declined
  • 2020 08 24 ZZ FR comments addressed, UW CMS meeting, DOE PI meeting,
  • 2020 08 25 Compose and submit recommendations Meng Lu
  • 2020 08 26 Submit recommendations Meng Lu, ZZ ready for submission
  • 2020 08 27 Isa to CSC run coordinator, Final Snowmass LOI, CSC OMDB financial discrepancy
  • 2020 08 28 Submitted Snowmass LOI, CSC OMDB financial discrepancy, ARC Wg author responses, New call for CSC IB Chair
  • 2020 08 31 UW CMS meeting
  • 2020 09 01 Submit recommendations Meng Lu, ARC HIN Z CWR comment responses
  • 2020 09 02 Start ARC Wg EFT analysis, ZZ paper submitted, CSC IB representative choice
  • 2020 09 03 CSC IB representative Durkin, aC summary plot problem with EWK Wg
  • 2020 09 04 xs summary plot update
  • 2020 09 07 xs summary plots
  • 2020 09 08 Vgg ARC followup, SMP meeting, ARC Wg status. xs summary plots updated, UW meeting
  • 2020 09 09 CSC meetings, xs summary references, CSC IB election, personnel status
  • 2020 09 10 VBS Zg aC transposed
  • 2020 09 11 CSC IB election candidate chosen, ElectionBuddy test
  • 2020 09 13 CSC IB election started
  • 2020 09 14 UW meeting, CMS week
  • 2020 09 15 SMP-VV meeting, Sabbatical proposal, CSC IB election issues
  • 2020 09 16 RMO xDCFEB and LV system costs, RMO updated CSC expenditures, RMO request for personnel profile, Updated sabbatical application, CSC IB chair election status
  • 2020 09 17 CSC IB chair help for Alexie, CSC IB chair election complete, MBI VBSCan joint meeting, HEPData working directory for Sascha, Joint muon system ntuple, RMO xDCFEB costs reporting,
  • 2020 09 18 Stephen will grad school, Joint MBI VBSCan discussion, Muon IB meeting RMO presentation, HIN-18-005 IR responses received
  • 2020 09 19 Joint MBI VBSCan discussion and proposal to Chinese
  • 2020 09 21 Joint MBI VBSCan agreement of Chinese and IOC vote, Deputy ops discussion
  • 2020 09 22 Joint MBI VBSCan accepted, Muon IB letter on EPR, ARC Vgg systematic uncertainty discussion
  • 2020 09 23 CSC meeting, ZZ paper referee comments
  • 2020 09 24 ARC Vgg systematic uncertainty discussion, Susmita meeting, Usama thesis defense,
  • 2020 09 25 CSC electronics meeting, Muon system ntuple meeting
  • 2020 09 28 UW meeting
  • 2020 09 29 CSC Eff complete LCT analysis, CSC Eff talk complete, Usama PhD warrant,
  • 2020 09 30 CSC managers meeting, CSC meeting, CSC Eff talk, RMO CSC personnel profile updated, ARC Wg questions on aTGC
  • 2020 10 01 ARC Vgg systematic uncertainty meeting, RMO CSC personnel profile table
  • 2020 10 02 ARC SMP-20-005 Wg ARC started, ARC Vgg systematic uncertainty updated, RMO CSC personnel profile table, Start IR EXO-19-013,
  • 2020 10 05 UW meeting, GMM meeting
  • 2020 10 06 SMP meeting
  • 2020 10 07 Muon and Rivet EPR, CSC meetings
  • 2020 10 08 OMDB and LS3 Upgrade update
  • 2020 10 09 Susmita meeting, RBB and Morse AR slides
  • 2020 10 12 UW meeting, Personnel status, Susmita EPR, Muon system EPR, ARC Wg ready for approval, ARC Vgg paper draft, RMO
  • 2020 10 13 SMP-VV meeting, US CMS organization, EXO-19-013 review, ARC Vgg unblinding
  • 2020 10 14 CSC meetings, FNAL renewal and computer security, T&P RU jobs
  • 2020 10 15 Muon meetings, EXO-19-013 IR submitted, Susmita meeting
  • 2020 10 16 RMO cost profile, T&P RU jobs
  • 2020 10 19 UW meeting, Personnel status, LHC EFT WG, ARC Vgg unblinded results
  • 2020 10 20 He ZZ plots, ttH IR author responses
  • 2020 10 21 ZZ meeting, CSC meeting, LS3 talk, ARC Wg approval, ARC Vgg to approval
  • 2020 10 22 ARC Wg approval, ARC Vgg to approval, Review Wg aTGC note, US CMS meeting organization
  • 2020 10 23 ARC Wg approved, VBSCan extended
  • 2020 10 26 UW CMS meeting, Personnel status, Muon scrutiny group, EP seminar nomination
  • 2020 10 27 SMP VV meeting, AC discussion, CSC Eff Job new RU, Victor prelim review, Sven ICHEP conf proceeding, ARC Vgg green light
  • 2020 10 28 Victor prelim review, CSC meetings, EPR survey, CSC Eff jobs 11 series, Isa position
  • 2020 10 29 Susmita meeting, Victor prelim, ZZ papers and distributions
  • 2020 10 30 Susmita ME21 study instructions, Muon EPR, CSC Eff 11 series
  • 2020 11 02 UW meeting, Personnel status, CSC Eff 11 series test, CSC Eff instructions, Rivet SMP-14-017 complete
  • 2020 11 03 SMP meeting, ARC Vgg approval, CSC Eff histogram instructions, ARC Wg aC author responses
  • 2020 11 04 CSC meetings, ARC Vgg photon id issue, Susmita detaching job instructions
  • 2020 11 05 CMS meeting, CSC RU jobs resubmit, Seminar
  • 2020 11 06 QC HEP talk
  • 2020 11 09 UW meeting, Personnel status, CSC Eff RU segment builder results
  • 2020 11 10 CSC Eff RU discussion, SMP VV meeting, ARC Wg ready for CWR, CSC IB reps slide
  • 2020 11 11 CSC meeting IB reps slide, US CMS meeting jobs panel proposal,
  • 2020 11 12 US CMS org meeting, CSC Eff RU discussion, ARC Wg AC meeting, ARC Vgg author progress
  • 2020 11 13 Susmita meeting, ARC Wg PAS
  • 2020 11 16 UW meeting, Personnel status, CSC Eff code reposit
  • 2020 11 17 SMP meeting, CSC Eff code reposit, CSC Conf talk
  • 2020 11 18 ZZ referee responses, CSC meetings, CSC Eff RU vs ST
  • 2020 11 19 CSC Eff printout checks, Rings, distributions, discussion,
  • 2020 11 20 CMS meetings, US CMS quick planning, invitations, suggestions, org meeting, EPCJ VBS Z author responses
  • 2020 11 23 UW CMS meeting, UW Personal, CSC Conf Talk, ZZ He Talk, CSC RU Eff printouts, CSC Eff Katerina email
  • 2020 11 24 SMP VV meeting, VBSCan EW meeting, CSC RU Eff chamber check
  • 2020 11 25 CSC RU discussion of parameters
  • 2020 11 30 UW personnel status, CSC Eff talk, Muon collider workshop with Delphis card
  • 2020 12 01 CSC Eff talk, Will EP seminar, USCMS industry panel invite and acceptance,
  • 2020 12 02 CSC Eff talk, CSC Eff discussion ME11 ME21 RU and ST PV dependence, USCMS panel status web update,
  • 2020 12 03 CSC Eff discussion PV up vs down and ME31 ME41 maybe ME42, CSC Eff Susmita ring vs time plots, Vetens prelim, USCMS access and key
  • 2020 12 04 IR Lumi paper review, CSC Eff ME42 discussion
  • 2020 12 05 EPJC ATLAS EWK Z paper accepted
  • 2020 12 07 UW CMS meeting, Personnel status, Susmita EPR, Muon DB personnel request, USCMS industry panel invites
  • 2020 12 08 SMP VV meeting, CSC Eff milestone set, USCMS meeting correspondence and materials
  • 2020 12 09 SMP meeting, USCMS meeting materials
  • 2020 12 10 USCMS meeting correspondence, USCMS meeting introductory slides, USCMS meeting announcement, CDF W mass. Muon collider meeting
  • 2020 12 11 EMU IB meeting, USCMS meeting, Issues with MadGraph ZZ production, ARC Vgg responses
  • 2020 12 14 DOE progress report request, UW CMS meeting, Madgraph ZZ production issues
  • 2020 12 15 SMP meeting, EMU Scientist position
  • 2020 12 17 EMU Scientist position, ZZ referee comments received, ARC Wgg fake photon discussion
  • 2020 12 18 MA for Stephen, ARC Wgg fake discussion, Susmita meeting, EMU Scientist position, Dasu post tenure review
  • 2020 12 19 ARC Wgg fake discussion, Dasu post tenure review
  • 2020 12 21 UW CMS meeting, EMU Scientist position, ARC Wgg fake discussion, ARC Wg CWR responses, ZZ referee comments
  • 2020 12 22 ARC Wgg fake discussion, HIN Z reviewed and approved CWR responses, ARC Wg CWR comments reviewed, EMU Scientist position, Dasu post tenure comments, DOE progress report scientist contributions
  • 2020 12 23 DOE references, ARC Wg responses, DOE tasks
  • 2020 12 26 ZZ paper resubmitted
  • 2020 12 28 DOE Progress report questions
  • 2020 12 29 DOE Progress report individual sections, references, ZZ accepted
  • 2020 12 30 DOE progress report final and submitted, Updated CV

2020 01 02

  • Cross section summary plot update WWW
  • Updated with final cross sections and correct theory cross section
  • Includes WH to WWW and non resonant WWW
  • Updated references

2020 01 03

  • EDH password update

  • DOE Task T proposal task list

  • RM people database update
  • Boston and UC Davis updated

2020 01 06

  • DOE proposal
  • Task list
  • Physics references for published papers in SMP, Higgs and Exotica DM

  • Reviewed Nick M proceeding
  • Very good. Archive in CSC conference area
  • Need to create a CSC conference area resource

2020 01 07

  • April CMS week books
  • Hotel done
  • Airplane in progress

2020 01 08

  • nfs_ scratch and cms directory cleanup

  • ARC EW Zg to FR

  • Plasma search candidate review

2020 01 09

  • ARC EW Zg CWR comments
  • Forgot to request that comments be posted to cds
  • Directed authors to do this

  • Plasma search candidate review

2020 01 10

  • Plasma search meeting
  • Determined top 9, second tier, top senior candidates
  • Need to review top 9 and second tier for short list (5) and long list including additional 5
  • Set up web voting

  • US CMS meeting

  • Rivet validation plots
  • Reviewed FSQ-18-001 validation plots
  • Some significant discrepancies
  • Plots need better labeling and and captions to make correspondence to paper clear
  • Reviewed SMP-17-014 validation plots
  • Some minor discrepancies
  • Plots need better labeling and and captions to make correspondence to paper clear

  • CSC RM Davis people

  • DOE proposal scientist section
  • Reviewed Sasha's and Armando's sections
  • Need to be sure SMP and Muon sections incorporate all of their material

2020 01 13

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Plasma search
  • Web form for voting

2020 01 14

  • CSC RM meeting
  • meeting
  • Updated to do list
  • High priority item Dubna M&OB expenses

  • DOE proposal SMP section
  • First draft

2020 01 15

  • CSC managers and weekly meeting

  • DOE proposal SMP section
  • Second draft
  • Figures and references
  • Transmitted draft

  • SMP meeting
  • Reviewed ZZ progress

2020 01 16

  • CSC RM Dubna update
  • Updated M&OB spending and future profile
  • They essentially delivered their in kind 2010-2021 in kind contribution in 2019
  • Intend to only spend 2K CHF in 2020 and 2021
  • Rechecking with the group leader

  • Prelim exam

2020 01 17

  • DOE proposal CSC section

2020 01 18

  • DOE proposal personal section
  • First draft completed and added to proposal

  • Reviewed Lanaro's scientist section

2020 01 19

  • Grad applications
  • Review checklist
  • Reviewed half

  • DOE section reduction
  • 1/2 page

  • 1/2 month

2020 01 20

  • Grad applications
  • Review second half
  • Area of interest and faculty data entered

  • DOE CV
  • Updated 2 page CV

2020 01 21

  • DOE proposal budget
  • CSC Lanoro, De Bryun, students
  • Travel

  • DOE proposal references
  • Fixed and ordered SMP and Higgs sections

  • DOE sections review

  • UW meeting
  • Email Stephen about CSC eff jobs

2020 01 22

  • CSC managers and regular weekly meetings

  • DOE proposal references figures fixes final
  • Fixed reference ordering and missing info
  • Fixed figure numbering and references
  • DOE report final

  • DOE products,
  • Products request
  • Update products spreadsheet with all publciations 2018-2020

  • Gradate admissions meeting
  • Reviewed and choses to ~80 candidates

2020 01 23

  • DOE products,
  • entered publication products data

  • IR EXO-19-10
  • emailed group defining review
  • emailed Isa to review this analysis since it covers disappearing tracks, like trackless where the tracks dis-appeared

  • UW scientist discussion
  • Isa contacted me. Vydyo to discuss on Friday
  • Discussed with Kevin
  • electronics experience a positive
  • Job wiil entail leadership in upgrade, integration, commissioning, operation
  • Eventually would become EMU, CSC+GEM M&O
  • 100% US CMS job. No CMS authorship

2020 01 24

  • Isa meeting on UW scientist
  • Not strongly interested due to leaving CSC and no authorship issue

  • Plasma search list final
  • 2 senior and 3 junior
  • Seniors need special treatment
  • junior do not require special treatment
  • Search list final cannot add two more
  • Meeting on Tuesday which may not be useful

  • Stephen report on Eff jobs
  • Failed ot run jobs
  • Tried valgrind and/or other similar programs
  • instruction on using these tools sent around.

  • DOE products and reference fixes
  • Produced full list of products
  • Fixed problem reference in products list and DOE proposal
  • Need to upload DOE proposal

  • ZZ discussion
  • Rivet routine needed
  • Convince Usama and Slava that this is the best way to go

  • SMP VV meeting
  • Zg aTGC question question on CP allowed CP violating operators

  • Grad admissions
  • Picked next ten candidates plus one

2020 01 25

  • Wg discusion
  • other group pursuing simple measurement
  • Interesting proposal to deal with pile photon production

He's using the standard method to estimate the non-prompt photon component of the background.   Heís then trying to estimate the additional component from pile photons and understand its shape from MC.  I think this is actually a good idea.  However, I would have a few suggestions.  Why not just run pileup MC to get the shape.  Then there is no chance that the photon is actually from the hard scatter and there is some fundamental or technical hole in the matching criteria that itís slipping through.   Then if the shape is so different why not estimate the shape from MC and fit for the normalization in the data.  If pile up photons is really one of the reasons our fake photon estimates have always been problematic then this could potentially be a valuable piece of work.

