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DT line: http://l1ts-rpc-02.cms:1980/urn:xdaq-application:lid=1980/Default?_sessionid_=0x7fdde400c1d0

XDAQ: http://vmepc-s2g17-29-01.cms:1002/urn:xdaq-application:lid=12

First you need to tunnel to P5 using the script after you made appropriate changes to it (e.g. change my account "aaleksan" with yours), adjust the firefox browser setting as shown in the screenshot and then you should be able to open the links.

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11 march 4 march 18 feb 11 march rpc dpg meeting 25 march 1 april 2015 8 April 2015 15 april 2015 20 pril 2015 Alca DB 22 april not my presentation CRAFT 2015 Summary for future 29 April Roumi presented my work 4 may cms week first progress report submitted here 13 may not by us 27 may no report by us 3 june my work first 5 collision runs without b 10 june i presented 17 june presented HV scan CMS week RPC general meeting 1 july 8 july plots approval meeting my pres at plots on twiki 15 july not me CMS weekly meeting for final plots approval

22 july roumyana shared imp links

29 july talk for conference INSC My performance note 16 September2015 me n ansar muongraphy studies 23 september eff report 7 octber my eff report 34 runs 13 octber eff report CMS week my talk rumi presented problem with low eff in RE3,4 lower secors

4-11-2015 maryana presented history 2015D 2nd Progress report submitted here …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. plots for approval 2015D in DPG RPC plots approval meeting Run coordination WGM our plots approved cms week overall performance of RPC I gave 2talks, plts approval, muongraphy aging studies approval plots, eff history, aging update approval plots 2d eff new colours n muongraphy n eff history WGM our plots approved news about poster n rpc-2016 n efficiency history for all chambers in w-1 cms week general meeting redaines 2016 instructions links poster printing leaky chambers investigation report leaky chambers list for wheel -1 CRuzet2016 results, ichep info, new code, dpg analysis plan 23-3-16 Comparison 2d results og legacy and new code TC meeting.. Anton’s files for problems-Annual gas leak report (Known problem and pther axel file with HV off, chambers off, under monitoring etc, Anton inactive channels status report) TC meeting. Anton file for constant monitoring and HV off and stby and one newly repaired chamber. Anna report on DOC first collisions and new Off chambers Our status Comissioing analysis. FEB Vth list. Noisy chambers for new sheet(Nervous for fine tunning from DOC). WBM update. CMS week Monitoring tools tutorials by me My report prompt feedback. repaired channel n CRAFT16 day2 TC meeting. anton gave detils of the system to cross check ith `PFG vineet n me vineet me, zero occupancy-LV configuration raul n me noise report my arxive paper my first performance note Conference report PFSR 1 june CMS data Jamborre My talk for “Muon system data efficiency” CMS RC meeting 2 slides TC meetimg Anton report of SG and problems and currents 13 june my report on currents and OMTF problem 13 june 6 july Leaking chambers performance summary 21 july PFG currents og all barrel, noise new format currents, barrel, currents, performancw w.r.t 7th june pressure corrections current PFGR currents 17 august details of all HV OFF. Sensitive chambers. Noise improvement zero occupancy in DQM, Gas monitoring cms week 12 september 2016 combined with DM. New FEB THR page and Ratio of Inactive strips. Technical stop2 Complete barrel current investigations after deploying new WP noise report 4 octoner 2016 noise current report 12 octber 2016 eff comparison at new and old WPs 3EmptyStripsChambers High pile up run combined DM PFS RPC Workshop November, 2016 My talk on shifts organization My Main Twiki Upto here links are uploaded on this twiki. combined DPG DM Pb-p Collisions Special background meeting my RE1 results combined. Currents barrel details cms week Mumbai combined. RE1-1 Rtae and currents Final resuts final report 2016 combined current-muongraphy combined, RE11 comparison with simulation, Vth investigations for YETS-2016

2017 plan for march shifter system readiness-cms status- rp system status cms week RPC general meeting my talk in readiness of tools and shifts cms week, luigi talk about new common DOC3 shifters DPG Prompt report currents, FEB Vth, Detailed plan Doc3 first. PFSR OFF cahmbers prompt feedback comissioing update. 3 problematic chambers, comissioing may 2 2017 DOC report , conditioning update DOC Report. Details of Chambers at 9000 an WP. tc meeting DOC report, conditioning, chamber recovered. 22 may operation report, FEDs, BX problem, tc meeting… Curents 2016-2017 working meeting HV scan preliminary results doc report, LV problems, currents joint meeting. Poster details, approval results details CMS WEEK operation Report 20 June 2017 TC meeting, LV Problem strategy, DOC Joint saleh/Irfan/ LV borads failure , magnet ramp down my and jan report. Gas rack failure. HV Kill tc 7 august 3 weeks summary 14 august 2017. 8 h interventions summary.  weekly operation joint summary tc meeting. BC failure, Gas rack 82 failure weekly general meeting tc meeting 4 september , CCU error RE-4/RE-3 nearside OUT operation 6 september .PERSISTENT ccu error rpv weekly meeting currents 2016/2017 preparation for TS2/MD3 16 notober 2017. Preparation file from me anton for EYETS 2017/18 tc . error on BC5 . bad data. CCU error caused YEN3 near disconnected. RPC IB meeting 3 November 2017. weekly. New RPC Award. New structre L2 L3. TC, Detailed ohmic current anlysis, dcs updates. TC meeting 20 November. % chamber OFF ij barrel causing 65 LS lost. Endcap cha,ber tripped Board problem. RPC Workshop 23 November 2017 RC general meeting CMS week dec. 2017, PhD talk GMM CMS week dec. 2017, my talk, trigger/upgrdae TC 12 feb 2018 conditioning comparison 2017/2018 GMM 12 feb 2018 RPC report

CONFERENCE/ABSTRACTS/TALKS RULES: 1) everybody in CMS can submit any abstract.  2)  the Editorial and conf committee (in cc) with the help of the coordinators (in cc) HAVE to modify/approve/reject the abstract  3) the local conference will select the abstract  4) when approved ANY one can apply for speaker  5) the speaker is selected by the CMS Conf. committees GMM CMS Week 20 June 2017 Scool in Bari-Mangement talks- Jay houser final talk. CR MUON CMS Muon RPC Workshop June 2017 Rehearsel EPS Poster 26 June 2017

CMS Wekly RUN Meetings 6 june 2017 13 june 2017  during cms week 21 june 2017 26 june 2017 4 july 2017

RPC 2018 GMM Maxico talk approval. New results to get approve for history and hv curves. Cms week GMM, RPC sttaus rpc genrral meeting CMS week January 2018 general weekly, conditioning, current spike problems 14 march 2018, weekly meeting, conditioning final sttaus, conditioning data analysis tool tc, conditioning completed, rehearsal for RC CMS readiness CMS RC RPC readiness for 2018 talk 21 march 2nd conditioning analysis report. RPV weekly GMM 26 march 2018 rpc weekly, operation before pp colliosins, conditioning nalysis 2018 data analysis  11 april, active channels 2018, SG, LEAKING LISTS RPC general weely cms week 17 april 2018, my talk on currents GMM cms week , gabriella talk Muon workshop, my talk  Andrea gelmi simulation of bkg for IRPC, my talk operation, communication failure.

All Links to talks 2017 plan for march shifter readiness for PFG-system status-CMS Schedule

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