source /afs/ #From DESY 
source /afs/ # From lxplus
voms-proxy-init --voms atlas -rfc --valid 96:00 
gsissh -Y
kinit sbrunet@CERN.CH 

Release 14.5.1 with SVN

source /afs/
cmt config

mkdir atlas/testarea/14.5.1
cd atlas/testarea/14.5.1
mkdir cmthome
cd cmthome

in requirements:

set KIT /afs/

set SITEROOT ${KIT}/14.5.1 

macro ATLAS_TEST_AREA ${HOME}/atlas/testarea/14.5.1
apply_tag 32            # 32 bit version of kit
apply_tag gcc34         # SL4/gcc34 version of kit
apply_tag opt           # opt version of kit
apply_tag setup         # setup runtime environment
apply_tag simpleTest    # use simple name convention for testarea
#apply_tag setupCMT      # use same cmt as release
use AtlasLogin AtlasLogin-* $(ATLAS_DIST_AREA)

cmt config
source -tag=14.5.1,oneTest
source $AtlasArea/AtlasOfflineRunTime/cmt/ 

We cannot -as far as I know- simple co the package since it is not in the offline repository:

  • cmt co -r HEAD -o users janus/FakeRate
svn co $SVNUSR/janus/FakeRate/trunk FakeRate
#echo THELATESTTAG >FakeRate/cmt/version.cmt
#cd FakeRate/cmt
#cmt config

FakeRate code

In unix windows, in order to run the analysis code:

ini root
root -l CompileAndRun.C >& log.txt

Be careful to not have a conflict with a ROOT version in your release and the more updated one from NAF


  • .cvsignore equivalent Infos here
    svn propset svn:ignore file directory
    Here, we are setting the property svn:ignore on the file file in the directory directory. The file can actually be another directory:
    svn propset svn:ignore subdirectory directory
    So, let's say you have a logs subdirectory in the current directory that you want to ignore:
    % svn status
    ?      logs
    Your ignore command would be:
    % svn propset svn:ignore logs .
    property 'svn:ignore' set on '.'
    Now, when you first set this value, you've modified the directory information in the local checkout. You'll need to commit this structure change back into the repository for the changes to be seen in other checkouts:
    % svn st
     M     .
    % svn ci -m "Ignore the logs subdirectory." .
    Sending        .
    Committed revision 12207.
    As mentioned above, you can also ignore files in and subdirectories of directories beneath the current directory:
    % svn st
    ?      devt/logs
    % svn setprop svn:ignore logs devt
    property 'svn:ignore' set on 'devt'
    % svn st
     M     devt
    % svn ci -m "Ignore the logs subdirectory" devt
    Sending        inc
    Committed revision 12208.
    Now when you do a status listing on the local checkout, your ignore files will be properly ignored:
    % svn st

Generator info (sanity check & to validate mc thruth tool)

Example with J0 sample:

  • Mc sample: mc08.105009.J0_pythia_jetjet.merge.AOD.e344_s479_r635_t53/AOD.064528._00001.pool.root.1
  • Pythia book ref:
  • Example of JobOption file:
    013 Pythia.PythiaCommand = [
    014                   "pysubs msel 0",
    015                   "pysubs ckin 3 8.",
    016                   "pysubs ckin 4 17.",
    017                   "pysubs msub 11 1",
    018                   "pysubs msub 12 1",
    019                   "pysubs msub 13 1",
    020                   "pysubs msub 68 1",
    021                   "pysubs msub 28 1",
    022                   "pysubs msub 53 1",
    023                   "pypars mstp 82 4",
    024                   "pyinit pylisti 12",
    025                   "pyinit pylistf 1",
    026                   "pystat 1 3 4 5",
    027                   "pyinit dumpr 1 5"]
    • msel=0 desired subprocesses have to be switched on in MSUB, i.e. full user control
    • msub:
      • 11 qiqj to qiqj
      • 12 qiqi to qkqk
      • 13 qiqi to gg
      • 28 qig to qig
      • 53 gg to qkqk
      • 68 gg to gg
  • dq2-ls "mc08*.105009.J0_pythia_jetjet.*evgen*log*"
  • dq2-get mc08.105009.J0_pythia_jetjet.evgen.log.e344_tid029068 mc08.105009.J0_pythia_jetjet.evgen.log.e344/
  • gtar xvzf file.tgz
  • check in the csc_evgen08.log:
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I            Subprocess            I      Number of points      I    Sigma   I
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I----------------------------------I----------------------------I    (mb)    I
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I N:o Type                         I    Generated         Tried I            I
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I   0 All included subprocesses    I         5016         31030 I  1.176E+01 I
     I  11 f + f' -> f + f' (QCD)       I          121           970 I  2.692E-01 I
     I  12 f + fbar -> f' + fbar'       I            3             8 I  4.617E-03 I
     I  13 f + fbar -> g + g            I            1             5 I  2.546E-03 I
     I  28 f + g -> f + g               I         1483         11301 I  3.445E+00 I
     I  53 g + g -> f + fbar            I          101           427 I  2.317E-01 I
     I  68 g + g -> g + g               I         3307         18319 I  7.808E+00 I
     I                                  I                            I            I
    • Can get an idea of the expected fraction for the origin of each jet from the J0 dijet events?
      • gluon jets ~ (3307 + (1483/2) + 1)/5016 = 80.7% ?