2020 01 26

  • CSC student manpower survey
  • Used manpower survey to identify all new CSC students

  • HINZ ARC review
  • Reviewed responses to comments
  • Responses adequate
  • Filled out poll for meeting

2020 01 27

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Downham progress toward full analysis with presentation
  • Several modes show issues with background being too small relative to signal W+W-, WZ
  • He progress toward ZZ analysis
  • Usama ZZ analysis preapproved and moving toward approval

  • Rivet statuas
  • Outlined status and plan for SMP Rivet
  • Likely physics management will not support absolute pre publication Rivet requirement
  • Noted in meeting today that it is encouraged
  • Will try to push out VV analysis using Downham's generic Rivet routines
  • Need to address object definition issues. Likely a problem in ZZ

  • He Prelim members
  • Herndon, Black
  • Asked Vernon but he is in Hawaii
  • Ask Lisa
  • Transmit request to prelim committee

  • Downham VBS document review
  • Keegan sent selection document
  • Presentation was better

  • RMO google sheets update,
  • Cooling update to 2021 start of costs
  • Upadate Russian M&O
  • Updated problems such as sums
  • Wrote RRB documents

2020 01 28

  • RMO meeting
  • Need to write IB talk and approve document by Feb 14th
  • Address 5K issue
  • Nail down cooling circuit cost sharing

  • Wrote complete email on cooling circuit cost status

  • Spokesperson discussion
  • Support Patty as best of poor candidates
  • Has done physics and technical
  • Has been supportive of UW and likely to remain so

2020 01 29

  • RMO cooling cirguit split email
  • CMS TC and Muon CSC had discussed 50/50 split of costs

  • CMS meetings
  • Muon
  • CSC: Issues with extraction and installation fixture. Being addressed but could delay things
  • SMP: SMP COM EFT work progressing toward getting people to follow common EFT approach

  • CMS week agenda

  • ZZ talk at CSC meeting
  • Sent comments on talk content
  • Maximize CSC impact
  • All event that include muon with one stage or more of CSC
  • Could fall back on using eta cuts
  • Suggest event display with 1 or 2 muons that traverse the full CSC

  • MBI organization
  • Filled out poll for initial meeting
  • Suggested to discuss coronavirus issue

  • M&O Budget plan
  • Sent draft budget plan to Darien Wood and Bob Clare
  • Includes previous 2021-2024 budgets with 2023 duplicated for 2024
  • As about if 2023 budget is appropriate for 2024 given LS3 start
  • LS3 wiill start in 2025 and Darien Wood think no early rampup adjustment is necessary
  • Asked about including 5k common fund
  • Discussed with USCMS but no known resolution

2020 01 31

  • RMO cooling circuit split
  • Austin Ball indicated costs might not be final
  • and that CERN TC would pay for techs
  • Sent inquiry/response

  • CMS preweek meetings

  • EWK Zg HEPData
  • Comments on table three. Wrong aQGC limits and significant figures don't match the paper

2020 01 31

  • ZZ questions
  • Reviewed ZZ questions
  • Responded to question on gg-> H and gg -> ZZ cross seciton
  • MC is run a NLO and N3LO(differential at NNLO) and NLO calculations exist for gg->H and hh->ZZ respectively
  • For hh->HH cross section are highly differential but signal contribution is extremely small
  • for gg->ZZ k factor for NLO are flat
  • newer paper including gq diagrams and more careful treatment shows that there is some differential behavior: https://arxiv.org/abs/1811.09593
  • In principle this is only a problem is the behavior is steep enough that the unfolding doesn't work
  • Could argue this if it comes up
  • However it could effect the acceptance but not enough information is given to model the effect in the low pT region

  • RMO M&OB 5k and cooling circuit
  • added 5k CHF cast contribution to common muon fund
  • Updated cooling circuit in 20210-2024 budget projection since 50 is being allocated this year

  • VV meeting
  • He progressing with deep NN
  • Preliminary deep NN programed and it achieves significantly better performance.
  • Ntuple skimming jobs in progress
  • Unclear if it is feasible to include data in prelim examination
  • Any issue will halt the process
  • Suggested to modify deep NN criteria
  • Suggested to focus on introductory slides
  • Will assess progress next Thursday and consider when to set up Q&A practice

  • CSC VV talk
  • Try to produce talk as soon as possible
  • Discussed content

  • CSC Eff meeting
  • Isa pointed out that memory issues can be circumvented by running smaller jobs
  • Discussed plans with Armando
  • Should move to focusing on ntuple processing

  • MBI organization
  • Will not be able to attend meeting
  • Pressed that alternate location be considered

2020 02 01

  • VOMS
  • Solved VOMS certificate problem
  • Can read data now
  • Wrote instructions.

  • Running CSC Eff memcheck job in local mode
  • Note clearly growing in memory yet
  • Cleaned up couts in code

  • Everaerts GEM application
  • Excellent candidate

2020 02 02

  • CSC Eff memcheck,
  • Ran one file with one run
  • No memory growth after begin job and initial events that expanded tracking model memory usage
  • Need to run multiple files and runs
  • Understand observed pattern of growth

  • Plasma interview email
  • Received response, need to setup interview times

  • RS review
  • Performed and transmitted grant application review

  • EXO-19-010 IR review
  • Reviewed disappearing tracks analysis

2020 02 03

  • RM status
  • Updated status
  • To do
  • Resolution cooling issue
  • Resolution VTX loan issue
  • CSC IB presentation
  • Final M&OB tables

  • CSC conference status
  • Updated status
  • Missed TIPP, put on list
  • Suggested to submit abstracts to ICHEP

  • ZZ paper discussion and review
  • Discussed presentation of uncertainties
  • Prefer to keep CMS standard presentation
  • Reviewed paper draft
  • Many textual problems

  • Hesse interviews
  • Setting up for possible interviews Wednesday or Thursday

  • HIN Z ARC meeting
  • Recommended to not show separate muon and electron channels since there is no physics input
  • Think a "selection bias" corrected plot should be shown, or at least a ratio plot
  • Letter to PubCom not great. Paper text and letter to PRL needs to be better

  • Stephen meeting
  • CSCEff progress
  • Doesn't know how many files typically used for jobs or standard memory usage
  • Provided files with different runs for testing
  • VV analysis of 2016 data going well
  • Progress to prelim exam based on that and projection to fulll Run 2 dataset
  • Possibilites:
  • EWK WZ production if current groups slow
  • EWK WZ with enhanced sensitivity via deep learning. Not interesting if 5 sigma already achieved
  • EWK WZ Z polarization, may not be enough statistics
  • Polarization and other EFT parameters at NLO

  • CSC Eff jobs
  • Job running after correction file names

  • UW meeting

2020 02 04

  • Muon GMM
  • Status of CSC and issues

  • ZZ presentation
  • Comments to improve ZZ presentation
  • Focused on displaying impact of CSC including the upgrade

  • VTTX loan discussion with TC
  • Will ask for collaborative agreement with Tomsk
  • Anna sent updated presentation of Tomsk contribution to CSC electionics : Increase scope from 50k to 210k
  • Anna sent updated Russian RDMS MUO including Tomsk contribution

  • Cooling loan discussion
  • Could not find Austin
  • Discussed size of loan and total cost

  • CSC meeting
  • ZZ result presented by He
  • Question on event display which is forward, probably qqbar event
  • Discussion of 1 muon or 2 muon probabilities to be in the CSMC ~40% and 15%

  • CSC IB
  • Presented RMO report
  • Tabes of contributions had to be explained. Expenditure table only includes money spent or in kind contribution to projects oritnially in bidget
  • Cooling contribution have to go in a future yeaar wheee the budget is not fixed. Cost overruns of current projects could to here

  • Dubna CSC contributions discussion
  • Tables updated except for cooling contribution
  • Open question whether money thatTomsk was supposed to deliver will be acted on.

  • Dubna CSC contributions discussion
  • Explained entries in tables
  • Promised to write text to enumerate Dubna contributions

2020 02 05

  • Dubna CSC contributions discussion
  • Asked for clarification on how much money was advanced from future budgets

  • SMP meeting,
  • VVV presented

  • Cooling loan resolution
  • 167k total cose
  • CMS TC M&OA pays 80k
  • Tomost contributed 42k in kind
  • US owes 45k which is already budgeted in 2020
  • Will save the extra 5k for further cooling expenditures

  • CSC M&OB table update
  • Updated with Dubna contributions and cooling now resolution

  • Tomsk VTTX loan resolution
  • Tomsk sign 50k collaborative agreement to make 50k VTTXs
  • Tomsk asked to expand project to 210k
  • RDMS singed agreement to pay for this project which states the Tomsk University is responsible
  • Tomosk did not sign that agreement
  • 60k loan was approved by CMS for VTTX for which Tomsk or anyone else is not a responsible party
  • US used loan and hired a Chinese tech to so the fork

  • Plasmal interview
  • Need to write down notes

  • Muon IB meeting

2020 02 06

  • Dubna CSC contributions manpower
  • Discussion with Vladimir Karjavine on Dubna manpower
  • Emailed Anna to open discussion on how to account for these contributions

  • CSC Efficiency code discussion and resolution
  • Discussed next steps with Stephen
  • Learn how to submit jobs
  • Submit jobs over 1-2 files each
  • Resolution is that CSC efficiency code does not drive memory growth
  • only way to limit growth when running Z->mumu strip is to only run a few files.

  • WZ status
  • Difference probably due to not using fake rate prediction
  • largest differences are off the Z peak.
  • Proceed to try and reproduce results involving the number of jets, njut, m_jj, delta_eta_metj

  • SMP PAG nomination
  • Composed and transmitted nomination response
  • Concentrated on management team

  • CSC conf ICHEP abstract,
  • Used more general one with updates

2020 02 09

  • Read Zg FR comments

2020 02 10

  • Zg FR
  • Attended and took notes
  • No significant issues
  • Composed official notes of the meeting

  • RMP Dubna M&OB meeting
  • Will ask for all manpower and contribution to be counted

  • UW meeting
  • Review minutes afterward
  • Sent Stephen questions
  • What he is using for Z +fake lepton rate. Turns out no fake rate
  • What was going wrong in the DCFEB tests

  • Plasma seminar
  • Excellent seminar by Alves

2020 02 11

  • Alves Plasma interview

2020 02 12

  • RMO Dubna M&OB contribution meeting
  • Contributions were listed in upgrade document so can't list most in M&OB
  • List cooling circuit fabrication and lead detection cables
  • List that they met their M&OB obligations since they were contributing

  • He prelim slides
  • Reviewed and commented on slides
  • Need to complete prelim arrangements

  • Kim HEP prospective graduate student presentation
  • Sent updates to slides to show a best mass measurement and a full Run 2 analysis

  • Composed notes on Plasma candidates through Alves

2020 02 13

  • Baalrud Interview

  • Plasma search discussion
  • Others are interested in Michael and Therese
  • I support Alves

  • RMO Dubna M&OB contributions
  • Updated tables
  • Met or will meet obligations in 2019-2021
  • Advanced money for cooling circuit fabrication and lead detection cables
  • Since these are advanced contribution indicated them directly in RBB text
  • Still need to resolve
  • Updated RBB text to note indicate any upgrade work

2020 02 14

  • MBI agenda
  • Wrote first draft of experimental agenda

2020 02 17

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Muon meetings

2020 02 18

  • ARC EWK Zg final FR comments
  • Comments addressed and ready for submission

2020 02 19

  • ARC HIN Zg journal change
  • Changed to PRL due to understanding of geometry acceptance issues

  • CSC managers meeting
  • CSC meeting

2020 02 21

  • Committee set for He's prelim

  • WZ questions to Stephen on fake rate estimate

  • Update on CSC upgrade spending
  • Updated to Feb 2020, substantial progress on completion

2020 02 23

  • ARC EWK Zg paper submitted

2020 02 24

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Muon meetings

  • Plasma faculty search

2020 02 25

  • ARC EWK Zg missing reference
  • Missing reference to most recent ATLAS EWK Zg result

  • CSC RMO Russian cash funding
  • Sent information on which groups are contributing

  • Visa Isa UW USCMS CSC component
  • Isa interested to come to USCMS meeting
  • Look into visa, needed
  • Look into presentation
  • Likely to be two joint GEM CSC presentations

  • He Prelim time set

  • MBI experimental agenda
  • Presented first agenda including possible senior talks

2020 02 26

  • ARC EWK Zg
  • missing reference inserted

  • CSC RMO Russian cash funding update
  • Send complete update on spending
  • Located documentation and and amended document text

  • Comments on He prelim slides
  • Complete set of comments
  • Will meet to finalize draft
  • Sent questions for SM, NP and experimental topics
  • Prelim room set

* Teaching evaluation Bechtol

* CSC management meeting, CSC meeting

2020 02 27

  • He prelim meeting

  • He prelim
  • Passed, but needs work on basic SM and analysis issues

  • CSC RMO Russian cash funding update final text
  • Includes item counts, completion dates, TEAM account number

  • CDF meeting

2020 02 28

  • Prospective grad student meetings
  • 1st one seems very good

  • Keegan meeting
  • Discussed fake rates
  • Will review document

  • Susmita meeting
  • Discussed opportunities
  • Assigned reading
  • Need to assign project
  • Need to resolve other graduate student issue

  • He meeting
  • Discussed prelim issues
  • Developed Analysis plan
  • Sascha agrees with plan but points out issue that EWK ZZ analysis is preapproved

1) Process the 2016 and 2018 data bringing our progress on those dataset to the same level as the 2017 data.
2) Repeat the significance calculation on the full dataset.
3) (optional) If the result significantly exceeds those of the other groups analysis ask for a presentation in the SMP-VV group.
4) Work on a full set of data MC comparison plots.
 - Including a region that is largely signal free by anti selecting on smjj and delta_eta_jj.
 - Including profile plots for pairs of variables where there are significant correlations that are leveraged
   (does the DNN software tell you which variables and pairs of variables contribute significantly?)
5) Work on issues such as pile up correction and a data driven background estimates
6) Work in systematic uncertainties.   These might be different than Usamaís since we have to make more use of forward jets.
7) Document and present to SMP-VV

I think at any point we want to be able to short circuit this process and present a DNN result that demonstrates that it outperforms the BDT.   If the DNN is much better then CMS shouldnít be moving forward with the BDT since the expected significance is close enough to 3sigma that there is a high probability that the observed result falls short of evidence for EWK ZZ production.

2020 02 29

  • ZZ analysis plan
  • See above

  • PNPI presented that they want to use general CSC M&OB fund to pay for HV spares
  • Bob shot this idea down. They are expected to pay

  • PNPI presentation on HV spares funding
  • PNPI will go to RMDS to request money

2020 03 02

  • UW CMS meeting

  • He ZZ meetings
  • Setting up meeting

  • Stephen WZ progress
  • Problems with fake rate and jj plot normalizations

  • Isa Tomsk contributions
  • Asked Isa about possible Tomsk contributions

  • Plasma faculty interview
  • Wrote notes on interview

  • RMO meeting
  • Prepared notes for meeting
  • Changes to M&O document in future
  • Add beyond 2020 activities to summary
  • Noted that upgrade table is updated

2020 03 03

  • SMP PAG nomination meeting,

2020 03 04

  • US CMS organization meeting
  • Discussion on talks
  • Nearly ready for local organization

  • Tomsk contributions meeting
  • discussed future of contributions

2020 03 05

  • Authors sent responses to ARC questions

2020 03 06

  • He ZZ meeting
  • Also sent gdb information

  • reappointment progress request

  • Keegan analysis plots

2020 03 09

  • UW meeting

  • RMO Tomsk cash spending discussion and inquiry
  • Discussed what was likely spent and sent inquiry

  • US CMS meeting status and CSC session
  • Attendance or cancellation due to Covid 19
  • CSC attendance session and content

2020 03 10

  • Rivet FSQ-18-001 discussion and plot review

  • reappointment progress
  • received information

  • RMO Tomsk cash spending * Trying to track down cash spending on VTTx boars

2020 03 11

  • RMO Tomsk cash spending
  • Trying to track down cash spending on VTTx boars

  • reappointment letter and presentation

2020 03 12

  • Rivet FSQ-18-001 discussion and updates

  • RMO Russian Dubna gas studies participation
  • Propose to get involved

  • Group members at CERN
  • Information entered for US-CMS Covid 19 survey

2020 03 13

  • Rivet FSQ-18-001 differences understood
  • Issue with exactness of MC samples and unfloding

  • Susmita meeting and CERN registration

  • Updated reappointment letter
  • Comments included

  • CERN flight cancelation

  • No cost extension discussion

2020 03 16

  • UW CMS meeting
  • He presented ZZ significance which looks good, but maybe slightly low
  • Asked for visual output from combine
  • Stephen did not attend, check
  • Isa will transition to analysis

  • CERN trip
  • Canceled with international voucher useful through Dec 31st 2020

  • SMP 18-002 Rivet review
  • Final sign off given

2020 03 17

  • *SMP VV meeting

  • CERN student status
  • All okay
  • Need to check Stephen's analysis progress

  • Isa tax status
  • In progress, don't know how to address

  • SMP L2 information
  • Sent

  • He prelim warrant
  • Singed and complete

* SMP 19-002 IR * email sent * Due March 30th

2020 03 18

* CSC meeting

  • Keegan thesis comments

2020 03 23

  • UW meeting
  • He, Keegan, Isa in attendance

  • WZ analysis
  • Comments for Stephen
  • Problem producing m_jj plots, other work
  • Sent comments on how to make comparisons

  • ZZ analysis
  • Comments for He
  • Issue with too high a significance
  • Asked for events counts in full distributions and for highest score region of DNN

  • RMO taxiation
  • Asked to access impact on CSC project

2020 03 24

  • WZ follow up
  • No response yet
  • Request for clarification/confirmation on data structure
  • Follup on questions

  • Setup meetings with Susmita and Keegan
  • Keegan responded
  • Setup zoom and meeting tomorrow

2020 03 25

  • RMO salary country emails
  • Emailed countries representatives to collect information on subsistence and salaries at CERN

  • MBI 2020 plan
  • Proposed plan options for MBI 2020
  • Holding the conference via video - strongly against as I think it destroys many of the unique features of MBI
  • Holding the conference after in intermediate time around 6 months - On this one we would have to wait and see and come up with a viable date
  • Holding the conference after a one year delay shifting the MBI schedule by one year - Slightly in favor of this over the middle option

  • Isa information on efficiency projects
I would really like to bring our work on efficiencies to some type of conclusion. More effort there would be great.   Right now there are a bunch of somewhat disconnected things that have to be accomplished.

1) Complete processing of the 2018 data.   However, I think itís unclear wether we want to press through with a 2018 processing or wait till we have better processing in place.   I think I do understand that if we limit the jobs to very few files they do run without crashing.

2) Processing of a significant segment of 2018 data with additional variables and bug fixes.   My bug fixes for ME1 were validated and we should process more data with them implemented and reevaluate the efficiencies.   Also the way segment and intersection information is stored currently means that in many cases it is impossible to access the local position of intersections with the chambers and make clean assessment of the efficiency vs. local position, where i suspect there might be some more bugs.   I havenít implemented the improvements and extra variables yet.  After doing that we would need to do more processing.

Once we have a final ntuple we could reprocess all the data since that is a separate step from the post processing.  It would probably be better to delay step 1 till this is done since I think we may find more bugs that have to be fixed.

3) Recoding of the post processing job that evaluate efficiencies.   In my tests where I have reimplemented efficiency calculations as a simple loop over events the code runs orders of magnitude more quickly and without crashes.   Essentially I scraped the entire efficiency code and started from scratch with a completely new methodology.   Using this methodology I need to reimplement all the efficiency calculations.  So far I have only implemented a portion of the efficiency per chamber calculations.   Also an interface between my results and pretty plotting will have to be written.

2020 03 26

  • Susmita external registration
  • Emailed CMS secretariat

2020 03 27

  • MBI 2020 Plan proposal
  • Will go to host country and then executive board with our planned options

  • Stephen WZ meeting
  • Progress on understanding problem in WZ m_jj and delta_eta_jj plots
  • Issue with logical selection in filling of histograms

2020 03 29

  • SMP-19-002 IR review
  • Completed EWK WZ IR

2020 03 30

  • UW CMS meeting

  • He ZZ status
  • Asked for some improvement in display of information
  • Results may be okay because high DNN score bin has very high signal to background

  • SMP-19-002 IR
  • Transmitted IR Dick Loveless and myself commenting

  • RMO CSC University salaries
  • Sent emails to collect information

  • Susmita meeting
  • Zoom meeting, works well
  • Reviewed external user application information
  • Progressing
  • Reviewed detector comparison

2020 03 31

  • Muon IB board meeting
  • RMO presentation
  • Carryover is too small

  • RMO CSC salary information
  • Transmitted all salary and subsistence information
  • Number very preliminary
  • Many institutions missing

  • Stephen WZ status
  • Sent email and slack inquiry on status

  • Keegan Student
  • Substantial progress on thesis, need to review

  • Tuan email
  • Explained funding situation
  • Need to set up meeting

  • HIN Z GL

2020 04 01

  • RMO Russian taxation information

  • Stephen WZ code

  • Keegan thesis comments

Madgraph calculates the cross section for any particle physics collision process you can write down and creates collision events.

1) Run any process in madgraph.  Create events and find the cross section for the process.  Using the tutorial below.
2) Process the events through Pythia.  Embeds the hard scattering process in a real proton proton collision adding underlying event, jet fragmentation and hadronization, and decays to long lived final state particles.
3) Run more relevant processes like ZZ production and ZZ EWK scattering.
4) Analyze events using a generic analysis framework like Rivet.  Rivet is actually the program we use to create analysis that theorists can use to run our analysis on their generators for SM calculations or new physics theories.  So learning this is more than just learning a generic analysis framework that your donít use for anything but a learning exercise.
5) Produce histogram distributions like lepton pT and also cross sections after selection using Rivet
6) Process the events through a simplified detector simulation like Delphiís.  We are actually using Delphiís to do future analysis sensitivity projections 
7) Analyze events using one of the available frameworks in Madgraph or Delphiís like mad analysis.  Produce histogram distributions like lepton pT ...
8) Test running in Madgraph NLO mode
9) Test running new features like setting the polarization of the vector bosons

2020 04 02

  • RMO meeting
  • Conduct new survey of subsistence details.

  • xs status
  • New results to add
  • new WW results
  • new EWK ssWW and WZ result
  • new Higgs results
  • new tH Result
  • Check when WWW results is ready

  • WZ authors responses
  • Sent additional comments

2020 04 03

  • Stephen WZ stuatus
  • Job cut short by UW cluster outage

2020 04 06

  • UW meeting

  • RMP COLA discussion with CSC PM

2020 04 07

  • Tenure packet discussion

  • ZZ ARC responses ready

2020 04 08

  • ARC EW Zg first draft ref responses and comments
  • Authors completed first draft of responses
  • Sent comments
  • Also will directly edit the text

  • EW ssWW WZ FR followup
  • Sent comments on text and figures

  • Tenure packet discussion,
  • Schedule and content

2020 04 09

  • Tenure packet discussion
  • Request for materials and clarifications
  • Letter writer discussion

  • ARC EW Zg Prefiring
  • Asked Nick Smith if definitive reference exists
  • No adequate reference

  • ARC EW ref responses comments

2020 04 10

  • Stephen WZ status
  • Resubmitted jobs after problem fixed

  • Susmita status
  • Applying for accounts

  • CMS Madison student meeting

2020 04 11

  • ARC EW Zg uncertainty correlation discussion

2020 04 12

  • ARC EW Zg uncertainty correlation
  • Comment on incorrect statuement on uncertainty correlations
  • On the correlation of uncertainties. I still think the statement on experimental uncertainties is wrong.
  • The functioning of the detector, and triggers, reconstruction and selection criteria is highly correlated between the data taking periods.
  • I think it would be more accurate to say.
  • the experimental uncertainties on the efficiencies of the triggers, object reconstruction and identification are determined independently for each data sample and are uncorrelated

2020 04 13

  • EW Zg responses
  • Revised draft and responses final
  • Authors should address authorship issue

  • UW meeting
  • Stephen Sick
  • Susmita should be working on madgraph and indico account
  • He ZZ analysis
  • Showed listing of best variables
  • Showed 2D plots
  • Made suggestions for: improved 2D plots, profile plots, coeficient of linear correlation calculations

2020 04 14

  • EFT partial wave unitarity paper
  • https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.05174
  • Includes J=0 and J=1 partial wave amplitudes
  • Includes ability to consider multiple operators within a polarization class
  • Multiple operators lowers energy were unitarity is violated
  • Lowers the value rather than making it necessary to have a contour

  • SMP VV meeting

2020 04 15

  • CSC meeting
  • Still considering restart of activities. Will wait until magnet warm up 1-2 weeks
  • No talk on DQM tasks

  • Keegan's thesis review
  • Reviewed theory, statistics, experimental and MC section

  • Reviewed document on CERN subsistence taxation
  • Probably CERN has not choice but to do this
  • Timeline indicates that CERN certainly did not give any reasonable notification
  • Instead they updated documentation that is rarely looked at

2020 04 16

  • ARC EWK Zg journal edits,

2020 04 17

  • ARC EWK Zg journal edits and responses complete

  • CSC Eff discussion
  • Call for meeting from DPG conveners
  • Detailed responses to questions given

  • MATRIX+Radish paper

*CSC RMI Request for CSC substance on team accounts info

2020 04 18

  • ARC EWK Zg journal resubmission

2020 04 20

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Comments on He ZZ analysis
  • Variable Binning
  • Profile plots
  • Coefficient of linear correlation

  • Subsistence on TEAM accounts
  • Sent survey to CSC group
  • PIs do pay US-CMS subsistence

  • CSC Eff discussion
  • Meeting to discussion progress
  • Agreed give presentation next week

  • Wg ARC
  • Agreed to serve on ARC
  • Pre approval is next Tuesday
  • Need to review materials

2020 04 21

  • RMO information discussion,
  • Sent scope of RMU salary and subsistence request to Meena
  • Sent current information on salary and subsistence

  • Keegan meeting
  • Reviewed VV signal, background and significance results
  • Sent comments
  • Use (N)NLO QCD and NLO EWK K-factors
  • Normalize W+jets and Z+jets rates to current analysis and reference
  • Met with Keegan to discuss

  • ZZ EFT unitarity limits
  • Agreed with Kenneth that I would calculate these for ZZ

  • Muon IB chair vote
  • I will cast the vote
  • Agreed to vote for Anna

  • CSC Efficiency discussion
  • Slava sent responses
  • Concerned about segment reconstruction appropriate efficiency
  • Concerned about isolation

2020 04 22

  • RMO meeting slides
  • Discussion with Meena and Anna about requests for information
  • US-CMS prefers a central solution to this project covering all sub detectors
  • Will only present approximate and average figures with no personal information
  • Completed slides

  • CSC efficiency discussion
  • Isolation cuts applied to both tag and probe legs, though probe cut is loose
  • Would have to be careful in confirmation to not bias probe leg

  • Qual meeting
  • No remote exam
  • Decision by June in order to transmit full instruction
  • Slight preference for canceling exam

  • Madgraph instruction for Susmita
  • Updated instructions on download, installation and running.

2020 04 23

  • Reviewed details of CSC part of EMU SOW and checked it against Armando's emails
  • Salary, travel and small supplies budget

  • RMO meeting slides
  • Revised RMO meeting slides on taxation change impact

  • RMO meeting
  • Discussed taxation change impact
  • Revised slides on the fly to include total impact and effect of mitigation
  • ~200kCHF additional taxation expense
  • CERN associate position, PJAS, only mitigates 10-20% of the impact
  • US-CMS would prefer a central and more comprehensive solution

  • CERN changes to French taxation exemption will not be applied for 2019

2020 04 27

  • APS membership
  • renewed and paid due
  • still waiting to see what Sridhara wants

  • Muon conference report
  • Reviewed and sent comments on RPC conference proceeding

  • VBSCan report
  • Report on VBSCan meeting
  • Madgraph polarization syntax was particularly interesting
  • Working with Susmita to run this eventually

  • CERN account password
  • reset

2020 04 25

  • UW CMS meeting

  • He slides
  • Asked for status of processing

  • Keegan thesis
  • Reviewed results section and asked for updates and clarifications
  • Some of the numbers look suspicious and it's unclear if all the correction factors and backgrounds are used

  • Susmita status
  • Has started to work with madgraph, but will not work full time till after finals

  • xs plots
  • Updated cross section, top cross section, VV ratio and, EW VV ratio plots
  • Includes WW, EW ss WW, EW WZ, Higgs, tH
  • Need to update references

  • Muon meetings
  • General muon meeting
  • CSC electronics meeting

  • Snowmass effort
  • Joined EW working group channels and email server
  • Kickoff meeting Thursay

  • CV
  • Update long and short CV
  • Sent to Aimee and updated on web pages

  • Tenure letters
  • Discussed letter writers

2020 04 28

  • VBSCan budget vote
  • New budget reduced by half
  • Revamped schedule and budget use to match
  • Probably not an issue this year due to corona virus lockdown

  • RBB meeting slides
  • Reviewed and commented on slides
  • Revise Russian and Chinese section to indicate that they pay taxes in home country
  • Indicate that Swiss taxes are a future substantial problem

  • RBB meeting
  • Attended and commented on US CSC data

  • SMP VV meeting
  • Reviewed slides

  • ARC Wg preaproval comments
  • Wrote and transmitted comments

  • journal club
  • T2K and CP violation
  • Discussion on constraints on neutrino mass mechanisms and baryogenisis
  • Read new article that global analysis can detect non unitarity
  • Read review article that certain values of CP violation would exclude lepto genesis

  • new journal club article
  • Suggested top vub analysis
  • Constraints from Tevatron, LHC analysis are not directly competitive
  • However, don't have unitarity assumptions and are nearly at the level of showing a significant difference from 1

  • Final tenure letters list

  • HEPData WZ review
  • Reviewed and sent comments
  • Many captions needed
  • Axis labels needed
  • Main results need to be documented

2020 04 29

  • No CSC meeting or Eff talk
  • Talk next week, need to produce new results or code
  • Complete implementing ring
  • Consider looping and duplication over rings
  • Implement most standard ring
  • Investigate second ring set of quality cuts
  • Investigate isolation

  • WZ status
  • No progress as usual
  • Password problems and microphone problems

  • Covid 19 and subsistence
  • Need to make sure Isa, Stephen and He fill out these forms

  • HEPdata WZ discussion
  • How to include main cross section measurements

  • LPC nomination
  • Asked about in residence commitment, 50%
  • declined

  • ARC Wg discussion
  • On use of double Eg trigger
  • Actually or single and double Eg seed triggers
  • Confirm single Eg branch for this analysis
  • Should be documented

  • ARC Wgg and Zgg
  • Agreed to serve
  • Pre-approval next week

2020 04 30

  • ICHEP CSC talk advertised
  • Yacine volunteered

  • Snowmass EW group meeting
  • Reviewed slides
  • Need to think about what I might like to do

  • RMO RBB work
  • Request from Anna
  • Need to review what needs to be done

  • Stephen CSC work
  • Isa requested P5 surface work
  • Stephen, of course, doesn't have any of the necessary training

2020 05 01

  • ZZ responses
  • Extraction of the EFT limits done very nicely
  • Set other variables to zero
  • Used intercepts of resulting equation with limit ellipses to set limits
  • Conversions using sin^2(theta_W) done at mZ

  • Keegan Thesis
  • Sent extensive comments on results section
  • Use of k-factors
  • References and updated k-facgtors

  • GMM meeting
  • Have viable plan for safe limited work

2020 05 04

  • UW meeting

  • Isa status
  • Planning for limited restart
  • Analysis progress but need input from collabortor