Example with PhotonJet sample

  • mc08.108087.PythiaPhotonJet_Unbinned17.recon.e347_s462_r635
  • dq2-get mc08.108087.PythiaPhotonJet_Unbinned17.evgen.log.e347_tid023942 mc08.108087.PythiaPhotonJet_Unbinned17.evgen.log.e347/
  • 1********* PYSTAT:  Statistics on Number of Events and Cross-sections *********
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I            Subprocess            I      Number of points      I    Sigma   I
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I----------------------------------I----------------------------I    (mb)    I
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I N:o Type                         I    Generated         Tried I            I
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I                                  I                            I            I
     I   0 All included subprocesses    I        11446         45106 I  2.900E-04 I
     I  14 f + fbar -> g + gamma        I          732          2488 I  1.882E-05 I
     I  29 f + g -> f + gamma           I        10714         42618 I  2.712E-04 I
     I                                  I                            I            I
  • gluon jets ~ 732 / 11446 = 6.4% ?

Performance DPD for us...

For dijets?

# Stream Name Trigger Stream Selection Content Main Signal Main Goal
3 DESDM_CALJET Jet trigger-like gradual prescales vs pT Calo cells + basic tracks all jets clustering, jets, MET, lepton fakes
  • Jet DPD from the jet/etmiss/tau trigger stream:
    • Primary author(s): Koji Terashi, Michiru Kaneda, Eric Feng
    • Targeted use: Jet performance (dijet, multijet, etc) studies.
    • Content: Calo ESD and basic tracks
    • DPD definition file: share/
      • prescale depending on tranverse energy,
      • Excluded containers:
        149 excludeList=[
        150     'Muon::MdtPrepDataContainer#MDT_DriftCircles',
        151     'Muon::CscPrepDataContainer#CSC_Clusters',
        152     'InDet::SCT_ClusterContainer#SCT_Clusters',
        153     'TrackCollection#ConvertedMBoyMuonSpectroOnlyTracks',
        154     'TrackCollection#ConvertedMBoyTracks',
        155     'TrackCollection#ConvertedMuIdCBTracks',
        156     'TrackCollection#ConvertedMuTagTracks',
        157     'TrackCollection#ConvertedStacoTracks',
        158     'TrackCollection#MooreTracks',
        159     'TrackCollection#MuGirlRefittedTracks',
        160     'TrackCollection#MuidExtrapolatedTracks',
        161     'TrackCollection#Tracks',
        162     'Muon::RpcPrepDataContainer#RPC_Measurements',
        163     'InDet::TRT_DriftCircleContainer#TRT_DriftCircles',
        164     'Muon::TgcPrepDataContainer#TGC_Measurements',
        165     'Trk::SegmentCollection#ConvertedMBoySegments',
        166     'Trk::SegmentCollection#MooreSegments',
        167     'Trk::SegmentCollection#MuGirlSegments',
        168     'InDet::PixelGangedClusterAmbiguities#PixelClusterAmbiguitiesMap',
        169     'InDet::PixelClusterContainer#PixelClusters',
        170     'Rec::TrackParticleContainer#MooreTrackParticles',
        171     'Rec::TrackParticleContainer#MuGirlRefittedTrackParticles',
        172     'Rec::TrackParticleContainer#MuTagTrackParticles',
        173     'Rec::TrackParticleContainer#MuidCombTrackParticles',
        174     'Rec::TrackParticleContainer#MuidExtrTrackParticles',
        175     'Rec::TrackParticleContainer#MuonboyMuonSpectroOnlyTrackParticles',
        176     'Rec::TrackParticleContainer#MuonboyTrackParticles',
        177     'Rec::TrackParticleContainer#StacoTrackParticles'
        178     ]

  • [0,30] PS= 40
  • [30,60] PS= 40
  • [60,100] PS= 50
  • [100,150] PS = 20
  • [150, 250] PS = 5
  • > 250 PS = 1

Info from Koji Terashi:

> 1) Is the information there
> (
> up-to-date? Is there other tuning planned or is it containing
> the definitive selections for first data?

I suppose the information on the twiki is more or less up-to-date. Of
cource the tuning will be needed when the data comes according to
trigger rates and Tier-0 bandwidth, etc. For example, the jet pT cuts
and prescales for the jet DPD will be tuned. But, the basic selection
forseen in the early data is the one on the twiki.

> 2) If I understood correctly, you don't really apply selections, but
> you use a prescale depending on the transverse energy value. Is that
> correct? Are there other selections I've missed?

It is the cut on the reconstructed jet pT (and prescale). It is good to
start with simple one...

> 3) What is the jet container you are using (where can I see that in
> the .py JO file?)?

It is Cone4H1TowerJets but it will be switched to AntiKt4TowerJets soon.
The pT cut is applied on the EM-scale. The jobO is

> 4) I see in the .py files that there is an exclusion list for the
> containers to be written. Are all other containers (i.e. not in the
> list) from ESD present in the DPD?

Yes. All the containers in the input ESD but not in the exclusion list
are copied in the DPD.

> 4a)  On the Twiki page (same link as above) I see that the content is
> described as "Calo cells + basic tracks", but there is more than that,
> right?

Yes, it's more than that :-)  
It is everything in the ESD except for those in the exclusion list.

> 4b) Also, what means "basic tracks" there (I see that
> TrackCollection#Tracks is excluded)

Basic tracks means essentially TrackParticleCandidate.

For photon-jets?

# Stream Name Trigger Stream Selection Content Main Signal Main Goal
8 DESD_PHOJET Egamma tight photon OR Z to ee full ESD gamma/Z + jet jet calibration, lepton fakes
  • PhotonJet DPD from the egamma trigger stream:
    • Primary author(s): ?? and Karsten Koeneke
    • Targeted use: Unbiased jet calibration studies.
    • Content: Full ESD (I guess, this means full PrepRawData and full CaloCells; but what about the other ESD stuff? Do we really need all?).
    • DPD definition file: share/

Trigger matters

-- SylvieBrunet - 03-Nov-2009

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