  • Stephen status
  • Still no progress
  • Does not seem likely to join testing effort due to training and effort

  • He status
  • Progress in processing data periods

  • Keegan status
  • Progress on writing thesis
  • Needs meeting soon
  • Set due date as Friday

  • EXO-19-008 IR
  • MUSIC general search
  • Sent notification to cms-folks

  • GMM
  • Limited restart planning appears ready

  • RMO RBB document check
  • Statement on Covid impacts looks good
  • Sets reasonable time scale for assessing impacts

  • RMO scrutiny group report check
  • Edited document
  • Statement that the in kind M&OB contribution will be satisfied
  • Edit section on Covid related delays to indicate shift in LS2 schedule and delays in ODMB testing

  • SMP-19-012 results check,
  • EW ssWW and WZ results have not changed

  • CSC talk title
  • Confirmed that I will give talk and provided title

  • ARC Wg ratio plots
  • These plots seem problematic
  • Differences in distributions that are outside of uncertainties possibly essential
  • Need to raise concerns during ARC review

  • APS Covid email
  • Sent email to congressman an senetors

  • Faculty senate meeting

2020 05 05

  • CSC efficiency distributions
  • Programed chamber, pT and eta distributions

  • journal club

  • RMO updated documents
  • Reviewed integrated documents on COVID era funding issues
  • Suggested minor update

  • SMP meeting
  • ARC WggZgg pre approval

2020 05 06

  • CSC background subtractions
  • Programed background subtraction
  • Results in additional 1% efficiency
  • Background in missed segment case is substantial

  • CSC meeting talk
  • Final edits and gave talk
  • Estimate work left is in days

  • CSC efficiency discussion
  • Need to carefully consider edge region
  • Is pT plot fixed at higher statistics
  • Is eta plot fixed
  • Is there still an edge effect
  • Program local coordinate variables and plots
  • Make an integrated plot across the boundary
  • Evaluate acceptance times efficiency with no fiducial

  • Z Phi* HEPData
  • Done

2020 05 07

  • CSC efficiency discussion
  • See above

  • CSC group members
  • Discussed status with Kevin with regards to restart work
  • Sent list to Robin

  • CERN CSC payments
  • May be paying twice since EMU pays directly
  • EMU is paying less than we do so we need to equalize

2020 05 08

  • Swiss proposal review
  • Completed review and submitted

  • Keegan progress
  • Thesis done
  • Needs minor review and revisions
  • Should pursue understanding of opposite sign WW mode
  • Submitted grade

  • Details of CSC scientist position
  • Reviewed with Sridhara

  • FNAL Hats
  • Large number of Hats being offered

2020 05 11

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Personnel status

  • Isa
  • Analysis comments nearly done with
  • Reviewed presentation in long lived exotica group

  • Stephen
  • May be nearly ready to work
  • Needs to visibly attend meetings
  • Asked about lumi scaling bug

  • He
  • Reviewed and asked questions about horn discrepancies
  • Attributed to jet pile up id cleanup
  • Appear in both data and MC. Larger in MC

  • Susmita
  • Running madgraph
  • Trouble with moving executable to UW machines
  • Trouble with signing up for HATs

  • Keegan status
  • Need to review thesis for final revisions

  • RMO MISG document
  • Muon internal scrutiny group
  • Document looks fine

  • Snowmass QCD
  • Signed up

  • HEPData EW ssWW and WZ
  • Issues with lack of theory prediction
  • Issues with lack of correspondence with plots in paper
  • Issues with references to paper, to be fixed after final publication

2020 05 12

  • SMP VV meeting

  • ZZ Jet horns comments
  • Comments on how to isolate and analyze jet horns and jet cleaning

  • journal club
  • He presented
  • No comparison to CMS result which is better
  • Strange format, should send comment
  • Next article is an ALPHA anti hydrogen experiment paper

  • Susmita instructions
  • Tested download through bzr and sent instruction
  • Asked for information on type of computer she is using

  • CSC scientist position
  • Communication with Darien on structure of US-CMS positions
  • Discussion with Sridhara on how we want to structure the position given the constraints
  • Would have to be 50% DOE base grant for authorship
  • Needs to be partially on the base grant to support physics

  • Keegan instructions
  • Trace down opposite with WW problems
  • Start using madgraph polarization options
  • Sigh up for HATs tutorials

  • ARC Ew Zg accepted for publication

2020 05 13

  • ARC Wg lumi uncertainty
  • Discussion on constraining luminosity uncertainty
  • Zg sample big enough to constrain uncertainty statistically
  • Theory uncertainties have to be treated carefully including correlation and extrapolation
  • Correlated uncertainties have to be understood
  • Probably not really constrained as analyzing the correlation matrix or a one by one fixing test would show

  • UW Student meeting
  • Student need to register for Fermilab Id and computer account for LPC based HATs

  • DOE no cost extension
  • Asked Sridhara to more carefully account for CMS expenses

  • CSC scientists position,
  • Will likely structure as 25% UW DOE base grant to support physics effort
  • Start in mid 2021
  • Arrange staggering of funds to support new postdoc
  • Conveyed information to Isa
  • Will move on to Darien if Isa agrees

  • MUSIC search discussion
  • Still need to review
  • Would like to understand limitations of this search

  • Neutrino 4 result
  • Variable short baseline theta_1_4 oscillation experiment
  • Will use as journal club article
  • Assign to more senior student

  • ARC EW Zg closeout
  • Check on HEPData and Rivet status
  • HEPData was approved, but may need updating

  • CSC efficiency histograms
  • Programed and debugged 1D histograms

2020 05 14

  • Snowmass EW survey
  • Filled out
  • EW VV scattering and polarization in EW VV and VV
  • Comparison to NNLO and NLO calculations
  • NLO implementation of NP
  • Start with survey of states and polarization fractions in VV and EW VV scattering

  • IR EXO-19-008
  • Write review
  • Concerns about discussion of MCs and results

  • Keegan thesis revisions,
  • Revisions for ZZ inconsistencies and opposite sign WW discussion

  • Programed first version of LCT efficiencies and histograms

2020 05 15

  • Snowmass EW meeting
  • Group conveners looking for commitments

  • Approvals meeting
  • Need to check for new xs results

  • EW ZZ approval
  • Reviewed
  • Looks good
  • Gently reminded them I should be an author

  • EW Zg closeout status
  • HEPData good
  • Rivet routine to be made using full Run 2 data set

  • CSC electronics meeting
  • Making progress on firmware
  • Have remotely accessible test stand

  • CSC 2D efficiency histograms
  • Programed 2D histograms
  • Noticed some efficiency calculation problems in cases where there are low or zero statistics
  • Efficiencies of one with zero error and integer or near integer efficiencies greater then one
  • Check no data trapping code

  • IR EXO-19-008 transmit

2020 05 18

  • UW meeting

  • Isa progress
  • Planning for CSC activities restart
  • DCFEB just needs safety approvals
  • Extraction in progress

  • Stephen progress
  • Did not attend meeting or submit progress report
  • Asked to submit report and prioritize CSC code

  • He Progress
  • Pursuing issue with jet horns
  • Actually double humped
  • Reviewed POG selection and cleaning code
  • May be issue with jet getting mixed up

  • Susmita progress
  • Did madgraph tutorial
  • Review tutorial and study for meeting

  • Keegan
  • Reviewing opposite sign selections for fakes and ttbar
  • Got longitudinal madgraph generation to work

  • ZZ result
  • Matrix results NNLO QCD + NLO EWK
  • Improves m_4l and pt_Z as expected
  • pt_4l and data phi ZZ look bad as expected (lack of resummation)
  • Need to improve comparison and discussion

  • Summary results
  • EW ZZ xs and aC
  • ZZ xs and aC

  • alpha article
  • test of Lamb shift, QED vacuum polarization in antimatter

2020 05 19

  • Stephen status and code
  • Stephen status as usual
  • Needed code is updated

  • Susmita meeting
  • Discussed project, reading and HEP accounts issues

  • RMO MUISG document
  • Reviewed document
  • Should suggest rephrasing of CSC time scale to indicate available effort/access after restart

  • SMP meeting ZZ approval
  • Approved

  • UW journal club
  • Context was not fully covered
  • Wren is very sharp

  • CSC efficiency ME1/3 issues
  • Empty entries
  • 100% efficiency and zero error
  • Due to low statistics and cases where efficiency was 100% perfect
  • Low statistics were due to new edge fiducial quality requirements
  • Need to be defined for each ring. ME1/3 may be particularly problematic
  • Reprogramed as or of fiducial requirements

2020 05 20

  • Rivet emails, Rivet phi* review
  • SMP-17-010
  • Problem with normalization
  • Problem with last entries in PB TMD prediction

  • Stephen status
  • Needed code is updated

  • He ZZ analysis
  • There is a second peak in the pT distribution at 50 GeV where the pileup selection is dropped due to lack of training

  • CSC meeting
  • DQM group presentation
  • Reminds me that we need to consider GEM information

2020 05 21

  • Rivet SMP-17-001 review
  • Passed after understanding normalization issues

  • Snowmass meeting
  • Should ramp up effort

  • HIN Z review
  • Comments to clarify "biases"
  • Nuclear shape collision geometry biases and centrality selection biases

  • HEP funding
  • -100k and 1 month summer salary

2020 05 22

  • CSC Bad Track problem
  • Investigating

  • HEP funding
  • Discussion to move Isa to scientist US-CMS funding

2020 05 23

  • CSC Bad Track problem
  • Investigation
  • Characterized by few silicon tracker hits and poor fractional pT resolution. Should be less than 0.05

2020 05 24

  • CSC Bad Track problem
  • Turned out to be bad run
  • Ran 1000 events with good run
  • See if adequate for investigation edge effects

2020 05 25

  • UW work at CERN
  • Asked if we need to check UW issues

  • xs and aC plots
  • Updated EW ZZ and Wg cross section
  • EW Wg has no theory number
  • Updated EWK ssWW, WZ, ZZ and Wg aQGC
  • ssWW + WZ combination neglected because of small impact
  • Need to clear our results with less than 10x the sensitivity

  • Rivet-17-014
  • Approved

2020 05 26

  • Summary plots public
  • Finalized plots
  • Updated xs and aC web pages
  • Updated references
  • Sent to speakers
  • Conveners and group notified

  • Journal club
  • Wren gave excellent and thoughtful presentation
  • In the end the issues is understanding of the background and ON vs OFF comparison of oscillation result

  • SMP-VV meeting
  • WZ serves as initial road map for extensive analysis
  • May still be room for vs. jet analysis ahla CDF WW analysis
  • Same level of detail in WZ + 2jets

  • CSC local efficiencies
  • Programed varaibles
  • Analyzed overlap region. Only effect y coordinate in ME11

  • CSC work at CERN
  • UW requires department chair approval and notification to personnel of option not to perform in person work
  • Will review work packages when they arrive

2020 05 27

  • CSC strip efficiencies
  • Programed and testing new variables

  • UW CMS student meeting
  • Students working on HATS

  • DOE revised budget
  • Isa scientist transition included
  • Explicitly moved money from travel to student salaries
  • Think money is adequate. May even be able to hire a new postdoc.

2020 05 28

  • ARC HIN Z final PAS check
  • Checked that final comments were implemented and signed off on PAS

  • UW CSC CERN work package
  • Sent comments on cherry picker and face shield usage

  • Stephen status
  • Not responding to work requests
  • Consulting with doctor

  • ARC Wg review 1
  • Reviewed first half of AN18-238

  • Muon IB chair vote
  • Voted for one available candidate as agreed

  • Journal club article
  • Suggested to review IceCube sterile neutrino search
  • https://arxiv.org/abs/2005.12942
  • Should include comparison with Neutrino 4 results
  • Finds different mass for possible effect though results don't exclude each other

* VV review article * Reviewed https://arxiv.org/abs/1610.07572 VV review article

All VV statues available experimentally since Tevetron

VVV states now available.  All except ZZZ

LEP limits on aTGC in WW and WZ finally exceeded.

Understanding why for multiboson production the non-Abelian nature of the 
gauge boson and EWSB are connected.   At the simplest level the massive 
gauge bosons are most strongly coupled to the EWSB other than the top quark.  
They interact directly via the Higgs and those diagrams effect the production of 
double and tripple gauge boson states.

Also the mixing of the massless A and B gauge bosons to produce the massive 
W and Z is intertwined with the bosons interaction with the Higgs.

Finally a dynamical method of making the Higgs and given it mass, i.e. having the 
Higgs be composite and get its mass and scalar nature from potential between 
and combination of particles bound in the composite state, get rid of the Hierarchy 
problem where the Higgs mass is not stable at high energy scales.   In such models t
here would be effects in multi gauge boson production.

Longitudinal boson production especially interesting for EWSB

Note: equation 1 parameterization is still used and you should recognize the constants.  
Though it is just a parametrization of possible changes in the vertex interactions and 
we are switching ot an EFT parameterization which is better for understanding the 
relationships between various new effects.

Theoretical understanding.  Due to the precision of experimental results it's important 
to keep up with the latest theoretical understanding.

NNLO QCD - effects overall cross section
         - almost always increases cross sections because of new initial states allowed
    - increases cross section on high energy tails

NNLL QCD - logarithmic re-summation.  Effect cross section in places where scales 
cross.   High energy scale (to make two massive bosons) and low energy scale (the 
two bosons are made and rest and QCD activity of extra jets is at a low scale)  So 
NNLO QCD calculations can fail at low multiboson system pT and need to be 
supplemented with NNLL calculations.

NLO EW - Suppresses cross section, especially at high energy.

Mixed NNLO QCD - NLO EW.  Since both are the same order in terms of the value of 
coupling contants the mixture of both effect can be important.   Can't necessarily be 
factorized and treated separately.   Calculations just now available

NNLO and even NNLO-NLO Ew may be automated soon.

Simple diboson production is further along because cross sections are higher and 
the demand for better calculations was stronger.

* Susmita meeting * Reviewed introduction of multiboson article * Good progress on magraph and account * Still issues with access to CMS web pages and indico * Look into qual issues * Review Document on summer work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11sleIEYr0hnmNo8N0dxKgRpdveo0w71R16Se4_8IovA/edit?usp=sharing

* EW W+W- signals and backgrounds * Reviewed presentations and Keegan's thesis treatment of opposite sign EW W+W-

The primary features that I noticed from Flavia Cetorelliís talk are the following 

0) Signal I can ball park their cross section from the event count.   For 2018 they 
have 136.8 events for 59.7 fb-1.   So that means 136.8/59.7 = 2.3fb which of the 
same order you see, 3.44 fb  and also of the same order as in Ankitaís talk, 6.6fb.   
A difference like this could be selection.  Though it would be good to understand 
what selection we have that is looser.

1) They see about 3 times more QCD W+W- events than EW W+W- events.   This 
seems strongly at odds with your result where you see around 1/10.
Therefore, you should concentrate your efforts on understanding the QCD W+W- 
cross section.  The number they produce is much more in line with my expectation.  
Again from events counts 347.3/59.7 = 5.8 fb

2) W+jets should be equivalent to what they call non-prompt.   They find 
325.8/59.7 = 5.5 fb.  You scaled your value of to 1.5fb  - probably we based that 
on a factor from  a more compatible WZ or same sign W+W- study.   Itís 
completely possible that they are using a different, looser, lepton selection 
since this background is comparably to QCD WW and much less than top 
and therefore not that important.  Iím comfortable with leaving this alone.

3) Top.   Iím not sure if you have made and estimate of the top background.   
Clearly they find it is the most important background with a 2491.2/59.7 = 41.7 
fb cross section.  It would be good to run a top sample and get something 
that is in the ball park of that number.   If we can get within a factor of two t
hen I would be satisfied that the rest of the difference could be selection and 
is likely the case above.

* DOE draft budget * Approved student and travel budget modifications

2020 05 29

  • UW CSC CERN work package
  • Understood CERN Covid 19 and heavy equipment procedures
  • Approved work packages

  • ARC Wg review 2
  • Review second half of AN18-238
  • Sent comments to ARC chair
Review of CMS AN-18-0238

For ARC SMP-19-002 Wγ cross section

Study of Wγ production in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV

Diboson production can be compared to MATRIX NNLO calculations.  Why isn't this done?

line 120
No generator cuts are listed for the PowHeg sample.   Are any made.   Is isolation just 
applied as an analysis selection cut in the PowHeg case?

line 138
When you probe non standard areas of the phase space sometimes Madgraph had 
difficult populating those regions of the phase space.    Both setting the lepton pT 
cut to zero and setting m_ll to 4, bellow some onium resonances, could cause 
Madgraph problems.   Were the log files checked to make sure there were no 
generation issues?   Typically Madgraph will fail to generate the requested number 
of events.  Was the sample ever compared against one with higher cuts to make 
sure it populated the phase space well in the more important regions?

line 282
You emphasize that the number of true interactions (presumably determined using 
MC truth information) shifts upward MET or PuppiMet.   However, you don't state 
whether you do anything about it or if it is a problem.  Since you are correcting MC 
by reweighting the number of PV it seems possible that a bias is introduced.   
Please clarify. 

line 284
In this section you don't talk about the use of the loose lepton or photon selections.  
Are you vetoing additional leptons or photons based on the loose selection?

On muon and electron fakes

line 309 and line 333
Is the tight selection not actually a subset of the loose selection?  Stating that you 
OR with the tight selection implies that.

line 503 You perform a closure test described in the systematic uncertainty section.  
From this study you create and "alternative fake lepton templates".   However it is 
unclear what you do with these templates.   Do you scale the fake rates calculated 
by using the control region by this factor and use that as your background prediction?   
Are the alternative templates used to calculate systematic uncertainties for the 
analysis?  If so is the difference in results applied symmetrically?  Please rewrite to be 

Could you please report the results of these systematic uncertainty students, 
probably in the form of a 2D plot or table, binned in eta and pT.

A problem in previous Wg analysis is that the there were observed to be correlations 
between the measured fake rates and MET.  For your fake rate you select a region 
with lower MET and mT in order to surpress real prompt lepton contamination.   Have 
you addressed whether this effects your fake rate prediction.  One method would 
be to separate the region in two to form two equal statistics regions, one with higher 
MET and mT and one with lower MET and mT and compare the fake rates measured 
in the two regions.  Based on the comparison, if necessary, apply additional 
systematic uncertainties.  Note, if statistics are a problem you could combine 
adjacent bins of pT or eta in calculating the fake rate to get back to the same 
statistical precision.

Photon backgrounds

line 356
Could you include some tabulate or graphical data on the rate of prompt pile up photons

line 385
It's somewhat unclear what parts of the event selection can be failed.   For instance 
can you completely fail to find a lepton or can a found lepton be under the pT threshold.   
Can you find additional leptons.   Can the photons be in the detector regions that were 
excluded.   Please be specific.

line 460
Biases in the fake photon estimation.   Your methodology assumes that the sources of 
bias are reproduced in the MC.   As in the lepton case the biases I would be concerned 
about are that the control region where the primary event selection is failed does not 
represent the signal region and that the MC does not reproduce that problem.   At first 
glance I would again be concerned about the MET cut.  This can be addressed in the 
same way as proposed for the leptons by dividing the MET region and seeing if the 
fake rates predicted from the two regions are compatible.

line 398
My understanding is that you are factorizing the lepton and photon fake rates and 
assuming they can be multiplied.   If you instead take the double control region events 
and directly calculate a double fake rate how different is the answer?   You may have 
to integrate across part of all of the divisions in pT, eta and run to make a statistically 
useful comparison.   This is to check if there is any correlation in fake rates.

Nothing is mentioned about whether there is any specific treatment of uncertainties for 
double fake in the section on systematic uncertainties.

line 414
Can you give some justification why you let the electron induced photon background to 
float in the electron channel while you don't do the equivalent in the muon channel.

Also the section on fake photons does not really explain what an electron induced photon 
background is compared to the general photon background that is discussed in section 5.4

line 423 and line 426
Does this mean there are separate "background" templates for the generated signal 
events that fail the isolation sum based on the sum pT of all status 1 particles but pass 
the reconstruction requirements?   I think this is included in the "Wg out" sample, but I'm 
not sure   You may need to clarify what you mean by status 1.  Also is there any minimum 
pT cut on the particles included in the isolation sum.

page 45,46, line 532
In general the delta phi plots between the lepton and MET and the photon and the MET 
look bad.   This justifies some of my concerns and suggestions above.  There did not 
appear to be an appendix 7.7 (just a section 7.7) Could you please point to the exact plot 
numbers/pages that I can look at to show that your systematic uncertainties covers these 
effect.    Better yet would be to just move the relavant plots (just 2 plots I think) here since 
they are essential.

line 539
Please include an explanation here of what is the issue/difference with the PowHeg cross 
section.   Again, why not compare to NNLO cross sections?

In general why aren't we producing differentila cross sections is some relavant distributions.   
At least photon pT for instance.

line 547
You should start by stating you expect energy dependent effect and you will use photon pT 
to search for aCs.

You should also do a conversion to the older parameterization.   In several cases it is trivial.   
For the non-trivial case you can skip the conversion.

  • HEPData EW ssWW and WZ
  • Reviewed and approved entry
  • Rivet is in progress - need to check

  • Keegan meeting
  • Gave advice on next steps and on polarization study

  • ZZ analysis to CWR

  • CSC Eff crab jobs
  • Designed crab submission script
  • Successfully submitted
  • First jobs back. Results of first two files look good.

2020 06 01

  • ARC Wg review transmit

  • Wg Matrix discussion
  • Should be compible even given jet clustering and photon issues

  • ARC HIN Z PAS auxiliary material * New plots need to lable centrality region

  • UW Meeting, Personnel Status

  • Isa
  • No update

  • Stephen
  • Recovering from covid

  • He
  • Somewhat closer to ZZ synchronization
  • Horns improved
  • Need to move to an event by event comparison

  • Susmita
  • Good progress on madgraph tutorials and related programs
  • Stil has account problems

  • Keegan
  • Still working on understanding WW backgrounds

  • costheta*
  • explained how to calculate and physics meaning

2020 06 02

  • Journal club
  • couldn't attend, presntation looked good

  • SMP meeting

  • CSC new WP
  • Reviewed work package fro DCFEN work
  • Signe doff on but asked about having shifts with no first aider

  • Snowmass meeting
  • Read about EFT and N(N)LO corrections and regions of validity

  • CSC PM
  • Reviewed CVs, both are now scientists

  • MBI organization proposals

2020 06 03

  • CSC meeting

  • CSC IB
  • PM candidate discussion
  • Group discussion in email
  • Kevin and like Morse, also endorsed by Bob
  • Armando support Wang as more mature but not strongly

  • Muon IB election
  • Anna elected chair

  • CSC new efficiencies
  • Programed and tested processing
  • Efficiencies vs Isolation
  • vs local x and y coordinates
  • vs strip

  • RMO slides
  • Comments on
  • CSC schedule given Covid 19 disruptions
  • How to interpret percentages impact of new taxation policies

  • RMO CSC HV funding information
  • Inquired into Russia RMDS funding to PNPI for HV upgrade in M&OB budget

  • Keegan WW selection
  • Started to understand why we see differnt results from our selection

2020 06 04

  • EFT meeting
  • interesting discussion
  • Need to consider work to be done

  • CSC HV funding information
  • No funding has arriaved or is expectedin teh near term.
  • Inquire on CSC project impact

  • Keegan WW selection
  • two charged lepton two neutrino mass cut is teh key difference

  • EWK Zg proofs,
  • Proofs look good except for minor issues, references checked and are good

  • Susmita meeting
  • Will generate ttbar samples
  • Still issues with account
  • Questions on VV paper

2020 06 05

  • CERN accounts information from US CMS meeting
  • Extracted, with updated adobe products, and sent to Susmita

  • Scientist position
  • Sent finantial information to Darien
  • Need to send benifits iformation to Isa
  • Can circument open PVL process

* CSC HV funding impact * Discussed with Bob with input from PNPI * Sent to Anna

The ME1/1 was to be upgraded from the old CAEN system with new master boards and distributions boards.   
Also new master boards were to be installed in the other stations.  This was one of the upgrade projects that 
got put in M&OB because it was either not proposed in a timely manor or the funding agency didnít want to 
pay for in on upgrade funds.    What has been done is that enough master boards were made for ME1/1 and 
there were enough spare distribution boards from the rest of the system that the ME1/1 upgrade could be 
completed.   Also there is still enough spares distribution boards for the full system because they had a large 
spare capacity.   The upgrade of the master boards for the other stations has not been done.   However the 
legacy master boards still work adequately.

 The new master boards were to be able to deal with HL-LHC conditions.  Specifically they could handle larger 
currents associated with HL-LHC.  It was important to do ME1/1 first because of the higher fluence in the first 
station and because the old CAEN system had some outstanding issues.   
The upgrade of the other stations is not needed until we start experiencing HL-LHC like luminosities.   Also the 
installation of this upgrade is not as people, time and access intensive as the CSC chamber upgrades.

So that means the CSC is good for operation until at least LS3.   it would be good to finish this project and get it 
off the books but is not important for CSC operation to do it now.   Since they have already constructed new 
master boards and they work I think this upgrade probably doesnít need to get done till sometime around 2025.

  • Test update T&P code
  • Code compiles
  • Unable to test on data
  • File servers are not responding

2020 06 08

  • Personnel status
  • Isa
  • All three CSC work packages approved, 2 in progress already

  • Stephen
  • Almost recovered

  • He
  • Data MC agreement improved in basic plots
  • 2D correlation and detailed plots done look good
  • Need to increase statistics
  • Still no agreement with Italian group results

  • Susmita
  • Accounts working
  • Finished madgraph exercises
  • Workign on DAS exercise
  • Preparing for CMS induction course

  • Keegan
  • Programmed polarization variables
  • In progress

  • Team leader change
  • Sridhara leader, Matt 1st deputy, Tulika 2nd deputy

  • UW meeting

  • Rivet SMP-16-15
  • Commented on plot titles and code guidlines

  • CSC jobs submit
  • Fixed variable overlap in ntuple branh
  • Got test job to work though possible crashes in unrelated code
  • Data no longer present on French servers
  • Found file on Belgium server
  • Submitted jobs but only 20 ran for all of 2018D

2020 06 09

  • CSC Jobs
  • Jobs ran
  • Status good
  • Saw same "crash" issue as above
  • Cooing to disks when down before I could do further investigation

  • Rivet SMP-16-15
  • Resolved interator line issue
  • size_t is more portable for interator constructions than auto
  • Reviewed updated rivet routine results and approved

  • EWK Zg, proofs
  • Approved

  • CSC work package
  • Reviewed 3rd package on refurbishment

  • SMP VV meeting

  • Journal club

  • Keegan opposite sign WW
  • Had run wrong MC
  • Resolved and now results in better agreement

  • Test beam note
  • Very good description of chamber function
  • ME11 chamber wires are inclined by 29 degrees. Need local wire based coordinate
  • Otherwise note missing many parts
  • Need to understand hit rate normalizations

2020 06 10

  • Rivet SMP-14-012 born level leptons
  • Born level leptons can be approximated well with dressed leptons with infinitesimally small or zero dressing cone

  • VBS common selection
  • Good but suggest smaller second lepton from Z cuts

  • CSC eff jobs progress
  • Looked at results
  • Jobs finished okay, though we highly varying number of events
  • Null FED error is in strips and does not cause crash, happens every event
  • Dataset 2018B is on disk.
  • Submitted job and it has a reasonable number od section
  • 2018D is by far the largest dataset

  • Virtual diversity meeting and document
  • Reviewed document and attended meeting

2020 06 11

  • ARC EW Zg
  • Published
  • Need to finalize HEPdata

  • CSC efficiency jobs
  • All but one ran smoothly, last job had output error and was recovered
  • Isa's 2018D jobs had file open errors
  • Suspect that it was due to data not being on disk
  • Monitor data situation and ask for staging if necessary
  • Opened discussion on 2015-2017 analysis and possible biases

  • Susmita meeting
  • Find muon induction talk
  • Prepare for detector discussion

  • Keegan meeting
  • opposite sign WW cross sections look good
  • Trying unified selection. Asked for extra leptons in Z boson cases use 10 GeV threshold
  • Wil send polarization jobs output log files

2020 06 12

  • MBI meeting
  • Missed meeting
  • Two day abreviated meeting with summary talks
  • Will likely need to find CMS speaker
  • Full meeting next year
  • Wait for minutes

  • g-2 journal club article
  • Decided on theory community summary of g-2 calculation status
  • Sent detailed instruction on presentation
https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.04822.pdf, the theory communities report on the calculation of g-2, 
the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon.   The article is 200 pages long so you should 
not read all of it (or even 10%).   However, the article is an important summary of the progress 
on calculating g-2, which is one of the most enduring examples of a discrepancy between 
theoretical calculations and experimental results and considered a likely place for new physics 
to be present.  An experimentalist should be able to extract the main conclusions and results 
from an article like this.   Please read the executive summary and the introduction (excluding 
the organization information on the collaboration doing this work).   Start your presentation with 
some motivation.  Then from the introduction (especially the second paragraph) understand the 
basic technique for calculating the g-2 and the essential corrections/contributions.  Then from the 
section introductions(often the first paragraphs of the section introductions) and conclusions 
summarize the techniques being applied to calculate the contributions (and the uncertainties) 
and finally summarize in the form of a table all the magnitude of all contributions and uncertainties 
(guided by their conclusion section).   Finally, this might take doing some searching through the 
references or on the internet, compare this to the current experimental status and the expectation 
for the new run of the g-2 experiment at Fermilab.

  Note that many of the sections quickly get to a level of theory calculation that is beyond what most 
experimentalists understand without substantial study.  However, understanding is all the material is 
not necessary to extracting the essential information from the paper and having a general 
understanding of the status of the state of the effort.

  • CSC Efficiency
  • CSC +- combination of efficiencies
  • eff results - indicated issue with ME11 a b bug fix
  • Reimplmemented ab bug fix
  • Submitted new jobs on 2018B, 2018D
  • 2018D only get order 200 files despite larger percentage on disk

  • Keegan madgraph polarization
  • looked over results. Possible misconfiguration between segments of job madgraph and madspin
  • Need to test myself

2020 06 15

  • UW meeting
  • Personnel status
  • Stephen
  • May be recovering and starting work again
  • He
  • Good progress on ZZ processing.
  • Found possilbe problems with processing configurations which might improve agreement issues
  • Has events infomration from Italian group for comparison
  • Susmita
  • Attended induction. Progressign VV on paper, muon talks, HATS
  • Keegan
  • Working on unified selection for VV and polarization

  • ARC EW Zg HEPData
  • Updated with publication in formation.
  • ARC Work complete

  • CSC eff new runs
  • 2017B runs completed without error
  • Local coordinate plots useful now
  • See a large drop in efficiency even vs odd
  • May be an assignment for a vs b issue because of difference in eta for even vs odd
  • Will investigate
  • Could thi sbe a problem in other stations or rings?

  • CMS Day 1
  • new schedule indicates Feb 2022 start
  • Driven by CSC miuon and then sheilding installation
  • Schedule ecould change depending on ATLAS installations

  • CSC author list
  • Investigated list for Robin's PI list and IB list
  • Ohio state and Purdue people missing
  • Need to update RMO people DB list

  • ARC Wgg Zgg
  • Preapproved and ready for review
  • Will start with AN

2020 06 16

  • CMS Day 2
  • GMM
  • CSC schedule amdeded by 3 months of covid lock down plus 2 months for slowed work schedule do to precautions

  • SMP meeting
  • Asked question to Sridhara on Z->4l analysis

  • SMP nomination
  • Declined SMP-VV
  • Will provide information fo SMP-COM nomination

  • ZZ CWR comments
  • Substantive comments from Greg L.

  • ARC HIN Z CWR ended
  • Review commends

  • Keegan Susmita madgraph ZZ polarision
  • Resolved madgraph polarization run time problems
These first commands are to avoid a known problem where python has trouble deleting a directory
From the root directory of your madgraph release
edit MadSpin/decay.py
search for full_me
For the second instance, which is in the section that starts with the comment "# Closing all runĒ
Comment out using the ď#Ē symbol the line "shutil.rmtree(pjoin(self.path_me,'full_meí))Ē
Save the file

The run madgraph

Generate and store the process.  I did ZZ production with one transverse and one longitudinal
generate p p > Z{0} Z{T}
output ZZ0T_1

Exit the program and go to the ZZ0T_1 directory
cd ZZ0T_1
edit Cards/madspin_card_default.dat

Change the Z decay from "decay z > all allĒ to "decay z > mu+ mu-ď
This circumvents the sum of branching ratios being larger than one because only one decay is allowed with a small branching ratio.
We should be able to define a symbols with generating for a leptons which is and electron or muon if we want both decays.   One for each charge.
However, mu+ mu- is fine for now

Run generate_events
At the first menu type ď4Ē to choose "Decay onshell particlesĒ
I think this is necessary to cause madspin to execute.
Return through the rest of the menus.

remove the full_me directory that you couldnít remove automatically
rm -f full_me

The results should be in Events/run_01_decayed_1/unweighted_events.lhe.gz

Eventually we would like to generate 0 0, 0 T and T T and compare them.

  • HIN-19-007
  • IR for CWR due by June 30th
  • group email sent

  • Geo science review
  • Recieved materials via box
  • Need to review

2020 06 17

  • ARC HIN Z CWR comment
  • Reviewed CWR comments
  • Some comments could require substantial work
  • Example: to include differential jet distributions
  • Greg L comments out of line again

  • Journal club,
  • Excellent presentation from Keegan and good discussion

  • Xenon axion article
  • For journal club next week
  • Read press release and looked at presentation
  • Need to read article
  • Low energy excess compatible with axions or some possible backgrounds

  • CMS week day 3
  • Schedule information and plans

  • Rivet SMP-16-014 review
  • Validation plot differences are due to using different Pythia version
  • Discuss whether differences are expected and if we can pass the validation

  • Future collider article
  • Should pay attention to US position during Snowmass process

  • Zg analysis and MATRIX+Radish NNLO+N3LL calculation
  • Logarithmic re summation improves lot pT Zg region
  • Emailed Mayda about making the comparison. This is happening

2020 06 18

  • Journal club Xenon axion article
  • Read archived article

  • Scientist position benefits

  • Qual 1 failure cases
  • Advocated passing

  • muon induction talks
  • re read

  • ARC Vgg review
  • Reviewed PAS and AN and sent comments
  • Comments on motivation of analysis. Show that it is really a powerful prove of the gauge sector
  • Comments on correlations for photon backgrounds

  • Rivet SMP-16-014 jet corr
  • Recommended passing despite differences likely du to Pythia version
  • Referred question to leadership

2020 06 22

  • UW meeting personnel status
  • Isa status
  • Preparing work packages for CSC testing

  • Stephen
  • Working on WZ jet issues

  • He
  • Event by event comparison made iwth Italian ZZ group
  • 10% difference
  • Investigating
  • Larger differneces for other years

  • Susmita
  • Reviewed muon induction materials
  • HATs excercises this week
  • Need to set up meeting

  • Keegan
  • Successfully ran polarization mode

  • CSC efficiency ME11a even vs odd issue
  • Found issue with ring assignment by track eta
  • Reassigned ME11a vs at ntuple level using local Y, at Y=-30
  • Incline of wires is an issue for dividing in two by readout elements
  • Unclear how strips are divided
  • Different number of strips in ME11a vs b
  • Reassigning detector elment in T&P code led to crash in fiducial code.
  • It would be good to fix that. However circumventing it for now

  • Rivet SMP-16-014
  • Approved, request merged

2020 06 23

  • CSC efficiency ME11a even vs odd issue,
Discussion with time
On Jun 23, 2020, at 1:53 PM, Tim Cox <Timothy.Cox@cern.ch> wrote:

HI Matt,

Thanks for the update. Very interesting.
I was always worried about that stupid assignment based on approximate eta. Using the real 
coordinates is clearly the right thing to do.

Yes, I want to check this for all the rings and make sure we arenít missing any bit and pieces of 
acceptance in our efficiency calculations.

I guess I don't understand why you want to shift the bins by 1?

I didnít want to shift the bins by one!   I calculate the background subtraction and the uncertainty 
in each bin and then place the results directly in the histograms. I accidentally shifted the bins by 
one since I forgot how root numbers the bins.  I pointed it out because it was in one plot and fixed 
in the other.

I am not sure why you are worried about splitting ME1/1A and B by local y. It is not exactly that the 
strips are 'cut' at the transition: there are two sets: 64 in B and 48 in A, of course covering the same 
phi region. Once upon a time, long long ago, the design was to cut the strips, but that was changed 
long before LHC started running. There were always 64 in B and 48 in A, although in run 1 those 48
were ganged every 3 into 16 channels. The basic engineering drawing of the ME11 wires, at the bottom 
of https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/CSCchambersME11, does label the transition as 'strips cut' 
but that's a bit misleading!

If the problem is either geometric or associated with readout elements (groups of strips or wires) then 
dividing ME11 along the ďborderĒ where that is happening is useful.   Itís not necessary though since 
I have the efficiency as a function of local coordinates in terms of wires and strips as well.

Why does it matter that the wires are tilted?

At least from the images (I was looking at the same diagram you pointed to) then if you wanted to divide 
by wires you have to do so along a diagonal line parallels the wire direction while itís not clear how the 
strip readout is separated into a and b geometrically.   

I guess the drop at the A-B transition is because neither LCTs nor segments are built across the boundary 
(Long ago I wrote some code to combine the ME1/1A and B rechit collections so the segment builder could 
work on just one collection for the entire ME1/1, but Nikokay and Vladimir have not yet integrated it into 
their segment builder.)
In the final plot why is there no red point in the first bin? 

I had noticed the missing bin.  Since Iím still making some fiducial cuts I am cutting away from the edge.   
However, itís also possible that the eta cuts are depopulating that region so much that I wasnít able to extract 
a good efficiency.   

This odd/even difference is bizarre. There just has to be some geometric issue sneaking in her still! What if 
you split by endcap?

My program makes plots split by endcap as well.   However, Iím running out of enough statistics to split in 
too many ways.

Right now Iím trying to run all of 2018D.   Running just one file per job seems to have eliminated the run 
time problems so Iím hopeful that 2018D runs smoothly.  With enough statistics I can divide in more ways 
and perhaps even make a 2D plot of efficiency over each chamber class.

Incidentally:  The other periods are smaller so Iíve run them over the past few weeks though Iíll have to run 
them again with my latest version.   Therefore, Iím incrementally far away from being able to produce full 2018 efficiency plots.

Another issue I wanted to bring up was 2016 and 2017.   Zmu strips exist for those years as well.   I think they 
are based on finding Zs with two identified muons.  However, I believe they were allowed to be tracker muons.   
If I remember correctly tracker muons require that at least one muon segment be found. Thus the bias in the 
efficiency would not be that large.   Do you think itís useful to run that data once everything is working?   It would 
be nice to have all three years in ntuple form.   For instance I could make a time history.

 - cheers - Matt

  • CSC testing for He
  • He wil join testing team

2020 06 24

  • Muon IB
  • Anna from RMO office head to IB Chair
  • RMO office might be reorganized due to that and new CSC PM

  • CSC meetings
  • Urgency to speak of approval for people ot work on work package

  • CSC work package He
  • Previously reviewed
  • Gave institutional approval

  • CSC Efficiency discussion
  • Tim thinks z plane might be misdefined
  • Look at residuals
  • Divide by + vs - endcap
  • Divide by + vs - muon charge
  • Look at residuals
  • Need higher statistics

  • CSC EFf Job status
  • 2018 D jobs experienced period of data transfer errors to UW T2
  • Cleared room but I don't think that was the problem
  • Follow up with UW computing experts
  • Otherwise jobs running smoothly
  • Will have 1000 jobs soon and can make first attempt to use the data

  • Journal club
  • Good presentation

  • Snowmass AF meeting
  • Accelerators really seem more on shell now
  • Tend to support FCCee followed by FCChh and ILC
  • Maybe in my career scope

  • Susmita work google doc
  • Good progress tracker. Get Susmita to update

2020 06 25

  • Susmita meeting
  • Discussion of muon system talk

  • CSC jobs status
  • Running slowly

2020 06 26

  • ARC Vgg comments sent
  • Sergo, ARC chair sent all comments

  • Facilities meeting

  • CSC eff jobs
  • Running slowly
  • Failures increasing

  • CSC pretty pots
  • new plots for pT and eta for ME1 and outer stages

  • CSC high LCT eff problem
  • Denominator problem found an fixed

  • CSC LCY and LCS problem
  • Code examined but problem not undstood
  • plus and minus side plots look okay but not combination

  • Polarization results
  • Comments on plot to emphasize
  • Relative cross section, correctly normlized
  • Shape, area normalized

2020 06 29

*UW meeting

  • personnel status
  • Stephen
  • Making progress on jj plot normalization issues

  • He
  • Making progress on ZZ synchronization

  • Susmita
  • Progress on tutorial material
  • Discussing madanalysis with Keegan and getting assistance

  • CSC eff jobs
  • Jobs accelerated and nearly competed with 30% failure rate
  • Successful job data looks good
  • Will try resubmission

  • CSC Eff ME1 Eta 1.18
  • Real gap in coverage at this eta

  • CMS publicity
  • Approved group statement from Sridhara with some modifications
  • Wrote personal quote

  • Rivet SMP-16-015 Z+jets finished
  • Merged by Marcus

  • HIN-19-017 J/Psi CWR comments
  • Reviewed
  • Send commends from Dick and myself

  • SMP-19-001 CWR responses ready,
  • Prepared by Sascha

2020 06 30

  • CMS 1000 paper publicity
  • Suggested format
  • Added personal work statement

  • CSC eff even vs odd issue
  • Isolated CSC ME!!a even vs odd problem to specific strip regions

2020 07 01

  • CSC Eff even vs odd and a vs b
  • Tim further localized this problem to specific DCFEBs

  • CSC eff bad chambers
  • Implemented bad chamber list

  • CSC eff status
  • Document current statns for comparison
  • vs pT efficialy in all rings is flat
  • even vs odd problem gone
  • Still issues with different level of efficiency vs pT in ME11a vs b
  • vs Eta
  • Improved but still structure in ME21
  • Structure going from ME11a to b. May still be assignment problem
  • Revisit fixing assignment in T&P nutple
  • Implement LCW plots
  • LCY and LCW plots to investigate ME11a to b and ME21
  • Implement vs PV plots
  • Implement vs time plots including 2D ring chamber vs time plots
  • More jobs processed ub still 255 crashes
  • Investigate crashes

  • CSC managers meeting

  • CSC meeting
  • Should try T&P on revals
  • Revisit running updated hit and segment code

  • SMP-COM nomination
  • Sent nomination materials
  • interview Monday

  • Journal club X(6900)
  • Suggested LHCb x(6900) to J/Psi J/Psi tetraquark (cccc) paper

  • Qual meeting
  • No luck, consider how to proceed

  • Snowmass accelerators

2020 07 02

  • Travel voucher travelinc
  • Tavel voucher located and ready for use.
  • Date was from purchase which means Dec or Jan

  • SMP Com nomination
  • Meeting Monday

  • Susmita meeting
  • Discussion of muon system

  • muon people database
  • Ready for updating

  • 208 teaching

2020 07 03

  • CSC efficiency strip segments
  • Discussion of individual chambers with inefficiencies over ranges of strips
  • not seen in validation plots but in elog. Not understood

  • Qual committee notes
  • Better than I hoped
  • leaves soem room for decision to pass students

2020 07 06

  • SMP Com nomination
  • Studied old material
  • Meeting with conveners

  • UW meeting

  • Personnel status

  • Isa
  • Progressing on CSC and analysis

  • Stephen
  • Need to set up meeting

  • He
  • ZZ comments
  • Comments on issues with EWK sample consistency between running periods

  • Susmita
  • progressing

  • Keegan
  • Remove surpressed zero in VBS polarization plots

  • CSC article: Public article by Isa
  • Reviewed and sent minor comments

  • ARC Vgg author responses
  • Received responses, need to review

  • CSC efficiency 2018D reprocessing
  • Final job status
  • Almost all jobs ran after two submission over two weeks
  • About 10 jobs with file read/write errors

2020 07 07

  • SMP VV meeting

  • ZZ comments

2020 07 08

  • CSC managers meeting, CSC meeting

  • ZZ comments
  • Asked about processing details like selection cuts

2020 07 09

  • Susmita meeting
  • Muon suystem discussion

  • Dept coffee
  • Visa dicussion

  • Read Vgg paper
  • By July 14
  • Reviewed author responses and sent comments

  • DOE PI meeting
  • Tulika has registered us

2020 07 10

  • CSC efficiency progress
  • Programmed global coordinates
  • Understand Eta issues
  • ME11 a and b overall in one eta region because of even vs odd chamber eta ranges
  • Range is approximately 2.06 to 2.1085
  • Border is very obvious with new global detector eta variable.
  • Reprogrammed eta binning to create one overlap bin
  • May have to refine with higher statistics
  • Fixed bug in setting ring. Did it for wrong station!
  • Understood why reassignment code didn't work. Two variables with ring information had to be set
  • Running test now
  • Will reprocess segment of data
  • Started work on PV and Run bins

  • Qual meeting notes
  • First part sent by Lisa

2020 07 13

  • UW meeting

  • UW personnel status
  • Isa - emailed

  • Stephen: meeting Tuesday
  • Will return to North Carolina
  • Travel approved, should do through CERN travel
  • Set time line for prelim by end of year. Will reassess if he should proceed with Ph.D. if he can't meet the deadline

  • He
  • Progressing but has not resolved year dependent issues

  • Susmita
  • Progressing but should be directed to more substanative work

  • Keegan good progress on polarization issues
  • Polarization distributions look realistic after cuts
  • Suggestd workong toards assessing magnitude of contributions
  • Will meet, including Susmita, on Friday

  • CSC Efficiency PV and Run
  • Programed and tested counters and histograms for PV and Run based efficiency
  • Also tested Iso efficiency
  • Run will need to be retested with a larger run range
  • Also 2D histograms need to be programed
  • Isolation binning needs to bbe chosen with a larger data set
  • First bin in each plot needs to be checked
  • Ran new job with final code and checking with 3 files per job

2020 07 14

  • Stephen meeting
  • See monday

  • SMP meeting

  • Muon meetings

  • CSC ME11 eta boarders
  • Further testing of eta boarders to seperate ME11a and b for both front and back
  • Refined overlap bin
  • Likely because of stright line geometry of edge a and b can not be perfectly sepearted for either front of back chambers
  • Decided to place all overlap in one bin
  • Switched to detector eta at each station for all stations. Previouly had used station 1 eta

  • ARC Vgg paper draft review
  • Sent comments on paper draft

  • ZZ polarization results
  • See Monday

  • Meng recommendation
  • Will write recommendation
  • End of July time scale

2020 07 15

  • RMO meeting
  • New overall RMO contact selected

  • Qual resolution
  • Issue resolved favorably

  • CSC meetings
  • Mangers meeting
  • Weekly meeting
  • Tim presented overall history of 2018. I would like to do the same

  • Journal Club
  • Good presentation. Noticed issues with interpretation that I did not

  • CSC Efficiency jobs
  • Jobs finished with no errors and results look good
  • Memory usage good except in a few cases
  • increased to 4 files and submitted all of 2018D

2020 07 20

  • UW meeting,

  • Personnel status
  • Isa, interacted this week on efficiencies
  • Stephen, preparitng to move
  • He, Continues to work on ZZ sycronization
  • Susmita, progress on using madgraph
  • Kegan, working on polarization distributions. Discussing what to look at

2020 07 21

  • CSC Efficiencies
  • Programed CSC and position and run dependent chamber efficiencies

2020 07 22

  • CSC meetings

  • Reviewed ICHEP CSC talk

  • Snowmass energy frontier meeting
  • Reviewed all three days

  • CSC Muon IB Chair Election
  • Requested to conduct election
  • Set up schedule schedule

2020 07 23

  • CSC Eff run range exclusions,
  • Analyzed run dependence of efficiencies
  • Excluded run ranges with very low efficiency
  • Need to understand each one

  • journal club meeting
  • H to mumu presentation from Susmita

2020 07 24

  • CSC Eff DCFEB exclusions
  • Programed all CDFEB exclusions, some run dependent
  • Made updated good detector plots

  • discussion on CSC run dependent efficiency
  • Some very low efficiency regions not understood
  • ME21 drop in efficiency not understood. See discussion with Armando next week

2020 07 27

  • Muon IB meeting
  • CSC PM
  • New deputy IB chairs
  • Need to accelerate CSC IB chair election

  • UW meeting

  • Personnel status
  • Isa, progress on analysis. going to ICHEP
  • Stephen, will likely move this week
  • He, Progress on ZZ synchronization
  • Susmita, progress on madgraph, reading VV polarization paper, will set up meeting to discuss
  • Keegan discussion of optimal binning for polarization plot, sent instructions on fraction plot

  • Efficiency fits
  • Programed 2 Gaus plus linear or exp background fits and compared to sideband subtraction
  • Indication of statistical uncertainty and bias at the 0.1 to 0.3 level
  • Only displaying efficiencies to nearest percent

2020 07 28

  • CSC Eff discussion with Armando
  • ME21 likely has drop in efficiency due to saturated CFEB
  • May be radiation environment effects vs phi to look for
  • May be reasons for eta structure
  • Continue to pursue ME11a drop in efficiency at edge with ME11b
  • Need to understand remaining efficiency issues
  • Will work on issues and write talk
  • Processing 93% doe

  • ICHEP muon talk
  • Reviewed

  • Rivet SMP-17-009
  • Reviewed and gave PAG approval

  • journal club article
  • Chose CMS H to cs paper

  • CSC Muon IB Chair Election
  • Sent call for nomination
  • One so far which is enough

2020 07 29

  • CSC meeting
  • Interesting discussion on resolutions
  • Should measure in T&P data

  • CSC Eff jobs
  • re submitted last 500 jobs

  • ME11a edge region
  • Fine binned eta region, re-binned to get both odd and even edges
  • Efficiency loss in region half the overlap region
  • No pattern in local strips or wires
  • No patter vs run
  • Efficiency loss vs PV doesn't seem any larger relative in edge region
  • Reread Armando's email for ideas

  • HIG-19-008 IR ttH
  • Accepted and started IR

  • journal club article
  • Announced meeting
  • Read H to cs article
  • Decided on article for next week, IR article

2020 07 30

  • Keegan polarization fractions

  • Discussion CSC Eff ME11 boundary effects with Tim Cox

2020 07 31

  • Discussion CSC Eff ME11 boundary effects with Tim Cox and Armando
  • Determined boundary as -31.25 cm and correcting setting the boundary fixes one aspect of the ME11 efficiency problem

2020 08 03

  • UW meeting

  • Request to review ATLAS EW Z paper

2020 08 04

  • HIN-19-003 approval

  • Discussion CSC Effs

  • ARC Wg author responses

  • MREFC Muon report
  • Should be no CSC items yet

2020 08 05

  • Cancelation of MBI 2020

  • Discussion CSC Effs

  • Kegan thesis appendix complete

2020 08 10

  • UW meeting
  • Keegan to UCSD

  • ZZ MC issues

  • HIG-19-008 IR submitted

2020 08 11

  • ZZ comparison of results

  • IB representative
  • Only one nomination who may refuse
  • List from Robin

  • MBI cancelation discussion

2020 08 12

  • EMU budget including salaries, travel and Pascal Bulteau

  • MBI cancelation discussion

  • DOE PI meeting UW reservation

  • CSC meetings
  • Managers meeting
  • CSC meeting

  • CSC Eff ME2/1 problem strip and wire plots and LCT results
  • Sent to Armando and Tim

2020 08 13

  • ARC Wg author response followup
  • Received responses and sent followup questions

  • CSC Eff ME2/1 discussion CFEB SCA saturation
  • Armando thinks segment but not LCT efficiecy issue is a sign of SCA scaturation in the CFEBS

  • CSC Eff ME1 PV effect in all rings
  • Effect only in ME1/1 and other /1 rings
  • Side of effect and average of PV distribution indicates mostly a PV effect

  • DOE review results

2020 08 14

  • Susmita meting

  • CSC Eff discussion on wire groups
  • Wire groups not linearly related to radial position

  • ARC Wg author response followup

  • CSC IB representative nomination emails set

2020 08 15

  • CSC IB representative nomination refusals
  • Start of refusals!

2020 08 16

  • Sridhara Snowmass document

  • ZZ ready for FR from UW side

2020 08 17

  • CSC CFEB cable shipping

  • CSC Eff ME11 pileup eff discussion

  • Snowmass LOE comments
  • Reviewed
  • Sent comments
  • Sridhara updated

  • ZZ FR comments
  • Comments from FR being responded to

  • RRB CSC text
  • Composed and sent to Anna

2020 08 18

  • CSC Eff pileup eff discussion
  • Armando suggested some checks

  • EPJC ATLAS EWK Z review sent
  • Reviewed and comments sent

  • RRB CSC text revisions

  • CSC IB chair nominations declined

2020 08 19

  • ARC Wg author responses
  • Author responses to ARC AN comments
  • Responses good enough to move onto paper drafts

  • CSC Eff pileup eff discussion
  • More suggestions form Armando
  • Definitely addressed

2020 08 20

  • CSC Eff pileup eff discussion
  • Discussion with Tim and Armando
  • Will check LCTs

  • CSC IB chair nominations
  • Sent out more nominations

  • EMU budget overruns and cost savings
  • OMDB ot HV systems

2020 08 21

  • CSC Eff pileup eff discussion
  • Discussion with Tim and Armando
  • Effect stronger in LCTs

  • CSC Eff root memory problem
  • Received guidance on how to test
  • Eventually will confirm that it is just a too large memory usage issue

  • CSC IB chair nominations declined

2020 08 24

* ZZ FR comments addressed

* UW CMS meeting

* DOE PI meeting, useless

2020 08 25

  • Compose and submit recommendations Meng Lu

2020 08 26

  • Submit recommendations Meng Lu
  • ZZ ready for submission

2020 08 27

  • Isa to CSC run coordinator

  • Final Snowmass LOI

  • CSC OMDB financial discrepancy
  • Mostly resolved and working to update RM materials

2020 08 28

  • Submitted Snowmass LOI

  • CSC OMDB financial discrepancy
  • Mostly resolved and working to update RM materials

  • ARC Wg author responses

  • New call for CSC IB Chair

2020 08 31

2020 09 01

  • Submit recommendations Meng Lu

  • ARC HIN Z CWR comment responses

2020 09 02

  • Start ARC Wg EFT analysis

  • ZZ paper submitted to EPJC

  • CSC IB representative choice
  • Stan or I

2020 09 03

  • CSC IB representative Durkin

  • aC summary plot problem with EWK Wg
  • Paper has expected and observed limits switched

2020 09 04

  • xs summary plot update

2020 09 07

  • xs summary plots
  • Updated with EWK ZZ, EWK Wg, WW and ZZ results

2020 09 08

  • Vgg ARC followup
  • Read author responses to previous followup
  • Commented on consistency of systematic uncertainties and NNLO cross section issues

  • SMP meeting, ARC Wg status
  • Wg presentation does not seem up to pre-approval status

  • xs summary plots updated
  • Plots updated on the xs summary Twiki

  • UW meeting

2020 09 09

  • CSC meetings
  • Interesting presentation CSC segment failure and new hit and segment code
  • Would like to test this

  • xs summary references

  • CSC IB election
  • Will proceed with Stan Durkin

  • personnel status
  • Isa - some progress on analysis. Addressing CWR comments
  • Stephen - should be resuming work, setting up meeting
  • He - may resolve difference with official EWK ZZ analysis. ggZZ weights
  • Susmita - no report, setting up meeting

2020 09 10

  • VBS Zg aC transposed
  • Problem confirmed

2020 09 11

  • CSC IB election candidate chosen, Stan Durkin
  • ElectionBuddy test
  • Voters setup

2020 09 13

  • CSC IB election started

2020 09 14

  • UW meeting

  • CMS week

2020 09 15

  • SMP-VV meeting

  • Sabbatical proposal
  • Written and submitted

  • CSC IB election issues
  • Helped voter to vote

2020 09 16

  • Updated RMO CSC expenditures for 2020 current status

  • RMO xDCFEB and LV system costs
  • Darien reports offsetting costs from FPGAs and the RMO xDCFEB and LV system costs, RM

  • Request from management for personnel profile update

  • Updated sabbatical request with salary information

  • Status of CSC IB chair election. Most, but not all, PIs have voted

2020 09 17

  • CSC IB chair help for Alexie

  • CSC IB chair election complete
  • 14 of 16 voted unanimously for Stan Durkin
  • Announced results

  • MBI VBSCan joint meeting
  • Support proposal

  • ZZ HEPData working directory for Sascha

  • Joint CMS muon ntuple
  • Indara's student will work on this and will need my support

  • RMO xDCFEB costs reporting
  • Discussed cost reporting with Darien
  • He is in favor of just reporting ikind contribution as delivered without modifying costs
  • I would make modifications in cases of multi tens of thousands of dolars in changes

2020 09 18

  • Stephen will grad school

  • Joint MBI VBSCan discussion

  • Muon IB meeting RMO presentation
  • Discussion of issues with RMO presentation

  • HIN-18-005 IR responses received
  • Good enough

2020 09 19

  • Joint MBI VBSCan discussion and proposal to Chinese

2020 09 21

  • Joint MBI VBSCan agreement of Chinese and IOC vote

  • Deputy ops discussion,

2020 09 22

  • Joint MBI VBSCan accepted

  • Muon IB letter on EPR
  • Add a minimal EPR task for UW students

  • ARC Vgg systematic uncertainty discussion

2020 09 23

  • CSC meeting

  • ZZ paper referee comments

2020 09 24

  • ARC Vgg systematic uncertainty discussion

  • Susmita meeting

  • Usama thesis defense
  • Sucessful

2020 09 25

  • CSC electronics meeting

  • Muon system ntuple meeting

2020 09 28

  • UW meeting

2020 09 29

  • CSC Eff complete LCT analysis
  • Most single (D)CFEB issues are the same
  • Found a few that were also in the Segments, found some odd issues only in LCT
  • CFEB saturation not in LCT as expected
  • ME11 vs. PV effect stronger in LCT
  • Single chamber issues found but not generally understood

  • CSC Eff talk complete
  • All pltos complete and talk finisned, sent for reivew

  • Usama PhD warrant,

2020 09 30

  • CSC managers meeting

  • CSC meeting

  • CSC Eff talk
  • Talk given
  • Feedback for fallowup on isues
  • ME11 don't think that RU code will help
  • ME21 issue somethign besides CFEB saturation or in addition to

  • RMO CSC personnel profile updated

  • ARC Wg questions on aTGC
  • Why are limits up and down?
  • Andrew responded that it has to do with the limits being close and there a slight difference in pT performnce

2020 10 01

  • ARC Vgg systematic uncertainty meeting
  • Authors found mistakes that explain most of the strange results
  • Will do some simple tests to make sure there are not problems

  • RMO CSC personnel profile table
  • Recieved code to make table and made first version
  • Sent via email

2020 10 02

  • ARC SMP-20-005 Wg ARC started
  • Need to review note

  • ARC Vgg systematic uncertainty updated
  • Look much more reasonable now
  • Simple tests were okay

  • RMO CSC personnel profile table
  • Final version Sent via email

  • Start IR EXO-19-013
  • Long lived particles, emerging jets

2020 10 05

  • UW meeting

* GMM meeting, review slides

2020 10 06

  • SMP meeting

2020 10 07

  • EPR
  • Update muon work done
  • Register for Rivet work done

2020 10 08

  • OMDB and LS3 Upgrade update
  • Schedule is mostly development through delivery, no change
  • Included installation
  • Initialed discussion to including dismounting endcap muon system in LS3
  • Contacted Armando for information, need to review

2020 10 09

  • Susmita meeting
  • Working on MC tutorial, remedial workbook section, Grid certificate
  • Discussed ME11 or ME21 efficiency tasks
  • Will review Efficiency project work next week

  • RBB and Morse AR slides
  • Should update full OMDB schedule

2020 10 12

  • UW meeting
  • Sridhara asked group to work on EPR entries
  • Personnel status
  • Isa: working on Final DCFEB refurbishment, muon review, 7 ring commissioning
  • He: jet unfolding
  • Susmita: running MC and CMS workbook

  • Susmita EPR
  • Signed Susmita up for 0.5 months of efficiency studies

  • Muon system EPR
  • CSC up to date
  • Explained to Kevin how to make pledges for GEM

  • ARC Vgg paper draft
  • Reviewed text on systematic errors
  • New tables consistent and match expectations better
  • Text does not need to be further revised

  • Wg paper ready for approval

  • RMO LS3 personnel profile
  • Reviewed LS3 tasks and man power estimates from Armando, forwarded to RMO group
  • Detailed enough for what we need.
  • Missing exact start date and expectation for length of HGCAL installation
  • Combined muon system personnel spreadsheets together

2020 10 13

  • SMP-VV meeting

  • US CMS organization
  • restarting UW CMS anual meeting organization
  • One day virtual
  • Suggested uplifting summary talk

  • EXO-19-013 review
  • Completed review, submit later this week

  • ARC Vgg unblinding
  • Permission given to unblind

2020 10 14

  • CSC meetings
  • Managers meeting
  • CSC meeting
  • Interesting talk on CSC backgrounds

  • FNAL renewal and computer security,
  • Computer security and update passed
  • ID number renewal submitted

  • T&P RU jobs
  • Controlled by one parameter choice
  • Submitted jobs
  • Test wether it has an effect
  • Understand if it gets both the new RU hit and segment building code

2020 10 15

  • Muon meetings
  • Good status review talk
  • OBDB dates need to be updated

  • EXO-19-013 IR submitted

  • Susmita meeting
  • Discussion CSC efficiency presentation

2020 10 16

  • RMO cost profile
  • Reconstructed MOU cost profile
  • 24k discrepency overall
  • Sent to RMO group

  • T&P RU jobs
  • Results not improved
  • Resubmitted failed jobs
  • Debug wether code is called

2020 10 19

  • UW meeting

  • Personnel status
  • Isa: Good progress on CSC disks
  • He: Can produce decent jet distribution and unfold them.
  • Need to determine next steps
  • Susmita, sent link to CSC Eff talk

  • Reviewed day one slides

  • ARC Vgg unblinded results
  • Sent request for detailed discussion

2020 10 20

  • He ZZ plots
  • plots for full Run 2 look good

  • ttH IR author responses
  • Forwarded to group members

2020 10 21

  • ZZ meeting
  • Will concentrate on
  • ZZ jet differential including VBS distribution
  • ZZ mass and jet pltos in mass regions
  • Need to look at some papers to access interesting physics

  • CSC meeting
  • LS3 talk * schedule looks very problematic

2020 10 22

  • ARC Wg approval
  • Approved with no significant issues

  • ARC Vgg to approval
  • Review of unblinded results look good, to approval

  • Review Wg aTGC note
  • Reviewed and comments sent to authors

  • US CMS meeting organization
  • Signed up for group
  • Date of meeting set

2020 10 23

  • ARC Wg approved

  • VBSCan extended
  • Can now plan joint meeting with MBI

2020 10 26

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Personnel status
  • He working on plots - need to do ZZ +jets literature review

  • Muon scrutiny group
  • need new member, probably needs to be CSC associated,

  • EP seminar nomination
  • Nominated Kenneth for EWK talk

2020 10 27

  • SMP VV meeting
  • AC discussion,

  • CSC Eff Job new RU
  • Results of runs comparing ST adn original RU
  • Significant 0.25% advantage for ST
  • Need to upgrade to 11 series to run improved RU code

  • Victor prelim review
  • Reviewed and composed comments toward refocusing prelims and thesis defenses toward analysis discussion
  • Discussed with other PIs
  • Sent to Victor

  • Sven ICHEP conf proceeding
  • Reviewed, Sven updated

  • ARC Vgg green light

2020 10 28

  • Victor prelim review
  • Victor updated, reiterated comments on conclusions

  • CSC meetings
  • Total CERN shutdown likely

  • EPR survey

  • CSC Eff jobs 11 series
  • Compiled 11 seriee job
  • Test jobs failinig

  • Isa position
  • Time to do this

2020 10 29

  • Susmita meeting
  • Discussion of ME21 efficiency project

  • Victor prelim

  • ZZ papers and distributions
  • Reviewed ATLAS and CMS EWK Z + jets papers
  • Sent lists of insteresting distributions to He

2020 10 30

  • Susmita ME21 study instructions
  • Sent links to Tim and Katerina's talks
  • Discussed correlations to be studied with HV issues

  • Muon EPR
  • Created pledge for Abby for Kevin

  • CSC Eff 11 series
  • Tested 11 series
  • Compiled and altered pyton to run
  • Skipped GEM and PPS but still crasshes in strips
  • 11 series seems too Run 3 oriented and likely will not process Run 2 data correction

2020 11 02

  • UW meeting
  • Personnel status
  • He: reading papers, looking at dimuon mass distributions
  • Susmita: looking at presentation and getting ready to look for efficiency HV problem correlations
  • Isa: ?

  • CSC Eff 11 series test
  • Instead testing moving 11 series RU segment builder code to 10 series release
  • Compiled and ran job
  • Now doing larger test

  • CSC T&P Eff instructions for Susmita

  • Rivet SMP-14-017 complete
  • Resolved or dropped normalization issue

2020 11 03

  • SMP meeting
  • ARC Vgg approval
  • No issues

  • CSC Eff histogram instructions
  • Sent instruction on using CSCEffFast to Susmita

  • ARC Wg aC author responses
  • No major issues with responses
  • Follow up on NLO treatment

2020 11 04

  • CSC meetings
  • Managers meeting
  • Group meeting

  • ARC Vgg photon id issue
  • Tightening photon Id could improove analyis
  • Instructed the authors to estimate the impact forst

  • Susmita detaching job instructions

2020 11 05

  • CMS meeting

  • CSC RU jobs resubmit
  • Could not figure out how to submit one job

  • Seminar

2020 11 06

  • QC HEP talk

2020 11 09

*UW meeting

  • Personnel status
  • CSC upgrade
  • He: ZZ in progress
  • Susmita: working on CSC Effs

  • CSC Eff RU segment builder results
  • Find 0.25% improvement over old RU segments builder
  • 0.25% worse than ST segement builder
  • Communicated results to Tim and Nikolay

2020 11 10

  • CSC Eff RU discussion
  • Expected more improvment
  • Think code was run correctly
  • Would like to analyze cases
  • Will take some work on my part
  • Proposed using LCT information to correct segment data errors to Tim

  • SMP VV meeting

  • ARC Wg ready for CWR

  • CSC IB reps slide prepared
  • Had not been announced to CSC group, or Muon group

2020 11 11

  • CSC meeting IB reps slide

  • US CMS meeting jobs panel proposal
  • 15 mintute talk on searching for industry jobs
  • Two pannels: Fuculty and industry

2020 11 12

  • US CMS org meeting
  • Indara could not attend and has not responded to proposal

  • CSC Eff RU discussion
  • Pusing for list of failured events

  • ARC Wg AC meeting
  • Analysis really seems still in progress

  • ARC Vgg author progress
  • Authors working on approval questions

2020 11 13

  • Susmita meeting
  • Discussed plotting commands
  • Discussed ME21 study

  • ARC Wg PAS prepared

2020 11 16

*UW meeting

  • Personnel status
  • He, testing jet distribution
  • Susmita: making efficiency plots

  • CSC Eff code reposit
  • Commited T&P code aned ntuple scripts
  • First version fo instructions

2020 11 17

  • SMP meeting

  • CSC Eff code reposit
  • Finalize instructions
  • Send to Russians

  • CSC Conf talk
  • Approved talk and organized practice talk

2020 11 18

  • ZZ referee responses
  • Reviewed responses
  • Minor correction
  • 4 requests for revisions

  • CSC meetings
  • CSC managers meeting
  • CSC weekly meeting
  • Efficiencies from cosmics, compare to my data
  • Discussion on HV problems, compare to efficiency maps

  • CSC Eff RU vs ST
  • Grid runs are divided the same way if run multiple times (in close proximity)
  • Able to compare results from one four file grid job
  • Expected ~5 ST but no RU cases and found ~20
  • Similar number of RU but no ST cases
  • May see >= 0.5% efficiency improvement
  • Results not well checked, but sent to Russian
  • Test two grid jobs to confirm efficiency difference
  • Plot efficiencies vs basic kinematic distribution and for all rings

2020 11 19

  • CSC Eff check
  • Made printouts
  • Confirmed directories, configurations and efficiencies
  • Checked rings
  • RU eff. ME11 ME12 ME13 slightly low, ME21 ME3! ME41 better, ME22 ME32 ME42 slightly low
  • Demonstrated with ring eta plots
  • No pattern in PV, PV, eta distributions
  • discussion
  • Will check larger dataset with printouts seperatel for different rings

2020 11 20

  • (US)CMS meetings

  • US CMS quick planning
  • Looked up details of people and emails
  • Sent invetations
  • Organizational meeting
  • Suggestions, list of questions, google recruter, small desription of each speaker

  • Reviewed EPJC VBS Z authors responses
  • Very good, recommended for publication

2020 11 23

  • UW CMS meeting

  • UW Personal
  • He Ready for SMP-VV ZZ talk
  • Susmita progressing on ME21 HV investigations

  • CSC Conf Talk
  • Reviewed and sent commend

  • ZZ He Talk
  • Reviewed and sent commend

  • CSC RU Eff printouts
  • Prinouts wiht larger statstics and divded by ring sets
 I pursued the study of event printouts running more files and dividing CSC stations and rings.   I ran a sample that includes 50k Z candidates.  I divide into ME11, ME12+ME13, ME234(stations) 1(ring), ME234 2 following the pattern of inefficiencies I see in my plots.

Cases where RU failed and ST passed
grep -c failed logRUFSTP20_ringME1-1.txt 48 of 20k 0.25%
grep -c failed logRUFSTP20_ringME1-23.txt 13 of 8k 0.16%
grep -c failed logRUFSTP20_ringME234-1.txt 61 36k 0.17%
grep -c failed logRUFSTP20_ringME234-2.txt 76 34k 0.22%

Cases where ST failed and RU passed
grep -c passed logSTFRUP20_ringME1-1.txt 14 0.07%
grep -c passed logSTFRUP20_ringME1-23.txt 9 0.11%
grep -c passed logSTFRUP20_ringME234-1.txt 125 0.35%
grep -c passed logSTFRUP20_ringME234-2.txt 38 0.011%

I think the picture is completely consistent with what I see in my plots.   Overall the algorithms perform about equally within uncertainties. RU is a little ahead in this sample.  RU clearly outperforms ST in ME21, ME31, ME41 while ST outperforms RU in the other rings though ME12 and ME13 is probably too close to call.   There is non overlapping efficiency irrespective of which algorithm does better.    Also the overall levels of comparative inefficiency are at the quarter of a percent level.

Iíve attached the files of RU failures.   Now they are divided by categories of stations and rings.   I previously mistyped about the meaning of the ring in these files.  For all but ME1 the ring the designation is correct.   In ME1 ring 4 was used to designate one of the ME11 rings segments.  Itís actually the numbering straight out of the CSC code.

  • CSC Eff Katerina email
  • Katerina provided ME11 and ME21 files!
  • Exactly what I want to check

2020 11 24

  • SMP VV meeting
  • Interesting comments on what generators to consider
  • Also comments on what else to consider
  • Possibilities. 2jet specific, polarization, D8 vs D6 operators and Warsaw basis operators

  • VBSCan EW meeting
  • Talk on ZZ comparison, some information on generators

  • CSC RU Eff chamber check
  • No large chamber level differences
  • Efficiency difference spread over each ring
  • To some degree without further input I consider this study done
  • Give the Russians one week and then CSC talk

  • RU parameters
  • Set as ME11a, ME11b (version similar) ME12 ME13 (similar but looser in ME12, MEX1, MEX2 (similar but looser in MEX1)
  • This is the same patter I observe ST vs RU segment efficiency differences
  • Enlarge generally enlarges related search parameters through the code for all chamber types
  • Tempting to try fiddling with the MEX2 parameters to see if I can get the MEX1 efficiency enhancement.

2020 11 25

  • RU parameters discussion
  • Performance vs time and parameters are separate issues
  • RU does not have a specific time dependent problem

2020 11 30

  • Asked for UW personnel status

  • CSC Eff talk
  • First draft of talk

  • Muon collider workshop
  • Working Delphi's card shown

2020 12 01

  • CSC Eff talk draft

  • Will EP seminar

  • USCMS industry panel 1 invite and 1 acceptance

2020 12 02

  • CSC Eff talk
  • Talk given
  • CSC Eff discussion

  • On ME11, ME 21 and PV dependence
  • No RU vs ST difference in PV dependence
  • Effect mitigated by firmware change deployed in 3 ME11 chambers
  • Effect also present in ME21 ...

  • USCMS panel status web update
  • Panel nearly ready
  • Requested access to update website

2020 12 03

  • CSC Eff discussion PV up vs down and ME31 ME41 maybe ME42
  • PV dependence also clear in ME21, ME31, ME41 and maybe ME42
  • Up vs down plots show the issue is stronger on the top for ME42
  • Firmware fix shoudl be widelly deployed in at least all inner rings

  • CSC Eff Susmita ring vs time plots
  • Sent instructions on how to plot ring vs time for comparisons to HV plots
  • Looked over results, nothing to find

  • Vetens prelim
  • Good as usual, passed

  • USCMS access and key
  • Got site access and set up key

2020 12 04

  • IR Lumi paper review request

  • CSC Eff ME42 discussion
  • Tim states that event displays do not show unusual activity in teh ME42 failures

2020 12 05

  • EPJC ATLAS EWK Z paper accepted

2020 12 07

  • UW meeting

  • Personnel status
  • Nothings specific

  • Susmita EPR
  • Entered EPR task for Susmita and explained it.

  • Muon DB personnel request
  • Need sometime in January

  • USCMS industry panel invites
  • Indara working on 2 additional invites

2020 12 08

  • SMP VV meeting

  • CSC Eff milestone set
  • 2022 end of June 10fb-1 for full set of efficiencies

  • USCMS meeting correspondence and materials
  • Responses to questions
  • Full set of panel information
  • Received supplementary materials

2020 12 09

  • SMP meeting

  • USCMS meeting materials

2020 12 10

  • USCMS meeting correspondence

  • USCMS meeting introductory slides

  • USCMS meeting announcement

  • CDF W mass
  • Comments on PDFs
  • Would not improve results
  • Can be updated with new PDFs easily

  • UW Muon collider meeting

2020 12 11

  • EMU IB meeting

  • USCMS meeting
  • Panel went very well

  • Issues with MadGraph ZZ + jets production

  • ARC Vgg author responses sent

2020 12 14

  • DOE progress report request

  • UW CMS meeting

  • Madgraph ZZ production issues

2020 12 15

  • SMP meeting

  • EMU Scientist position
  • Sridhara brought subject up
  • Contacted Darien Wood for go ahead

2020 12 17

  • EMU Scientist position
  • Provided documentation to Darien Wood
  • Approved by USCMS
  • Sent request to prepare position to Aimee

  • ZZ referee comments received

  • ARC Wgg fake photon discussion
  • Moving in direction of not changing to tighter working point

2020 12 18

  • MA for Stephen

  • ARC Wgg fake discussion
  • Also wont consider tighter working point

  • Susmita meeting
  • Her trip
  • Will participate in CMS DAS

  • EMU Scientist position
  • Salary discussion

  • Dasu post tenure review
  • Draft from Kevin

2020 12 19

  • ARC Wgg fake discussion resolved for ARC

  • Dasu post tenure review
  • Second draft from Kevin

2020 12 21

  • UW CMS meeting
  • Further report on ZZ MC

  • EMU Scientist position
  • Paperwork started at department level

  • ARC Wgg fake discussion
  • Resolved

  • ARC Wg CWR responses
  • Responses finished by authors

  • ZZ referee comments
  • Responses done and being edited

2020 12 22

  • ARC Wgg fake discussion
  • Further discussion with authors,

  • HIN Z reviewed and approved CWR responses

  • ARC Wg CWR comments reviewed
  • Comments made
  • Authors responded

  • EMU Scientist position
  • First draft of paperwork
  • Amended time contributions

  • Dasu post tenure review
  • Revewed letter
  • Comments sent
  • Kevin incorportated comments

  • DOE progress report scientist contributions

2020 12 23

  • DOE references
  • Physics references for Sridhara and I
  • Added references from Kevin

  • DOE tasks
  • Wrote task list
  • Requested sections from Armando and Sascha
  • Requested travel information: only DOE sponsored travel

  • ARC Wg
  • Reviewed responses
  • Endorsed proceeding to FR

2020 12 26

  • ZZ paper resubmitted

2020 12 28

  • DOE progress report
  • Wrote responses to most questions
  • First round of additions and editing from Tulika and Kevin

2020 12 29

  • DOE Progress report individual sections
  • Wrote my section, Isa's section, student sections including Usama
  • Edited down sections after Sridhara's contributions
  • Updated references

* ZZ accepted

2020 12 30

  • DOE Progress report Final
  • Wrote Armando's section
  • Edited down Sasch's section
  • Updated CV
  • Submitted

-- MattHerndon - 2020-01-03

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